If a Christian does not fight the witchcraft that has genocide killed millions of our humans, and destroyed their health and finance and marriage and children and job and mental health, then something is wrong with these religious fake Christians. Jennifer exposes that you need to get rid of anything in your room that has demonic witchcraft ties to it. Mary Lou Lake exposes that the Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist Wicca witches are using your families and relatives who have the same DNA as you to attack you with witchraft, so you need to pray for the blood of Jesus Christ to flow from you to your families and relatives to cut them off and the witchcraft that is being used through them. Witches can be living next door to you or be working in your workplaces.

*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. One of the reasons why I am destroying these witches and demons and fallen angels and their witchcraft by the name of Jesus and His Blood and His Holy Spirit fire, and throwing them into the abyss and Hades is because they have killed millions and have done heinous things to our human homo-sapiens specie for thousands of years, hidden from sight, and their evil deeds not known by their suffering victims and their loved ones. This is indeed very heinous and cowardly, exemplifying the character of these Illuminati Aleister Crowley Luciferian Satanist witches and these Illuminati New Age Luciferian Satanist witches, and their god Satan Lucifer. We are going to drain this spiritual swamp in Washington and the world. They are not going to attack my brothers and sisters in Christ with their witchcraft of disease and poverty and depression and accidents and broken families and unemployment and fatigue and sin and addictions and body pains and rebellious children and attacks on the streets and 24 hour surveillance and gang stalking and bankruptcy and sleep deprivation. They need to be brought to account for their crimes against humanity and their genocide and immeasurable torture. If they kill a person physically, they would be punished, but if they kill a person with witchcraft, they are not caught. Where is the justice in this? Why are the dumb human homo-sapiens specie and religious fake Christians quiet and indifferent? Does no one care or have holy anger? Have they all become like cattle for the slaughter? Wake up dumb humans, and fight. It is your children who are being depopulated the most. Especially in these End Times when there are so many Baal Moloch abortion child sacrifices being conducted by the Wicca feminist witches to create dark energy, in order to open up the star gate wormhole portals to release all these demons and fallen angels, and allowing the creation of all these alien incarnate avatar Wicca feminist witches in human cloned bodies, which means there is more witchcraft now than ever. How can any child of the Most High God YHWH remain silent, and do nothing, unless they belong to the 501c3 fake Christianity post 1960s “Flower Children” Illuminati New Age hippy Christian churches of Sananda Jesus “love and light and hugs and kisses?” Fight! Fight for Jesus! End of transmission… Former Illuminati Luciferian Satanist Jezebel worshipper Mary Lou Lake exposes that these witches are also attacking you through your families with witchcraft to kill you. It is because your families and relatives share DNA with you. This is why your parents’ bodies are living to extraordinary long ages, which is not human. It is demonic. This is why you have to pray that Jesus’ blood will flow from you to your family members to render them powerless, and the murderous witchcraft to be stopped and be cut off and be destroyed. This is the reason why these witches drink your blood and steal your personal items with DNA on it. We have to pray to return their evil witchcraft to them and blow their heads into demonic slime. These witches do not have green reptilian skin and fly around on brooms, but they wear human bodies, and have nice cosmetics on, and dress nicely, and have college Women’s Study department faculty jobs and politician jobs and Hollywood actress jobs, and all the rich and famous and powerful positions in liberal socialist Luciferian Satanist globalist elite society. However, underneath those human skin is a reptilian Pedogate Pizza Gate pedophile cannibal, who is killing millions of human homo-sapiens specie people using witchcraft spells, curses, hexes, potions, and incantations. Your children and marriage and wealth and health may already have been a victim, but it is still not too late to take back our human society from these reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant homo-capensis specie psychic Wicca witches. Rise up, and take the fight to their very sacrificial altars, and crush their idols and witches’ covens and pedophile cannibal basements and child body parts refrigerators, and bring down the Holy Spirit’s fire down upon them from heaven. I come in the name of our Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. End of transmission…Jennifer LeClaire exposes that there are items that these demons are using to access your home, such as toys that are shaped like turtles, lizards, snakes, frogs, owls, bats, scorpions, etc. Things with zodiacs, and Star of David, and Catholic crosses with images of Jesus still on it, and feminist magazines that bring in Jezebel death spirits, and peace sign broken cross “Flower Children” Illuminati New Age symbols, and Illuminati Babylonian Eastern Mysticism esoteric items such as ying and yang items, Buddhist Hindu items, yoga items, garden gnome statues which contain demons, etc. should also be burned and destroyed. End of transmission…


See video “10 cursed objects you need to remove from your house right now! | Spiritual house cleaning” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZLHNGQI8Ng . ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。私がこれらの魔女や悪魔と堕天使とその魔術をイエスと血と聖霊の火の名で破壊し、それらを深淵と冥界に投げ捨てる理由の1つは、彼らが何百万人もの人を殺してひどいことをしたからです彼らの苦しんでいる犠牲者や愛する人には知られていない、何千年もの間、私たち人間のホモ・サピエンス種族へのもの、視界から隠された悪い行為。これは、実際には非常に凶悪で臆病なことです。これらのIlluminati Aleister Crowley Luciferian Satanist魔女とIlluminati New Age Luciferian Satanist魔女、そしてその神Satan Luciferの象徴です。ワシントンと世界でこの精神的な沼地を排水しようとしています。彼らは、病気や貧困、うつ病、災害、壊れた家族、失業や疲労、罪や中毒、身体の痛みや反抗的な子どもの攻撃、24時間の監視と魔法を使って、キリストの兄弟姉妹を攻撃することはありません。ギャングストーカーと破産、睡眠不足。彼らは、人道と虐殺と計り知れない拷問に対する犯罪のために説明する必要があります。肉体的に人を殺すと罰せられますが、魔法で人を殺すと捕らえられません。これで正義はどこにあるのですか?なぜ人間のホモ・サピエンス種族と宗教的な偽のキリスト教徒は静かで無関心なのですか?誰も気にしない、または聖なる怒りを持っていませんか?彼らはすべて虐殺のために牛のようになったのですか?目の不自由な人間を起こして戦う。あなたの子供たちが最も過疎になっています。特にこれらの終末期には、バカ・モロッコの中絶の子供の犠牲が、ワカ・フェミニストの魔女たちによってダーク・エネルギーを作り出すために行われているときに、これらの悪魔と堕天使をすべて解放し、創造を可能にするためにスターゲート・ワームホール・ポータルを開くこれらの宇宙人の化身のアバターウィッカのフェミニストの魔女のうち、人間のクローンされた体の中には、これまで以上に魔法がたくさんあります。彼らが501c3の偽のキリスト教の1960年代の「フラワー・チャイルド」イルミナティ・ニュー・エイジ・ヒッピーのサランダ・イエス・キリスト教の「愛と光と抱擁とキス」に属していない限り、最高位の神YHWHの子供はどんなことができますか?戦い!イエスのために戦う!伝染の終わり…元イルミナティルシファーの悪魔イゼーベル崇拝者メアリー・ルー・レイクは、これらの魔女があなたを殺すために魔法であなたの家族を通してあなたを攻撃していることを明らかにします。あなたの家族や親戚があなたとDNAを共有しているからです。これは、あなたの両親の体が、人間ではない驚くほど長い年月を経て生きている理由です。それは悪魔です。これは、イエスの血があなたからあなたの家族に流れて無能になるように、そして殺人の魔術師が止められ、絶たれ、破壊されるように祈らなければならない理由です。これが、これらの魔女があなたの血を飲んで、その上のDNAであなたの個人的なアイテムを盗む理由です。私たちは悪魔の魔術師を彼らに戻し、頭を悪魔の粘液に吹き飛ばすように祈る必要があります。これらの魔女は、緑の爬虫類の皮膚を持っていないし、ほうきの周りを飛ぶが、彼らは人体を身に着けて、素敵な化粧品を持って、素敵に着飾って、大学女子学科の教員の仕事や政治家の仕事やハリウッドの女優の仕事、リベラルな社会主義者ルシファーの悪魔的なグローバルなエリート社会における有名かつ強力な地位を確立した。しかし、それらの人間の皮膚の下には、魔法の呪文、呪い、ヘクス、ポーション、呪文を使用して何百万人もの人間のホモサピエンスの人々を殺している、爬虫類のPedogate Pizza Gate小児食堂の食堂があります。あなたの子供と結婚と富と健康はすでに犠牲者になっているかもしれませんが、爬虫類ハイブリッドネフィリムの子孫ホモ・カペンシスの精神衛生ウィッカの魔女たちから人間社会を取り戻すにはまだ遅すぎることはありません。起き上がって、その犠牲の祭壇に戦い、彼らの偶像と魔女の棺と小児性愛の食堂の地下室と子供の体の冷蔵庫を砕き、聖霊の火を天から降りてきなさい。わたしはアブラハム、イサク、ヤコブの全能の神の名によって来ます。伝染の終わり… Jennifer LeClaireは、カメ、トカゲ、ヘビ、カエル、フクロウ、バット、サソリなどの形をしたおもちゃのような、あなたの家にアクセスするためにこれらの悪魔が使用しているアイテムがあることを公開しています。デイヴィッドのカトリック教徒とカトリック教徒のイスラム教徒像、イゼヴァルの死神をもたらすフェミニズム誌、平和の兆候「花の子供たち」イルミナティニューエイジのシンボル、イルミナティバビロニアの東洋神秘主義の秘密アイテム、仏教のヒンズー教徒のアイテム、ヨガのアイテム、悪魔を含むガーデンのグノーの彫像なども燃やして破壊する必要があります。送信の終了…


あなたの家から今すぐ削除する必要のある10の呪われたオブジェクトをビデオで見る! | 精神的な家の清掃 “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZLHNGQI8Ng 。 ***


***人類智力競賽生存抵抗(HRSR)總部和WDS國際聯盟聯盟(ICA)戰線的情報新聞更新。我之所以摧毀這些巫師和惡魔,墮落天使和他們的巫術,是因為耶穌和他的血和他的聖靈的火焰,把他們扔進深淵和陰間,是因為他們殺死了數百萬人,數千年來我們的人類智者物種,隱藏在眼前,以及他們的受害者和親人所不知道的惡行。這確實是非常罪惡和懦弱,體現了這些先覺者阿列斯特克勞利路西法尼亞撒旦巫師和這些先覺者新時代Luciferian撒旦巫師和他們的神撒旦路西法的性格。我們要在華盛頓和世界上消耗這個精神沼澤。他們不會在基督裡用他們的疾病,貧窮和沮喪的巫術以及事故,破裂的家庭,失業和疲勞,罪惡和毒癮,身體的痛苦,叛逆的兒童和街頭襲擊以及24小時的監視攻擊我們的兄弟姐妹,團伙跟踪和破產和睡眠剝奪。需要對他們的危害人類罪和種族滅絕以及不可估量的酷刑加以處理。如果他們在身體上殺人,就會受到懲罰,但如果他們用巫術殺人,就不會被抓住。這裡的正義在哪裡?為什麼愚蠢的人類智人和宗教假基督徒安靜而淡泊?沒有人關心或有聖潔的憤怒?他們是否都像屠宰牛一樣?醒來愚蠢的人類,並戰鬥。這是你的孩子正在被人口稀少。特別是在這些末日時代,有那麼多的巴力摩洛克墮胎的孩子犧牲正在由巫術女權主義巫師進行創造黑暗能量,為了打開星門蟲洞門戶釋放所有這些惡魔和墮天使,並允許創造所有這些外星化身化身巫術女權主義女巫在人類克隆的屍體,這意味著現在比以往更多的巫術。至高神YHWH的孩子怎麼能保持沉默,什麼都不做,除非他們屬於偽基督教後50年代的“花兒”光照新世紀Sananda的嬉皮士基督教教會耶穌“愛與光的擁抱與親吻?鬥爭!為耶穌而戰!傳播結束…前光明路西法式撒旦主義者耶洗別崇拜者瑪麗婁湖露出,這些女巫也通過你的家人用巫術攻擊你,以殺死你。這是因為你的家人和親戚與你分享DNA。這就是為什麼你父母的身體過著非常漫長的歲月,而不是人類。這是惡魔。這就是為什麼你不得不祈禱耶穌的血液會從你身上流向你的家人,使他們無能為力,殺死的巫術將被制止,被切斷並被毀滅。這就是為什麼這些女巫喝你的血,偷走你的個人物品上的DNA。我們不得不祈禱把他們的邪惡巫術歸還給他們,並把他們的頭顱變成惡魔般的粘液。這些女巫沒有綠色的爬蟲皮,在掃帚上飛來飛去,但是他們穿著人體,漂亮的化妝品,穿得很漂亮,還有大學女研究部門的教師工作和政治工作,好萊塢女星的工作,還有所有的富人在自由主義的社會主義者路西法式的撒旦主義的全球主義精英社會中享有盛名。然而,在這些人的皮膚下面是一個爬行動物的比格門戀童癖食人族,他正在使用巫術法術,詛咒,格子,藥水和咒語殺死數百萬人類智人。你們的孩子和婚姻,財富和健康可能已經成為了受害者,但是從這些爬行動物雜種nephilim後裔同種異型鬼怪精神巫術女巫中奪回我們的人類社會還為時不晚。起來,去祭拜他們的祭壇,粉碎他們的偶像和女巫的co and和戀童癖食人族的地下室和兒童身體部位的冰箱,把聖靈的火從天上降下來。我奉我們全能的上帝亞伯拉罕,以撒,雅各的名來。傳送結束…詹妮弗LeClaire暴露有這些惡魔用來訪問你的家,如形狀像海龜,蜥蜴,蛇,青蛙,貓頭鷹,蝙蝠,蝎子等玩具等東西與星座和星大衛和天主教徒仍然與耶穌的形象交叉,並帶來耶洗別死亡的女權主義雜誌的靈魂,和平標誌破十字“花童”光明新時代的象徵,以及光明巴比倫東方神秘主義的神秘物品,如陰陽物品,佛教印度教物品,瑜伽物品,含有惡魔的花園侏儒雕像等也應該被燒毀。傳輸結束…


看視頻“你需要從你的房子中刪除10個詛咒的對象!| 精神家園清潔“在https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZLHNGQI8Ng 。 ***


*** Обновление новостей Intelligence из штаб-квартиры Human Race Гомо-Sapiens выживания Сопротивление (HRSR) и WDS Международной коалиции альянса (МКА) фронт. Одна из причин, по которой я уничтожаю этих ведьм и демонов, падших ангелов и их колдовство по имени Иисуса и Его Кровь и огонь Его Святого Духа, и бросать их в пропасть и Аид, потому что они убили миллионы и сделали отвратительные вещи для нашего человеческого homo-sapiens specie в течение тысяч лет, скрытые от зрелища, и их злые дела, не известные их жертвами страданий и их близкими. Это действительно очень отвратительно и трусливо, иллюстрируя характер этих иллюминатов Алистера Кроули Люциферианских сатанистских ведьм и настоящих Люциферианских сатанистских ведьм Иллюминатов, и их бога-сатаны Люцифера. Мы собираемся истощить это духовное болото в Вашингтоне и в мире. Они не собираются нападать на моих братьев и сестер во Христе с их колдовством болезней и нищеты, депрессий и несчастных случаев и разбитых семей, безработицы и усталости, греха и пристрастий, боли в теле и мятежных детей и нападений на улицы и круглосуточного наблюдения и бандитское преследование и банкротство и лишение сна. Они должны быть привлечены к ответственности за их преступления против человечности и их геноцид и неизмеримые пытки. Если они физически убивают человека, они будут наказаны, но если они убьют человека колдовством, они не поймаются. Где справедливость в этом? Почему тихие и безразличные глупые человеческие гомосепсины и религиозные фальшивые христиане? Разве никто не заботится или не имеет святого гнева? Разве все они стали похожими на скот для убийства? Проснитесь тупым людям и сражайтесь. Больше всего вас депопулируют ваши дети. Особенно в эти времена конца, когда так много жертв абортов Baal Moloch, проводимых феминистскими ведьмами Wicca, создаются темной энергией, чтобы открыть портальные ворота для червяков, чтобы освободить всех этих демонов и падших ангелов и позволить создавать всех этих инопланетных воплощенных аватаров Wicca феминистских ведьм в клонированных телах человека, что означает, что теперь больше колдовства, чем когда-либо. Как может любой ребенок Бога Всевышнего YHWH молчать и ничего не делать, если они не принадлежат к фальшивому христианству христианства 1960 года «Цветочные дети» Иллюминаты Новый век хиппи Христианские церкви Сананды Иисус «любовь и свет, объятия и поцелуи»? Борьба! Бой за Иисуса! Конец передачи … Бывший иллюминат. Люциферский сатанист. Иезавель. Мели Луо Лейк показывает, что эти ведьмы также нападают на вас через ваши семьи с колдовством, чтобы убить вас. Это потому, что ваши семьи и родственники делятся с вами ДНК. Вот почему тела ваших родителей живут до чрезвычайных долгих лет, что не является человеческим. Это демонический. Вот почему вы должны молиться о том, чтобы кровь Иисуса перетекала от вас к членам вашей семьи, чтобы сделать их бессильными, а убийственное колдовство должно быть остановлено и отрезано и уничтожено. Вот почему эти ведьмы пьют вашу кровь и крадут ваши личные вещи с ДНК на ней. Мы должны молиться, чтобы вернуть им свое злое колдовство и взорвать их головы в демоническую слизь. Эти ведьмы не имеют зеленой рептильной кожи и летают на вениках, но они носят человеческие тела, имеют красивую косметику и красиво одеваются, а также работают на факультетах факультета женского и юношеского факультетов колледжа, а также работают в Голливудской актрисе, а все богатые и знаменитые и могущественные позиции в либерально-социалистическом люциферианском сатанинском глобалистском элитарном обществе. Тем не менее, под этой кожей человека находится рептилий Pedogate Pizza Gate, педофил людоед, который убивает миллионы человеческих существ человека homo-sapiens, используя заклинания колдовства, проклятия, гексы, зелья и заклинания. Ваши дети и брак, богатство и здоровье уже могли быть жертвой, но пока не поздно вернуть человеческое общество из этих рептильных гибридных нефилимских потомков homo-capensis, обладающих экстрасенсорными чертами Викки. Поднимитесь и возьмите битву на их жертвенные жертвенники и сокрушите их кумиры и колдуны ведьм и педофильные каннибальные подвалы и холодильники для детского тела, и уничтожьте огонь Святого Духа на них с небес. Я пришел во имя нашего Всемогущего Бога Авраама, Исаака и Иакова. Конец передачи … Дженнифер ЛеКлай раскрывает, что есть предметы, которые эти демоны используют для доступа к вашему дому, такие как игрушки, которые имеют форму черепах, ящериц, змей, лягушек, совы, летучих мышей, скорпионов и т. Д. Вещи с зодиаками и звездой Давида и католические кресты с изображениями Иисуса, которые все еще на нем, и феминистские журналы, которые приносят Иезавели смертные духи и знак мира, сломанный крест «Цветочные дети» Иллюминаты символов Нового времени и Иллюминаты Вавилонский восточный мистицизм, эзотерические предметы, такие как инь и ян предметы, предметы индуизма буддистов, предметы йоги, статуи гнома сада, содержащие демонов и т. д., также должны быть сожжены и уничтожены. Конец передачи …


Смотрите видео «10 проклятых объектов, которые нужно удалить из дома прямо сейчас! | Духовная уборка дома “по адресу https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZLHNGQI8Ng . ***












*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。 ***




*** Обновление новостей Intelligence из штаб-квартиры Human Race Гомо-Sapiens выживания Сопротивление (HRSR) и WDS Международной коалиции альянса (МКА) фронт. ***










See video “Why they hate Putin: Learn the secret! Special report” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6A8uOB7ggw&spfreload=1 .








See video “Roger Stone: Bannon goes down! – Alex Jones InfoWars” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9ya5n9L14s .

See video “Roger Stone: Bannon goes down! – Alex Jones InfoWars” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9ya5n9L14s .


See video “Breaking! Clinton emails opens! – Alex Jones InfoWars” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE9nUr99Uog .









Jeff Bezos of Amazon who was given millions of dollars by the CIA for the Washington Post’s Operation Mockingbird CIA propaganda for the Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist criminal cabal globalist elites is running a sweat shop using DNC smuggled illegal immigrant voters. Bezos is creating thousands of coffin type apartments, and forcing the illegal immigrant workers to live in them and pay him huge money, if they want to work at Amazon. Bezos and his Amazon are Illuminati Luciferian Satanist homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant feminist witch race pedophile cannibal vampire parasites who are leeching on human homo-sapiens specie slave race workers. The Illuminati Luciferian Satanist NWO corporate billionaire left-wing liberal communists are hypocrites because they hate rich middle class business owners, but they themselves are Illuminati Satanist globalist elite communist left-wing liberals who own 70% of the world’s money, and they are trying to bring in their NWO global government to rule over a mass of poor human populace. These workers at Amazon are getting very little money, and made to work under Illuminati New World Order FEMA Nazi holocaust camp conditions. They are allowed only 7 minutes to go to the toilet, and it takes 3 minutes to get to the toilet, so the workers only have 1 minute to use the toilet. If they are late, they get fired. These immigrants are using sinks to wash their buttocks. Bezos is one of the richest Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist corporate leaders in the world, and more wealthier than Bill Gates. He is a “social justice” warrior who continuously talks about how he loves global government, and hates Donald Trump’s American nationalism. The human homo-sapiens specie needs to boycott the reptilian snake bloodline homo-capensis specie’s Amazon. The Amazon employees are forced to package one item in 10 seconds. Illuminati NWO mega corporations Amazon and Microsoft executives’ sex trafficking have been caught. Tens of thousands of dollars were going into the sex trafficking. They were targeting Asian girls caught in this sex slavery. While the Amazon workers are working under horrendous conditions and exploited, these Seattle and other left-wing liberal state Illuminati Luciferian Satanist communist globalist elites are making huge salaries from their nephilim snake bloodline family secret society networks and Luciferian Satanist CIA millions of dollars, so that they can spend it on Epstein Island and pedophile cannibal Pedogate spirit cooking rituals. Pedophillia satanic ritual abuse equals Luciferian Satanism, and Satanism equals pedophilia. Before all the Illuminati nephilim bloodline globalist elites’ pedophilia that they have conducted for thousands of years gets exposed by Donald Trump, the Illuminati globalists’ are trying to assassinate Donald Trump or impeach him. Huge numbers of the products were deemed damaged or soiled by Amazon, and the manufacturers were forced to either have Amazon buy them at reduced price or to discard them, even when they were in good conditions, and they were selling them for more money. Amazon is about deception and manipulation and cheating. People think they are getting brand new items from Amazon, but they are things that have been worn by someone. Workers were forced to use ozones and alcohols to clean smelly body odor used clothes and shoes and bathing suits. Customers were being sold clothes with other people’s body fluids on them. Amazon did not deal with the bed bugs that would come in the packages, so that customers might be getting bed bugs. Amazon was kicking out American workers and replacing them with immigrants. When Donald Trump put a travel ban on immigration, Amazon started saying that they are for immigrant rights and how they care for the immigrant people, when they are mistreating them as slave animals. The Illuminati NWO Democrat Party smuggled immigrants were pushing and shoving Trump supporters in line, and glaring and shouting abuses at Americans, and driving the wrong way on the streets and crashing into the Americans’ cars, and washing their buttocks in the sinks, and lived with bed bugs. The Illuminati NWO’s Amazon was bringing in huge numbers of these Illuminati Democrat Party immigrant voters who did not understand the language or care about the customer or follow ethics, or provide any training for them. The whistleblowers expose that these Muslim immigrants were using pet bottles to wash their buttocks and splashing feces water all over the floor, and they were using those hands to package customers’ products. End of transmission…


See video “Amazon whistleblower exposes company’s heinous practices” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-9Y2ixMvNM .


See article “Microsoft and Amazon employees ensnared in sex trafficking bust… why are we not surprised?” at https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-12-28-microsoft-and-amazon-employees-ensnared-in-sex-trafficking-bust-why-are-we-not-surprised.html .


See article “Amazon, Microsoft staff busted buying sex workers trapped in trafficking industry” at https://www.rt.com/usa/414266-amazon-microsoft-staff-sex-trafficking/ .










(See video “Illuminati infiltration of Christianity – Fritz Springmeier & Timothy Alberino” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq26nzY24Ho .)










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(See video “Veritas Radio – Mike King – Hour 1 of 2 – The war against Putin” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQhLZO0fEb0 .)










During the Alabama Senate election, there are video evidence showing George Soros and his Illuminati NWO globalists were bringing in a lot of Luciferian Satanist voters illegally from other states to vote at their fellow Illuminati Luciferian Satanists’ voting stations. They were being allowed to vote by the Illuminati. Many bundles of pre-marked Doug Jones ballots were discovered. In 20 precincts, the number of Roy Moore’s votes did not add up to the straight party votes, 34% less, which is ridiculous. This occurred in the Republican locations and not in the Democrat locations. Election officials say that they have never seen so many out-of-state IDs. There are officials that admit that they were forced by the Illuminati to rig elections electronically in Florida, and he says that it cannot be detected by anyone. The Illuminati was shipping in prison inmates to vote for their Democrat party candidate. The Illuminati is also releasing huge numbers of prison inmates and felons into the public to attack Donald Trump. Many join their Illuminati Antifa terrorists. The global shadow rogue government Satanists do these election frauds without any hesitation, because they know they are protected by their Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist homo-capensis gangster specie’s courts and police and government and media, and that they are above the law, and their inferior human homo-sapiens specie slave race cannot touch them. The Illuminati is going to ignore the election fraud complaints, and is going to approve their illegal election results. To cover up their illegal election rigging, the Illuminati Alabama Supreme Court passed a law on the election day to destroy all voting records and scanned ballot data. If they can get away with pedophilia and satanic rituals, then they can get away with election rigging anytime or anywhere. There is no such thing as democracy, because the Illuminati nephilim family have monopolized all political and corporate positions of power for thousands of years. Democracy and elections are a fake sham. The Illuminati Rothschild family created both democracy and communism, in order to control humans through created conflict. Your enemies are not Chinese or Americans or Eskimos or African pygmies, but your enemies are the homo-capensis reptilian hybrid genocidal psychopathic pedophile cannibal globalist elites and their human servants. End of transmission…


See video “Roy Moore lawsuit provs election fraud in Alabama senate race” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpmJf58mDMQ .










Since both feminism and communism and Islam and environmentalism and globalism all are sub-branches of the Rothschild’s Illuminati, they all cooperate with each other. They serve the ancient local moon god Allah Satan Lucifer. This is why they shout, “Allah Akbar!” which means “Satan is greater,” and not “god is great,” because their top Muslim Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist globalist elite leaders believe that Satan Lucifer is greater than God YHWH Jesus. Their leaders are not Muslims, but they are Luciferian Satanists, just like the top of the communist parties are not communists, but they are Luciferian Satanists. This is why Antifa and ISIS and Muslims and MS-13 Illuminati NWO groups all cooperate with each other. Their communist terrorist group Antifa is getting weapons from their fellow Illuminati globalist Muslim CIA Al-Qaeda ISIS. The Antifa and MS-13 get these illegal guns from the Illuminati’s CIA FBI ATF, so the police do not touch them. The Illuminati NWO Muslim Brotherhood sub-group’s Barack Obama smuggled thousands of Muslim terrorists and MS-13 terrorist into the U.S. to destroy America. Obama is acting like he is still the president by following after whichever nation Donald Trump goes to, in order to lie to these nations’s leaders and deceive them by saying that if they ignore Donald’s free independent republics’ cooperation, and embrace their Illuminati NWO one-world Stasi police state socialist fascist global governemt, then they will be rewarded. End of transmission…










A sign of a depraved nation is its level of legalism. The U.S. has ten times more attorneys and CPAs than other normal nations. They create these legal jargon and legalism and systems, so they can make money off of it, as well as legal suits. This is a direct measure of the absolute degeneracy of a people. The United States is ripe for God’s judgment, because they suit and close down Christian bakeries that refuse to condone wedding cakes for LGBTPB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transvestite Pedophile Bestiality) weddings. The Illuminati NWO’s AntiChrist will be using this Nazi Germany’s tactics to imprision all the Christians for Nazi “political correctness” crimes and so-called “hate crimes.” The dumb non-Christian human homo-sapiens specie will ignore this because they do not care for God either, but the Illuminati NWO and Satan Lucifer’s plan will eventually come around to them, too, and they will be arrested, imprisoned, exterminated, or genetically engineered, and their children confiscated. This is what happens to a selfish, indifferent, ungodly nation of people, who does not stand up for what is right and just and ethical. This is how Sodom Gomorrah and Atlantis was taken over by these LGBTPB alien incarnate avatars in human cloned bodies. These aliens carry the traits of their fallen angel Archon fathers, so they have sex with anything and everything, including car tail pipes. They are different from human homo-sapiens specie people. Both Sodomite Gomorrah and Atlantis were destroyed by God, because of the gang sodomy and Luciferian Satanism occult idolatry of demons and pedophilia and child sacrifice and sexual immorality and murder and torture and killing of his human homo-sapiens specie populace to replace them. Fire showered down upon these evil cities of Luciferianism and death cult. The skin falls off these people. Their absolute evil and violence and wickedness reached heaven. America is also exhibiting the same level of degeneracy and Satanism. If the humans are going to tolerate this type of society, they are basically begging to be destroyed. They are the ones who bring destruction upon themselves. God does not take pleasure in the destruction of the wicked. However, this disgusting Luciferian Satanist putrification needs to be removed from this earth, and these fake human soulless ones need to be removed also before they exterminate the entire human homo-sapiens specie, again. I say, what right do these demon spirit aliens disguised in human bodies have to yell and scream “political correctness” and “hate crimes” against God’s children who are living according to God’s righteous holy precepts and godly principles? In Germany, there are many shops that sell sex with animals or bestiality for their customers. How long do you think that God will tolerate this homosexuality and pedophilia and bestiality of these Illuminati Luciferian Satanists and their alien incarnate avatars in human cloned bodies? These things their ancestor Watcher fallen angels did, and God threw them into Tartarus to be in darkness as judgment. What do they think God will do to them, if they continue this heinous sodomy and cannibalism and every type of evil against God’s human homo-sapiens specie? They have been warned. Enough of this Satanism civilization, and judgment will begin with the most satanic nations. Repent, while you still have time. Honor your God and Creator YHWH Jesus by repenting and cleansing yourself of this evil generation, lest you be judged with this Satanism Babylon world system, too. Woe to those who use their “political correctness” and “hate crime” evil legalism to try to force God’s children into sin and to condone demonic activity. Surely, they will not escape God’s judgment and wrath. Treat God’s children who live by His holy precepts with respect and honor, for their Father in heaven watches over them, and great will be the judgment upon those who mistreat them. The Illuminati NWO homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid globalist elites and their Draco reptilian alien incarnate avatars are saying that independent nations are “racism” and “politically incorrect” and “hate crimes,” so they need to be just one Illuminati NWO global Stasi police state government European Union EU slave race citizen under the globalist elites. Their alien incarnate avatar feminists are saying that father and mother is not good, because it is “sexist,” so they need to create Satan Lucifer’s transhumanism Borg adrongynous human specie. They are saying that individuality is evil, so humans need to be herded into group manageable crowded city compounds to be monitored 24 hours a day. Children will be confiscated and educated in pedophilia government education by the globalist elites. This is the maniac psychopath dystopian socialist society that these Illuminati reptilian globalist elites are dreaming of. I know one thing, and that it is not our human homo-sapiens specie’s dream. We are not going to be cattle livestock slaves to do all the labor for them with wires and titanium bones imbedded into our bodies, and hive-mind brains controlled by the globalist elites, ready to be shut down at their whim. They have been hiding all their Wicca Draco technology from us since the 1950s, and they have all these fallen angel technologies already to enslave the surviving 1% of the human homo-sapiens specie and modify them into half machines, which Satan Lucifer feels is more efficient than God YHWH’s original humans. He does not like the fact that we humans are infinitely more powerful than him, and made in God’s image. All his Satanist minions who follow him are psychopaths and dystopian, too, because they are demon-possessed, and controlled mind and heart by him. Only the power of Jesus’ blood and His Holy Spirit can save them from their insanity. Repent, and receive Jesus as Savior! End of transmission…










See video “21st century MK ULTRA, synthetic biology & clones in the A.I. matrix” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9fXKM1fURM .










Alex Jones show – secret Trump agenda leaked: live” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taGHXnht4d0 .










There is intel coming in that a favorite blackmail technique of Satanism that these Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant feminist witch race pedophile cannibal genodical psychopathic globalist elites use is to drug the government’s leaders and society’s leaders, and take off their clothes, and put them in bed with a naked pedophilia child, and take photos of them. Then, they blackmail the government’s leader or society’s leader, in order to force them to promote or replace themselves with one of the Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist nephilim descendant pedophile cannibal genocidal psychopathic gangster criminal Wicca witch politician or masonic government official or pedophile corporate leader or cult intelligence agency leader or Satanist police leader or gangster court judge. This is how Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien chimeras and their Illuminati NWO homo-capensis specie nephilim descendant witch race globalist elites get their own people into the top positions in government and society. The devil and his fallen angels and their alien demons and their demon-possessed reptilian hybrid globalist elites cannot repent and amend their evil ways, because they are fallen entities and they are innately evil and cold-blooded and dastardly and conniving and treacherous and deceitful and use every dirty trick to take over every influential position in a civilization. They kick out all of God YHWH Jesus’ real Christians from every position and job and role, and place their Satan Lucifer’s Illuminati NWO Satanists into the top positions. This is how the nephilim secret societies have gained all powerful positions through these thousands of years from the antediluvian Draco masonic age. End of transmission…


See video “Roger Stone: Massive intel on coming indictments” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUaKihgxv_I .


See video “Huge actionable intelligence haul from Marine raid on CIA HQ from Benjamin Fulford Nov 27th 2017” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80FMcI03LDs .











The Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist globalist elites are training thousands of MS-13 gangs in Honduras to cause terrorist attacks inside the U.S. and fight their globalist democrat party’s civil war against the Americans and conduct heinous crimes that are protected by their Illuminati courts and police. Hillary Clinton’s dead body victim counts like Seth Rich are murdered by the Illuminati democrat party’s MS-13 and other Satanist gangs. The Illuminati’s sub-branch MS-13 gangs are child trafficking the kidnapped children to the democrat party Luciferian Satanist pedophile cannibal politicians. Hillary and Obama had smuggled huge amounts of MS-13 gang member Illuminati gang stalking assassins, and their democrat party is paying for their rent and food and family and salaries. Their Illuminati Operation Paperclip CIA’s mainstream media is hiding all of this truth news from the dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace, because they know the dumb humans will not take the effort to research or investigate the truth, since they are too concerned about getting fat and having sex and partying and drinking alcohol and earning money and making families and polishing their cars and buying homes and watching movies. End of transmission…


See video “MS-13 arrests linked to 1800 sealed indictments, democrats, Hillary Clinton and Obama” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0JdIx-h5SY .










Why are we in the condition that we are in, right now, and the Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanists and alien hybrids and alien incarnate avatars of Satan Lucifer have taken over the governments and all aspects of society? It is because of the sins of the dumb human homo-sapiens specie and their evil hearts. If their hearts were right and with God YHWH Jesus, the enemy would never be able to gain control. They would fall and die. It is because these post-1960 “Flower Children” satanized dumb human homo-sapiens specie generations worship money and sex and drugs and rock n’ roll and medicine and women’s equality and sexual liberation and secret societies to further their careers and fake Christianity that caters to their evil values. This is why they get bribed and blackmailed and tempted with the Illuminati feminist Wicca witch prostitutes and tempted with the Illuminati trangender male prostitutes and mind-controlled to promote these Illuminati Luciferian Satanist globalists into high positions. They do not promote people based on their love for God and their righteousness in governing with justice and godly values, but they promote people based on their abilities to make money and protect the organization even if they use unethical or ungodly methods. This is why anyone who lives apart from God are Satanists indirectly, because they worship self, sex, money, power, fame and their idol gods. This is at the root of the problem, which has created this debacle and absolute fiasco that we are in, where the Luciferian Satanists and Satan’s aliens are about to exterminate the human homo-sapiens specie again, and reestablish their Atlantis nightmare civilization. It is because these boneless coward, self-worshipping, self-righteous, Illuminati seminary educated, Bible hating, fake religious Christian ministers and Pharisees are throwing out the commands to wear head coverings or prohibition to wear men’s trousers or not to tattoo ear pierce or not to go to doctors or not to take drugs or not to listen to rock n’ roll or telling to remain single or not to buy retirement pensions or encouraging not to take full-time ministers’ salaries or getting fat. Instead, they are busy trying not to eat pork and observing the Sabbath days and listening to Christian satanic concerts and remarrying and partying and preaching Puritan rules every week. The modern day church is a complete joke. Even when they hear the truth, they ignore it as heresy, because it does not conform to their Illuminati Christianity values and mindset. How can the church repel the Illuminati, when they are in bed with the Illuminati? Why are they hiring ministers based on seminary degrees and credentials and memberships, instead of preaching the truth so that they will get gang stalked and assassination attempts made against them and thrown out of the churches? It is because the church has lost its light and saltiness. It is emanating darkness and bitterness for Satan. No one hears the truth and recognizes it, nor do they agree with it. They agree with their Illuminati humanism of Satanism. This is the reason why the nephilim secret societies and alien hybrids and alien incarnate avatars have taken over every aspect of government and society. It is the sinful human homo-sapiens specie generation and fake religious Christians who have placed them there by being manipulated by Satan Lucifer’s Illuminati’s sexual seduction and bribery and blackmail and money making priorities and mind-control. It is sin and evil hearts of humankind that has allowed evil to take control of this earth. And now, they must pay for their stupidity by being exterminated by the Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist depopulationists and their alien incarnate avatar handlers and their fallen angel Archon overlords and their god Satan Lucifer. If they are going to place themselves under Satan Lucifer spiritually, then they can also be killed by Satan Lucifer. What they have sown, they will reap. How can they expect the non-believers to take their Christianity serious when they have turned their Christian programs into used car commercials, and advertising their books and videos every few minutes? The more wealthier you try to become, the more difficult it becomes for you to enter heaven. Anyone who leaves their jobs and careers and houses and belongings and safety and comfort and ministers’ jobs and families and reputations and 501c3 churches will gain rewards from the Kingdom of God. If you are trying to sell God’s Word and God’s Truth, then your god is money. Jesus never charged you money to buy His Truth and information. End of transmission…










See video “What is the Deep State, really? Robert David Steele explains.” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJHKeb2P4rE .


See video “Ex CIA – Robert David Steele – Trump counter coup in play, deep state, pedophiles, Satanist are toast” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9puSV26D5Sc .


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See video “Best interview yet – Horn, Maginnis and Gallups return to SkyWatch” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWOyOJ8HmgM .


See video “Saboteurs return! Horn, Maginnis and Gallups uncover the deep state” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nli2fkql5lg .











I am not at all against Christians marrying, if one is not able to overcome the temptations of fornication or adultery. As for non-Christians, I think marriage is a beautiful thing, and it is the foundation of society. (I mean heterosexual marriage, and not the Illuminati pedophile cannibal sodomy sex magic orgy ritual Draco reptilian alien incarnate avatars in cloned human bodies and their Illuminati nephilim witch descendants’ LGBTP gay marriage.) However, I do not see how any sane Christian would want to get married, when instead of spending that time attending to the spouse and raising children, a Christian can spend that time and energy and money and commitment to ministering to the entire world, so that even one stranger or enemy or Luciferian Satanist or New Age Gnostic person can get saved from the deception of the devil Satan Lucifer, and be saved from the flames of hell. Is not a man’s soul more important than having dinner time with a spouse, or changing diapers, or taking the kids to school, or going to your children’s school meetings, or washing your spouse’s car? The question is, where is your priority? On God and his work and his people who will be your eternal spiritual family in heaven, or on yourself and on people who have similar priorities as yourself. You have one life to live; what are you going to spend it on? As a real Christian, I do not want my spouse and children microwave oven cooked alive, or poisoned every day, or astrally sexually molested all day long, or all income cut off, or reputation slandered, or psychically attacked all day with witchcraft, or shot with EMF CIA weapons all day, or sleeping disrupted every hour, or demonically attacked while sleeping, or demon-possessed coworkers attacking every time, or bikes ramming into them all the time. Why would I drag another human homo-sapiens specie person who is loved by Almighty God YHWH Jesus, or bring a child into this world, in order to experience that persecution as a real Christian every day, 7 days a week. Satan Lucifer and his Illuminati witches have tried to kill me thousands of times even from before I was born, including all the biological weapons and spiritual attacks and attacking of organs and destroying of careers / personality / mind / skills / education / investments. I would not want my family to experience that. If you are already married to a non-Christian when you become a Christian, the enemy will most likely demon-possess them to try to kill you, but so is the price of picking up the cross and following Christ. If they tried to kill Him, they will try to kill you, because you have His Holy Spirit in you. But, they will not be able to kill you, because God who is in you is greater than the devil who is in the world. End of transmission…









Of course, these Korean ancestry Illuminati freemason cult group leaders in Japan and celebrities use black magic and contracts with the devil Satan Lucifer to mind-control and gain fame and wealth and huge numbers of brainless followers. The most greedy dark energy people follow them and are controlled by their black magic spells and incantations and Satan Lucifer’s brain-wave-control technology. It is exactly the same as the rock stars and Hollywood celebrity high witches and politicians and Wicca feminist aphrodisiac witches and idol singers and entertainment magicians. They all use Illuminati Luciferian Satanist black magic to capture the hearts and minds of masses of dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace. They all make a spiritual agreement with the devil Satan Lucifer to sell their soul to the devil in exchange for receiving wealth and sex and drugs and fame. That is part of the reason for the pedophile cannibal Pizza Gate pedophile cannibal witch rituals that politicians and Hollywood celebrities and idol singers and corporate leaders and intelligence agency leaders and law enforcement leaders and billionaire bankers conduct to Satan Lucifer. The closer the family member they ritually kill and sacrifice to Satan Lucifer, the more power and knowledge and wealth and fame they receive from the devil. However, the devil Satan Lucifer is a deceiver, so those things only last temporarily, and eventually, the Illuminati Satanist person ends up a miserable wreck or drug overdose dead or ritually sacrificed by the Illuminati themselves or commiting suicide. The devil demands payment for their souls. The only way a person can be freed from this spiritual contract and selling of their souls to the devil Satan Lucifer is by the power of the living God YHWH’s Holy Spirit and Jesus’ redemptive blood.










There are many reasons why the Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist criminal cabal wants to keep the aliens secrets. I could think of a few. One is that the aliens want to work covert, because they are conducting their 22 Grand Experiment on humans who are made in God’s image with twelve strands of DNA, and they are abducting and experimenting and harvesting humans, and using millions of their families as slaves. If you were doing this, would you want your victims to know? Another is that the Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist homo-capensis reptilian hybrid specie globalist elites want to hide all the “Star Wars” “Star Trek” technology from the dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace, so that they can control them and watch them in their toilets, and read their emails to their husbands, and MILAB abduct their wives and daughters and sons and sodomize them and return them unnoticed to their beds without the dumb humans finding out. The Draco nephilim giant descendants are sexually perverted and have voracious sexual appetites. I know, because they molest me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This is why the Illuminati nephilim descendants operate in complete secrecy in nephilim secret societies like the Freemasons 34th degree and up, and Skull & Bones sodomy club, and Wicca witchcraft leadership, and Mormon leadership, and Jehovah’s Witness leadership, and Scientology leadership, and Catholic leadership, and Rosicrucians, and Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg, and Club of Rome, and Templars, and CFR, and Committee of 300, and royal families, and Bohemian Grove, whereas God YHWH Jesus’ Christians share everything and all truth to everyone, even to the enemy. You do not have to go through all these degrees and ranks where they slowly disclose the fact that they serve Satan Lucifer based on your level of loyalty and mind-control and evil heart like the Illuminati does. In God’s Kingdom, the whole truth is given to you even before you become a Christian. This is why they try to kill me, because I expose all evil and share all goodness to all human homo-sapiens specie people out of God’s love. The person who hears the truth must all decide whether to take it or leave it, because God has given a free will to love him or reject him. You do not have to take an oath to Satan to be tortured and your heart ripped out if you expose any of the Freemason or secret society or mafia secrets. Salvation is free and a loving gift from God YHWH Jesus who died for you on the cross, and you do not earn it like religions of Satan try to make it into arrogant works by good deeds. Another reason is that the Illuminati NWO wants to keep their free energy secret from the dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace, so that they can keep on parasite leeching on the humans through their primitive polluting petroleum industry. The same goes with their parasitical banking system and fraud stock market and fraud precious metal market. If they disclosed information about the aliens, they would have to give the humans the free energy technology that they can create from the air, and that would destroy the trillions of dollars they make from the oil industry. Another reason is that they want to keep the military technologies they receive from the nephilim alien and chimera aliens secret, and all the horrendous super soldier hybrid abomination programs they are conducting. The CIA Nazi AQUARIUS shadow rogue government that killed JFK which is controlled by aliens in soul-scalped human bodies who control Hillary Clinton and George Soros and their CIA DHS ISIS MS-13 Antifa terrorists want to keep all aliens secret, while the benevolent naval intelligence Pentagon COM-12 Constitutionalist nationalist patriots who support Donald Trump want to release information about the aliens and warn the humans that they are systematically being exterminated and replaced. Hence, you have this age long war between the MJ-12 CIA Nazi government AQUARIUS and the naval intelligence Pentagon COM-12. You can see that Satan Lucifer is supporting secrecy and extermination of the hated human homso-sapiens specie and replacement with a nephilim Borg sex slave livestock human meat food race, while the Almighty God YHWH Jesus is supporting exposing the evil and darkness and secrecy of Satan Lucifer and his nephilim chimera hybrid aliens. The war is not only physical on the earth, but it goes up into the spiritual realm. This is why these spirits are attacking us real Christians in order to try to silence us, but God is all-powerful and sovereign and continues to use us to pummel the enemy. This is why the fake religious Christians are all hiding behind their pulpits and pews, and will not mention aliens at all, lest they lose their ministers’ jobs and nice comfortable work and expensive homes and retirement pensions and fame and prestigious titles. All church ministers have to be effeminate people who adhere to Jezebel doctrines and are able to keep jobs such as minister and church staff, but there are a few strong men left on earth like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin that you have not been able to kill because God is protecting us. The line has been clearly drawn on who are for the human homo-sapiens specie populace and God, and who are against the human homo-sapiens specie populace and God. End of transmission…










Yes, the demons will use your families to try to give up your faith and commit idolatry against God. If you are a real Christian, the demonic entity wearing your mother’s body will continuously yell and scream angrily, in front of hundreds of your relatives and family all throughout the funeral of a relative, to try to force you to bow down to Satan Lucifer and offer incense in worship to the dead relative and the fallen angels and demons who are there waiting to be worshipped by you. The devil Satan Lucifer has to make you deny God YHWH Jesus, and to worship the demonic entities that are there at the funeral, who are waiting for you to offer that incense to them and commit idolatry and break God’s commandment not to worship other gods or idols. The demon inside your mother’s body will continue to yell and scream and embarrass you and try to force you to offer the incense by blaming you as being disrespectful to the dead relative and that it is just a sign of respect, until these demons can either get you embarrassed to the point that you worship them or you just commit the abomination in order to stop your mother from yelling at you in front of hundreds of people across the entire room intentionally. It is just like when she yells at you all day long, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to give up your faith in Jesus, and stop talking about religion (when she is the one who starts talking about worshipping idols and clapping your hand to idols and bowing to demons), and to stop talking about the Illuminati to people and stop exposing the Illuminati and stop exposing the Illuminati’s demonic entities that are inside your mother’s body. It will continue every few minutes all day long from morning to night. It is a typical CIA method to drive their prisoners to insanity by blasting rock music to deprive sleep, or repeating the same thing over and over again, or making you hear the sound of dripping water for hours and days and weeks until you go crazy. The demons inside the CIA alien hybrid agents and the demons inside your mother’s body are the same demons. They want you to give up your faith in Jesus so that they can kill you, and they want you to stop exposing the Illuminati and Satan Lucifer. This is why they throw out your mother’s human soul out of your mother’s body, and enter into her body to parade around as if they are your real mother. It is exactly like their movie “The Exorcist.” These demons move from one body to another body of the people who are around you, so that they can continue to attack you all day long. They are the same demons that come at night while you are about to go to sleep, and sleep paralyze you and crush your chest and move around under your blanket and molest your genitals and slam your body. They are fourth dimensional creatures. They are abominations to our Almighty God YHWH Jesus, and they were never supposed to be manufactured by Satan Lucifer. They are illegitimate creations. These demons hate real Christians even before they are born. They will constantly attack you with sleep paralysis and terror and crushing you and infections, since the time you are a small child. They do not attack fake religious Christians. End of transmission…












If religious Christians are working in the medical professions, then they will get sick. It is because the medical profession is fallen angel Babylonian witchcraft magic. Christians should not be conducting witchcraft. They need to repent, and turn away from Watcher fallen angel forbidden science. The fallen angels taught cosmetics and warfare and astrology and many other things, which the freemasons and nephilim descendant secret society esoteric occult mystery schools like Wicca teach. The Book of Enoch in the Bible tells us the things that they taught the humans. End of transmission…










As the Bible says in Revelation, where through demon-possession, life is given to the Beast’s image, the Illuminati NWO masonic Judaist Zionist Kabbalah Babylonian black magicians have the ability to bring to life the Terracotta warriors and Easter Island Moai statues. You cannot fight them without the power of God YHWH Jesus working through you. This is why in their Illuminati propaganda movie “Lord of the Rings,” it shows the necromancer bringing to life the Uruk-Hai orc goblins from the dirt to make a demon-possessed army and in their Illuminati propaganda movie “Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” it shows the terracotta army coming to life. End of transmission…










God tells us in the Bible to not eat animals that have been strangled to death. It releases bad chemicals into the blood. Also, it creates bad energy. You are not only consuming the physical meat of the animal, but the healthy energy or bad energy of the animal or plant. This is why Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien chimeras and their Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid genocidal psychopath globalist elites’ Illuminati food manufacturers lock up these chickens in cages where they cannot move, in order to make them fat, and these chickens try to commit suicide. This is horrible reptilian behavior. A chicken should be allowed to run around free. If you were locked up in a cage all your life, where you could not move your body, you would try to commit suicide, too. Their demonic entity came yesterday as I was falling asleep again, and conducted sleep paralysis on me. If you real Christians have experienced this, you would know what it feels like to not be able to move. By torturing animals, they create bad energies in them. When you eat these kinds of Illuminati Monsanto foods, you are putting into yourself not only their toxins that they put into their food to depopulate you human homo-sapiens specie populace and fathers and mothers and sons and daughters, but you are putting their bad energies into your body, too. The Illuminati reptilian hybrids and nephilim chimera aliens who feed you their Illuminati corporation foods hate the human homo-sapiens specie, because the humans are made in the image of God. It is jealousy and pride. They share the same belief as Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons, who refused to bow down to the humans who were created to be higher than them and to be in the image of God. The fallen angel Archons feed on this dark bad energy through the Draco reptilian alien chimeras and nephilim alien demon spirits. It is food for them, and they are vampire parasites. This is why they create wars and disasters and CIA Nazi Al-Qaeda terrorism to generate bad energy from pain, loss, suffering, hate, anger, despair, fear and terror. This is why their Wicca witch feminists drink our human homo-sapiens specie children in their Baal Moloch abortion clinic temples and Hollywood rituals and Buckingham Palace rituals and Vatican rituals and United Nations rituals and White House rituals and Bohemian Grove rituals and local neighborhood Illuminati nephilim descendant family homes. This is why they pick up our little human homo-sapiens specie boys who their Luciferian Satanist FBI Robert Muellers and James Comeys and CIA and NSA and MI6 Black Hat faction kidnap, and they toss them around like a sack of potatoes as they sodomize them sexually, and skin them alive, and cut off their limbs alive, before they drink their blood and eat them. It is to create this bad energy and this bad adrenalin blood chemical that comes from the horror and shock, which these Illuminati homo-capensis specie globalist elites and their Draco reptilian “Predator Alien” Sumerian Anunnaki gods get an orgasmic natural high from. By coming through their star gate wormhole portals in my refrigerator and attacking me right now with body pains, they are only proving that they do not want these things exposed to their dumb human homo-sapiens specie slave race. These Draco Predator Aliens materialize into the third dimension during these Illuminati NWO Satanist feminist witch rituals, and push aside the globalist elite hybrids, and tear into the throats and stomach fat of our human homo-sapiens specie children to devour the blood and fat. They cannot wait to feast on this adrenalin that is created from fear. The fallen angel Archons of Satan Lucifer feed on this bad energy. This takes place in thousands and thousands of places every day, but the Illuminati mainstream media do not broadcast anything about it. Rather, they try to kill anyone who talks about their Illuminati pedophilia. The police and CIA and FBI’s Mormons and Jehovah’s Witness people and Scientology people and Wicca witches will frantically gang stalk you and try to kill you, if you expose any of this pedophilia. However, now that Jesus’ return is close, and God YHWH Jesus has given every human a free will, God is exposing to the human homo-sapiens specie populace, all of these pedophile cannibalism of the Illuminati Canaanite tribe nephilim descendants or Zionist Edomite globalist elites and their Luciferian Satanist minions, which has continued for thousands of years since their Illuminati NWO Atlantis and Sumer Babylon. The question is what do you do when you hear the truth? Do you laugh and hide, or do you risk your life and your families’ lives to fight Satan Lucifer and his Illuminati? Therein lies your true heart. If you fear death or love your family more than God, you are not worthy of Christ and His blood shed for you on the cross. You have to teach the entire truth of God and shout it from the rooftops, so that all your family and friends and church members will leave you, and you will be fired from your ministers’ jobs, and be laughed at and ridiculed, and you will be microwaved cooked alive and poisoned and income cut off by the Illuminati. This is the man who loves God. To the righteous man, money, food, shelter, reputation, jobs, income, safety, family, comfort, retirement pensions, and getting normal sleep every night does not take precedence. God and only God matters, and all else is vanity, for heaven and earth shall pass away, but Jesus is eternal. All hell will break loose upon you when you pick up the cross and follow Christ. It is another reason why the Illuminati Wicca witches throw your ritually sacrificed sodomized human homo-sapiens specie children’s human meat into your human homo-sapiens specie populace’s food. They and their Draco gods who hate humans, take extreme pleasure in doing such things. They also soul-scalp your children’s human souls out, and they enter into your children’s bodies as changelings. This is why the nephilim chimera alien demon spirits that are in your children’s bodies, who are telepathic and think at a much faster rate, seem confused and unable to speak and behave wildly and cannot function normally in this third dimensional human society and have relationship problems and seem autistic. They are not used to this third dimension and are bewildered. There is a big replacement of your human homo-sapiens specie taking place. Why is it that your Illuminati Luciferian Satanist church pastors remain silent about all these important things, and do not teach you these things? Moreover, why is it that the religious Christian hordes do not know these things or care for that matter? They are supposed to be the salt and the light, and the guardian knights of planet earth, and should be calling out the deceptions and hidden schemes of the enemy, and jumping into the horde of demons to fight with them. When you look around, the armies of God are not around, and they are all eating donuts and drinking coffee and dancing in Satan’s Christian worship music in their Illuminati 501c3 Christianity churches and working their buttocks off to pay taxes to their Illuminati slave bosses. Instead of losing their families to the Illuminati CIA cult group assassins, these fake religious Christians go to church to hunt for the opposite sex in order to breed families. If they are willing to die for Christ and His human homo-sapiens specie and for God’s truth to be declared, then why would they think of creating a family to leave them orphans and widows? Where is the priority and sanity in that? Pick up the sword of God’s truth and fight! Or else, you will all get nuked by the Illuminati and Satan Lucifer and become an extinct specie. Lose everything for Christ, including income and reputation and safety and family and home and car and job and retirement pension and church and all your belongings except for one suitcase. This is what we Christians do, and it is a natural outcome of persecution for Christ, because whether you want to believe it or not, we are at war. At least, the real Christians are at war. The dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace are just waiting to be exterminated by Satan Lucifer and his Illuminati, and waiting to be pedophile sodomized by these Illuminati alien incarnate avatars. Fear of having their internal organs microwave cooked alive and their children kidnapped by the CIA FBI NSA lluminati prevails over their love for God YHWH Jesus. They are the End Times Laodicea apostate lukewarm church. Lose everything for Christ and follow Him! If Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin did, then you should be able to do so, too. Stop criticizing Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in your air-conditoned carpeted churches and dancing around in Satan’s Christian rock and roll worship service, and get out of the churches and get microwaved alive and poisoned with flesh-eating bacteria and watched 24 hours a day by NSA see-through-wall radiaton cameras by the devil’s demon-possessed hive-mind gang-stalking minions. Jesus our King is not in there in the 501c3 churches, but He is out here fighting. What are you thinking, have you gone mad? We need to be fighting at His side! What kind of a Christian hides at home with his feminist wife, and does not jump into the battleground with Jesus where all the incoming bombs and artillery are exploding? Stop teaching baby milk Bible prophecy that makes the hordes of religious fake Christians want to come out to your churches to pay more donations and buy your books, and start teaching the solid meat dirty ugly truth so that you will get kicked out of the minister’s job by the hordes of angry religious fake Christians. We are not here to make hordes of fake lukewarm Christians, but we are here to make tough, disciplined, fighting Christians who will hold back the gates of hell. They shall not pass! All the Illuminati globalist elites thought that all the real Christians would be gone at the Feast of Trumpets 2017, but they were wrong, and we are still here. Their gods cannot return while we are here, and it gives us more time to tear their Illuminati NWO apart to shreds. Take the fight to the enemy! For our King and God of eternal love YHWH Jesus! The Bible says ten thousands and all your families and friends will fall dead at your side, but you shall remain standing, real Christian. End of transmission…










Our young human homo-sapiens specie women go missing, because these Illuminati Luciferian Satanist nephilim descendent demon-possessed police officers abduct them. There are eye witnesses that testify that these police officers approached these women in the parking lots before they went missing. They are made into sex slaves, and used in Baal Moloch Satan witch race rituals. The police chiefs become high ranking officials, because they sacrifice their sons to Satan Lucifer the devil, who gives them power and promotions. They are not even real sons. These human homo-sapiens specie women are never found or investigated, because the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist police leaders will not arrest their own people, because it will expose their police department reputation and their satanic secret societies. If you are fathers of these women, you need to stand up against these devil worshippers and their Draco “Predator Alien” gods. The reason why these Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanists become police officers, and are made police leaders by the reptilian hybrid homo-capensis specie globalist elites is because they can procure these human homo-sapiens specie women and little boys for these voracious reptilian sexual appetites. They are there to hide the crimes, just like their Illuminati Luciferian Satanist court judges mob gangsters. The police and court judges are Illuminati Satanist pedophile cannibal Baal Moloch Satan worshippers. Law enforcement agencies blame the terrorists for their false flag terrorist attacks, but they themselves are the real perpetrators orchestrating the mass shootings and bombings, in order to warn Donald Trump to stop going after their Congress and Hollywood and ex-presidents and CIA FBI MI6 NSA pedophiles. If you start going after the pedophiles, the entire government and Hollywood high witches and law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies and mainstream media and Satanist Antifa groups and Satanist pedophile cannibal Robert Mueller will start a witch hunt against you by indicting you with false charges of treason and impeaching you. They also astrally rape and molest our human men, women, boys, and girls all day long, too, because it is less obvious than raping them physically. Nonetheless, the end result is the same. These Satanist witches and Illuminati alien incarnate avatar globalist elites do not get arrested for this. These Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist high witches use their demonic power psychic attacks kill millions of our human homo-sapiens specie fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and ICA ally brothers by exploding their hearts or giving them heart attacks or causing cancer in them or giving them brain strokes or causing depression to make them commit suicides, but why is it that they do not get arrested or imprisoned or executed for any of these psychic witchcraft murders and genocide? Whether these witches kill our human homo-sapiens specie populace physically or psychically, they should be arrested and imprisoned all the same. Why does this difference in treatment exist? It is because of the stupidity of the human homo-sapiens specie populace and their sins have made them spiritually blind to the truth, and they are like dumb cattle livestock people who just run after food and sex and money and entertainment and careers and breeding and fame, and they have no wisdom of the Holy Spirit of God or care for the righteousness of our Almighty God YHWH Jesus. Meanwhile, these Hollywood high witches and pedophile Robert De Niro and pedophile Mickey Rourke and other sodomy tough guys go on attacking our democratically elected President Donald Trump with spells and hexes and curses and psychic attacks and public criticism for hunting down their fellow Illuminati pedophile witches. They hate me exposing their tactics and dirty little secrets, because they immediately came into my room as I was writing this and started astrally attacking me. Do they not know that the Almighty God YHWH Jesus Christ of heaven and earth protects me and fights on my behalf? He will pummel every one of these astrally out-of-body traveling Illuminati Satanist black magician witch circus clowns and Draco reptilian alien incarnate avatars in human cloned bodies. So, we will expose them more. The whole world and the entire dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace slave race will know what they are doing to them. After being given the truth by God, let us see whether these dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace will believe and repent of their evil ways and praise God and call out to Him, or if they will scoff and ridicule and laugh and disbelieve and go on being killed. The wise man realizes the truth and listens to God and takes action and repents of his ways, while the foolish man scoffs and eventually gets exterminated by the devil’s minions. So be it. Repent, and receive Jesus as Savior! End of transmission…










See video “The veil has lifted! Declassified files show government killed JfK, protected Hitler”at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpR1pnalKuc .










These fake religious Christian ministers believe in a supernatural God and a supernatural devil and in supernatural angels, but they do not believe in supernatural aliens. They call you insane and crazy. This is a derelict of duty and a crime against humanity by these ministers, for the sworn oath they have taken to feed the sheep and provide knowledge to God’s people and serve God. It is because they do not want to be ridiculed by their religious fake Christian church members who pay their donations and pastors’ salaries, and they want to continue parasite leeching on the church members. Or, they are Illuminati Luciferian Satanists who are intentionally keeping the church in ignorance and darkness. The Bible says that God’s people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Many people will be deceived and led astray, because these ministers would not teach about who these aliens are. They even refuse to teach about the Illuminati and warn God’s people, because they do not want themselves to be killed. Woe to these Pharisees and Scribes. They just write books that sell, and they do not teach that which is ridiculed or distasteful their money givers. If they had the Holy Spirit of God, they would know who the Draco reptilian aliens are, and they would be teaching and warning their church members about them and their tactics. They are spiritually blind and poor and naked, and boneless cowards and traitors to the human homo-sapiens specie. End of transmission…










See video “200,000 year old ancient technology that indicates the history books are wrong” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvjcpiIYg7Y .










Video of NASA space shuttle being shot to pieces by alien demon spirit UFO. UFO and demon spirit alien are symbiotic.


See video “UFO shoots down NASA shuttle STS107 – I want answers on this one 11-21-2013” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3hEUfRq-vg .










Fallen angels are being released from Antarctica prison.


See video “Antarctica and the imprisoned fallen angels from the Book of Enoch! mirrored” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AMkKSs0KEM .










See video “Exposed: Hollywood pedophiles” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REtEDyntAvI .


See video “Alex Jones calls out washed-up actor Mickey Rourke” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_XC5awzWjQ .


See video “Robert De Niro wants to punch Donald Trump in the face” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mQTVvei-jk .










The Illuminati’s Sumerian Anunnaki Draco reptilian alien chimeras are very ritualistic and hierarchical and tradition oriented and legalistic. This is why all religions are very ritualistic, hierarchical, tradition oriented, and legalistic. They are very repetitive and redundant. There is no joy or creativity. It is all strictness and following past routines. This is why all religions and a lot of reptilian cultures reflect these ways of thinking and values.










See video “Admiralty Law: Word controlled humans & the law of money – Jordan Maxwell” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-SPcsfz0_E .


















Evolution, communism, banking fraud system, feminism, environmentalism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, all major Protestant denominations, pagan religions, Wicca witchcraft, Druid, Freemasons, Templars, Knights of Malta, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, Unity Church, Scientology, Christian Science, New Age Gnostic religion, homosexuality transgenderism, and all other cults and occults, were all created by Illuminati Satanist ancient Atlantis Sumerian Babylonian “Brotherhood of the Snake” nephilim descendant secret societies. This is why Buddhism and Hinduism and Eastern Mysticism Illuminati New Age Gnosticism teach their doctrine of reincarnation, because nephilim chimera alien demon spirits are not human souls, and they steal one body after another through thousands of years or clone new alien bodies. They do not go to heaven or hell after death like human souls do, but these disembodied nephilim demon spirits just roam the earth seeking to demon-possess a body. Mormons and Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower and Scientology and Wicca witchcraft and Unity Church and New Age and all Illuminati religions were created by Freemasons. Fritz Springmeier was able to expose a lot of this, and who made these religions. The CIA recruits their members from all of these Illuminati sub-branch groups. This is why members from all these groups and Illuminati Luciferian Satanist CIA members are gang stalking and trying to kill real Christians (not fake religious Christians) with microwave oven weapons from next door, and refrigerator poisonings, and cutting off income, and CIA drone planes F-15 jets white tinted-window trucks EMF directed energy weapons, and mobile phone EMF shock weapons on the streets / restaurants / homes / schools / shops / beaches / parks / forests every few minutes from every direction. They all believe that Satan Lucifer is the hero, and the Christians and God YHWH Jesus is evil. They call the devil Satan Lucifer the light bearer, and they call themselves the Illuminati illumined ones or enlightened ones. Freemasons were created by the Templars. The violent, bloodthirsty, power hungry, genocidal psychopathic Templar Knights and Knights of Malta and Nazi SS and Greek Spartans and Roman emperors and Bolsheviks and Phoenicians and Canaanite tribe giants (Amalekites, Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, etc.) and Egyptian Pharaohs and European black nobility and all other groups in history were nephilim giant descendants of the Draco reptilian alien chimera gods of Atlantis Lemuria and Sumer Babylon. They are the true homo-capensis specie mob gangsters of planet earth that have deceived and ruled over and tortured and pedophile sodomized and cannibalized human homo-sapiens specie children in their Pizza Gate Hollywood spirit cooking rituals. They cut off the limbs with axes of our live human homo-sapiens children, and skin them alive, and sacrifice them, and eat them, and sodomize them, in their satanic Illuminati feminist witch wizard race rituals. Instead of Almighty Creator God YHWH Jesus’ human homo-sapiens specie people who love beauty and peace and nobleness and affection, Satan Lucifer’s fallen angel descendants’ homo-capensis specie nephilim descendant reptilian hybrid Illuminati globalist elite witches and wizards love gore and bloodshed and torture and war and satanic feces-eating witch rituals and pedophilia and cannibalism and cheating and power and genocide and stealing and destruction and skulls and bats and black magic and occult witchcraft and corpses and depopulation of the human homo-sapiens specie populace. Satan Lucifer’s Draco reptilian alien chimeras create these globalist elite reptilian hybrid people by infusing a reptilian cell into human fertilized eggs or unfertilized eggs. They are genetically engineered to not feel any empathy or compassion or true love or righteousness. They carry their Draco reptilian alien chimera ancestors’ genocidal psychopathic nature.


Evolution was a fake fabrication by the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist globalist elites to lead people away from Christian principles and traditions, just like Catholicism was. The Illuminati Luciferian Satanists do not even believe in their own evolution theory. Charles Darwin was an Illuminati Luciferian Satanist, and he himself did not believe in evolution, but was ordered by the Illuminati royal bloodline family homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant feminist witch race globalist elites to develop the theory of evolution to deceive the human homo-sapiens specie slave race mind-controlled brainwashed populace. The evolutionary theory created atheists and agnostics who tend to be left-wing communist. Satan Lucifer wanted to bring in the Darwinism evolutionary theory because he wanted to get rid of Christianity and the Bible. Once you get rid of Christianity and the Word of God, you get rid of the commandments of God not to steal, kill, and lie. As the Bible tells us, Satan Lucifer’s nature is to steal, kill and lie. The Illuminati Rothschild family financed Charles Darwin to develop the evolutionary theory, because they wanted a world instead where the politicians and newscasters would lie for them, and bankers would steal for them, and the soldiers and feminist eugenicists would kill for them, as part of their global control system of humankind. So, it was important for these Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist nephilim descendant royal bloodline families that they establish this evolution theory as a science and fact. The evolutionary theory is as ridiculous as a tornado in a junkyard creating a 747 jumbo jet, but the Rothschild family and the Illuminati nephilim bloodline families know that the human homo-sapiens specie populace is extremely dumb and can be made to believe anything ridiculous if presented properly. As I said many times before, the scholars and people with high IQs are the most dumbest people on earth because of their narrow vision and mental restraints, so they actually believe in this evolutionary theory and big bang theory.


The question is, if a person does not believe that a can of soda with its content and can and label was created purely by random chance, then how can they believe that a cell could develop by pure random chance, because a cell is astronomically more complex than a soda can. A single e coli bacteria contains DNA codes equivalent to a hundred million pages of encyclopedia. A cell is made from protein. Science Nobel Prize winners have calculated that the odds of getting a protein by chance is ten to the power of 260. To give you an idea how big a number this is, you cannot fit such a number of electrons in the entire universe. Science says that anything over ten to the power of 50 is impossible. So, if it is impossible to get a protein, how can you get a cell that has thousands of proteins? A cell has to have the ability to ingest nutrients and excrete waste. A single cell would have had to perfect the entire process of reproduction in one lifetime, or else, there would never have been a second cell. Darwin’s evolutionary process would stop right there. No one has ever witnessed a cell develop out of nothing into functional cellular parts. Second point is genetics. A zebra does not evolve into a kangaroo, and a blonde person cannot be born with blonde hair without such genes. Darwin could not explain how a fish could evolve into a human with human genes, so they came up with the theory of mutations. However, all mutations decrease the number of genetic information, and has never increased genetic information. So, fish cannot, all of a sudden, grow arms. Mutations are always destructive. It gives you all kinds of genetic diseases, and never improves us. Evolutionists say that the sickle cell disease is a good example of evolution, because malaria parasites do not want to enter into it. However, this is a ridiculous reason, because a sickle cell is sick, and that is why a malaria parasite does not want to enter into it. It is just like you do not want to move into a house that is dilapidated. Cutting off your leg in order to prevent athlete’s foot disease is not evolution. The sickle cell has lost function. No parent wishes their child gets sickle cell anemia disease, in order to prevent malaria. All mutations delete information and do not add information. If mutation was evolution, you would see deformed monsters in nature, and no beautiful animals.


If evolution was true, then you would have thousands of creatures between the various species of microorganisms and invertebrates and fish and amphibians and reptiles and mammals and apes and humans. However, you find none. Darwin claimed that there would be many missing link creatures. We have not once seen one type of bacteria develop into another type of bacteria. The Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanists who worship Satan Lucifer want us humans to believe that bacteria evolved into humans, but we have never even seen a bacteria evolve into another bacteria specie. Not a single paleontologist has found a fossil of a missing link between species. It has been proved that the Illuminati faked all these fossils of what they call ancient cave men. The Piltdown man’s jaw was from an orangutan, and the teeth was filed down, and the fossil was stained to make it look old. There are a lot of dog breeds, but they are all part of a single specie. A dog does not evolve into a cat. If you breed a fast race horse with another fast race horse, you will probably get a fast race horse, but you are not going to get an elephant or a horse that is going to run a thousand miles per hour. It is adaptation and not evolution. Gates said that a cell is more complex than a computer. If you are not going to get a computer by random chance evolution, you are not going to get a cell by random chance evolution. Illuminati Luciferian Satanist New Age religion Gnostic alien hybrid people know that evolution has been proven fake by scientific advancement, so they will say that aliens created humans using panspermia theory. However, who created the aliens then? It is the other way around. The nephilim aliens and chimera aliens were created using human genes and animal genes and fallen angel genes. Earth is the original DNA and God’s creation. This is why all the aliens want the earth, and come to collect DNA from the earth. You find all these cow mutilations and human mutilations taking place. The earth is next to the rarest star gate wormhole portals that can take you to different galaxies, and that is why it is so important. The Illuminati Rothschild family and Vatican do not want you dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace to know the truth, and find out what they are doing, so they created the evolutionary theory lie.



(See video “The elite don’t want you to know: God is real – Here’s the proof” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2jyF_XyTc8 .)










(See video “Agenda 21 [The plan to kill you]” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzBAEfcFkNY .)










People like Jon Pounders and David Carrico spread a lot of false doctrines, such as that you must observe the Sabbath day rest, or you cannot eat pork, or that women are not subservient to men, and women are only subservient to men in a marriage relationship, and flat earth CIA Luciferian Satanist lies are truth, and that all who get saved are Jews and not gentiles. Jesus is our Sabbath rest, and whatever God has blessed is clean, so we are not saved by the Judaism legalism observance of days and food abstinence. They need to repent of the Jezebel spirit that they worship. Women are subservient to men outside of marriage, too. Church leadership was never meant for women, but for men. Or else, 6 of the disciples would have been women and 6 would have been men. Abraham and Moses and David and Jacob and Issac and Jesus and Paul would have been half women, and not all men. David changes the word of God to mean that Junia was an apostle, when they were well known by the apostles. These type of people like Jon Pounders and David Caricco abide by the modern day Iluminati church doctrines and Satanism’s philosophies of the 1960s “Flower Children” women’s equality liberalism humanism sexual revolution Satanism hippy New Age doctrines of Jezebel. This has allowed for feminism to rule over each house’s women and the churches’ women, and this has allowed tolerance of abortion and women working instead of raising children and the destruction of the family and divorce. It is very dangerous doctrine that Satan uses through the Western religious leaders, and it has opened up the Western nations to alien infestation and demon-possession and sexual perversion and alien incarnate avatar rulership. If they worship the devil’s doctrines and Western values, they will be destroyed by their devil. They are the ones who allow for Satan’s lies to get into the church, such as that God is both Father and Mother, and Jesus is half woman, or Eve was not Adam’s helper, or women can be pastors. They say that it is alright for women to teach men, against the Bible’s command, by perverting it to their Western humanist doctrine by saying that prophetesses are leaders over men in the Bible. This is not true. Prophetesses prophesy, but they are not leaders over the church and society and men. These people warp and pervert the Word of God, in order to fit their Western doctrines of “political correctness” and “women’s equality” and “self-righteousness.” Their self-righteousness Jezebel ideologies are perverted and dangerous to the entire church and society. It perverts the core of human family sacred unit and foundations of society. Jon Pounders and David Caricco say that since Timothy says that “I do not allow women to teach men or assume authority over a man,” it is Timothy’s doctrine and it can be ignored. Again, this is a gross perversion of God’s Bible. Everything in the Bible is God’s truth and Word and ommand. If it was only Timothy’s view, then why would God put that in the Bible? There would be no need to include it in the Bible. Do you see how these people like Jon Pounders and David Caricco twist and delete and modify God’s Word the Bible? If we can ignore what has been written by Timothy as being only Timothy’s teaching which can be ignored, then now it would allow for them to ignore Paul’s teaching or Peter’s teachings, too, as not concerning us. This is a blatant disrespect for God’s Word who is Jesus, and willful perversion of God’s Bible. They are dangerous, because they bring in a lot of interesting information, but they mix a few deadly lies in there. The interesting information are not so important, because they are esoteric occult Illuminati knowledge, but their lies are usually very important critical key doctrines, which sabotage God’s Church Saints. They are followers of modern day Western humanism doctrines which come from the Illuminati Babylon mystery schools, which contradict the Word of God. Their Illuminati doctrines are what has put us in this mess that we are in and the complete depravity of society. The hordes and masses of religious fake Christians follow after these John Pounders and David Caricco, because they teach what they want to hear. They are political correctness people. They are the modern day weak effeminate men who fear women, and will not speak the truth from the Bible. If they nullify the Bible teachings by making up all these excuses so that the Bible says what they want it to say after they have twisted, modified, deleted, and added to it, then women would now be able to have authority over men and teach men, and women would not have to wear head coverings, and slaves would now have authority over their masters, and employees would now have authority over the employers, and children would now have authority over the parents, and pets would now have authority over the family, and lower angels would have authority over higher angels, and Satan would now have authority over Jesus, because you can now modify and delete and twist and add to the Bible as you please. Do you see how dangerous these deceptions are? People do not have the Holy Spirit, so they are easily deceived and led astray by the desires and pride and selfishness of their hearts, and they love Satanism’s doctrines over God’s doctrines. People like Jon Pounders and David Caricco become popular and famous, and we who are God’s prophets and apostles who are trying to bring the people back to God’s truth and true Bible teachints are hated and scorned and seen as bigots and sexist and evil. This is how it has been since the earliest times. Jon Pounders and David Caricco say that the earth is flat and not spherical. Those who do not have the Holy Spirit will easily believe such ridiculous Illuminati CIA doctrines, and follow after them. They become afraid that if they go to the edge of the flat earth, then they will fall off into space. Discern by the Holy Spirit, brethren. The dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace does not have the Holy Spirit, and that is why they run after Satan’s extreme of oppressing and discriminating and mistreating women to Satan’s other extreme of making women equal in authority with men and giving women leadership and allowing women to teach men. They never live in God’s perfect balance truth, which is to cherish women more than yourself, but never elevating women to leadership positions over men. Jesus cherishes humans more than His own life which He gave on the cross for humans, but Jesus never elevates humans to have authority above Himself. Why is this so difficult for sinful hearts to understand or accept? It is because the sinful heart clouds the mind. The thousands of Illuminati feminist Wicca witches try to gang stalk and kill me, because I teach these truths, and their Satan Lucifer wants to stop this truth from being exposed, since it will free humans and destroy all their Illuminati work of church lies which they have built up to now. Jon Pounders and David Caricco teach that everyone who gets saved and become Christians are Jews and are the ten lost tribes of Israel. They claim that there is no such thing as a rapture of the Church Saints, and that all Christians are Jews who will return to the Promised Land. They nullify the entire ministry of Apostle Paul for the gentiles, so that the gentiles can be saved. They say that the 144,000 Hebrew Remnant may not be virgins, when the Bible clearly states that they are virgins who have not known women. Again, they spread falsehood, just like they say that women are not below men in authority outside of marriage or that the earth is flat. They teach a lot of occult knowledge that excites religious people, but they deny and nullify very key truths of the Bible. The whole purpose of Apostle Paul’s ministry was to bring salvation to the gentiles. When these Zionists and Hebrew Roots Messianic Torah cult people like Jon Pounders and David Caricco teach that gentiles cannot get saved, and that all who get saved are Jewish descendants, they nullify God’s Bible and Jesus who is the Word of God. When they say you have to abstain from eating pork and observe the Sabbath day rest, they nullify and deny Christ who died for us on the cross. When they say that women are equal to men in authority and can have authority over men, and women do not have to wear head coverings, they nullify the Bible, and disrupt the spiritual order of creation, and allow the fallen angels to tempt women with their pride to destroy the order of society. They are basically saying that their teachings have authority over Christ’s teachings, and they have authority over Christ who is the Word of God. They will teach that all the Bible verses that point to the pre-tribulation rapture are not true, and that Christians are going to go through the Tribulation and be protected. They mislead people, because the Bible says that the Church Saints will be raptured, and the Tribulation Saints will be destroyed by the enemy. This is a key critical teaching, so that is why they attack the pre-tribulation rapture teaching. Jon Pounders and David Caricco teach that there is no difference between the Old Testament and New Testament, and these Judaist Kabbalah Hebrew Roots Torah Messianic people teach that you are still under the Old Testament laws. We are no longer under the Old Testament law, but we are under the New Testament Jesus’ grace. They reject the New Testament commands such as women’s head coverings which are critical spiritual commands, but they try to enforce the Old Testament laws such as observing the Sabbath which is dangerous. They are Old Testament people. They are tricky because they will present the fact that Christmas is pagan, and then, they try to make people observe the Hebrew Feast Days instead, in order to put people under the Judaic laws. Why would you want to put blood on your door posts for Passover, if you are a Christian? They are tricky because when they are confronted about their Judaist Kabbalah legalism of observing the Sabbath and not eating pork, they will not discuss those issues at all, but they will divert attention to less important problems concerning the Judaism Hebrew Roots Messianic Torah cult’s practice of calling people “Rabbi” which is forbidden by the Bible. In this way, they hope to divert criticism away from themselves when they have not addressed the key issues like the Sabbath and pork which put the Christians back in slavery to the Judaism laws instead of being saved by Jesus’ grace, by just focusing all the criticism on things that do not concern salvation and are less important, such as the Judaism Hebrew Roots Messianic Torah movement practice of calling people “Rabbi.” In this way, they try to make people think that they are not Judaists and that they have detached themselves from the Pharisees’ Judaism, but in fact, they are still teaching key teachings of Judaism legalism. They will not call God Yahweh from the Bible, but they call Him Yah. NowYouSeeTV’s Jon Pounders and David Carrico teach that the rapture is a lie and it is not biblical, and that it is a possible alien abduction deception. They are adamant that time travel and Mandela Effect does not exist, and that Donald Trump’s administration made it all up. They teach that the Bible’s geneology of Jesus is not accurate and man’s time is not 6,000 years, but there are many gaps between the geneology, so the earth from Adam and Eve is 10,000 years old from Atlantis. They teach that the spherical earth belief is absurd, and that it is common sense that the earth is flat. The Illuminati CIA spreads the flat earth theory to make the Christians look extremely dumb and to ridicule them for believing it, because to people, these NowYouSeeTV people look absolutely dumb. In the first place, it is stupid people who spend their time arguing about absolutely stupid things like the earth is flat or spherical when it has nothing to do with God’s purpose. The CIA Satanists spread the flat earth theory to hide all the other truths that they had been hiding to make them look like conspiracy theories, too. Jon Pounders and David Carrico teach that the Garden of Eden was not on the earth and that it is in the third heavens where God dwells. This is also not true. They teach that Amos 9:2 is a prophetic teaching about Nazi Germany. They are teaching whatever they want and not from the Holy Spirit. It is misleading a lot of people. The question is, where are they getting all of these absurd teachings from, and they are ignoring what the Bible teaches, by twisting it to their Western humanist values and own absurd interpretations. These are effeminate religious Christians who live by the precepts of the Illuminati Western Christianity humanism, and they make it look like they are the protector of women, but in reality, they would never sacrifice their own lives and the lives of all their own families, in order to save a woman who is a total stranger without any genetic connection. This is why they teach the Western Babylonian Hellenistic women’s equality theology of the Illuminati nephilim secret societies and Wicca witches and Satanism. They refuse to love or teach the truth. They work in the Babylonian witchcraft medical industry. If they have the Holy Spirit, it is very strange why they teach all these wrong doctrines, and warp the Word of God, and ignore what the Biible teaches. It is like the New Age religion spies who infiltrate the church and use bits of the Bible to introduce bits of false doctrines under the guise of being Christians. Be very careful of John Pounders and John Hall and David Carrico at Now You See TV, because they will trick you into thinking that there is no new covenant under Jesus’ salvation through grace, and make you believe that all Christians are Israel because of marriage to God and who are still under the old covenant laws and must be under the yoke of the law. If you have known Jesus, and still decide to put yourself under the law from which you were saved, then what salvation is left for you? Do not let the devil deceive you back into the Law by which no one can be saved through following them. Do not follow the Illuminati Judaism Kabbalah Hebrew Roots Torah Messianic religion, but follow Jesus. They call Jesus’ Christian salvation through God’s free grace as the evil “Luciferian Satanist doctrine of the grace revolution.” They call God’s salvation as a Satanist revolution. These Hebrew Roots Torah Messianic people are extremely deceitful, because they will take the scriptures from the Bible like Matthew 5:17-20 and say that not one of the laws will disappear, in order to make people think that they are the laws given to the Israelites, and not the overall precepts of God. This is the reason why they teach that all Christians who are saved are descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. This is a very satanic deception from hell that tries to bring God’s Christians under the law to keep the Old Covenant Jewish laws, from which we have been saved from by grace and the Holy Spirit of Christ through faith and love under the New Covenant of Jesus. This is why they adamantly say that there is no new covenant and that we are still under the old covenant, which is the same. Paul tells us that we do not need to circumcise. Why do we need to sacrifice lambs on Passover? John Pounders and their Hebrew Roots cult people practice the Passover lamb blood festival. Then, what was the blood of Jesus for? Ten Commandments were given to Israel as Genesis states. We follow them because they were from the beginning of Creation, but one of them the Sabbath is a ceremonial law given to Israel and not to us. Jesus is our Sabbath rest. Or else, God would never give me ministry to do on Saturdays. Paul points people to Jesus and not Moses in 2 Corinthians 3. It almost seems like the New Age and Hebrew Roots Torah Messianic Judaism movements were promulgated to be waiting to trap all the people who were coming out of the 501c3 churches due to the religious Christian churches’ apostasy. They are deceitful, because they teach a lot of occult knowledge which fascinates and attracts people, but then trap them with a few extremely deadly false doctrines that will kill them spiritually. This doctrines of demons are more dangerous than a poisonous snake. John Pounders and John Hall work for Babylon’s medical witchcraft industries, so they get sick and receive surgery that cut up their bodies which is the Temple of God. If they follow after witchcraft, they will get sick. However, do not judge them or hate them, for we are all one body of Christ, and we are not their judge for only God is judge. We are only fellow servants of the Most High God. We must love them. Just point out their deceptions, in order to prevent God’s people from being deceived by their false doctrines. If they insist on their doctrines, let them follow their doctrines and leave them, and do not argue or make them stumble by eating meat in front of them. End of transmission…










There is a difference between women teaching and women providing disseminating information. It is a spiritual issue. If you have the Holy Spirit, you will be able to discern. It is like a soldier who provides helpful intelligence reports, but he does not instruct and teach and give orders to the commanding officers. If you have God’s Holy Spirit, you should already know these things. There should be no confusion in your spirits. Know the Bible, and let the Holy Spirit lead you into understanding. Praise the Lord for all the sisters in Christ who went through all the rape, and torture, and gang stalking, and bankruptcy, and 24 hour surveillance peeping, and molestation, and murder of all family members, and loss of all income, and loss of home, and poisonings, and microwave oven cooking alive from next door buidlings, and psychic attacks, and witchcraft curses spells hexes, and alien attacks, and demonic attacks, and slander of reputation, because of their love for Jesus and our Father in Heaven YHWH, in order to bring the truth and information to you who are the Body of Christ. Yet, they are humble and modest and gentle and subservient and exemplary of God’s women, in every way. They do not go around Illuminati satanic transgender orgy lesbian raping and cannibal eating our human homo-sapiens specie girls like Satan Lucifer’s radical feminist Wicca witch nephilim descendants do in their Pizza Gate spirit cooking Baal Moloch pedophile cannibal witch rituals, and demon-possessed gang stalking thousands of real Christians in order to try to kill them. Instead, Almighty God YHWH Jesus’ women cherish our human homo-sapiens specie girls, and teach the younger women to be modest and humble and subservient and loving and gentle and not lacking in femininity that God created and to follow all the commands in the Bible. God YHWH Jesus and Satan Lucifer are two completely opposite spirits, and that is why the women who follow them have two completely opposite behaviors. One rapes and eats them, and the other protects and nourtures them. It is just like Satan Lucifer’s Luciferian Satanist Illuminati men trangender orgy sodomize and eat our human homo-sapiens specie boys, while our Christian men protect and love them. One is possessed by demons, and the other is possessed by the loving Holy Spirit of God. Discern the spirits. End of transmission…


These female ministers who teach men intentionally blaspheme the commands in the Bible, and make mockery of Jesus. They are controlled by Satan Lucifer’s Jezebel spirit. This is why they bless the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist feminist Baal Moloch abortion clinic temples, and pray blessings for the patients and staff. When women disobey the Bible commands, they are controlled by the demonic entities, especially when they obstinately refuse the head coverings and blatantly show disdain for the Bible who is Jesus. God is not mocked; what a person sows, that is what that person shall reap. End of transmission…


Read article “Women ministers ‘bless’ abortion center, pray for staff and patients” at https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/christian-ministers-bless-baby-dismemberment-facility-say-abortion-is-a-god?utm_content=buffer55bb4&utm_medium=social&utm_source=lifesitenews%2Btwitter&utm_campaign=buffer .


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(See video “STOP tolerating Jezebel spirit – Robert Morris” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtW074wfF9o .)










Mark Passio, who was a former Illuminati Luciferian Satanist Wicca witch top leader, exposes that Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their nephilim chimera aliens and their Illuminati Luciferian Satanist homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid globalist elites are creating a gender war, along with the race war and class war and communist versus democracy war. He says it is part of their Illuminati Nazi eugenics and depopulation agenda. Usually the most dark energy sinful weak-minded people are mind-controlled and brainwashed and used by this neo-feminism movement. God YHWH Jesus creates a strong leader male and a gentle feminine female. Satan Lucifer creates a weak violent subservient selfish male and a domineering self-focused rebellious female. This is why God says that those who are demon-possessed in the End Times by the Jezebel spirit demonic entity will be thrown into the coming Tribulation Age judgment destruction. Those who love Satan’s values and doctrines and ideologies and Lucifer rebellion will be destroyed by their sins. Mark says eugenics is a increased rate of reproduction for the alien hybrids and homo-capensis reptilian hybrid Luciferian Satanist ruthless violent ruling class and alien incarnate avatars, and a sterilization of the human homo-sapiens specie of God into cloned zombie Borg transhumanism pedophile sex slaves and human meat livestock food. Mark says that the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist Planned Parenthood Nazi SS eugenics nephilim descendant feminist witch race’s abortions in their Baal Molek Satan abortion clinic temples are a depopulation extermination of the human homo-sapiens specie. They create black magic negative energy from all the pain and horror and ripping of limbs apart of the babies in the abortion,which is food for the fallen angels, and the negative energy black magic is used to open up ancient star gate wormhole portals to bring in the fallen angels and demons from the abyss where God YHWH Jesus had imprisoned them in. These demons possess more sinful women, and they become feminists, and this vicious non-stop cycle repeats itself, until the whole earth is corrupted with evil, so that God has to destroy it. When God’s Christian church women are filled with Jezebel spirits and imitating the values and thinking of the women of this world, then the salt has lost its saltiness and the light has lost its light, so the church will be judged by God’s wrath along with the world and non-believers. This is how utterly evil the world has become. Satan has turned the male and female gender into a hideous satanic behavior and ethics and spirit and values. The Western nations have done this to the nth degree, and this is why the Western nations will see great destruction in the coming 7-year Tribulation Age. To pervert the image of God in human men and women is a grave crime. This feminism and transgenderism is a repeat of Sodom Gomorrah and Atlantis. It is ironic that a former Satanist is speaking out these things, and the fake religious Christians are not speaking out against them. End of transmission…


(See video “What is wrong with women these days” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDSRz3J2VCU .)


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(See video “Reptilian aliens, the greys and nordics – plan a fake second coming of Christ” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQUOUQrVRWo .)











(See video “Conspiracy theorist Max Spiers full lecture Poland, Warsaw [English ony]” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JukclW5_IGU .)












The moon landings were not fake, but only the films were fake. They could not use the actual film footages because of all the aliens and lunar cities and spacecrafts on the moon in the actual films, so they just asked Stanley Kubrick to make fake footages in Hollywood studios to deceive the public. They blew the original moon away, so that is why the nephilim chimera aliens had to bring in a fake metal hallow moon. This is why when a spacecraft lands on it makes a resonance for hours. This is why it does not spin, and does not behave like all other normal moons. The nephilim and chimera aliens cannot allow it to spin, because the dark side of the moon that is hidden from the dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace is literally infested with various alien species’ bases. As far as the Apollo moon landings, they landed on the moon, but it was just not with the technology that they told the dumb human homo-sapiens populace. Rockets do not float up like that. They were using more advanced Draco reptilian anti-gravitational technology that all the Nazi war criminals brought over from Germany after the World War 2 during Operation Paperclip. They just had to hide that technology from the dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace, so that is why they put those ridiculous rockets on the bottom. Their Apollo mission goal was to retrieve ancient Atlantis technology from the Atlantis moon bases. The Nazis have cities on Mars that have 300,000 people, and only 10,000 of them were born on the earth. The Illuminati Nazis own the United States and other European nations. End of transmission…













The Illuminati NWO reptilian hybrids are shooting everyone with all these electromagnetic energy is to change them genetically. When you fire salamander frequencies at frog eggs, they turn into salamanders. This is why the sinful human populace are becoming mind-controlled from the Illuminati NWO alien hybrid and Satan Lucifer’s frequencies from rock concerts and media and mobile phones and HAARP. It is because the non-believers do not have the protection of God’s Holy Spirit like the real Christians have. When you become a Christian, the Bible says you become a new man, because your humanity is restored. End of transmission…










This Pizza Gate spirit cooking pedophile cannibal ritual done in every Buckingham Palace and Vatican and Hollywood and United Nations and White House and every neighborhood Amalekite Illuminati family Luciferian Satanist home and apartment and basement by the Illuminati nephilim descendant feminist witch race social elites have been continuing since the Baal Molek Satan worship of ancient Atlantis and Sumer and Babylon and Egypt and Rome and Greece. This is why Almighty God YHWH Jesus Christ destroyed the pedophile transgender cannibal nephilim descendants in Atlantis and Sodomy Gomorrah. These Draco reptilian alien incarnate avatar transgender bosses and their Illuminati transgender homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendants have been sodomizing and eating our human homo-sapiens specie children for thousands of years in their Illuminati Satanist rituals. The reptilian male globalist elite wizards sodomize our human boys, and the reptilian female globalist elite witches rape our human girls, and eat them in their satanic rituals where their seraphim serpent god Satan Lucifer’s Draco reptilian “Predator Aliens” chimera appear from the fourth-dimension to partake in the cannibalism. These Illuminati hybrid nephilim people have held all the top positions of society such as kings, queens, popes, school principals, corporate executives, banking biillionaires, police chiefs, intelligence agency leaders, court judges, who have worn wigs and stockings in their private lives, and they invented all the horrendous torture machines like the iron maiden and stretching machines and human quartering cutting machines and skinning alive machines and slow tar boiling machines during the medieval age. Their ancestors the Draco reptilian “Predator Aliens” and their overlords the fallen angel Archons and Satan Lucifer gather to these tortures and public executions to absorb the mobs’ negative energies and demon-possess the human homo-sapiens specie, much like they demon-possess the dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace today through the horror movies and violent video games and Disney movies and Harry Potter movies and séances and fortune-telling and witchraft and cults. For thousands of years, these wealthy Draco alien incarnate avatars in cloned or soul-scalped human bodies would take the highest positions in society, along with their witch and wizard nephilim descendant secret society offspring, and they would sodomize the human homo-sapiens specie boys in their Pizza Gate spirit cooking rituals and then puncture their throats to drink the human homo-sapiens specie children’s blood. John Todd exposed that you cannot become a Hollywood celebrity or politician or music industry singer without being officially confirmed as an Illuminati nephilim descendant feminist witch. They do a background check and “Draco blue blood descendant” test.These homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid witch Hollywood celebrities and presidential candidates and idol singer witches have for thousands of years drunk and bathed in our human homo-sapiens specie children to maintain their youth, and these globalist elites who hold wealthy powerful positions in society have sacrificed hundreds of our human homo-sapiens specie children. These medieval age torture methods of cutting off limbs and skinning alive and drinking blood and sexual torture still continue in modern days in every local neighborhood reptilian satanic Illuminati rituals, and these hundreds of thousands of children are collected by the CIA and NSA and FBI and MI6 and Child Protective Service Agency who make millions of dollars from the child trafficking industry. There is no way that Hillary and Obama are going to order 65,000 dollars worth of pizza every night in the White House. It is obviously being spent on human homo-sapiens specie children orders. The Draco incarnate avatars and the nephilim hybrid witch descendants hate God’s human homo-sapiens specie, and they look at humans as low, cattle livestock people, rhesus positive blood monkey people to be sodomized and eaten. The reptilian tortures and war crimes conducted by the Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants and Draco incarnate avatars during the Hundred Year War between France and England were horrific, which can only be invented by psychopathic reptilian people. The sheer carnage was unbelievable, just like in the modern day Illuminati gang stalking depopulation EMF weapon silent assassinations of millions of humans. Gilles de Rais who was the wealthiest man in Europe and defense minister for the French king had Illuminati transgender sodomy parties every week for all the reptilian elites, and he killed 800 little human boys. These reptilians would put a stake on the wall and hand the sodomized boys on the walls. Their French intelligence agencies had to go to towns further and further away to kidnap the human homo-sapiens specie children, because he would literally wipe out the child populace of entire nearby towns after a while. The reptilian hybrid witch Joan of Arc genocidal psychopath was smashing in hundreds of enemy soldiers’ heads for enjoyment, so the Illuminati made her into a hero and legend as their spiritualist channeler witch with Draco reptilian alien Ascended Master spirit guides. She says that she received supernatural superhero powers from the Draco reptilian alien chimeras when a Draco “Predator Alien” ceremonial sword fell from the sky. The reason why the reptilian hybrid homo-capensis nephilim descendant witch globalist elites cause wars and torture human prisoners is because it is to have a chance to have a reptilian game blood sport on their hated human homo-sapiens specie dumb populace. This is not only in the medieval age, but it has continued to this very modern day White House and Capitol building, and in every human history. However, Hillary and Obama and congress members and Hollywood celebrities and Katy Perry never get arrested for transgender sodomozing human children and eating them. Human mobs that come to cheer on these tortures and crucifixions are demon-possessed by the Draco reptilian aliens and other alien species. It is called the mob mentality or hive-mind mob reptilian ritual frenzy. This has continued for thousands of years, and you can see this mob reptilian demon-possession among the Illuminati feminist socialist anarchist race group Satanist anti-Trump rioters in the riots that are coordinated and paid by George Soros’ black magic spells that are conjured up by dark energies from pedophile sodomy ritual human sacrifice rituals to their god Satan Lucifer. The Illuminati witches and Hollywood witches have called for a day of prayer to Satan Lucifer to curse Donald Trump and to place a spell on him. He is only living right now because of God’s Christian peoples’ protective prayers of love. God’s love is more powerful than Satan’s hatred. God’s serving is more powerful than Satan’s pedophilia. God’s self-sacrifice is more powerful than Satan’s cannibalism. God’s giving is more powerful than Satan’s transgender sodomy. God’s protection is more powerful than Satan’s gang stalking depopulation agenda. These Illuminati Draco reptilian alien incarnate avatars call our human homo-sapiens specie boys as chickens, and they are the serial killers in human society, and they kill all those humans who are not part of their nephilim descendant secret societies, in order take over the wealthy and powerful positions in society. The Illuminati reptilian elites sponsor regular gladiator battles between witches and between nephilim super soldiers for entertainment. This has continued among the Amalekite nephilims from ancient Rome and ancient Atlantis and ancient Mayan civilizations. These Illuminati nephilim elites sodomize and sacrifice millions of our human homo-sapiens specie children to summon fallen angels and demons to get information on locations of hidden gold and treasures. The reason why the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist globalist elites are trying to legalize homosexuality and pedophilia is because for the reptilians, all their values are the complete opposite of God YHWH Jesus. Satan Lucifer inverts everything that is of God. This is why these things are natural for them, because sodomy and pedophilia and other sexual orgies have been done for thousands of years in their nephilim descendant secret societies. To them, the devil Satan Lucifer is a hero liberator and God YHWH Jesus is the evil god of ethical rules. End of transmission…

















(See video “NWO suppressed technology with Jim Marrs” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–l8DkrGr2s .)







(See video “End game! Massive false flag operation has begun! Dr Greer explains! 2017” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxs87-8DKTE .)


(See video “Pilot who heard every word of Clinton/Lynch secret meeting breaks his silence – now dead!” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLFreTMo4Gs .)
















No real Christian with the Holy Spirit would be going to a 501c3 Christianity church. The Holy Spirit and light has nothing to do with the spirit of this world and darkness. They cannot coexist. This is why a real Christian or Church Saint or Bride of Christ would be kicked out of the church in a matter of minutes, because he or she will be shouting out the truth from the rooftops. The churches would never tolerate that. There are not enough real Christians with the Holy Spirit in each local neighborhood enough to have a church in the first place. The real Christians are all spread throughout the world and alone most of the time. Most of the people they come in contact with are fake religious Chrisitans, and especially, the churches would be filled with fake religious Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit. This is why they would not tolerate a real Christian and the Holy Spirit and the truth. Therefore, the more bigger a church is, the more ungodly and evil it is, because it means that it is attracting more ungodly people through ungodly teachings. That is why the huge mega-churches are all owned by the Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanists, and all the famous popular wealthy ministers are all Luciferian Satanists. You cannot be famous and popular and wealthy without being part of the world system of the Illuminati Satanism. The more closer you are to the truth in terms of doctrine and teaching, the smaller your church will be. If you are a real Holy Spirit-filled Christian, you would be immediately kicked out and despised by the churches. You yourself would not be able to stay inside a church, because you would be nauseas and sick just by being around such religious Christians and hearing their preaching and seeing their lifestyles, just like the Holy Spirit inside you would feel nauseas and vomit these lukewarm Christians out of His mouth. These fake religious Christians are neither hot nor cold; they are neither real Holy Spirit filled Christians or Luciferian Satanists. They are lukewarm, and practice and speak things that seem Christian-like, but in their hearts, they adhere to the values and beliefs and lifestyles of the world which is Satanism. Therefore, when the Calvary people judge your spirituality and whether God is using you by the number of church members you have in your church, this is the devil’s value and thinking and spirit, because the larger your church is the more satanic it will be. On the other hand, if you are a real Spirit-filled Christian and a true child of God, you would be shouting out the truth and the real Word of God teachings, so you would be ridiculed, kicked out, despised, gang stalked, and your life will be sought after by assassins of Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels and aliens and Illuminati. Even your family would be trying to kill you frantically. They will try to microwave oven cook you alive, poison you, kill your family, destroy your savings, cut off your income, attack you psychically and with witchcraft, and demonic entities would be attacking you all day long. All hell will break loose upon you, if you are a real Christian, and all the church people will criticize you and ridicule you and avoid you. So, this is a good measuring rod to measure the spirituality of yourself and people who claim to be Christians. The persecutions will increase exponentially, as more demonic entities are released from CERN and other star gate wormhole portals gates of hell using the dark energy black magic generated from the feminist Wiccan witches’ Baal Molek abortion clinic temples and the Illuminati Draco reptilian alien incarnate avatars’ Baal Molek Pizza Gate spirit cooking pedophile cannibal child sacrifices. A good evidence of what I am talking about is the fact that as soon as I start writing these truths down, the enemy’s demonic entities immediately come to my room to attack me. They would never attack a fake religious Christian who goes to their Illuminati 501c3 Christianity churches. The more fake Christian they are, they would give more wealth and peaceful lifestyle and comfortable minister’s job with big salaries and more church members. All the ungodly crowds of religious people will flock to their churches in great numbers, because they will be able to hear what they want to hear, and not the truth. The truth makes them angry and disgusted and upset because the truth will go against their “political correctness” doctrines, such as democracy and women’s equality, and medical treatment witchcraft, and pharmaceutical witchcraft, and minister’s salary systems, and certification degrees, and retirement pensions, and health insurance, and stock broker jobs, and doctors’ professions ,and focus on genetic breeding courting, and Christmas celebrations, and nationalism, and “support your troops” ideologies, and political conservatism, and obesity gluttony, and political support of parties candidates, and tattoo ear-piercing, and Christian rock music hip hop, and Christian concerts, and refusal of women’s head coverings, and women wearing trousers, and women teaching or having positions of authority, and men growing hair long, and fortune telling, and Ouija boards, and Christian counseling, and witchcraft psychiatry psychology, and positive thinking New Age witchcraft, and prosperity doctrine New Age witchcraft, and selling God’s Word and books and CDs and DVDs, and other every type of ungodly evil Illuminati Christianity doctrine and practice you can ever imagine that goes on among the fake religious Christians in these evil End Times churches. Likewise, the fake religious Christians will not shout out from the rooftops to expose the Illuminati NWO homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid royal bloodline families’ shape-shifters or the Draco reptilian alien chimeras or the Mars Nazi colonies or secret space fleets or underground bases’ nephilim super soldier hybridization programs or alien hybrid infiltration program or Planet X Nibiru death star space station weapon’s 30 million Anunnaki “Predator Aliens” of Satan Lucifer or Operation Paperclip Nazi CIA NSA MI6 FBI DHS TSA Al-Qaeda ISIS and their Antarctic bases or any other truth that they as Christians are obligated by the Holy Spirit to preach and expose to the world. They are afraid of being gang-stalked by thousands of Satanists and CIA drone planes, and getting assassinated, and getting all their families killed, and getting kicked out of their churches, and getting all their income cut off by the Illuminati globalist elites. If they did all these things, then the enemy would not have been able to take over the earth governments and society and media and schools and military and nations. It is the fault of the lukewarm fake religious Chrisians, who are supposed to be the spiritual guardians of the earth and human homo-sapiens specie. Instead, they are busy chasing after the other sex in church to try to breed genetic children with them, when the earth is about to be destroyed and the human homo-sapiens specie made extinct. They think and act like the world. It is because they do not have the Holy Spirit of truth and love for God. They love their Sananda hippy love fake Jesus that the Illuminati has given them. If you and Jesus go anywhere near a church and start speaking, they will hate you and throw you out immediately, because the demons know that you are a real Christian who has the Holy Spirit. They do not want you anywhere near their churches, lest the truth gets preached. This is why all the real Christians are outside the churches with Jesus, and are isolated. They are the faithful remnant, who have not committed adultery as harlots with the world system and the Illuminati Babylon mystery religion fake Christianity institutions. They have kept the Word of God and His precepts and every Bible verse intact and faithfully teach the truth. They do not teach the 1960s Illuminati hippy “Flower Children” “Star Children” alien hybrids’ fake Sananda Jesus doctrines and throw out parts of the Bible that do not agree with their values and doctrines, and add strange doctrines and satanic practices that are not of God. It is easier for a sinner or criminal to get saved than for a religious person to get saved. Repent and receive Jesus as Savior! End of transmission…










The Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist Pizza Gate spirit cooking pedophile cannibal Baal Molek Satan nephilim descendant feminist witch race rituals and the pedophile rape sodomy transgender homosexual lesbian orgy sex magic rituals that they conduct in Hollywood Buckingham Palace Vatican United Nations White House and every local neighborhood building as Stanley Kubrick depicted in his movie “Eyes Wide Shut” before they edited out half of the movie and assassinated him, seems to open up star gate wormhole portals. When they kill our human homo-sapiens specie children, tremendous energy of horror and pain and shock is released from the humans, and that energy is used to open up these star gate wormhole portal vortexes where the Draco reptilian 10 foot tall “Predator Alien” cannibals can come through. These Draco reptilian “Predator Alien” chimeras that were created by the nephilim feed on this negative energy that is generated from the dying children. This is the same during the female Draco reptilian alien incarnate avatars’ feminist god Baal Molek Satan abortion clinic temple sacrifices, where a lot of the human women go to in order to get their babies aborted by a doctor. While the human children are choking on their blood, and their limbs are being ripped off, and their intestines pulled out, and their bodies skinned alive, and their beating hearts are being eaten in Draco Mayan Aztec Babylonian Druid Wiccan ways, the child releases tremendous energy that the fallen angel Archon bosses of the Draco reptilian aliens feed upon. This is why our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ ordered the Israelites to kill every one of these Illuminati Draco reptilian hybrid man, woman and child Canaanite tribe cannibal Baal Molek Satan worshipping feminist witch race people. This is why the Illuminati Luciferian Satanists hate our God YHWH Jesus and all Christians, even though they may go to church and masquerade around as if they are Christians. Now, since the American people and the people of this world has not repented of this feminism and Jezebel demon-possession and Baal Molek abortion child sacrifice of millions of our human children, God is ready to bring judgment and wrath down upon this earth. He has waited 6,000 years for humans to repent, but they will not repent. It is time for God to put an end to this insanity and Satan Lucifer’s reptilian atrocities, and to avenge the death of millions of our human homo-sapiens specie children that has been aborted and sacrificed for thousands of years. Now, in these end times, the number of Draco reptilian alien incarnate avatars in human cloned bodies that belong to their Illuminati nephilim secret societies have sky-rocketed, because they are trying to set up their Illuminati New World Order one-world government under their boss Satan Lucifer, and they can operate in this third dimensional realm through their human clone avatar bodies. They now run all of our governments and schools and mainstream media and corporations and courts and police and intelligence agencies and feminist organizations and other criminal organizations. We are seeing an infestation by alien incarnate avatars of Satan Lucifer that is replacing our human populace. The world has become even more satanic as a result. 800,000 children are ritually sacrificed every year in the U.S., not to mention all the millions of children aborted in their Illuminati abortion clinics every day. Satan Lucifer’s fallen angel Archons and Draco reptilian alien chimeras are having a heyday. When this infestation happens, God destroys the earth just like in Noah’s Atlantis and Sodom Gomorrah. Repent and receive Jesus as Savior! End of transmission…


(See video “David icke – Satanic reptilian society” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haslr0KWT8o .)
















David Icke exposes that Satan Lucifer’s Illuminati NWO reptilian hybrid homo-capensis specie Luciferian Satanist genocidal psychopathic globalist elites use their 3 phase tactic to manipulate their dumb human homo-sapiens specie pedophile slave race. The 3 phases are: problem, reaction, solution. They create the problem whether it is the CIA Al-Qaeda 9.11 bombing of the twin towers or false flag terrorism or a fraud economic crash. Then, they create the reaction by mind-programming the dumb human populace with their version of fake reality that they want the humans to believe in, using their mainstream media. David says this whole fraud will not work without the Illuminati alien hybrid Operation Mockingbird CIA mainstream media, because the media is the one that brainwashes and mind-controls the dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace with their CNN FOX NBC ABC CBS fake news. Then, Satan Lucifer and his Illuminati NWO globalist elites provide the solution that they want the humans to accept, in order to carry out their agenda. The Illuminati controlled both the allied forces and axis forces during World War 2, and they created the war using their Rothschild family’s grandson Adolf Hitler, so that at the end of the war, the dumb humans were so tired of war and they readily and happily accepted the Illuminati New World Order formation of the United Nations global Illuminati tyrannical government. They know the sinful humans are extremely dumb, so they can manipulate their brains very easily. The Illuminati has dozens of reasons to create a problem, reaction, and solution. For example, by creating all the wars and terrorism in the world, they can continuously provide fresh human meat livestock food for their Sumerian Anunnaki Draco reptilian “Predator Alien” chimera gods. They can also make excuses to invade Iraq and go into the Bagdad museum to pillage all the ancient Babylonian technologies’ keys and Nimrod’s mummified DNA to create their Anti-Christ clone. They can also make huge amounts of money from the armament industry. They can also irradiate the atmosphere with their depleted uranium bombs to create more cancer to depopulate the dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace. They can also retrieve red-haired nephiim giants’ genes and corpses in Afghan caves to create their nephilim super soldier army to exterminate the humans. They can also excavate and retrieve Vimana spacecrafts from Afghanistan. They can also create their anti-terrorism DHS and TSA and terrorism laws to take away human rights and privacy and private gun ownerships, in order to set the stage for preparation of their Illuminati NWO global police state government, in order to start the extermination of the humans and takeover of the earth. One 9.11 CIA false flag bombing can create all these benefits for the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist globalist elites and many more. It was not George Bush who was in command as president, because Dick Cheney is more higher in rank in the Illuminati than George Bush, and they are all controlled by the 13 Illuminati bloodline families, who are in turn controlled by the 13 Saturnalian Zoroastrian Satanist nephilim descendant families, who are in turn controlled by the Draco reptilian aliens, who are in turn controlled by Satan Lucifer’s fallen angel Archons. David Icke exposes the fact that Satan Lucifer’s Illuminati NWO CIA blamed their CIA employee Osama Bin Laden for the Khobar Towers bombing, but their Illuminati CIA hired the Osama Bin Laden company to rebuild it. It is all in the Illuminati royal bloodline family. They do these things, because they know that the human homo-sapiens specie slave race populace is extremely dumb, and they see the humans as stupid livestock human meat cattle people. This is why after the 9.11 CIA bombing, the Illuminati CIA chartered a plane to evacuate the Osama Bin Laden family out of the United States, when all other planes were grounded for security reasons. The Illuminati CIA was helpng their terrorists to escape, before the humans can capture them. This is why the Illuminati CIA faked Osama Bin Laden’s death, and killed all the SEAL Team 6, and is paying $100,000 a month to Osama Bin Laden who they evacuated to a Bahama resort. Most human homo-sapiens specie slave race CIA employees do not even make half of that amount of salary. If you work as a terrorist for the Illuminati CIA, then you get big salaries and a nice vacation resort mansion. The Illuminati CIA sub-branch Al-Qaeda’s name “Al-Qaeda” means “CIA NSA MI6 Database,” because it is a database of all their CIA operative Muslim militants They do these blatant things, because they know their human homo-sapiens specie populace slave race is extremely dumb. End of transmission…


(See video “David Icke – This information will save your life!!” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qoUyoJslOA .)










David Icke exposes that in the U.S. and Europe, the alien hybrid Luciferian Satanist MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS CIA and their Men In Black nephilim chimera alien bosses have been assassinating millions of our human homo-sapiens specie populace to keep the secret of the Draco reptilian alien chimeras’ servants the little grey aliens’ Roswell crash. However, in Africa, there are many information about these chitahuri reptilian aliens. The Africans have cut up these little grey aliens, and they found out that there is a reptilian inside. The black big eyes are just goggles because the demons cannot exist in God YHWH Jesus’ bright light ultraviolet rays, which God made after the sinking of their nephilim Atlantis to protect the earth from their intrusion and infiltration. The reptilian inside the little grey aliens’ biological suit has eyes that are vertical slit reptilian eyes. The rainbow with the ultraviolet light was given by God in the Bible as a sign of peace with human homo-sapiens specie. In order to mock this, the Draco reptilian alien transgender chimeras conduct Illuminati Pizza Gate Hollywood spirit cooking homosexual sodomy orgy Aleister Crowley rituals against our human homo-sapiens specie boys and lesbian rape orgy witch rituals against our human homo-sapiens specie girls, who are wearing human cloned bodies as Draco incarnate avatars use the rainbow as the symbol of their gay transgender movment, in order to mock the Almighty Creator God YHWH Jesus Christ and Christianity and the Bible, and to proclaim the infiltration of the earth society with their reptilian nephilim in human cloned body suits. These Illuminati transgender Draco incarnate avatars have now taken over all the top positions in government and society, and replaced a lot of the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist humans by soul-scalping their souls out electromagnetically, and stealing their bodies. We are seeing a repeat of Atlantis in Noah’s days, just like God prophesied would happen in the Book of Daniel in the Bible. They did the same thing in Sodom and Gomorrah also, and the Draco incarnate avatar Luciferian Satanist inhabitants tried to sodomize the two angels of God who were sent to destroy the cities. In these End Times, we see these transgender Draco incarnate avatars of the Illuminati Luciferian Satanism trying to incriminate the Christians of being “politically incorrect” and guilty of “hate speech” and their Illuminati NWO alien hybrids of Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons have plans to exterminate all Tribulation Saint Christians and Christianity from the earth, so that they can set up their satanic New Atlantis NWO for Satan Lucifer and their Draco Empire. If you expose this, the Illuminati Draco incarnate avatar CIA and NSA and MI6 will gang stalk you and try to assassinate you. Satan Lucifer and the Dracos do not want what they are doing to be disclosed to their dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace who are being replaced by these alien hybrids and Draco incarnate avatars and organic robotoids and clones. Human homo-sapiens specie White Hat faction intelligence agency members report that already one in ten to fifteen people on earth are not humans and do not have human souls, but they are nephilim chimera alien demon spirits. They are running the government and society and Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove and other Sumerian Anunnaki nephilim descendant secret societies from which they control the earth. Satan Lucifer’s secret infiltration invasion replacement program of humans has advanced considerably, and they are now planning a massive extermination program of the earth population using nuclear wars and FEMA Nazi holocaust camps and economic crashes and Illuminati Nazi DARPA CDC pandemics and genetically engineered super soldier beasts, just as God prophesied would happen in the End Times in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. We are in the end of the End Times, right before the 7 year Tribulation Age. Too many humans are finding out the truth, so they are quickly moving to exterminate 99% of the humans. The Draco incarnate avatars are not afraid of dying, because they do not go to heaven or hell after death like the humans do, but they are nephilim chimera alien disembodied demon spirits, so they just roam around the earth, and can have new Draco or human cloned bodies manufactured to wear, or they can steal a human body to become changelings or reptilian shape-shifters. The Africans talk about the invisible reptilians who control the Draco reptilian alien chimeras, who are Satan Lucifer’s fallen angels. The fallen angels control the nephilim aliens and chimera aliens. End of transmission…


(See video “David Icke – British elite vs American elite” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WbUGy9T5uk .)










(See video “The deep state – 50 year old recording explains why the world is going crazy” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X_xB1JJ_Es .)










(See video “***Must see*** Human mutiliations reptilians proof 2017” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKq9mURk0zo .)










(See video “Project Camelot interview Bill Deagle – Part 1 of 3” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htdNzesY0Wg .)










Yes, in the Bible, when God says He can bind the sweet influences of the Pleiadians of the Pleiades which the “love and light” New Age deception or loose the bands of Orion which is the attack of the Dracos of the Orion, it means God is the one who is sovereign, and He is the one who brings judgment upon an evil humankind, and all powers in the universe are subject to His will. Again in Amos 5, God says He created the Orion and Pleiades systems, where He is talking about sending judgment upon the earth. End of transmission… Donald Trump is blowing up the Illuminati globalists’ global warming lie agenda. The globalists are not concerned about competition, but only to shut down the competition. It is con game to steal your tax money. It is a fraud. Donald is preparing to pull out of the Paris climate agreement. End of transmission… The reason why the ancient buildings inside the moon and Mars are made for people who are hundreds of feet tall is because the nephilim giants were huge. There is information that the Pleidians on their own planets are giant sizes, but they decrease their sizes when they come to the earth. End of transmission…


















William Schnoebelen was a high ranking Illuminati witch, the most powerful witch in eastern United States. He was a high ranking Wiccan witch, Catholic bishop, Mormon leader, Freemason leader, and Knights Templar commander, and Masonic Shriner Muslim, and Druid high priest, and top Luciferian Satanist leader.



(See video “Space invaders – The sons of God and the Anti-Christ w/ William Schnoebelen & David Carrico” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D82MtjESWfQ .)










New enemy weapons alert to all ICA ally members. Please be advised that there is no such thing as computer security in the world, as long as you are using fallen angel technology that is designed to accumulate information on the human homo-sapiens specie slave populace, for this was the reason behind Satan Lucifer’s and the Draco reptilian aliens’ Nazi Germany UFO crash and Roswell crash seeding of the earth with technology, just like they did in Atlantis. If you have a computer or mobile phone or digital television or toilet sensor or light bulb or hospital records or children’s school records or company records or private photo album or email application, then all your private information have already been stolen by the Illuminati NWO global government Omega Project’s tentacle Operation Paperclip Nazi NSA alien hybrids. For some reason, their Illuminati NWO reptilian mainstream media do not tell you honestly that their Illuminati NWO alien global government NSA CIA MI6 has all of your private information already. They know where to drone strike you or space-based weapons hit you and all your family members. They probably know more about your wives and children than you do. If you do not believe what I am telling you, you are one of what the Illuminati Draco incarnate avatars call the “dumb human homo-sapiens specie cattle livestock human meat populace.” Even dumber are the MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS NSA CIA MI6 DHS Luciferian Satanist Black Magic Black Hat faction people who are accumulating all these private information and photos and videos of their fellow human homo-sapiens specie people unknowingly for Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archon artificial intelligence A.I. and their Draco reptilian alien fallen angels and their Illuminati NWO alien proxy globalist government. They are the Judas Iscariot traitors to the human homo-sapiens specie race and your families, and have signed your specie over to extinction. They are viciously attacking me in my waist and left shoulder as I write this, so this is sensitive information for them. End of transmission…










Yes, Hillary and Soros and Elizabeth and Obama and Aquino and Rothschild may be dead, but their clones have been refilled by their nephilim demon spirits or Draco Prime reptilian alien fallen angel spirits, again, or their clones are still under the control of the genocidal psychopathic Illuminati New World Order Luciferian Satanist criminal cabal globalists. That is why they are still planning world war, global market crash, global famine, Operation Paperclip Nazi CDC biological weapon pandemics, microchip transhumansim, one-world globalist government, one-world religion, one-world cashless digital currency, usual inside job false flag terrorist attacks, Operation Paperclip Nazi Germany eugenics program organization “Planned Parenthood” feminist Wicca witch Baal Molek Satan abortion clinic temple black magic to open up CERN star gate wormhole portal gates of hell to the abyss Tartarus, and Draco and Satan Lucifer tyranny on the earth. All of their demon spirits must be stopped from reincarnating back into their clones, but must be electromagnetically imprisoned under our custody, and our independent nations, republic rebel alliance, Constitutionalist patriot, human homo-sapiens specie must come into control over these globalist leaders’ clones that are running around serving the Illuminati NWO globalists. Or, they will just keep cloning themselves. And, they will come back to bite the buttocks of the human homo-sapiens specie. Perhaps, that is exactly what must happen to the human homo-sapiens specie populace, for they are under God’s judgment for their rejection of God and His Truth and His salvation Jesus and refusal to repent of their sins, and they are so selfish and cowardly that they will not fight with the human homo-sapiens specie alliance, even for their own survival and their families. They will perish along with their specie. End of transmission…










Yes, as far as our human homo-sapiens specie’s galactic republic rebel alliance Solar Warden and Radiant Guardian space fleets, Satan Lucifer’s Illuminati NWO Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) Nazi SS imperial dark fleet may either annihilate them totally or assimilate them into their black goo nanobot A.I. artificial intelligence Borg hive-mind of the fallen angel Archons, and use them to try to fight against our Lord Jesus Christ (Yahushuah) at His Second-Coming Armageddon. A lot of the secret space program people are disillusioned by the space program because Satan Lucifer’s Illuminati people had lied to them that they were the most advanced space fleet that exists. God YHWH Jesus is showing them firsthand who they serve, and that Satan Lucifer is the master deceiver. End of transmission…










Obviously, the dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace is being duped by the Illuminati NWO nephilim descendants and feminist witch pedophile cannibal alien incarnate avatars and alien hybrid Luciferian Satanists. Satan Lucifer and his nephilim chimera aliens and the Illuminati are waiting for God’s appointed time for His Church Saints to be raptured out, so that they can go on with their plan. Since they waged war on God’s children, they are getting pummeled now. The fallen angels and Predator aliens are waiting in Antarctica. End of transmission…










(See video “Defeat Elemental Spirits, Poltergeists, Archons and Fallen Angels w/ David Carrico” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qA6q5OQZZk .)










William Schnoebelen was a high ranking Illuminati witch, the most powerful witch in eastern United States. He was a high ranking Wiccan witch, Catholic bishop, Mormon leader, Freemason leader, and Knights Templar commander, and Masonic Shriner Muslim, and Druid high priest, and top Luciferian Satanist leader.




(See video “Third Reich [Nazi] – Nephilim Connection – Gary Wayne – Genesis 6 Conspiracy: NowYouSeeTV” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POKtN9ddTH8 .)










Satan’s fallen angel Archons and the Watcher fallen angels and their nephilim chimera aliens cannot take over the earth, because the human homo-sapiens specie have been given authority over the earth and free will. They cannot infringe upon free will that God has given all life. The devil and his fallen angels and aliens can deceive the humans and steal, but they cannot outright usurp that authority and take it over. They work through the Illuminati NWO nephilim descendant Luciferian Satanist feminist witch race globalist elites, in order to deceive and illegally rule over the earth. End of transmission… God has given the Church Saints (Bride of Christ) the authority of Christ over the devil Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien chimera fallen angels and their Illuminati NWO. As the Bible says, God says that the gates of hell will not be able to overcome the Church Saints, but that the Church Saints will overcome Satan Lucifer and the Illuminati. God also says in the Bible that after the rapture of the Restrainer (Church Saints) into heaven, Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels and Anti-Christ will be given authority over the Tribulation Saints to overcome them and behead them. These Draco reptilian alien fallen angels and Watcher fallen angels had to manufacture half human and half fallen angel hybrid nephilim descendant feminist witch race Illuminati royal bloodline family homo-capensis specie Luciferian Satanist globalist elites, who would rule over the earth for them as their proxy and henchmen, because they have half human genes. Now, the Dracos and various alien species can clone human bodies and use them as avatar bodies, so they do not need the Illuminati globalist elites any longer. They can nuke them along with the human homo-sapiens specie populace. (See video “The invading Luciferian doctrine Timothy Alberino” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEW5TKZXQg0 .) (See video “The rapture: Part 1 – The authority of the Church” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSp3TBKOVuU .)



















The age regression technology of Atlantis and the fallen angels have been used for decades. All the Nazi war criminals are young people working in the United States shadow rogue government, running the Nazi CIA. The cell regeneration technology will make you live for thousands of years by allowing you to become young again. However, you will no longer be human, but you will be nephilim. Satan Lucifer’s promise of eternal life is fake. Look at the alien greys who come from future timelines to abduct their own past selves in this timeline, in order to extract their Illuminati homo-capensis reptilian hybrid globalist elites’ own genes, because their genes have degenerated so much from nuclear wars and radiation, and they are a dying species. It is Satan Lucifer’s cheap imitation of God’s rapture and eternal life and spiritual bodies for His real Christian children. The Illuminati Mormons were tasked by their Illuminati Luciferian Satanist leaders to track the hereditary trees of all of the populace’s family lineage, because they were looking for their nephilim descendant feminist witch race people. This is why your high school teachers will ask you to develop your ancestral diagrams, even though it had nothing to do with school work. They were submitting your privacy records to their Mormon church Illuminati Luciferian Satanist bosses. End of transmission…










(See video “Benjamin Fulford Update Feb 13, 2017” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5AM6Y1pqpA .)











(See video “Chuck Missler – The Rapture Part 2” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcjYAMNa8uI .)










Why is it pre-tribulation rapture and not pre-wrath rapture?


Billy Crone gives a very important point about the rapture. God’s dealing with Israel has stopped at 69 weeks, and the Tribulation Age is 7 years because it is the last 70th  Week of Daniel that finishes up God dealing with Israel, and not the Church Age. Therefore, the 70th Week of Daniel has nothing to do with the Church, which is raptured out before the Tribulation Age 70th Week of Daniel. He is re-teaching the Pre-Tribulation Rapture truth that the Bible teaches, because Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien fallen angels and their Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist CIA disinformation propaganda mind-control brainwash operatives are frantically deceiving the religious fake Christians with their Post-Tribulation Rapture theory and Mid-Tribulation Rapture theory and their Pan-Tribulation rapture theory and Pre-Wrath Tribulation Rapture theory and every other theory that they can come up to dismiss God’s Pre-Tribulation Rapture which is taught in the Bible. Many religious Christians are being deceived, because they do not study the Bible or have discernment of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says that we are not appointed unto the wrath of God as Church Saints in God’s Tribulation Age wrath, so the Pre-Wrath Rapture theory CIA operatives change the Bible and say that the 7 year Tribulation Age is not God’s judgment and only a part of the seal and trumpet and bowl judgments of God is actually God’s judgment. There were Post-Tribulation Rapture theorists and Mid-Tribulation Rapture theorists and Pre-Wrath Rapture theorists back in Apostle Paul’s times, because Paul tells the church in Thessalonica who misled into believing that the Tribulation Age had already begun, and Paul told them not to be troubled because the rapture has to happen before the Tribulation Age begins. End of transmission… (See video “Billy Crone: The Rapture of the Church, Part 2” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmlAOoRejIo .) (See video “Billy Crone: The Rapture of the Church” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOWX5EZfgBk .) (See video “Tommy Ice: The Pre-Trib Rapture, Part 2” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqY9zgeOVOo .)



















*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. In their Illuminati New World Order MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg homo-capensis reptilian hybrid globalist elite genocidal psychopathic Luciferian Satanist Nazi Zionist criminal cabal, they have their new secret society initiates go underground, in order to understand their occult teachings. This is the meaning of “down the rabbit hole,” where truth is stranger than fiction. The Great Pyramids have underground burial rituals, because Lucifer Satan and his fallen angel Archons and Draco reptilian aliens and Illuminati nephlim descendant reptilian hybrid royal bloodline families have continued these Satanist witch rituals for thousands and thousands of years from ancient times. This simulated death where the new initiate would stay “dead” for three days and then “resurrect” as a new occult member is Satan’s way of ridiculing and imitating Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection that was to come. Narcotics drugs are witchcraft, and that is why these new members use drugs to enter into an altered state where their nephilim spirits would travel through the universe. This is why the pharmaceutical industry and medical industries are Babylonian witchcraft, and they are an abomination to God. ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. The reason why the people who are part of Satan Lucifer’s world system are divided between race, gender, social class, age, religion, ethnicity and nation is because the Illuminati homo-capensis reptilian hybrid orc Luciferian Satanist genocidal psychopathic nephilim descendant feminist witch race globalist elites divides and conquers the human homo-sapiens specie populace, and their Satan Lucifer is a devil of hatred. The reason why God’s children are all united by one Holy Spirit of Jesus, and come from all different race, gender, social class, age, religion, ethnicity and nation is because our Almighty God YHWH is the God of love. ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. The reason why there have been wars throughout the history of mankind is because every single war has been created by the Illuminati New World Order reptilian hybrid orc nephilim descendant feminist witch race Luciferian Satanist genocidal psychopathic globalist elites. The Draco reptilian alien fallen angels are a warrior race that goes from planet to planet to invade, infiltrate, pillage, rape, sodomize, steal, enslave, parasite, plunder, and cannibalize the humanoid civilizations and other alien races. They use their Illuminati New World Order reptilian hybrid Luciferian Satanist nephilim descendant feminist witch race genocidal psychopathic globalist elite royal bloodline kings and emperors and pharaohs and presidents and prime ministers and world leaders and globalist bankers and military leaders and alien hybrid servants to cause the wars and invade other nations. This is why they are trying to invade Russia and China through their proxy wars in Ukraine and Syria and Iraq. The wars are like a video game for them. It is entertainment for them. They love wars. This is why they blew up the peace-loving Lyran’s planets. They live to cause war, and feed on the negative energies like parasites that the humans create from hatred, suffering, pain, loss, horror, terror, torment, agony, fear, despair, etc. It is much like their mind-controlled human homo-sapiens species populace that play video games to fight wars on their screens, as they manipulate the digital players. To them, it is just an entertainment. However, the reality is millions of human homo-sapiens species people die. But, the Hillary witch race feminist reptilian homo-capensis people do not care, because they are demon spirits and not human souls, so they do not have any conscience. They are existentialists. They despise the human homo-sapiens species people with a passion. They are Satanists that are controlled by Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons. To them, war is just like a reptilian hunt, just like their ancestor kings went on hunts to hunt foxes for entertainment using bloodhounds. This is why the thousands of Luciferian Satanist reptilian feminist group gang stalker assassins are their bloodhound dogs that they use, and the Christian children of God are their targeted individual TIs or prey. To the reptilians, this is just a game. This is why they watch their TIs being gang stalked and place bets with other billionaire banker reptilian hybrids. This is why these Obama and Hillary and other nephilim descendant secret society feminist witch race people use unmanned aerial vehicle drones to bomb innocent villages and innocent families in Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria, and watch them on their satellite cameras just for fun. This is why the Illuminati New World Order of the nephilim homo-capensis world elites place cameras in every plane crash in the history of mankind, and have sex and orgasms in their Luciferian Satanist witch race human sacrifice rituals as they are excited by watching all the human homo-sapiens species plane passengers panicking and screaming and burning and dying in the plane crashes.  Seeing people dying gives them sexual orgasm and pleasure. They are a different species from the humans. They do not have human souls, because their ancestors are the fallen angels, so they are demon spirits. They are the soulless ones or the living dead. They are half reptilian and half human. The Bible says it is a battle of two bloodlines on this earth: the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman. They have ruled over the humans for thousands of years, jumping from one body to another body, reincarnating. They are the spirits of the dead nephilim giants of Atlantis times that God destroyed with Noah’s great flood. The reptilians do not understand the human love and compassion and mercy and kindness and giving. Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien fallen angel gods and their Illuminati half breed nephilim descendant feminist witch race alien hybrid world rulers only understand fighting, invading, conquering, cannibalizing, raping, stealing, pillaging, plundering, parasite leeching, betraying, lying, cheating, extorting, blackmailing, threatening, assassinating, and gang stalking. This is why the world is run by this nephilim mob gangster group, and the Clinton Foundation finances the DHS ISIS terrorists, launders all the crime money, assassinates thousands of people, blackmails and threatens people, rapes masses of women, but Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and all their bloodline family Rothschild and Rockefeller and Disney and Bush and Hitler and Stalin and Queen Elizabeth and others never get arrested or caught or punished for their atrocities against the human homo-sapiens species people. This is why their CIA alien hybrid gangs gang stalk God’s people. This is why they fight amongst themselves and fight wars using their human servants and armies. They use patriotism and nationalism and political beliefs and religions and ethnicity and feuds to make the dumb human homo-sapiens species populace fight and kill each other, while in reality, they are just being made to fight their seraphim reptilian gods’ wars for them. They are not only extraterrestrial creatures but they are interdimensional creatures. The humans are the ones who have fathers and sons killed, millions of civilians bombed, and children’s limbs blown off, in these war zones. Why are the humans enslaved in this way? It is because of their sins and rebellion toward God and Jesus. When you look at the angry faces, yelling, and violent behaviors of all these human anti-war demonstrators and peace activists, then you see how evil and violent and arrogant and bloodthirsty and demon-possessed and wicked these humans are. It is exactly because of these traits that Satan and his fallen angels and the Dracos and Illuminati are able to intervene in the free will of humans and control them and use them. If they turned to Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ, and repented of their sins and evil, and learned to love God and his people, they would give no ground for Satan and his fallen angels and reptilian hybrid rulers to enslave and mind-control and demon-possess them. If you preach this truth, then they will send thousands of their feminists and reptilian witches and Satanists and mob gangsters and street gangs and Korean groups and secret society occultists and CIA assassin Nazi hit squads and hired convicts and rogue alien hybrid CIA NSA FBI agents and organic robotoid Borg and fallen angel avatars to gang stalk you and try to kill you. They infect you with some kind of Draco illness that gives you a flu symptom for 4 months. They do not want their human homo-sapiens species slaves to wake up to the truth, and realize that they had been lied to for thousands of years, and rebel against their Draco Anunnaki reptilian gods and Illuminati bloodline rulers. This gang stalking hunt is a game to them, using their mind-controlled demon-possessed hordes of zombie slave people, but our God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ will protect you, and God will annihilate these gang stalkers and their puppet masters. They are in for the nightmare of their lives. May God be glorified and his enemies cursed! ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. The secret society mystic religions of Satanism teach the ancient alien theory that the Draco reptilian Anunnaki alien fallen angels came to manufacture a superior race of humans from the monkey people that were on the earth. The ancient alien theory secret society homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid orc Luciferian Satanists have taught this Sumerian religion for thousands of years since Tubal-Cain and Enoch (the evil Enoch and not God’s Enoch) of the Enochian magic and witchcraft of the feminist witch race reptilian nephilim descendants. In other words, to them, the human homo-sapiens species people that our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ created are considered monkeys and inferior pest people. The globalist elites who are the nephilim descendants that live alongside the humans in our workplaces and schools and homes consider themselves as a superior Aryan race that was genetically engineered from the original monkey beings on earth, in order to rule over the earth. This is the racist Hillary Clinton Draco reptilian alien Nazi Aryan mentality. In order to build the huge ancient megaliths, they created these huge nephilim giants as workers that are tens of meters tall. These giant ancestors of the modern day Illuminati bloodline families and globalist bankers and other Satanists were genetically manufactured by the Sumerian religion Draco Anunnaki reptilian alien fallen angels by perverting God’s human homo-sapiens species genes with their fallen angel genes, in order to create a worker or builder race of giants. They are a savage bloodline race of the serpent as the Bible tells us, and they are Satanists and cannibals and hate the human homo-sapiens race. These nephilim descendants teach their ancient alien theories, and claim that their ancestors were the Draco reptilian fallen angel gods that created their evil bloodline families by mixing human and reptilian genes. This is true, because they do not have human souls like we do, but they have demon spirits, because their ancestors the fallen angels are spirit beings. Whenever their giant nephilim fossils are excavated, they are confiscated and hid by the Vatican and Smithsonian Museum nephilim descendants, in order to hide their own identities, so that they can continue to enslave the human homo-sapiens populace. God had His Israelites destroy these Canaanite giants, who escaped to all parts of the world, and they became the Illuminati royal bloodline family kings and queens and globalist bankers and religious leaders and presidents and prime ministers and professors and media announcers and Hollywood celebrities and rock singers and the people’s idols. These non-human soul, demonic spirits and nephilim reptilian hybrids who are trying to exterminate the human homo-sapiens species populace are loved and worshipped by the dumb human homo-sapiens species populace. The dumb human homo-sapiens species people who are mind-controlled and demon-possessed by these entities try to gang stalk us and kill us, who are God’s children, because we speak the truth to them. They hate people who tell them that they are evil and committing sins, so they crucified Jesus. However, they love their nephilim homo-capensis species rulers and idols and heroes that tell them that they love them, but in fact have been planning the thousands of years old Illuminati New World Order Luciferian Satanist Atlantis reemergence, in order to try to exterminate the human homo-sapiens species race, again. The dumb humans are so dumb and evil and depraved and despicable now that they are either so mind-controlled and demon-possessed that they laugh at the truth we warn them with as just “conspiracy theories,” or they try to use bits the truth to write their books and make money off of it for their selfish gains, or they are so afraid of the reptilian CIA assassin squads that they remain quiet and do not even warn their fellow humans. They are the scum of the earth that needs to be cleansed. This is why God is about to judge this evil wicked generation, because the humans have become very depraved, degenerate, and abandoned our God and Jesus. They are cowards, traitors to humanity, commercial greedy money lovers, prideful, unrepentant, selfish, fearful, genetic breeding minded, animal instinct type of people. Their existence is truly like monkeys or animals, just like the Draco reptilian alien fallen angels and their Illuminati NWO homo-capensis reptilian hybrid Luciferian Satanist rulers and politicians and celebrities and billionaire corporate bosses claim that they are. This is the reason why the humans have handed over their lives and earth to these nephilim people. They have rejected Jesus and God, and have run full force toward their Satan Lucifer and their Illuminati globalist elites. It is because if they speak the truth and resist the system, they will be attacked by Dracos and Archons 24 hours a day, gang stalked by thousands of their feminist witches, assassinated, poisoned, have demons sent to them by black magic, witchcraft spells used against them all day long, unemployed, bankrupted, microwave oven fried, families slaughtered, etc. These masses of humans are not Christians, so they have no love or sense of duty or faith in God or any humanity left in them. They only have fuzzy love emotions and genetic animal instinct attractions to genetic kin and their appetites and greed and lust and love of sports games and comfortable lifestyles. This is their heart and their existence and their entire life outlook. This is why they are headed full speed toward hell and the Lake of Fire and God’s judgment. They do not run full force into the persecutions and attacks with joy, because they love God YHWH and our Lord Jesus who created heaven and earth. The worst are the religious Christians. At the first sign of having electromagnetic weapons aimed at their hearts to give them massive heart attacks and their children being slaughtered, they abandon Jesus and run away from the gospel. It would have been better if they had never encountered the Illuminati Christianity and its churches. We are not like these religious people, brothers. We jump with joy into the electromagnetic directed energy weapons and family assassinations and joblessness and kicking out of the world system and the thousands of Jezebel feminist witch reptilian gang stalker assassin groups, because we love Jesus and we are the real Christians. Matter of fact, we volunteer to go into this battle. It is because of God in us. This is how you can tell the difference between real Christians and religious Illuminati church people. All TI targeted individuals who are being gang stalked and persecuted and family members are trying to kill them are proven by the gang stalking by Satan and his reptilian hybrid Illuminati homo-capensis to be true children of God. If people are not being gang stalked and their lives targeted every day, then they are not God’s children, and Satan and his Illuminati do not care about those fake Christians. Satan and his Illuminati pay full time pastor’s salaries to them, provides them nice minister’s offices, gives them retirement benefits, church cars, peaceful lifestyles, lots of genetic descendants, and tons of religious work to keep them occupied. They are just in the job of evangelizing and getting religious members and converting people to Christianity, just like the Buddhists and Catholics and Hindus and Muslims and all the other Illuminati mystic religions of Satanism. This is religion. We should have no time to be working jobs or going to these Illuminati 501c3 registered fake churches or raising genetic descendants who will be all burned to charcoal, because the real Christians are too busy fighting the churches and religious Christians and family members and Satanists and Dracos, and busy every day warning the humans about the impending mass extermination of humans and preaching the truth of God. Those who are gang stalking targeted individuals are God’s true children whether they realize it or not, because Satan and his Draco reptilian aliens and their Illuminati homo-capensis nephilim descendant globalist elite demon spirits know who belong to God and our Lord Jesus. Now, a lot of the Watchers and Anunnaki and Draco and Archon fallen angels are betraying Satan, and are now fighting against him, and are joining the human homo-sapiens side, because they know that their time to be thrown into the Lake of Fire is close, and they are panicking. Everything is coming to a quick end. The true warriors like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and Zeph Daniel and Alex Jones are carrying the fight to the reptilians. Fight on, brothers. Repent, and receive Jesus as Savior for the Kingdom of God is upon you. ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. Even though you show evidence of crimes and corruption of these company managers and executives, it is always you who get fired by these Illuminati feminist witch race reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant Human Resource Directors. These management personnel have tremendous staying power. Why is this? It is because they are Illuminati Luciferian Satanists who have sold their souls to the devil Satan. It is like the rock stars who sell their souls to the devil for fame, wealth, sex and drugs. This is why Satanists are the ones who manage all the companies of the world. They cannot be removed, because they have the backing and support of their Satanist HR Directors and their Illuminati management and their devil Satan and his fallen angel Archons. Good people do not get promoted. It is only the evil people who get promoted, because they do all the evil things to get promoted, such as lie, cheat, betray, slander, deceive, manipulate, bribe, blackmail, and have their nephilim bloodline secret society Satanist memberships. This is why the WikiLeak and law enforcement may present tons of Hillary Clinton’s mass assassinations, gun smuggling to terrorists, management of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, rape, money laundering, and many other felonies, but she is not arrested. If a human homo-sapiens species person did the same thing, they would be immediately arrested. However, these reptilian hybrid witch race feminist nephilim descendant secret society members and coven witches and Luciferian Satanists never get indicted or arrested, because they have special protection from their thousands of years old nephilim “Brotherhood of the Snake” and their devil Satan. This is why all the leaders of the governments, colleges, military, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, mass media, business corporations, churches, religious groups, Hollywood celebrities, and every other human organization is run by these nephilim or reptilian hybrids. It is because these snake bloodline people do everything evil to get promoted and gain power, including black magic spell witchcraft and psychic powers. These descendants of the fallen angels have no ethics or morals or conscience. They are the devil’s creation. They are diabolically opposed to our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ and Christians. They by nature oppose the light, because they are of the darkness. This is why in every workplace office, it is the Satanists who win the corporate politics and gain the highest positions of wealth and power and fame. Our human world has been under their Draco reptilian alien fallen angels’ enslavement and parasitism for thousands of years. They have run the world from ancient times, but now that time is over, because our Lord Jesus Christ is returning to throw them into the Lake of Fire. No more corporate cars and high salaries and prestigious titles and personal yachts and large offices and luxurious lifestyles. Their parasitism and evil is coming to an end. ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. The skyscraper buildings all have a purpose to enslave the human race and mind control them. A lot of the mobile phone towers are not real mobile phone towers. They purposely changed to digital televisions from analog televisions, in order to control the brains of humans and fry them to death. The WIFIs and HAARP and computers and undersea alien base transmission stations and all the electromagnetic and scalar and frequency and radiation weapons are designed to kill humans and cause cancers and mind control them. They are all Draco reptilian technology of the fallen angel Archons and Satan Lucifer to control and kill human homo-sapiens species people. These things are all being used as weapons against you and your children, fellow human homo-sapiens. Wake up to the real world! ***


















*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien nephilim and their Illuminati New World Order reptilian hybrid orc globalist elite royal bloodline families needed all these human homo-sapiens to build the infrastructures on the earth and the Secret Space Program and space fleets, in order to fight our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ. They needed this fleet and technology to prepare to fight God when Jesus returns at Armageddon. Now that they have all the infrastructures, computers, weapons, spacecrafts, space fleets, plasma weapons, etc. to fight God and his holy angels, the Illuminati no longer need the human homo-sapiens species. To them, the humans are only good for soul-scalping from the body and feeding off energy from the human souls, and feeding on human livestock meat physically. This is the reason why Satan Lucifer and the fallen angel Archons and Draco reptilian aliens and the Illuminati New World Order reptilian hybrid homo-capensis globalist elites are starting their global genocide extermination of 99% of the human homo-sapiens populations. Their alien hybrid manufacturing program has progressed, and they are secretly abducting millions of human homo-sapiens and their children to be used as slaves on other planets, and replacing them with alien hybrids, fake clones, and impostor infiltrators. These things do not have human souls. They are alien. Three-fourth of the tax money leeched from the dumb human homo-sapiens specie populace for the fake primitive Nazi SS NASA space program has gone to the secret space fleet and Mars Lunar colonies and the spaceships, and one-fourth of the tax money has gone to the building of the underground secret bases and the super fast train system that connects all the major cities in the world and underground bases around the world. (Read the “Branton Files” at http://www.soulwise.net/wuw-512.htm .) ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. This is how the Illuminati New World Order homo-capensis reptilian hybrid orc globalist elites provide huge amounts of money to their own members, and use the human homo-sapiens species people as slaves and fools to parasite on. The Illuminati gives their high ranking members huge sums of capital to start a company in the nation that they want to spy on. The company deals with working with all client companies in that nation, so that it acts as a source of all intelligence information on what companies are there in that nation, and all about the people working in those companies. Then, they bring in their Illuminati members, and make them the highest ranking people in the company. Then, they hire a whole bunch of human homo-sapiens species workers, who they force into extreme working conditions by hanging a fake commission bait in front of their faces. However, these low level human homo-sapiens species people will never attain the bait, and never achieve their quota, so they will be forced to quit the company, after they did all the hard work for their Illuminati managers and executives by collecting intelligence information on all the people working in thousands of companies in that certain nation. The bait is just for making them work like mules, because they see their Illuminati managers achieving high executive positions and becoming millionaires and they aspire to achieve the same wealth and power as them, but the bait was never meant to be attained. So, the ignorant, poor human homo-sapiens species workers work until midnight every day collecting intelligence information for these Illuminati company owners and their parent intelligence agencies secret society organizations, and after they are used, they are fired, and then they hire a whole batch of new, foolish, ignorant human homo-sapiens workers to collect more information on other client companies. This is how the reptilian mind works and this is how the Dracos think. This is how they spy on all the business organizations in a nation, use humans to do all the work, keep rotating the humans in and out, and pay all the commissions that are made from the client companies for the work the humans did to their Illuminati managers, so that the managers are making millions of dollars as salary and commission. They take all the information that the human workers collected, fire the humans after a few months for not achieving their quota, use that information collected to make commission for themselves from their client companies, and laugh at the dumb humans who were used to do all the head hunting work for them. These Illuminati managers are millionaires, even though they are just simple managers, because they do not do any work themselves, but they just steal all the tons of hard work that their human subordinates did while they were in the company. This is how these Illuminati managers continue to collect and pool more and more stolen information on candidates into their own personal data bank, so when they place these candidates into their client companies, they can make thousands of dollars of commission from their Illuminati client companies. This is why just a small elite core of Illuminati managers in these Illuminati companies make all the huge salaries and get company cars and company houses and nice private offices and authority and power and stable income. It is because they are the core Illuminati members. They see the human homo-sapiens as dumb, stupid, cockroach level people who are only good for being used, parasite upon, and thrown out after use, only to be replaced by a new group of new employees. This is why these Illuminati managers will come up to you and say, “You are still surviving in this company, and they have not fired you yet; you are lasting longer than all the others do, hah, hah, hah?” to a president of a subsidiary training company, because they know that they are Illuminati members and outrank these human homo-sapiens species subsidiary company presidents, although they are just mere lowly managers. However, if there is cute, beautiful, young, single girl that is hired, the Illuminati managing director of that company who is the husband of the president of that company will give that human female employee a personal office, leads to many candidates that can be placed into their client companies so that she will continue to achieve her quota every month, and make lots of money, and continue to stay in the company, so that he can gain favor from her, and so that he may one day have an extramarital sexual affair with her. If you are a Christian and a child of God, and you speak up the truth to him and his wife the president of their injustice and evil, they will fire you before you can even blink. These Illuminati reptilian descendant people have no ethics or morals whatsoever. These Illuminati intelligence agency fake companies are cutthroats, parasitical in nature, money hoarders, slave drivers, spies, sexually lewd, power trip oligarchs, and a plague to the Japanese nation and Japanese people, and every other nation that they infest. These Illuminati company owners provide the most lewd, promiscuous, morally depraved, sleazy secretaries for their Illuminati managers, not to do work for them, but to be their prostitute whores to fulfill their reptilian sexual perversion. They see human secretaries as just sexual tools and sexual slaves and dumb sexual objects. Some of these core Illuminati managers of that company will send porn photos to all employees in the company every day, and they will use the company car to fill with prostitutes from the streets, and get caught by the police for traffic violations, but they will never be arrested or fired from the company or reprimanded or penalized or scolded, because they are high ranking Illuminati reptilian descendants and untouchable. However, these Illuminati managers will be very arrogant, rude, have violent tempers, will be sexually perverted, and totally obnoxious and disrespectful toward humans. They act exactly like their Draco reptilian fallen angel ancestors and Satanist ancestors and reptilians. These Illuminati private companies become the biggest in their trade in Japan, because they are backed up by their secret society government intelligence agencies and their finances. This is why the owners of these Illuminati companies are friends with the Bloomberg company presidents and other prestigious Illuminati leaders in Japan, whose children go to the same Illuminati elite grammer schools that their children go to. The wives of these owners who are placed in positions as presidents in their companies to deal with their Japanese client companies as a fake front are just a fake façade for the Illuminati, although these arrogant wives act as if they are the reptilian queen mother of the company. Actually, their nemesis Illuminati faction’s company is more human homo-sapiens specie friendly and compassionate, because the president there keeps people who are not high performers, and he provides jobs for those human homo-sapiens specie people who are in need. This is how a company should be. He tries to protect his people from harm, and acts as a guarantor for those who need him. Their company is not a cutthroat Satanist existentialist cold-blooded Freemason savage brute beast company that just deceives and uses people, and throws them out as if they are garbage, and tries to buy yachts with the vampire sucked money. They are faithful to their mother’s dying last word of advice. Relationships do not end with money, but their people come to help them when they in turn are in need. What two extreme opposite companies. Woe to these evil doers for God’s judgment is about to the poured out upon them for their wickedness. The riches that they stole from the humans will not save them in the time of distress. They will perish with their money and gold and jewels. May this be a warning to all those who do the same. For the humans, this is what the Lord God Almighty of heaven and earth says, repent now for the time of reckoning is close! There will be no more delay! False divinations and false prophets and false teachings will end. Everything will be destroyed, and everything made new. Those who say peace and love will end, and judgement and reckoning is at hand. His people will be delivered from these wicked who worship false gods and conduct witchcraft. Pull down these idols, and stop these detestable practices. Those who follow false teachings will perish with those who teach them. Famine and war and plague and wild beasts will suddenly come upon them. As surely as our Lord God Almighty YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ lives, these things will come to pass. ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. There has been a media blackout about all the war that is going on between human homo-sapiens’ U.S. military versus the evil reptilian homo-capensis alien hybrid Nazi SS clone imperial rogue black ops army . There is contention over water rights and land rights. The Draco reptilian alien Empire plan to use their Illuminati New World Order MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Luciferian Satanist homo-capensis reptilian hybrid orc royal bloodline globalist elite genocidal psychopathic Nazi Zionist criminal cabal and their Grand Mother Council of Thirteen Druid Witches rulers as long as they are needed to exterminate the human homo-sapiens species, then they plan to lock them up in their underground bunkers and exterminate them slso. Are their Illuminati gods just looking to use them and discard them like used rags? What kind of gods are these? They are worse than used car salesmen or mob gangsters. ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. For the first time, the Russian Ruble and the Chinese Yuan are owned by the Russians and Chinese, and is no longer owned by the Vatican’s Bank of London. ***

















*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. The Hell’s Angels motorcycle gangs conduct the drug smuggling and assassinations for the Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist homo-capensis avatar cabal. They and the mafia and street gangs are the enforcers of the Illuminati. ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. Be assured human homo-sapiens race brothers and sisters who are free from the Draco lunar base satellite and their MJ-12 MAJI mobile phone tower mind-control hive-mind collective-matrix, our HRSR and ICA and Republic rebel forces knights are fighting every day in distant lands and in distant planet rebel bases to protect your wives and children and freedom and the survival of our human homo-sapiens race. Who the crap do these reptilian-hybrid orc homo-capensis genocidal psychopath MJ-12 AQUARIUS CSIS Blackwater Nazi SS clone stormtrooper imperial forces think they are, killing millions of our human homo-sapiens brothers and sisters? I can speak on behalf of my brothers-in-arms that every HRSR and ICA human homo-sapiens race rebel alliance resistance fighter is ready to fight to the last man, woman and child, and to the very last drop of blood, before the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Bavarian Nazi globalist homo-capensis New World Order DHS FEMA Nazi SS concentration camp nephilim clone imperial stormtroopers exterminates all humans or assimilates us into efficient soul-scalped synthetic cyborg zombie slaves. These terrorists may gang-stalk us and try to assassinate us, but they cannot break the human homo-sapiens spirit and the freedom that millions of our soldiers died to protect. Their deaths will not be in vain! We fight on for humanity! Viva human homo-sapiens! ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. The MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Bavarian Nazi globalist paedophile elite homo-capensis orc Draco incarnate avatars’ cabal NASA has been taking billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money for their job to explore space and provide information to the homo-sapiens humans. However, the Draco homo-capensis NASA has been taking that money to further their own space colonies and spacecrafts throughout the solar system, and been hiding that information from the homo-sapiens humans. This is why the nephilim homo-capensis feel that the human homo-sapiens are extremely stupid creatures that are just there to be harvested as food in their Freemason Luciferian Satanist live human sacrifice rituals. I agree that there are some extremely dumb human homo-sapiens who believe their lies that this is all conspiracy theories, but there are some intelligent human homo-sapiens who are awake and aware of this parasitical relationship. ***











*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. The reason why the pervert demonic spirits that the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Bavarian Nazi globalist paedophile homo-capensis orc Draco incarnate avatar cabal sends to attack ICA members’ genitals all day long is because they think that that can drive people to insanity or suicide. In a way, it is hilarious. They do not know that Jesus’ love in us is greater than anything they can throw at us. God tags these people, and they will receive back seven times more the attack that they conduct against our alliance members. It is not surprising that they are Freemason Luciferian Satanist live child sacrifice rape sexually perverted paedophiles. Dear Republic rebel freedom fighters and patriot brothers, we do not fight against noble warriors and homo-sapiens humans with normal sexuality, but we fight against Draco reptilian hybrid, homo-capensis nephilim, psychopath, sexually-perverted, genocidal, extraterrestrial non-human entities. This is not a conventional war we fight. Remember what you are up against, a totally different reptilian cold-blooded life form who have no conscience and no remorse and no feelings. They are the living dead, the demon-possessed, and Draco reptilian alien mind avatar bodies. Unite against them, before 99% of you and your family are killed. This is the secret alien invasion, and it is well under way. It is high time you woke up from their alien-technology brain-wave hive-mind collective-matrix mind-control! It is the secret covert invasion plan that involves extermination of 99% of the human homo-sapiens race and most of the known nations in the world under their Illuminati New World Order. Warriors arise, this is the day you were called for! ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. We have a nation of MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi oligarch reptilian hybrid orc homo-capensis globalist elite avatar presidents, politicians, judges, attorneys, bankers, and celebrities who are Freemason Luciferian Satanists who conduct witch child live sacrifice rituals and paedophile rape rings and run the narcotics industry and create ISIS al-Qaeda terrorist organizations and conduct 9.11 false flag terror attacks on their own citizens and are planning to genocide the entire human homo-sapiens population. What kind of a crazy, psychopath, homo-capensis reptilian hybrid, Luciferian Satanist national leaders are these, you ask? The Draco reptilian nephilim aliens’ plan to exterminate all of their own homo-capensis MJ-12 AQUARIUS Illuminati Satanist Bilderberg Bavarian Nazi globalist paedophile elite imperial oligarch avatars and their Nazi SS imperial clone stormtroops, after they are finished using them to exterminate the human homo-sapiens race and the human homo-sapiens’ Republic alliance rebel forces. After they are finished using these imperial globalist oligarchs and the Blackwater Nazi imperial clone stormtroops, the Draco reptilian nephilim aliens will massacre them and replace them with robotoid slaves. This is how extremely stupid these homo-capensis oligarchs like Rothschild and Rockefeller and European royal families and Vatican leaders and Bush and Clinton and Obama and the other oligarch Draco avatar people are. ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. Fellow human homo-sapiens survival resistance warriors, hunt down every single MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Bavarian Nazi globalist homo-capensis reptilian hybrid orc Luciferian Satanist Draco incarnate avatar who escape into their Argentine Nazi government and Nazi Antarctic base and Nazi lunar base. Fellow republic rebel alliance patriots, crush every single Blackwater black budget Nazi SS clone imperial stormtrooper. Fellow ICA warriors, chase down every single Bilderberg Nazi hired gang-stalker perpetrator (perp) and shoot them with directed energy weapons and poison them, and protect the targeted individual victims (TI). Take revenge on the every globalist banker and royal family bloodline member for all the gang stalked victims who have committed suicide and were driven to homelessness. It is pay back time for all the atrocities these Draco avatars have committed. Distribute a million dollars to each homo-sapiens human by taking back the trillions of dollars the homo-capensis Nazi Aryan Illuminati oligarch has stolen. Capture Elizabeth and hand her over to the Red Dragon Family for spanking. White Dragon Society members, round up all Illuminati royal bloodline terrorists, strip their titles, confiscate their properties, and make them homeless people. Putin warriors and Pentagon COMM 12 warriors, enslave every single Blackwater Nazi SS black budget shadow government rogue army soldier, and make them scrub the Mars colony toilets. Take out every last one of the wicked bloodthirsty Nazi descendent CIA NSA MI6 agents who has assassinated White Hat faction CIA NSA MI6 hero agents of righteousness. Return to the humans all the taxes these reptilians have stolen. Do not even leave one Committee of 300 Bilderberg Nazi or escaped former Bilderberg Nazi operational, because if you leave one small cancer, it will grow back again to eventually kill you. To have a clean, safe toilet for your sons and daughter’s future, you need to clean up every mess and flush down the evil. All human homo-sapiens patriots, vote for theocracy under Jesus to restore the godly precepts, so that never again will a genocidal rogue Draco Luciferian shadow government take over the republic alliance and the ancient knights who guard its Judeo-Christian ethics, one nation under God. Restore the republic under God’s ethics, righteousness, and the nation’s Judeo-Christian roots, free of Satan’s Vatican and Babylonian religions that suppress the truth, where we can once more see children’s smiles. This is why we fight against the imperial clone stormtroopers and homo-capensis avatar cabal. Give free Tesla energy, a million dollars, and anti-gravitational spacecrafts to each family, so that we may have peace and prosperity. Send the Blue Avians and Sphere Being Alliance to hunt down the Draco Prime fleet and Lucifer. Restore godly justice. Ring the church bells and declare the Lord’s Year of Jubilee! Uproot every escaped Nazi in disguise. Take down each Satanist Bilderberg Nazi leader and their gang-stalker perpetrator thugs who parasite on the humans. Kick Nazi reptilian buttocks wherever you can. Do not be afraid, you are warriors and defenders of the homo-sapiens humans and planet earth. Join HRSR brothers’ hands in every foxhole worldwide. ***












Below articles have been already published





*** Seems like other sub-factions are asking me to contact them, so that they can find out my email, and send more of their assassins (^^) ***


*** もっと暗殺者を送るため、私のメール・アドレスを知るため、私に連絡するよう他の子派閥たちが私に聞いてきているみたいです。(^^) ***


*** 好像其他分兩派都在問我與他們聯繫,讓他們可以找到我的電子郵件,並發送更多的刺客。(^^) ***


*** Кажется, как и другие подфракции просите меня связаться с ними, так что они могут узнать свою электронную почту, и еще больше их убийц (^^) ***




*** なぜ日本人は勤勉なのに貧乏で過労死しているのか?イルミナティMJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・グローバリスト世界金融エリートたちが、竹下総理時代、日本の円通貨製造コードを盗んだからです。そして今でも所得税の殆どを外国に盗んでいっているのです。彼たちは、大量に円を好きなように生産し、盗んでいるのです。そして、元々日本人の血筋ではない彼たちの手下たちである天皇家や総理大臣たちや政治家たちや金融リーダーたちや芸能人たちや犯罪組織たちや全て日本社会をぎゅうじっている者たちは、何千年も日本人を憎んでいるから、イルミナティ・フリーメイソンに日本を破壊するよう誓いをしており、広島原爆や東日本大震災で何千人も日本人を殺したりしているのです。日本人たちよ、目を覚ましなさい!貴方方が無知で、怖がっていて、黙っていて、自分の身の事ばかり考えているから自分の国が占領されたのです!大和魂などインチキではないでしょうか?家族を守り、これから計画されている日本人絶滅から自分を守り、憲法と人権のため法的に戦いなさい! 真実と知識は、力です。嘘は暴露しましょう。 ***




*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. The homo-capensis MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist elites are all starting to evacuate to safe havens before they start their New World Order dictatorship world war 3 and global economic meltdown. James Cameron already moved to New Zealand. Operation Jade Helm is the Nazi Fourth Reich Anti-Christ globalist regime U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Defense’s practice to invade the southwest United States. Pentagon COMM 12 and state national guard patriots are preparing to fight them. We are on the brink of civil war. Black hats versus white hats. It is just like the old Western cowboy movies showdown with two gunfighters facing each other ready to shoot. ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。新世界秩序独裁政権第三次大戦とグローバル経済破綻を起こす前に安全な避難場所へhomo-capensisのMJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス・グローバリスト・エリートたちは避難し始めております。 ジェームズ・カメロン氏は、既にニュージーランドへ引っ越しました。ジェード・ヘルムJade Helm作戦は、米国南西地域を攻撃するナチス第四帝国反キリスト・グローバリスト政権の米国国土安全保障省と米国防衛総省の訓練です。米国ペンタゴン国防総省COMM 12と州兵軍愛国者たちは、彼たちと戦う準備をしております。我々は、内戦の寸前まで来ております。黒帽子たち対白帽子たちです。古い西部劇映画で二人のガンマンが向き合い対決するのと同じです。***


***情報新聞更新從人類智人,智人種族生存性(HRSR)總部和WDS國際聯盟聯盟(ICA)戰線。均聚兔MJ-12水瓶座彼爾德伯格納粹全球主義精英們都開始撤離到安全的避風港,他們開始他們的新的世界秩序獨裁的世界戰爭3和全球經濟衰退之前。詹姆斯·卡梅隆已經移居新西蘭。操作翡翠頭盔是納粹第四帝國反基督全球主義政權美國國土安全部和國防部的做法,美國國防部入侵美國西南部。五角大樓COMM12和國家國民衛隊愛國者正準備與他們戰鬥。我們正處在內戰的邊緣。黑帽與白色的帽子。它就像老西部牛仔電影對決的兩個槍手面對對方準備拍攝。 ***


*** Интеллект Новости Обновление от человеческой расы Homo Sapiens-Сопротивление Выживание (HRSR) штаб-квартиры и WDS Международная коалиция альянс (МКА) фронта. Гомо-capensis MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб нацистские глобалистические элиты все начинают эвакуировать в безопасные места, прежде чем они начинают новый мировой порядок диктатура мировой войны 3 и глобального экономического кризиса. Джеймс Кэмерон уже переехал в Новую Зеландию. Операция Джейд Шлем является нацистская Четвертый Рейх Антихрист глобалистов режим Департамент внутренней безопасности и Министерство обороны практике вторгнуться на юго-западе Соединенных Штатов. Пентагон COMM 12 и государственные Национальной гвардии патриоты готовятся бороться с ними. Мы на грани гражданской войны. Черные шляпы шляпы против белых. Это просто, как старого западного кино ковбойские разборки с двумя Gunfighters лицом друг к другу готова к съемке. ***







*** Intelligence News Update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. The Red Dragon Family has to be careful of the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist cabal’s space-based weapons that can create nuclear bomb size explosions. ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。赤龍家は、核弾頭サイズの爆破を起こす事ができるMJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス・グローバリスト秘密結社の宇宙兵器に気を付けなければいけません。 ***


***情報新聞更新從人類智人,智人種族生存性(HRSR)總部和WDS國際聯盟聯盟(ICA)戰線。紅龍之家族要小心的MJ-12水瓶座彼爾德伯格納粹全球主義者陰謀的天基武器,它可以創建核彈大小爆炸。 ***


*** Интеллект Новости Обновление от человеческой расы Homo Sapiens-Сопротивление Выживание (HRSR) штаб-квартиры и WDS Международная коалиция альянс (МКА) фронта. Красный дракон Семья должна быть осторожны космического оружия в MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб нацистской Глобалист Кабал, что может создать взрывы бомб размера ядерной. ***




*** Intelligence News Update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. China has to work with the Pleiadians to develop a way to prevent MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi cabal parcel nuclear bombs getting through its borders to attack its red dragon family members. And, they need to take out the gang-stalking assassins and terrorists who are attacking them. ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス秘密結社の郵便核爆弾が国境を越えて赤龍家のメンバーたちを攻撃できないように、中国はプレアデスたちと一緒に協力し、防止方法を作らなければいけません。又、彼たちを攻撃している集団ギャング・ストーカーたちとテロリストたちをやっつける必要があります。 ***


*** 情報新聞更新從人類智人,智人種族生存性(HRSR)總部和WDS國際聯盟聯盟(ICA)戰線。中國與昴宿星合作開發的方式,以防止MJ-12水瓶座彼爾德伯格納粹的陰謀包裹核彈通過其邊境獲得攻擊的紅龍家族成員。而且,他們需要拿出團伙跟踪刺客和恐怖分子誰是攻擊他們。 ***


*** Интеллект Новости Обновление от человеческой расы Homo Sapiens-Сопротивление Выживание (HRSR) штаб-квартиры и WDS Международная коалиция альянс (МКА) фронта. Китай должен работать с Плеядеан разработать способ предотвратить MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб нацистская клика посылки ядерных бомб получать через свои границы, чтобы атаковать его членов семьи Красный дракон. И они должны взять банду убийц-преследования террористов и которые атакуют их. ***




*** Intelligence News Update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. If you look at their Illuminati movie “Taken,” you will see how these MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist Illuminati Satanist Blackwater CIA agents disguise themselves as Illuminati security company bodyguards, and about the NSA MI6 CIA’s child trafficking industry. The ICA has to cut off their child trafficking industry income sources and gun smuggling industry. In the movie, you see them giving their fellow Illuminati movie viewers a lot of Illuminati Satanist hand signs, when the father character signals a phone call extending two fingers instead of a clasped fist, and also when the daughter character extends her two fingers out in the photo. It shows all their interrogation and torture methods, also, and how they outsource a lot of these tortures to other foreigners. They have tortured and killed a lot of WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) members. In the movie, it shows how the reptilian homo-capensis race CIA auctions off the daughters of human homo-sapiens race fathers to foreigners, whom they consider as homo-sapiens monkey sexual livestock people. If we are monkeys, are they raping and sodomizing juvenile monkeys in their reptilian hybrid Luciferian Satanist child live sacrifice Illuminati witch rituals? Anyone who does not inform the humans about this and about the reptilian Illuminati matriarchal witches who control it in the background is a boneless coward and a disgrace to the human homo-sapiens race. These globalists’ gang-stalker assassins will be brought to justice. ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。彼たちのイルミナティ映画「96時間」を見れば、どういう風に彼たちMJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス・グローバリスト・イルミナティ悪魔崇拝者ブラックウォーター社CIA工作員たちがイルミナティ警備会社のボディーガードに扮して働き、そして彼たちのNSA MI6 CIAの児童売買産業がどういう風に機能するかが分かります。ICAは、彼たちの児童売買産業と銃密輸産業の収入源を断つ必要があります。映画の中では、お父さん役が電話を記す時、拳ではなく二つの指を伸ばし、そして娘役も写真の中で伸ばした二つの指で、色んなイルミナティの手信号を使って映画視聴者のイルミナティ仲間たちに合図を送っているのが見られます。彼たちの尋問と拷問方法や、どういう風に拷問を外国人にアウトソースするか見られます。彼たちは、多くのWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)のメンバーたちを拷問し殺しました。映画の中では、ホモサピエンス猿性的家畜人々と彼たちがみなしているホモサピエンス人間種の父親たちの娘たちをどういう風に爬虫類homo-capensisホモカペンシス種CIAは、外国人たちへ競りにかけているかが分かります。もし、我々がサルなのであれば、彼たちは、彼たちの爬虫類混血ハイブリッドLuciferianルシファー教悪魔崇拝児童生贄イルミナティ魔女儀式で子猿をレイプし、子サルに対しお釜を掘っているのでしょうか?人間種たちにこの事を知らせない者たち、そしてこれを裏でコントロールしている爬虫類イルミナティ母権制社会魔女たちの事を知らせない者たちは、骨なしの臆病であり、ホモサピエンス人間種へ対しての恥です。 近いうちに、これらグローバリストたちの集団ギャング・ストーカーたちは、罪の償いをさせられます。 ***


***情報新聞更新從人類智人,智人種族生存性(HRSR)總部和WDS國際聯盟聯盟(ICA)戰線。如果你看看他們的先​​覺電影“拍攝,”你會看到這些MJ-12水瓶座彼爾德伯格納粹全球主義光明撒旦黑水中情局特工如何偽裝成光明保安公司的保鏢,以及有關國家安全局軍情六處中情局的拐賣兒童行業。國際合作社聯盟已切斷他們的拐賣兒童行業的收入來源和槍支走私行業。在影片中,你看到他們給自己的同胞光明電影的觀眾很多光明撒旦教手勢,當爸爸的角色標誌著一個電話延伸緊握拳頭兩個手指代替,而且當女兒的性格延伸她的兩個手指在照片。它顯示了他們所有的審訊和酷刑方法,還和他們如何外包了很多這些折磨到其他外國人。他們拷打和殺害了很多WDS國際聯盟聯盟(ICA)的成員。在電影中,它顯示了爬行動物的同源兔賽跑CIA拍賣掉人類同源智人比賽的父親給外國人,他們所考慮的同型智人猴性牲畜的人的女兒怎麼樣。如果我們的猴子,被他們強姦和雞姦少年猴子在他們的爬行動物混合路西法撒旦教孩子活祭光明女巫的儀式?誰不告知人們這件事,對爬行動物光明母系巫婆誰在後台控制它是一個無骨的膽小鬼,有愧於人類同源智人比賽。這些全球主義者“幫派刺客潛行者將被繩之以法。 ***


*** Интеллект Новости Обновление от человеческой расы Homo Sapiens-Сопротивление Выживание (HRSR) штаб-квартиры и WDS Международная коалиция альянс (МКА) фронта. Если вы посмотрите на их фильме “Иллюминатов Taken”, вы увидите, как эти MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб нацистской глобалистов Иллюминаты сатанистом Blackwater агенты ЦРУ замаскироваться в качестве телохранителей безопасности Иллюминаты компании, и о торговли детьми промышленности АНБ МИ-6 ЦРУ. МКА имеет отрезать свои источники доходов отрасли торговли детьми и контрабанде оружия промышленности. В фильме, вы видите их давать своим собратьям зрителям Иллюминаты кино много Иллюминаты сатанинских жестов, когда отец характер сигнализирует телефонный звонок, проходящий два пальца вместо сложенными кулак, а также, когда дочь характер расширяет ее двумя пальцами в фотография. Он показывает все свои допросов и пыток методы, также, как и они перенесут многие из этих пыток в других иностранцев. Они пытали и убили много WDS Международная коалиция альянс (МКА) членов. В фильме, он показывает, как рептилий гомо-capensis гонки ЦРУ аукционы прочь дочерей человека Homo Sapiens-отцов гонки для иностранцев, которых они считают гомо сапиенс-обезьяна сексуальная животноводства людей. Если мы обезьяны, они насилуют и содомизирующего несовершеннолетних обезьян в их рептилий гибридных Люциферианский сатанистом ребенок живой жертвы иллюминатов ведьм ритуалов? Тот, кто не информировать людей об этом и о пресмыкающихся иллюминатов матриархата ведьм, которые контролируют его в фоновом режиме без костей является трусом и позором для человеческой расы гомо-сапиенс. Банда-сталкеры убийцы этих глобалистов »будут привлечены к ответственности. ***






*** Intelligence News Update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. Photos of MJ-12 Bilderberg royal bloodline ancestors’ giant nephilim fossils hidden by Smithsonian, and exposed by Putin & dragon family and COMM 12 and Gnostic Illuminati and White Hat faction. ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。プーチンと龍家とCOMM 12とノスティック・イルミナティと白帽子派閥に暴露された、スミスソニアン博物館に隠ぺいされている、MJ-12ビルダーバーグ王室皇室血筋の先祖たちである巨人ネフィリム化石の画像。 ***


***情報新聞更新從人類智人,智人種族生存性(HRSR)總部和WDS國際聯盟聯盟(ICA)戰線。照片MJ-12彼爾德伯格王室血統祖先的巨人巨人化石隱藏在史密森,以及普京與龍家和COMM12和諾斯替光明和白色的帽子派暴露。 ***


*** Интеллект Новости Обновление от человеческой расы Homo Sapiens-Сопротивление Выживание (HRSR) штаб-квартиры и WDS Международная коалиция альянс (МКА) фронта. Фотографии гигантских NEPHILIM ископаемых MJ-12 Бильдербергского клуба королевской родословной предков скрытые Smithsonian, и подвергается Путиным и дракона семьи и COMM 12 и гностической иллюминатов и Белый Hat фракции. ***




*** The MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Committee of Three Hundred Rothchild P2 Freemason Nazi Zionist globalists are talking about dividing China and Russia into many smaller nations and borders, after they conquer those territories, just like they did with the Middle East. Are they serious?! These people are homo-carpensis reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant genocidal psychopaths. Their whole lifestyle and values are about causing mass genocide and devastation on God’s creation and the human homo-sapiens race. These globalists need to be sent to the Russian gulags. By attacking me and the alliance, they have exposed themselves to the whole world. I assure all Targeted Individuals that these gang-stalker assassin perpetrators will be brought to justice and punished. ***


*** MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ三百人委員会ロスチャイルドP2フリーメイソン・ナチス・シオニスト・グローバリストは、中近東でしたように、領土を占領した後、中国とロシアを沢山の小さい国々と国境に分ける話をしております。正気でしょうか?この人たちは、大量虐殺サイコパスのhomo-carpensis爬虫類混血ハイブリッド・ネフィリム子孫です。彼たちの全ての生き方と価値観が神の創造物とホモサピエンス人間種に対し大量虐殺と破壊を起こす事です。これらグローバリストたちは、ロシアのグーラグ収容上に送るべきです。私と連合同盟を攻撃する事で、彼たちは、全世界に自分を暴露したのです。全てのターゲテッド・インディビジュアルtargeted individual被害者に言いますが、これら集団ギャング・ストーカー暗殺者の加害者たちは、裁かれ償う事になります。 ***


***三百羅瑟柴爾德P2洪門納粹猶太复國主義全球主義的MJ-12水瓶座彼爾德伯格委員會正在談論分裂中國和俄羅斯成許多小國和邊界,他們征服了這些領土之後,就像他們與中東一樣。他們是嚴肅的?這些人都是同型carpensis爬行動物的混合偉人後代種族滅絕的精神病患者。他們的整個生活方式和價值觀是關於造成大規模屠殺和破壞神的創造與人類同源智人比賽。這些全球主義需要被發送到俄文古拉格。通過攻擊我和聯盟,他們已經暴露自己的整個世界。我向所有目標的個人,這些團伙死纏爛打刺客肇事者將被繩之以法並受到懲罰。 ***


*** МЮ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский Комитет трехсот Ротшильд P2 масоном нацистских сионистских глобалистов говорим о делении Китай и Россию на множество мелких государств и границ, после того как они покорить эти территории, как они сделали с Ближнего Востока. Являются ли они серьезно ?! Эти люди гомо-carpensis рептилий гибридные исполины потомок геноцид психопатов. Вся их образ жизни и ценности о причинении массового геноцида и разрушений на создание Божьей и человеческой расы гомо-сапиенс. Эти глобалисты должны быть отправлены в российских лагерях. По нападать на меня и союз, они выставили себя на весь мир. Уверяю всех конкретных лиц, что эти банды-сталкер убийца виновных будут привлечены к ответственности и наказаны. ***




*** The reptilian extraterrestrial entities that control the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi cabal witches are using psychotronic weapons to gang-stalk and assassinate our coalition alliance members. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTnjPSVjKtg . ***


*** MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス秘密結社の魔女たちをコントロールしている爬虫類地球外生命体たちが我々の連合同盟のメンバーたちをサイコトロニックpsychotronic電磁波武器で集団ギャング・ストーカーをし、暗殺しているのです。https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTnjPSVjKtg ***


***控制的MJ-12水瓶座彼爾德伯格納粹的陰謀女巫使用精神電子武器團伙柄和暗殺我們的聯盟聯盟成員的爬蟲類的外星實體。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTnjPSVjKtg 。 ***


*** Рептильные внеземные существа, которые управляют MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб нацистской Cabal ведьмы с помощью психотронного оружия, чтобы банды стебля и убить наши коалиции членов альянса. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTnjPSVjKtg . ***




*** 税金がなぜ3%から10%になるのか?西洋イルミナティの手下である日本マスコミが報道しない真実。西洋イルミナティMJ-12ビルダーバーグが、円通貨生産コードを盗んだため、大量に自分のために好き放題円を製造しており、その上に、手下の操り人形である日本のフリーメイソン悪魔崇拝者の日本首相や政治家たちから何兆円というお金を強要しているからです。そのため、日本の白龍会が、円生産コードを取り戻そうとしており、MJ-12ビルダーバーグ秘密結社と戦争をしているのです。 ***




*** Battlefront news update from the Human Homo-sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and the WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) against the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi homo-carpensis globalists. Set up pockets of resistance squads now in the forests and oceans and islands and jungles and undergrounds and tundras with stockpiles of food, weapons, fuel, clothes, before the MJ-12 Bilderberg globalist FEMA Nazi imperialist forces and their black-eyed children supersoldier clone reptilian hybrids set up their concentration camps and begin their mass genocide extermination of the human homo-sapiens race. You have been warned. The clone wars have begun. All who love human homo-sapiens, freedom, righteousness, justice, family, and life, unite now and fight against the dark forces! ***


*** MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチスhomo-carpensisグローバリストたちに立ち向かうホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)からの前線最新ニュース。 MJ-12ビルダーバーグ・グローバリストFEMAナチス帝国軍と彼たちのblack-eyed children超人兵士クローン爬虫類混血ハイブリッドたちが収容所を立て、そしてホモサピエンス人間種の大量虐殺死刑を始める前に、今、森や海や島やジャングルや地下やツンドラに抵抗部隊と食料や武器や燃料や衣類の麋竺を用意しなさい。警告はしました。クローン戦争は始まりました。全てのホモサピエンス人間種と自由と正義と家族と命を愛する者たちは、今団結し、闇の勢力に立ち向かえ! ***


***從人類智人,智人種族生存性(HRSR)總部和WDS國際聯盟聯盟(ICA)對MJ-12水瓶座彼爾德伯格納粹同質carpensis全球主義前線的消息更新。目前阻力隊在森林和海洋,島嶼和叢林和undergrounds和苔原帶的糧食,武器,燃料,衣服儲存設置的口袋中,MJ-12彼爾德伯格全球主義FEMA納粹帝國主義勢力和他們的黑眼睛的孩子超級戰士克隆前爬行動物雜交設立集中營,並開始對人類同源智人比賽他們的大規模種族滅絕和滅絕。 你被警告了。克隆人戰爭已經開始。所有誰愛的人同型智人,自由,公義,正義,家庭和生活,現在團結起來,對抗黑暗勢力! ***


*** Обновление Battlefront новости из человека Homo Sapiens-Race сопротивления Выживание (HRSR) штаб-квартиры и WDS международной коалиции альянса (МКА) против MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб нацистских гомо-carpensis глобалистов. Настройка карманы отрядов сопротивления в настоящее время в лесах и океанах и островов и джунглей и метрополитенов и тундр с запасами продовольствия, оружия, топлива, одежды, перед MJ-12 Бильдербергского глобалистской FEMA нацистской империалистических сил и их черноглазая детей суперсолдат клона рептилии гибриды создали свои концентрационные лагеря и начать их массовое истребление геноцид человеческой расы гомо-сапиенс. Вы были предупреждены. Начались Войны клонов. Все, кто любит человека гомо сапиенс-свобода, правда, справедливость, семья, и жизнь, сейчас же объединиться и бороться против темных сил! ***




*** The globalists’ New World Order extermination program of human homo-sapiens has started. The MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi homo-carpensis reptilian hybrid Luciferian Satanist cabal is gang-stalking and killing homo-sapiens human whistleblowers, police officers, pro-life movement people, religious Christians, anti-feminists, military officers, patriots, constitutionalists, intelligence personnel, conservative activists, Putin’s Russian government people, China’s Red Dragon Family members, Japan’s White Dragon Society Triad members, Pentagon COMM 12 members, Gnostic Illuminati members, Illuminati White Hat faction members, and all who stand up for righteousness and ethics and the homo-sapiens, in order to bring in their reptilian hybrid New World Order FEMA police state and Nazi fourth reich. The shadow government rogue gangsters who have taken over our governments are running wild having a heyday killing our families and microwaving them alive and poisoning them with strong acid and using forced suicide and induced heart attacks. A depraved nation that votes these people into political office deserves to be destroyed by them. (See video on their NWO plans for gun control and gun confiscation and destruction of the U.S. military / local police / National Rifle Association / Second Ammendment at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyfkQkchlu4 .) ***


*** グローバリストたちの新世界秩序のホモサピエンス人間種死刑駆除プログラムが開始されました。MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチスhomo-carpensis爬虫類混血ハイブリッドLuciferian 悪魔崇拝者秘密結社は、自分たちの爬虫類混血ハイブリッド新世界秩序FEMA警察国家とナチス第四帝国を作るため、ホモサピエンス人間種の内部告発者たちや、警察官たちや、中絶反対運動者たちや、宗教的クリスチャンたちや、反フェミニスト者たちや、軍の将校たちや、愛国者たちや、憲法主義者たちや、諜報部工作員たちや、保守派運動家たちや、プーチンのロシア政府の方たちや、中国の赤龍家のメンバーたちや、日本の白龍会三合会のメンバーたちや、ペンタゴン国防総省COMM 12のメンバーたちや、ノスティック・イルミナティのメンバーたちや、イルミナティ白帽子派閥のメンバーたちや、正義や倫理やホモサピエンス人間種のために立ち上がる者を皆、集団ギャング・ストーカーし、殺しております。我々の家族を殺し、生きたまま電子レンジを撃ち、強い酸で毒を与え、強制的自殺させ、心臓発作を起こし、好きなように殺しまくり、我々の政府を乗っ取った影の政府のならず者暴力団員たちは、やり放題しております。こういう人たちを政治家として投票する堕落した国は、彼たちに破壊されても文句は言えません。(銃規制と銃没収と米軍・警察・全米ライフル協会・憲法第二条を破壊するNWOの計画に関してのビデオをご覧ください https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyfkQkchlu4 。) ***


***人類同源智人的全球主義者“世界新秩序滅絕程序已啟動。在MJ-12水瓶座彼爾德伯格納粹同質carpensis爬行動物的混合路西法撒旦陰謀是團伙跟踪並殺害同型智人人揭發,警察,親生命運動的人,宗教信徒,反女權主義者,軍官,愛國者,立憲派,情報人員,保守派活動家,普京的俄羅斯政府的人,中國的紅龍之家族成員,日本的白龍會三合會成員,五角大樓COMM 12名成員,諾斯替光明成員,光明白帽派成員,以及所有誰站出來為正義和道德的同型智人,以使他們的爬行動物的混合世界新秩序的聯邦緊急措施署的警察國家和納粹第四帝國。誰已經接管了政府的影子政府流氓歹徒十分猖獗有一個鼎盛時期殺害我們的家庭和微波他們活著,用強酸中毒和用賜死和誘發心臟發作。一個墮落的民族,票這些人進入政治處值得被他們破壞。 (見他們的槍支管制和槍支沒收和摧毀美軍/當地警察/全國步槍協會/秒Ammendment的https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyfkQkchlu4 NWO計劃的視頻。)***


*** Новый Мировой Порядок уничтожения программа глобалистов “человеческого гомо сапиенс-начала. МЮ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб нацистской гомо-carpensis рептилий гибрид Люциферианский сатанистом клика банде преследовании и убийстве гомо-сапиенс человека информаторов, полицейских, людей движение против абортов, религиозные христиане, анти-феминисток, офицеры, патриотов, конституционалистов, сотрудников спецслужб, консервативные активисты, российские государственные люди Путина, члены Красный дракон Семейные Китая, члены Японии Белый Дракон общества Триада, Пентагон COMM 12 членов, члены Гностический иллюминатов, члены фракции Иллюминаты белая шляпа, и все, кто стоят за правду и этики и гомо сапиенс-для того, чтобы принести в их рептилий гибрид Новый Мировой Порядок FEMA полицейское государство и нацистской Четвертый Рейх. Теневого правительства изгоев бандиты, которые взяли на себя наши правительства одичание, имеющих расцвета убийство наших семей и микроволновой печи их живыми и отравления их сильной кислотой и с помощью доведения до самоубийства и индуцированных сердечных приступов. Развратная народ, который голосует этих людей в политические должности заслуживает того, чтобы быть уничтожены ими. (См видео на своих планов NWO для контроля ружье и пистолет конфискации и уничтожения США военной полиции / местный / Национальная стрелковая ассоциация / второй доплату в https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyfkQkchlu4 .) ***




*** Basically, Mother Russia’s Vladimir Putin and fire-breathing China’s Red Dragon Family Ambassador and 20,000 ninja White Dragon Society Triad’s Choudouin Daikaku and the equally powerful faction Gnostic Illuminati Alexander Romanoff and Pentagon COMM 12 warrior Joseph Dunford are telling the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi Zionist Rothchild royal bloodline globalists to go take their New World Order and to shove it up their buttocks! ***


*** つまり、母ロシアのウラジミール・プーチンと火を噴く中国の赤龍家大使と2万人忍者の白竜会三合会の朝堂院大覚と平等の力を持つ派閥であるノスティック・イルミナティのアレクサンダー・ロマノフとペンタゴン国防総省COMM 12の戦士であるジョセフ・ダンフォードは、MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス・シオニスト・ロスチャイルド王室皇室血筋グローバリストたちに対し、彼らの新世界秩序New World Orderを彼らのお尻に突っ込めと言っているのです!***


***基本上,母親俄羅斯的弗拉基米爾·普京和噴火中國的紅龍家族大使和20000忍者白龍會三合會的朝堂院大覚和同樣實力派諾斯替先覺者亞歷山大·羅曼諾夫和五角大樓COMM12戰士約瑟夫·鄧福德說的是MJ-12水瓶座彼爾德伯格納粹猶太复國主義羅瑟柴爾德王室後代全球主義去把他們的新的世界秩序,並推它自己的屁股! ***


*** В принципе, Мать Россия Владимир Путин и огнедышащий Красный дракон Семья посла Китая и 20000 ниндзя белый дракон Общество триады Choudouin Daikaku и столь же мощным фракции Гностический Иллюминаты Александр Романов и Пентагон COMM 12 воин Джозеф Данфорд говорите MJ-12 Водолей Бильдербергский клуб нацистской сионистский Ротшильд королевской Bloodline глобалисты пойти взять их новый мировой порядок и засунуть его ягодицы! ***




*** The recent Bilderberg meeting discussed how they can attack Russia and China in order to set up their New World Order. The Bilderberg is pure evil, and they will do everything to destroy the human homo-sapiens race, in order to set up their reptilian hybrid race Illuminati bloodline family. Russia and China are refusing to join their Nazi globalists’ New World Order, and submit to their tyranny as they did in prior history and suffered. ***


*** 最近のビルダーバーグの会議では、新世界秩序New World Orderを設立するために、どうやってロシアと中国を攻撃できるか話し合いがされました。ビルダーバーグは、極悪組織であり、自分たちの爬虫類混血ハイブリッド人種イルミナティ血筋種族を設立するのにホモサピエンス人間種を抹殺するためなんでもします。ロシアと中国は、彼たちのナチス・グローバリストの新世界秩序New World Orderに参加する事を拒否しており、過去の歴史のように彼たちの暴政に従い苦しむのを拒否しております。 ***


***最近彼爾德伯格會議討論它們如何才能建立自己的世界新秩序攻擊俄羅斯和中國。彼爾德伯格是純粹的邪惡,他們將盡一切努力摧毀人類同型智人的比賽,以建立自己的爬行動物的混合種族血統光明家庭。俄羅斯和中國都拒絕加入他們的納粹全球主義者“新的世界秩序,並提交自己的暴政,因為他們沒有在以前的歷史遭遇。 ***


*** В последнее заседание Бильдербергского клуба обсуждали, как они могут напасть на Россию и Китай для того, чтобы установить их нового мирового порядка. Бильдербергского это чистое зло, и они будут делать все, чтобы уничтожить человеческую расу гомо сапиенс-для того, чтобы установить их рептилий гибрид гонки Иллюминатов Bloodline семью. Россия и Китай отказываются присоединиться Новый мировой порядок их нацистских глобалистов », и представить их тирании, как они это делали в предыдущей истории и пострадал. ***




*** Russia Putin & Red Dragon Ambassador & COMM 12 threaten Bilderberg MJ-12 AQUARIUS to expose their reptilian secret (See video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSm3rVCzC50 .)


*** ロシア・プーチンと赤龍家大使とCOMM 12は、ビルダーバーグMJ-12 AQUARIUSの爬虫類混血人種の秘密を暴露すると脅迫する https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSm3rVCzC50


*** 俄羅斯普京與紅龍大使及通訊12威脅彼爾德伯格MJ-12水瓶座暴露自己的爬行動物的秘密(見視頻在 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSm3rVCzC50 … 。)


*** Россия Путин и посол Красный Дракон & COMM 12 угрожают Бильдербергский клуб MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ, чтобы выставить их в секрете рептилий (смотрите видео на https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSm3rVCzC50 .)




*** The Pentagon COMM 12 and Japanese Self Defense Force needs to be brought in to join Putin’s Russian army and Red Dragon Family’s China People’s Liberation Army alliance, in order to defend Asia and the Middle East and the United States from the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg U.S. Department of Homeland Security Armitage Nazi SS Islamic State al-Qaeda army’s secret invasion of planet earth and their World War 3 nuclear war human extermination plan. This is a global war for the survival of the human homo-sapiens race, against the reptilian hybrid homo-carpensis race Nazi bloodline family. Comrades and fellow humans, think globally, unite, fight against global extermination! The Pentagon U.S. military patriot army must fight against the U.S. Department of Defense’s shadow government Nazi SS army and their Zionist ISIS ***


*** アジアと中近東と米国をMJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ米国国土安全保障省アーミテッジ・ナチスSS部隊イスラム国アルカーイダ軍隊の秘密地球占領と第三次大戦核戦争による人類駆除計画から守るためには、ペンタゴン国防省COMM 12と日本の自衛隊をプーチンのロシア軍と赤龍家の中国人民解放軍同盟に招き入れる必要があります。これは、爬虫類混血ハイブリッドhomo-carpensis種族ナチス血筋家族へ対してのホモサピエンス人間種の生き延びをかけたグローバルな戦争です。同志と人間種の友よ、グローバルに物を考えて、団結し、地球全体の絶滅へ対し戦え!ペンタゴン米軍愛国者軍は、米国国防総省の影の政府ナチスSS軍と彼らのシオニストISISイスラム国と戦わなければいけません。 ***




*** Пентагон COMM 12 и японский самостоятельной Силы обороны должен быть доставлен в присоединиться русскую армию Путина и Китайской Народной освободительной армии альянс Red Dragon Family, для того, чтобы защитить Азию и Ближний Восток и Соединенные Штаты с MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб департамент США секретной вторжения Национальной Безопаности Армитаж нацистской СС исламское государство Аль-Каида армии планеты Земля и их мировой войны 3 ядерной войны плана человеческого истребления. Это глобальная война за выживание человеческой расы гомо-сапиенс, против рептилий гибрид гомо-carpensis гонки нацистской родословной семьи. Товарищи и коллеги, люди, думать глобально, объединиться, бороться против глобального уничтожения! Пентагон Американские военные патриот армия должна бороться против департамента США теневого правительства оборонных нацистской СС армии и их сионистского ISIS ***




*** The reason why the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi Satanists are trying to pull Russia into a nuclear war is to destroy mankind. ***


*** MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス悪魔崇拝者がロシアを核戦争に引き込もうとしている理由は人類を抹殺したいからです。 ***




*** Причина, почему MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергского клуба нацистские Сатанисты пытаются вытащить Россию в ядерную войну, чтобы уничтожить человечество. ***


*** MJ-12 KOVA Bilderberg Nazi Satanistler nükleer savaşın içine Rusya’yı çekmeye çalışıyoruz nedeni insanlığı yok etmektir. ***


*** السبب يحاول MJ-12 الدلو بيلدربيرغ عبدة الشيطان النازي لسحب روسيا إلى حرب نووية هو تدمير البشرية. ***


*** הסיבה כת השטן הנאצי Bilderberg MJ-12 AQUARIUS מנסה למשוך את רוסיה למלחמה גרעינית היא להשמיד את האנושות. ***


*** Причина, чому MJ-12 ВОДОЛІЙ Більдербергського клубу нацистські Сатаністи намагаються витягнути Росію в ядерну війну, щоб знищити людство. ***




*** MJ-12 shadow government NWO secret Neo-Nazi army’s Obama prepares to destroy their rival the Pentagon U.S. army using Syria nuclear war.




*** Repent and return to Jesus. We are on the fringe of nuclear war. Anti-Christ Obama ready for mass replacement of humans with reptilians. ***


*** 悔い改めイエス様に戻りなさい。我々は核戦争の寸前にいます。反キリスト・オバマは人類を爬虫類人種で大量入れ替えの準備をしております。 ***




*** Покаяться и вернуться к Иисусу. Мы на краю ядерной войны. Антихрист Обама готов для массового замены людей с рептилиями. ***




*** Blackwater is the neo-nazi army created by the 2.3 trillion dollars stolen from the Pentagon at 9.11, in order to destroy Pentagon. ***


*** ブラックウオーターは、ペンタゴン軍を潰すため、9.11にペンタゴンから盗まれた23億ドルで作られたネオナチの軍隊です。 ***


***黑水是由五角大樓被盜的2.3萬億美元,在9.11中創建的新納粹軍隊,以摧毀五角大樓。 ***


*** Blackwater является нео-нацистской армии, созданной 2,3 трлн долларов, похищенных из Пентагона в 9.11, для того, чтобы уничтожить Пентагон. ***




*** This battle must be fought on two fronts for success. In order to cut the Hydra’s head at the root, the gnostic illuminati and Pentagon COMM 12 and white dragon society triad will probably send its 20,000 ninja assassins to assassinate all the MJ-12 CIA AQUARIUS ISIS al-Qaeda Bilderberg Rothchild leaders and gang-stalker CIA assassins, while the Chinese and Russians destroy the NATO Saudi al-Qaeda ISIS forces on the ground. ***


*** この戦争を勝つため、二つの戦闘で戦わなければいけません。中国とロシアが地上でNATOサウジアラビア・アルカーイダISISイスラム国を破壊すると同時に、ヒドラの首を元で切り落とすため、多分ノステイック・イルミナティとペンタゴンCOMM12と白竜会三合会は、自分の2万人の忍者暗殺者を送り、MJ-12 CIA AQUARIUS ISISアルカーイダ・ビルダーバーグ・ロスチャイルドのリーダーたちと集団ギャング・ストーカーのCIA暗殺者たちを暗殺するでしょう。 ***


***此戰必須打在兩條戰線上取得成功。為了削減九頭蛇的腦袋在根中,諾斯替光明和五角大樓COMM12和白龍社會黑社會很可能會派出兩萬忍者刺客刺殺所有的MJ-12 CIA水瓶座ISIS基地組織彼爾德伯格羅瑟柴爾德領導者和團伙死纏爛打美國中央情報局的刺客,而中國和俄羅斯摧毀地面上的北約沙特基地組織ISIS力量。 ***


*** Эта битва должна вестись на двух фронтах успеха. Для того, чтобы сократить голову Гидры на корню, гностические иллюминатов и Пентагон COMM 12-белое триада дракон общество, вероятно, направить свои 20000 ниндзя убийцы покушение на все MJ-12 ЦРУ ВОДОЛЕЙ ISIS аль-Каида Бильдербергский клуб Ротшильд лидеров и групповому сталкер ЦРУ убийцы, в то время как китайцы и русские уничтожить силы НАТО Саудовская Аль-Каида ISIS на земле. ***




*** The China red dragon family’s People’s Liberation Army of China has come to fight alongside Putin’s Russian army against CIA ISIS. ***


*** 中国赤竜家の中国人民解放軍は、プーチンのロシア軍と共にCIAのISISイスラム国と戦うため、援護にきました。 ***


***的中國紅龍家族的中國人民解放軍中國軍隊已經到了一起普京的俄羅斯軍隊對CIA ISIS鬥爭。 ***


*** Китай красный Дракон в семье Народно-освободительная армия Китая пришел сражаться на российской армии Путина против ЦРУ ISIS. ***




U.S. naval pilots extremely angry that they are sabotaged, and not allowed to attack the globalists’ ISIS forces, and forced to protect ISIS.




*** Chinese and Russians and Iranians bomb U.S. and ISIS and Turkish and NATO troops in their Syrian al-Qaeda terrorist headquarters. ***


*** 中国とロシアとイランは、シリアのアルカーイダ・テロリスト本部のアメリカとISISイスラム国とトルコとNATO軍を爆撃しました。 ***


***中國和俄羅斯人和伊朗人轟炸美國和ISIS和土耳其和北約部隊在敘利亞的基地組織恐怖分子的總部。 ***


*** Китайские и русские и иранцы бомбить США и ISIS и турецкие войска и НАТО в сирийской Аль-Каиды террористической штаб-квартире. ***



*** MJ-12 Bilderberg al-Qaeda ISIS Nazi cabal attacked Ukraine after Russia retreated from Middle East last time. This time Russia is staying, so they are bombing Russian and Chinese alliance forces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4aDv2xXYoM ***


*** MJ-12ビルダーバーグ・アルカイダISISイスラム国ナチス秘密結社は、前回ロシアが中近東から引き上げた後、ウクライナを攻撃しました。そのため、今回は、ロシアは、逃げずに残っているため、彼たちは、ロシアと中国同盟軍を爆撃しております。https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4aDv2xXYoM ***


*** MJ-12彼爾德伯格基地組織ISIS納粹襲擊陰謀後,烏克蘭從俄羅斯中東退到最後一次。這一次俄羅斯停留,所以他們轟炸俄羅斯和中國結盟的力量。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4aDv2xXYoM ***


*** MJ-12 Бильдербергский клуб Аль-Каида ISIS нацистская клика напали Украина после России отошли от Среднего Востока в последний раз. На этот раз Россия будет оставаться, так что они бомбят российские и китайские силы Альянса. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4aDv2xXYoM ***




*** MJ-12 Bilderberg Department of Homeland Security killing human police and military, and replacing them with reptilian hybrids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owgG6H3Z_GQ ***


*** MJ-12ビルダーバーグ国土安全保障省は、人間種の警察官たちや軍人たちを殺し、爬虫類混血ハイブリッドたちで入れ替えております。https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owgG6H3Z_GQ ***


***美國國土安全MJ-12彼爾德伯格系殺死人的警察和軍隊,並與爬行動物的雜交替換它們。https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owgG6H3Z_GQ ***


*** MJ-12 Бильдербергский Департамент внутренней безопасности погибли человека полиции и вооруженных сил, и замена их с рептилиями гибридов. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owgG6H3Z_GQ ***



*** MJ-12 BLACK-MAGIC AQUARIUS Bilderberg U.S. Department of Homeland Security Nazi police state is sending TOW missiles to ISIS terrorists to shoot down Russian planes and Russian rescue helicopters. They are showing videos to the world of tortured and murdered Russian prisoners. They are sending 100,000 troops to Syria including U.S. troops to destroy the 150,000 troops of the Russian Putin and Chinese Red Dragon Family military alliance. ***


*** MJ-12 BLACK-MAGIC AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ米国国土安全保障省ナチス警察国家は、ロシアの飛行機とロシアの救助ヘリを打ち落とすためISISのテロリストたちにTOWミサイルを送っております。拷問され、殺害されたロシアの捕虜をビデオで世界に上映しております。彼たちは、ロシア・プーチンと中国赤龍家軍事同盟の150,000人部隊に立ち向かうため、米軍兵士を含む100,000人の部隊をシリアに送っております。 ***


***國土安全納粹警察國家MJ-12 BLACK-MAGIC水瓶座彼爾德伯格美國國防部派遣TOW導彈ISIS恐怖分子擊落的俄羅斯飛機和俄羅斯救援直升機。他們表現出視頻,拷打和殺害俄羅斯囚犯的世界。他們還派遣10萬大軍向敘利亞包括美軍摧毀15萬軍隊,俄羅斯普京和中國紅龍系列軍事同盟。 ***


*** MJ-12 BLACK-MAGIC ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб департамент США полицейского государства Национальной Безопаности нацистской посылает TOW ракеты ISIS террористов сбивать российские самолеты и вертолеты спасательных российских. Они показывают видео в мире замучены и убиты российскими заключенными. Они посылают 100000 войска в Сирию в том числе американские войска, чтобы уничтожить 150000 войск Российской Путина и китайского Красный дракон семьи военного союза. ***




*** The MJ-12 BLACK-MAGIC AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazis Zionist cabal are tapping the police to blackmail and intelligence. ***


*** MJ-12 BLACK-MAGIC AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス・シオニスト秘密結社は、恐喝と諜報のため警察を盗聴しております。 ***


***的MJ-12 BLACK-MAGIC水瓶座彼爾德伯格納粹猶太复國主義陰謀集團正在利用警察勒索和情報。 ***


*** МЮ-12 BLACK-MAGIC ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергского клуба нацисты сионистская клика выстукивать в полицию, чтобы шантажировать и разведки. ***






*** The MJ-12 BLACK-MAGIC AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi Zionist cabal witches are developing a new strain of influenza biological weapon to kill Asians. Their influenza virus vaccine contains nanobots that kill the human homo-sapiens person and mind control the person and make the person vulnerable to gang-stalking the person with remote controlled bodily pain. The Draco reptilian bosses of the Illuminati NWO MJ-12 AQUARIUS are notorious for having parasitic nanobots that take over people’s minds and bodies. The flu peaked in March instead of December to February, because the Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS Mengele’s Nazi cabal spread an experimental flu virus, that uses the Mad Cow’s disease protein that has to be burned at 3,000 degrees to kill them. ***


*** MJ-12 BLACK-MAGIC AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス・シオニスト秘密結社の魔女たちは、アジア人を殺す新しい生物兵器のインフルエンザの種類を開発しております。 彼たちのインフルエンザ・ウイルス・ワクチンの中には、そのホモサピエンス人間種の人を殺し、そしてその人をマインド・コントロールし、その人を集団ギャング・ストーカーによるリモコン人体痛を与えるのを可能にするナノボットが含まれています。***


***的MJ-12 BLACK-MAGIC水瓶座彼爾德伯格納粹猶太复國主義陰謀女巫正在開發流感生物武器的新菌株殺亞洲人。他們的流感病毒疫苗含有納米機器人殺死人類同型智人的人,精神控制的人,使人容易受到幫派跟踪的人與遠程控制身體疼痛。***


*** В MJ-12 BLACK-MAGIC ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб нацистские сионистский Cabal ведьмы разрабатывают новый штамм гриппа биологического оружия, чтобы убить азиаты. Их вирус вакцины против гриппа содержит наноботов, которые убивают человека Homo Sapiens-человек и ум контролировать человека и сделать человека уязвимым для банды-преследующего человека, с дистанционным управлением физической боли. ***




*** Chinese Red Dragon Family and COMM 12 Randy Cramer unite to expose MJ-12 BLACK-MAJIC AQUARIUS Bilderberg secrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtBRqipPFUk


*** 中国赤龍家とCOMM 12ランディー・クレイマーは団結し、MJ-12 BLACK-MAJIC AQUARIUSビルダーバーグの秘密を暴露する。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtBRqipPFUk ***


***中國紅龍家族和COMM12蘭迪·克拉默團結起來,揭露MJ-12 BLACK-MAJIC水瓶座彼爾德伯格俱樂部的秘密 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtBRqipPFUk ***


Китайский Красный дракон Семья и COMM 12 Рэнди Кремер объединиться, чтобы разоблачить MJ-12 Бильдербергского секреты https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtBRqipPFUk




*** They gang stalked the Red Dragon Family Ambassador so he has fallen sick. However, the Targeted Individuals are now fighting back.  ***


*** 彼たちは赤龍家の大使を集団ギャング・ストーカー(gang stalking)をしたので彼は病に落ちました。しかし、被害者のターゲテッド・インディビジュアル(targeted individuals)たちは、今は、反撃しております。 ***


***他們團伙尾隨紅龍家族大使,所以他生了病。然而,有針對性的個人現在反擊。 ***


*** Они банда преследовал Красный дракон семьи посла, так он заболел. Тем не менее, конкретных лиц теперь отпор. ***




*** Alien reptilian hybrid witches Satanists soulless creatures are conducting gang-stalking on millions of humans: http://earth-liberation-movement.blogspot.jp/2015/12/goldfish-report-no-42-ambassadors-panel.html




*** China Red Dragon Family sends troops to Syria to join Putin. Obama tries to bring in refugee Dept. of Homeland Security terrorists in US


*** 中国赤龍家は、プーチンを援護するため、シリアに中国軍を送る。オバマは、避難民である国土安全保障相のテロリストをアメリカに連れ込もうとしている。 ***


*** 中國紅龍家族將部隊前往敘利亞參加普京。奧巴馬試圖把在國土安全恐怖分子的難民部在美國 ***


*** Китай Красный дракон Семья посылает войска в Сирию, чтобы присоединиться к Путину. Обама пытается привлечь беженцев кафедра террористов внутренней безопасности США в ***





*** MJ-12 Bilderberg Nazi Zionist Germany will send 1,200 troops to protect ISIS and fight Putin Russia and China red dragon family. ***


*** MJ-12ビルダーバーグ・ナチス・シオニスト・ドイツがISISイスラム国を守り、プーチン・ロシアと中国赤龍家と戦うため1,200人兵士を派遣する。 ***


*** MJ-12彼爾德伯格納粹猶太复國主義德國將派遣1200軍隊保護ISIS和打擊普京俄羅斯和中國紅龍家族。 ***


*** MJ-12 Бильдербергский клуб нацистская Германия сионистский пошлет 1200 солдат для защиты ISIS и борьбы Путина Россия и Китай Красный дракон семью. ***



*** Pentagon COMM 12 is enjoying exposing MJ-12 AQUARIUS reptilian secrets and hunting Hitler on History Channel. It’s good to enjoy job ***




*** The Russia Putin and China Red Dragon Family and Japan White Dragon Society Triad and Gnostic Illuminati and Pentagon COMM 12 and CIA NSA MI6 white hat faction alliance has to destroy the laboratories where these MJ-12 BLACK-MAJIC AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi Zionist cabal witches keep their downloaded memories and clone bodies, or they will just recreate themselves. The Christians have to cast these Nazi Zionist reptilian hybrid royal bloodline witches’ demon spirits into the abyss or into the star gate wormholes they are trying to open at CERN, so that they cannot return into their nephilim clone bodies. It will require teamwork. Please coordinate tactical and strategic special operations SpecOps. This is the only way to keep these creatures from coming back to this dimension earth everytime. ***


*** ロシア・プーチンと中国赤龍家と日本白竜会三合会とノスティック・イルミナティとペンタゴン国防省COMM 12とCIA NSA MI6白帽子派閥同盟は、MJ-12 BLACK-MAJIC AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス・シオニズム秘密結社の魔女たちのダウンロードされた記憶とクローンの体などが置かれている実験室などを破壊しないと、彼たちは、自分たちを再生してしまうだけです。クリスチャンたちは、彼たちのネフィリム・クローン人体に戻る事が出来ないように、彼たちがCERNで開こうとしているスター・ゲイトの中か、又は、深淵に、これらナチス・シオニスト爬虫類混血ハイブリッド族王室血筋魔女たちの悪霊を放り込まなければいけません。チームワークが必要となってきます。戦術的と戦略的な特殊オペレーションSpecOpsをコーディネートしてください。これが、これら生物たちが毎度この次元の地球に戻ってくるのを防ぐ唯一の方法です。


***的俄羅斯,普京和中國紅龍家族和日本白龍會三合會及諾斯替光明和五角大樓COMM12和中央情報局國家安全局MI6白帽派聯盟已經摧毀了實驗室,其中這些MJ-12 BLACK-MAJIC水瓶座彼爾德伯格納粹猶太复國主義陰謀巫婆保持下載的記憶和克隆體,否則將只是意趣盎然。基督徒必須轉換這些納粹猶太复國主義的爬蟲類混合王室後代女巫的妖靈深淵或進入星門的蟲洞,他們正試圖打開歐洲核子研究中心,使他們無法返回到他們的巨人的克隆體。它需要團隊合作。請協調戰術和戰略專項行動SpecOps。這是為了保持這些生物從回來到這個維度地球每次的唯一途徑。 ***


*** России Путин и Китай Красный дракон Семья и Япония Белый Дракон общества Триада и гностическая иллюминатов и Пентагон COMM 12 и МИ-6 ЦРУ NSA белая шляпа фракция альянс, чтобы уничтожить лаборатории, где они MJ-12 BLACK-MAJIC ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб нацистская клика сионистская ведьмы держать их загруженные воспоминания и клонировать органы, или они будут просто воссоздать себя. Христиане должны бросить эти нацистские сионистские рептилий гибридные демона духов королевских Bloodline ведьм в пропасть или в звездных врат червоточин они пытаются открыть в ЦЕРНе, так что они не могут вернуться в свои NEPHILIM органов клонов. Это потребует совместной работы. Пожалуйста, координировать тактические и стратегические специальных операций Specops. Это единственный способ сохранить эти существа от возвращения к этому измерение земли каждый раз. ***




*** Police must arrest McCain and Obama and Hillary and the Department of Homeland Security and other terrorists for creating & arming ISIS.


*** 警察は、ISISイスラム国を作り、武器を与えているジョン・マケインとバラック・オバマとヒラリー・クリントンと米国国土安全保障省と他のテロリストたちを逮捕しなければいけません。 ***




*** Полиция должна арестовать Маккейна и Обамы и Хиллари и Департамент внутренней безопасности и других террористов для создания и вооружение ISIS.





*** Putin and red dragon family are moving in entire army air force navy into Syria to kick the buttocks of the bilderberg committee of three hundred.  ***


*** プーチンと赤龍家は、ビルダーバーグ三百人委員会のお尻を蹴っ飛ばすため全軍陸軍空軍海軍をシリアに移動しております。 ***


***普京和紅龍家族正在朝著整個空軍海軍進入敘利亞踢三百的彼爾德伯格委員會的臀部。 ***


*** Путин и красный дракон семья движутся в целой армии ВВС флота в Сирию, чтобы пнуть ягодицы Бильдербергского комитета трехсот. ***




*** ISIS members are nephilim reptilian hybrids created in MJ-12 AQUARIUS bilderberg NSA nazi underground bases. Executions by ISIS are filmed by professional Hollywood crews of Obama and his Illuminati gang of bilderberg nazi cabal members. ***


*** ISISイスラム国のメンバーたちは、MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグNSAナチス地下基地で生産されたネフィリム爬虫類混血ハイブリッドです。ISISイスラム国の死刑は、オバマと彼のイルミナティ・ビルダーバーグ・ナチス秘密結社のメンバーたちであるホリーウッド映画の専門家が撮影しております。 ***


*** ISIS成員是在MJ-12水瓶座彼爾德伯格NSA納粹地下基地創建的巨人爬行動物雜交。處決通過ISIS是由奧巴馬的好萊塢專業船員和他的光明彼爾德伯格納粹陰謀集團成員的團伙拍攝。 ***


*** Участники ISIS являются Нефилим рептилий гибриды, созданные в MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб АНБ нацистских подземных базах. Казни по ISIS сняты профессиональными голливудских экипажей Обама и его Иллюминатов банды Бильдербергского нацистских членов Кабал. ***




*** News to all hitman, triad, yakuza, mafia, spec ops units, mercenaries, law enforcement professionals, intelligence agents ***


White dragon society will pay as reward ten percent (billions of dollars) to anyone who can kill or provide locations of Illuminati MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth committee of three hundred bilderberg P2 freemason nazi cabal witches who have been gang stalking us with spells and psychic weapons and EMP electromagnetic weapons and poisons, and take back the yen minting codes that they have stolen.


*** 殺し屋、三合会、やくざ、マフィア、軍特殊部隊、傭兵、警察官、諜報工作員へのニュース ***


私たちを呪文やサイキック武器や電磁波武器や毒物などでギャング・ストーカーしているイルミナティMJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会ビルダーバーグP2フリーメイソン・ナチス秘密結社の魔女たちを殺すか居場所を教えて下さり、彼たちが盗んだ円通貨の生産コードを取り戻せる方には十パーセント(何千億円)を賞金として白龍会が支払います。



白龍社會將現收現付的報酬百分之十(10億美元)的人誰可以殺死或提供三百彼爾德伯格P2洪門納粹的陰謀巫婆先覺MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白委員會誰一直團伙的法術跟踪我們的位置和通靈武器和電磁脈衝電磁波武器和毒藥,並收回日元造幣,他們已經偷碼。


*** Новость для всех киллер, триады, якудза, мафия, Spec Ops подразделений, наемников, сотрудников правоохранительных органов, спецслужб ***

Белый Дракон Общество хочет платить, как вознаграждение десять процентов (миллиарды долларов) тому, кто может убить или предоставить местоположения Иллюминаты MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет комитета трехсот Бильдербергский клуб Р2 масонских нацистской кликой ведьм, которые были gangstalking нас с заклинаниями и Психические оружие и ЭМИ электромагнитное оружие и яды, и забрать иену чеканки коды thatthey украли.




*** Identifying some key MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Bilderberg committee of three hundred nazi zionist cabal members: Bush, Hillary Clinton, Rothschild, Rockefeller, European royal family, Janet Yellen, Saudi royal family, Obama, Pope Francis, Armitage, Michael Green, Kurt Campbell, Netanyahu, Napolitano, Soros, Abe, Erdogen, Roseanne Barr, Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, all Hollywood actresses, and the Illuminati witches who are controlling them all in the background. ***




*** All intelligence agency and police and military humans unite and fight the psychopath genocide soulless reptilian hybrid cabal! ***


*** 諜報局と警察と軍の全てのホモサピエンス人間種よ、団結し、これらサイコパス虐殺魂のない生物爬虫類ハイブリッド混血秘密結社と戦え! ***


***所有的情報機構和警察和軍隊人類團結拼搏的精神變態屠殺沒有靈魂的爬行動物的混合陰謀! ***


*** Все разведка и полиция и военные человеки объединиться и бороться с психопат геноцид бездушный рептилий гибрид Кабал! ***




*** CERN angelic war update video below. The red dragon family ambassador says the reptilian hybrid department of homeland security nazi cabal members should be executed in their own FEMA camps they have made to genocide the human homo-sapiens race. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGlfTFqgzro ***




*** God destroyed CERN and nazi plan to bring in demons to genocide homo-sapiens humans who are not reptilians, and protected us. ***


*** 神様がCERNを破壊し、爬虫類人種ではないホモサピエンス人間種を抹殺するための悪霊を連れ込もうとしていたナチス計画を破壊し、我々を守って下さいました。 ***


***神毀滅CERN和納粹計劃帶來的惡魔種族滅絕同型智人人誰不是爬蟲,並保護了我們。 ***


*** Бог уничтожил ЦЕРН и нацистскую план, чтобы принести в демонов геноцида гомо сапиенс-людей, которые не являются рептилии, и защищал нас. ***


*** Gott zerstört CERN und Nazi-Plan, an Dämonen, Völkermord zu Homo-sapiens den Menschen, die nicht die Reptilien zu bringen, und uns beschützt. ***


*** Dieu a détruit le CERN et le plan nazi d’apporter démons au génocide humains homo sapiens qui ne sont pas reptiliens, et nous a protégés. ***


*** Dios destruyó el CERN y el plan nazi para traer demonios al genocidio humanos homo-sapiens que no son reptiles, y nos protegió. ***


*** دمر الله CERN والخطة النازية لجلب الشياطين للإبادة البشر، الانسان العاقل الذين ليسوا الزواحف، ومحمية لنا. ***


*** אלוהים השמיד CERN ותכנית נאצית להביא בשדים לרצח עם בני אדם הומו-סאפיינס שאינם reptilians, ומגן עלינו. ***


*** Deus destruiu CERN e do plano nazi para trazer demônios para genocídio humanos homo sapiens que não são reptilianos, e nos protegeu. ***




*** Whistleblower Edward Snowden is protected by Putin and dragon family. Iran says USA is controlled by reptilian aliens. ***


*** 内部告発者エドワード・スノーデンは、プーチンと龍家に守られています。アメリカは、爬虫類地球外生命体に支配されているとイランは発表しています。 ***


***舉報人愛德華·斯諾登被普京和龍家的保護。伊朗稱美國是爬蟲類外星人控制。 ******舉報人愛德華·斯諾登被普京和龍家的保護。伊朗稱美國是爬蟲類外星人控制。 ***


*** Осведомителей Сноуден защищен Путина и дракона семьи. Иран утверждает, что США контролируется рептилий иностранцев. ***




*** The Illuminati nazi NSA laboratories are making black-eyed children nephilim psychopath police officers to infiltrate and kill human police officers. ***


*** イルミナティ・ナチスNSA実験室などが、潜入し、人間の警察官たちを殺すため、黒目子供ネフィリム・サイコパス警察官を生産しております。 ***


***先覺納粹國家安全局的實驗室正在黑眼睛的孩子偉人精神變態警察滲入並殺死人的警察。 ***


*** Иллюминатов нацистские лаборатории АНБ делают черноглазая детей NEPHILIM офицеров полиции психопат проникнуть и убить офицеров полиции человека. ***




*** Bilderberg Nazi cabal attacks white dragon society triad and Asia with secret freak weather war and record breaking climates. ***


*** ビルダーバーグ・ナチス秘密結社は白龍会三合会とアジアを秘密超異常気象戦争と記録破り天候で攻撃しました。 ***


***彼爾德伯格納粹的陰謀攻擊白龍會三合會及亞洲的秘密反常天氣的戰爭和破紀錄的氣候。 ***


*** Бильдербергский клуб нацистской Cabal нападения белого дракона триада общества и Азии с секретом урод погода войны и рекордные климате. ***




*** Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Fulford and red dragon ambassador agree that men with guns have to go in to take out the CSIS human race genocidal nazi cabal gangsters who have surrounded themselves with nazi security thugs with guns, and who have been gang stalking us with undetectable remote weapons, and assassinating Russian pilots / passengers, dragon family members, Pentagon COMM 12 members. (See Benjamin Fulford and David Icke alliance video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YXLlBHtWSk and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StcO_Nma5NA .) ***


*** 我々を検出不能リモート武器で集団ギャング・ストーカーし、ロシアのパイロット・乗客たちと龍家メンバーたちとペンタゴンCOMM 12メンバーたちを暗殺し、自分たちを銃を持ったナチス・チンピラ警備員で囲んだCSIS人間種虐殺ナチス秘密結社のギャングのメンバーたちを取り除くのには、銃を持った人たちが必要だとウラジーミル・プーチンとベンジャミン・フルフォードと赤龍家大使は同意しています。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YXLlBHtWSk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StcO_Nma5NA ***


***普京和本傑明·富爾福德和紅龍大使一致認為,男性與槍有進去取出來誰已經包圍了自己與納粹的安全暴徒持槍CSIS的人類種族屠殺的納粹陰謀流氓,誰已經團伙跟踪我們檢測不到遠程武器,暗殺俄羅斯飛行員/人次,龍家人,五角大樓COMM12名成員。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YXLlBHtWSk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StcO_Nma5NA **


*** Владимир Путин и Биньямин Фулфорд и красный дракон посол согласны, что мужчины с оружием должны идти, чтобы взять ИБК человеческая раса геноцид нацистский Кабал бандитов, которые окружили себя нацистских головорезов безопасности с оружием, и кто был банды преследует нас с неопределяемых отдаленных оружия и убийства российских пилотов / пассажиров, членов семьи, дракон Пентагон COMM 12 членов. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YXLlBHtWSk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StcO_Nma5NA ***




*** Bilderberg royal bloodlines cabal tortured and slaughtered Russian Putin gnostic illuminati and dragon family fighter pilots and soldiers. Russian Putin gnostic illuminati and dragon families will be retaliating against European royal family nazi ISIS and NSA nazi underground terrorist training bases with nuclear weapons. They will gang stalk those who gang stalk us everyday and their nazi controller leaders. ***


*** ビルダーバーブ王家王室血筋秘密結社が、ロシア・プーチン・ノステイック・イルミナティと龍家の戦闘機パイロットと兵士たちを拷問し殺害しました。ロシア・プーチン・ノステイック・イルミナティと各龍家たちは、ヨーロッパ王家王室家族ナチスISISとNSAナチス地下テロリスト訓練基地に対し、核弾頭で反撃します。我々を毎日集団ギャング・ストーカーする者たちと彼たちのナチス管理者リーダーたちをギャング・ストーキングします。***


***彼爾德伯格王室血統陰謀拷打和屠殺俄羅斯普京諾斯替光明和龍家戰鬥機飛行員和士兵。俄羅斯普京諾斯替光明和龍家庭將打擊報復歐洲王室納粹ISIS和國家安全局的納粹地下的恐怖訓練核武器基地。他們將團伙稈那些誰團伙稈我們每天和他們的納粹控制的領導人。 ***


*** Бильдербергского клуба королевские Bloodlines Cabal пыткам и убитых русскими Путин гностические иллюминатов и летчики-истребители Дракон семьи и солдаты. Российские Путин гностические иллюминатов и Дракон семьи будут ответные меры против европейских королевской семьи нацистских ISIS и АНБ нацистских подземных террористических тренировочных баз с ядерным оружием. Они будут преследовать банда тех, кто банда преследовать нас каждый день, и их нацистских лидеров контроллер. ***




Bilderberg nazi cabal bosses of our gang-stalkers will visit Japan to meet with their Japanese government puppets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8LHY_riPDo


彼らの日本政府の操り人形たちと会うため、我々を集団ストーカー暗殺未遂しているストーカーたちのビルダーバーグ・ナチス秘密結社の親分たちが日本を訪問します。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8LHY_riPDo




*** MJ-12 AQUARIUS bilderberg European royal family nazi cabal wages war against Russian Putin gnostic illuminati by shooting down plane ***


The MJ-12 AQUARIUS bilderberg European royal bloodline family nazi alliance cabal declares war on Russian Putin gnostic illuminati and Chinese red dragon family and Japanese white dragon society triad and Pentagon COMM 12 alliance as their nazi alliance F-16 fighters dogfight all Russian fighter plane entering Syria and shooting them down. It is a violent and definite message sent to Putin and the dragon family and the gnostic illuminati that “you will be destroyed by the nazi alliance and no attack against our ISIS will be tolerated.” They are betting that Russian Putin and Asian dragon families and gnostic illuminati will now get scared and back off.


*** MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ヨーロッパ王家王室ナチス秘密結社は飛行機を撃墜しロシア・プーチン・ノステイック・イルミナティに戦闘を挑む ***


ナチス同盟のF-16戦闘機がシリアに入ってくるロシアの全ての戦闘機と空中戦を繰り広げ撃墜し、MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ヨーロッパ王家王室血筋家族ナチス同盟秘密結社がロシア・プーチン・ノステイック・イルミナティと中国赤龍家と日本白龍会三合会とペンタゴン国防省COMM 12同盟に宣戦布告をしました。これは、プーチンと龍家とノステイック・イルミナティに対し、「おまえらはナチス同盟に破壊され、同時に我々のイスラム国ISISに対しての攻撃は断じて許さない」という、卑劣ではっきりした表明を送りました。これでロシア・プーチンとアジア龍家たちとノステイック・イルミナティが怖くなり、尻込みすると彼たちは予想しております。


*** MJ-12水瓶座彼爾德伯格歐洲王室納粹的陰謀工資對俄羅斯普京諾斯替光明擊落飛機戰***



*** MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб Европы королевская семья нацистской Cabal ведет войну против России Путин гностических иллюминатов, сбив самолет ***

МЮ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб европейских королевских родословная семьи нацистского альянса клика объявляет войну России Владимир Путин гностических иллюминатов и китайской семье Красный дракон и японской триады белый дракон общества и Пентагона COMM 12 альянс в качестве своего нацистского альянса F-16 истребители воздушный бой всю русскую истребитель ввод Сирия и съемки их вниз. Это жестокий и определенная сообщение, отправленное на Путина и семья дракон и гностическая иллюминаты, что “вы будете уничтожены нацистской альянса и никакого нападения против нашей ISIS не будет допускаться.” Они пари, что России Владимир Путин и азиатские семьи дракона и Теперь гностические иллюминаты пугаются и отступить.




Photo of Illuminati reptilian alien hybrid global elite nephilim descendant that shapeshifted from its human form.




*** The MJ-12 AQUARIUS royal family nazi cabal top secret plans to assassinate Chinese dragon families progressing as planned ***


MJ-12 AQUARIUS bilderberg nazi western royal family alliance invited the Asian royal families to a fake meeting in order to identify their enemy that needs to be marked for slow unidentifiable psychic weapon assassinations.


*** 中国龍家を暗殺するMJ-12 AQUARIUS王室ナチス秘密結社の極秘計画は計画通り進んでいる ***


ゆっくりな相手に気が付かれないサイキック武器で暗殺しなければいけない敵をあぶり出し識別するためにMJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス西洋王家王室同盟は、アジアの王家王室を偽会議に招待しました。





*** Королевской семьи MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ нацистские Cabal сверхсекретные планы убить дракона китайских семей прогрессирует, как планировалось ***

MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Бильдербергский клуб нацистской западной королевская семья альянс приглашены азиатские королевские семьи в поддельной встречи с целью выявления Хун противника DAT должен быть помечены для медленных неидентифицируемых убийств психических оружия.


*** MJ-12 AQUARIUS พระราชวงศ์นาซีพันธมิตรแผนการลับสุดยอดที่จะลอบสังหารครอบครัวของมังกรจีนก้าวหน้าตามแผน ***

MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg นาซีพันธมิตรตะวันตกราชวงศ์เชิญครอบครัวพระราชเอเชียการประชุมปลอมเพื่อระบุฮั่นว่าศัตรูจะต้องมีการทำเครื่องหมายช้าระลอบสังหารอาวุธกายสิทธิ์





*** What to do if the witches attack you; fight back with the Torah Truth ***


If the nazi cabal witches and extraterrestrials continue to attack you, fight back harder by providing cover fire for the Pentagon COMM 12 and Chinese red dragon family and white dragon society triad and Russian Putin gnostic illuminati and white hat faction CIA NSA MI6 alliance to disclose all the darkest secrets of the bilderberg committee of three hundred nazi witches’ human homo-sapiens genocide plans and new world order NWO and their reptilian alien activities on earth.


*** もし魔女たちが襲ってきたらどうすれば良いか:Torah真実で反撃せよ ***


もし、ナチス犯罪組織の魔女たちと地球外生命体たちが攻撃を続けてくるのであれば、ペンタゴン国防省COMM 12と中国赤龍家と白竜会三合会とロシア・プーチン・ノステイック・イルミナティと白帽子派閥のCIA NSA MI6に援護射撃を与えてあげ、ビルダーバーグ三百人委員会ナチス魔女たちによるホモサピエンス人間種の虐殺計画や新世界秩序NWOや彼たちの爬虫類宇宙人の地球での活動などの全ての邪悪な秘密を暴露し、もっと激しく反撃しなさい。





*** Что делать, если ведьмы напасть на вас; fightback с Торы Истины ***

Если ведьмы нацистской Cabal и инопланетяне продолжают нападать на вас, отпор труднее, предоставляя прикрытием огня для Пентагона COMM 12 и Китая красной семье дракона и белого дракона общества Триады и Российской Путина гностические иллюминатов и белого есть фракции ЦРУ NSA MI6 союз разглашать все в Darkest Секреты Бильдербергского комитета человеческого Homo Sapiens плана геноцида триста нацистской ведьм и новый мировой порядок NWO и их рептилий чужеродных видов деятельности на Земле.




*** Illuminati white hat faction says that Jacob Rothchild and David Rockefeller have been assassinated, and they are now fake clones. ***


*** イルミナティ白帽子派閥の発表によりますとジェイコッブ・ロスチャイルドとデービッド・ロックフェラーはすでに暗殺され、今のは偽クローンだという事です。 ***


* WDS says Armitage who sold U.S. military secrets to China and stole yen minting codes will be killed and money returned to Japanese people


*** 白龍会は、アメリカ軍事秘密を中国に売り、円通貨の生産のコード番号を日本の首相を暗殺し盗んだアーミテッジ氏は暗殺され、日本の市民にお金は返されると宣言しております。 ***


*** WDS Benjamin Fulford says that Queen Elizabeth and her Nazi cabal allies will be spanked and be brought to justice. ***


*** 白龍会ベンジャミン・フルフォード氏は、エリザベス女王と彼女のナチス犯罪組織同盟は、お尻を叩かれ、裁かれると言っております。 ***




White hat Illuminati faction CIA MI6 NSA COMM 12 alliance says MJ-12 Committee of 300 Nazis are planning Nov 26th terror attack against them




Pray that all reptilian hybrid nephilim witches are destroyed, and all their spells against Christians are backfired unto them 7 times.




Pray that all reptilian hybrid nephilim witches are destroyed, and all their spells against Christians are backfired unto them 7 times.




*** Ibaraki education council member reptilian hybrid Aryan race nephilim witch race descendant Ms. Hasegawa says kill all handicap humans ***


Ibaraki education council member reptilian hybrid Aryan race nephilim witch race descendant Ms. Hasegawa publically announces that all handicap human homo-sapiens should be exterminated by abortion before birth, in order to prepare for their Illuminati New World Order utopian society of genetically enhanced hybrid reptoid race.


*** 茨城教育委員会委員爬虫類混血アーリア人ネフィリム魔女種子孫の長谷川氏が、身体障碍者の人間種は殺すべきだと発言する ***






*** Actuellement autres attaques terroristes sont planifiées par le département Illuminati CIA AQUARIUS de la sécurité intérieure ***

département lluminati MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS de la sécurité intérieure est contraint plus de réfugiés musulmans en Europe et aux États-Unis, et qui porte à plus de leurs terroristes, et nous prévoyons plusieurs attaques terroristes dans le cadre de leurs rituels satanistes de sacrifice humain de masse, afin d’ouvrir jusqu’à CERN et autres vortex Star Gate portails (ce que les appels aux portes de la Bible de l’enfer) en utilisant l’énergie négative générée par les attaques terroristes, d’apporter plus de leurs démons, pour établir leur Nouvel Ordre Mondial.


*** Currently more terrorist attacks are being planned by the Illuminati CIA AQUARIUS department of homeland security ***


lluminati MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS department of homeland security is forcing more Muslim refugees into Europe and the United States, and bringing in more of their terrorists, and are planning more terrorists attacks as part of their satanist mass human sacrifice rituals, in order to open up CERN and other wormhole star gate portals (what the Bible’s calls “gates of hell ) using the negative energy generated from the terrorist attacks, to bring in more of their demons, to establish their New World Order.



*** 内部情報:現在もっと他のテロ攻撃もイルミナティCIA AQUARIUS国土安全保障省は計画しております ***


New World Order新世界秩序を設立するため、CERNや他のワームホール・スター・ゲイト・ポータル(聖書の呼ぶ「地獄の門」)をテロで生成されたネガティブ・エネルギーで開き彼たちの悪霊をもっと入れるため、イルミナティMJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS国土安全保障省は、もっと多くの避難民をヨーロッパとアメリカに送り込み、もっと多くのテロリストを入国させ、彼たちの悪魔崇拝大量人間生贄儀式の一部であるテロ襲撃を計画しております。イルミナティCIA AQUARIUS米国国土安全保障省は、日本でもテロ攻撃も計画しておりますが、ペンタゴン国防省COMM 12と白竜会三合会と龍家の同盟は、それの阻止に動き始めている。



國土安全lluminati MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座部門正在迫使更多穆斯林難民進入歐洲和美國,並帶來更多的恐怖分子,並計劃更多的恐怖襲擊作為他們的撒旦教質量活人獻祭儀式的一部分,為了打開歐洲核子研究中心向上和其他蟲洞星門門戶網站(什麼地獄聖經的電話門)使用從恐怖襲擊所產生的負能量,帶來更多的惡魔,建立自己的世界新秩序。


*** В настоящее время более террористические атаки планируются в отделе Иллюминаты ЦРУ ВОДОЛЕЙ внутренней безопасности ***

lluminati MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ отдел внутренней безопасности заставляет более мусульманских беженцев в Европе и Соединенных Штатах, и в результате чего в более их террористами, и планируют больше террористов атаки как часть их сатанистом массовых жертвоприношений ритуалов человека, для того, чтобы открыть до ЦЕРН и других червоточина звездных врат порталов (то, что Библия называет врата ада), используя отрицательную энергию сгенерированный из терактов, чтобы привлечь больше их демонов, чтобы установить их нового мирового порядка.




*** Illuminati Western attaque Paris France à accélérer l’établissement de leur Etat et la police NWO le contrôle des armes et martiale budget des lois et black ops. ***


*** Western Illuminati attacks Paris France to quicken establishment of their NWO police state and gun control and martial laws and black ops budget. ***


*** 西洋イルミナティは、NWO警察国家と銃規制と戒厳令法とブラックオップス予算の設立を早めるためパリ・フランスを襲撃する。 ***


***西部光明攻擊法國巴黎,加快建立他們的NWO警察國家和槍支管制和戒嚴法和黑色行動預算。 ***


*** Западная Иллюминаты атакует Париж Франция ускорить создание своего государства и пушки управления СВО полиции и военного законодательства и Black Ops бюджета. ***




* イルミナティの外資系企業の中では、日本人イルミナティの派閥と在日日本人イルミナティの派閥が戦ております。これは、全てのイルミナティの大企業の中で 起こっております。現在は、西洋イルミナティ三百人委員会ナチス派の在日日本人グループが日本人を全部排除し続けております。 白龍会反撃。




*** Pentagon and navy COMM 12 have rescued cyborg engineering and space engineering scientists from nazi bases. ***




*** Illuminati Satanist assassin paedophile pastors like Chino Hills California’s Jack Hibbs should be taken down. ***





* Instead of using trillions of dollars to kill humans, the Illuminati reptilians should be using it to make college education free to all *






Global broadcast to non-clone humans still alive: All human race survival resistance alliance units and homo-sapiens with children and patriots and all lovers of humans unite now and fight the reptilian hybrid Illuminati MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth committee of three hundred nazi children kidnappers and Satanist cannibals! Fight them on the land, fight them on the seas, fight them in the skies. Show them that the human homo-sapiens race will not be exterminated without taking down some of them first.


生き残っているクローンではない人間たちへの世界放送:全ての人類生き残り同盟の抵抗部隊たちと子供のいる人間種ホモサピエンスたちと愛国者たちと人間種を愛する者たち、今団結し爬虫類混血人種イルミナティMJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会ナチスの子供拉致者と悪魔崇拝者人食い人種たちと戦え!彼らの数人を倒さずに我々ホモサピエンス人間種は抹殺されない事を思い知らせてやれ!


全球廣播非克隆人還活著:所有人類的生存性的聯盟單位和同型智人與兒童和愛國者和人類的所有愛好者現在團結拼搏的三百納粹的爬蟲類混合先覺MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白委員會兒童綁架和撒旦食人族!打他們的土地上,他們戰鬥在海上,他們戰鬥在天空。告訴他們,人同型智人的比賽不會沒有考慮了一些人先消滅。


Глобальный вещания не-клонов человека еще жив: Вся человеческая раса сопротивления выживание альянса узлы и гомо-сапиенс с детьми и патриотов и всех любителей человека сейчас же объединиться и бороться рептилий гибрид Иллюминаты MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет комитет триста нациста дети похитители и сатанистом людоеды! Сражайтесь с ними на земле, бороться с их по морям, борьба их в небе. Покажите им, что человеческая раса гомо-сапиенс не будет истреблено без снятия некоторых из них в первую очередь.





*** JR電車の野田放火犯はイルミナティ悪魔崇拝者の手のサインを勝利示すため報道カメラに見せ続ける ***


何度もJR電車の施設に放火した後、白龍会リーダーのベンジャミン・フルフォード氏の隣人である野田氏はMJ-12 AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会ナチス犯罪組織イルミナティ悪魔崇拝者の手のサインをテレビカメラに見せ続け、白竜会に対する勝利を表明しておりました。白龍会三合会の会員たちや、中国赤龍家の長老たちや、ペンタゴン国防省COMM 12のメンバーたちや、ノスティック・イルミナティのメンバーたちの健康を密かに弱めるため、MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会P2フリーメイソン・ナチス犯罪組織は、近所の家や車に、電磁波武器や宇宙衛星サイキック武器や波長武器を撃つため、野田氏のような暗殺者たちを配置しております。


*** JR列車縱火犯野田繼續給光明撒旦教手勢表示勝利的電視攝像機***

白龍家族領袖本傑明·富爾福德的鄰居先生野田繼續顯示出三百納粹的陰謀光明撒旦教手勢對電視鏡頭MJ-12水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白委員會放火燒毀許多JR列車的設施後,顯示勝利的白色巨龍一族。三百P2洪門納粹小集團MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白委員會正在把刺客如先生野田拍攝EMP電磁武器和衛星的精神武器和頻率武器在鄰近的住宅和汽車暗中削弱白龍會黑社會的健康成員和中國紅龍家族長老和五角大樓COMM12名成員和諾斯替光明的成員。


*** JR train arsonist Noda continues to give Illuminati Satanist hand sign showing victory to the television cameras ***


White dragon family leader Benjamin Fulford’s neighbor Mister Noda continues to show MJ-12 AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth committee of three hundred nazi cabal Illuminati Satanist hand sign to the television cameras to show victory over white dragon family after setting fire to many JR train facilities. MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth committee of three hundred P2 freemason nazi cabal is placing assassins such as Mister Noda to shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons and satellite psychic weapons and frequency weapons in neighboring homes and cars to secretly weaken the health of the white dragon society triad members and Chinese red dragon family elders and Pentagon COMM 12 members and gnostic illuminati members.


*** JR поезд поджигатель Нода продолжает давать Иллюминаты сатанистом знак рукой, показывая победу телекамерами ***

Сосед Белый дракон лидера семьи Бенджамина Фулфорд в Мистер Нода продолжает показывать MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет комитет триста нацистской кликой Иллюминаты сатанистом знак рукой к телекамерами показать победу над белым семьи дракона после поджоге многих объектов JR поездов. MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет комитет триста P2 масонского нацистской клики ставит убийц, таких как Mister Нода стрелять EMP электромагнитного оружия и спутниковые психические оружие и частотные оружие в соседнем дома и автомобили, чтобы тайно ослабить здоровье белого дракона общества триады Участники и китайские старейшины семьи красный дракон и Пентагон COMM 12 членов и гностические иллюминатов членов.




*** How people can make money and be a millionaire without working ***


If the MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth committee of three hundred P2 nazi cabal reptilian hybrid elite nephilim governments did not use trillions and trillions of dollars on their Illuminati shadow government black ops budgets to genocide millions and millions of humans and replace them with clones and for poisoning the human populations, then the amount of taxes taken (parasite) from the human population would be so low that each human homo-sapiens person would be a millionaire by now.


*** 仕事をせずにお金を儲け億万長者になれる方法 ***


もしMJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会P2ナチス犯罪組織爬虫類混血人種エリートnephilim政府たちが、何百万人という人間種の人々を虐殺し、彼らをクローンで入れ替え、人間ホモサピエンス種を毒で殺すため何兆円というお金をイルミナティ影政府の黒オペレーション予算に使わなければ、人間種から寄生する税金はとても低い額になるはずなので、今では、一人一人の人間種の方々は億満場じゃになっていたはずです。



如果三百P2納粹的陰謀爬行動物的混合精英偉人政府的MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白委員會並沒有對他們的先覺影子政府黑色行動預算使用了數萬億美元,並萬億人類種族屠殺數以百萬計,並與克隆替換和中毒的人群,那麼稅費人群採取(寄生蟲)的量是如此之低,每個人的同型智人的人會成為百萬富翁了。


*** Как люди могут зарабатывать деньги и стать миллионером, не работая ***

Если комитет MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Елизавета триста P2 нацистских Кабал рептилий гибридных элитных NEPHILIM правительств не использовать триллионы и триллионы долларов на их Иллюминаты теневое правительство Black Ops бюджетов геноцида миллионов и миллионов людей и заменить их клонами и для отравления человека населения, то количество налогов, взимаемых (паразит) из человеческой популяции будет настолько низкой, что каждый человек гомо сапиенс-человек будет миллионером в настоящее время.





*** Ebola is ‘n biologiese wapen toets om volksmoord Afrikaanse gene swart mense deur die MJ-12 Maji AQUARIUS Komitee van 300 Nazi’s ***


*** Ebola is a biological weapon test to genocide African genes black people by the MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Committee of 300 Nazis ***


*** エボラはMJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS三百人委員会ナチスによる、アフリカ遺伝子黒人の人々を抹殺するたの生物兵器実験である。 ***


*** Ebola est un essai d’arme biologique à des gènes africains du génocide des Noirs par le Comité MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS de 300 nazis ***


*** O Ebola é um teste de arma biológica de genes africanos negros genocídio pelo MJ-12 Comité MAJI AQUARIUS de 300 nazistas ***


***埃博拉病毒是一種生物武器測試,以種族滅絕非洲黑人基因的人由300納粹的MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座委員會***


*** इबोला नरसंहार अफ्रीकी जीन को एक जैविक हथियार परीक्षण 300 नाजियों के एम.जे.-12 maji कुंभ समिति द्वारा काले लोगों *** है


*** Ebola ni kibiolojia silaha mtihani kwa mauaji ya kimbari jeni za Afrika watu weusi na MJ-12 Maji AQUARIUS Kamati ya 300 Nazis ***


*** إيبولا هو اختبار الأسلحة البيولوجية لإبادة جماعية الجينات الأفريقية السود من قبل لجنة ماجي الدلو MJ-12 من 300 النازيين ***




Same guy as last time with mobile phone standing outside my apartment when I got home. He snuck into my room to poison my food and drinks. However, I am still alive. Patriots fight on. Broadcasting for human homo-sapiens race survival resistance alliance from Fukushima Illuminati radiation zone…






То же парень, как в последний раз с мобильного телефона, стоял за моей квартире, когда я вернулся домой. Он пробрался в мою комнату, чтобы отравить еду и напитки. Тем не менее, я все еще жив. Патриоты бороться дальше. Трансляция на человека гомо-сапиенс сопротивления выживание гонки альянса из зоны Фукусима иллюминатов излучения …




*** Support MUFON !!! Support the human homo-sapiens race patriot allies fighting every day for your and your families’ lives !!! ***


MUFON is a disguised front for the Pleiades humanoid aliens and their naval intelligence COMM 12 Pentagon alliance and the Chinese red dragon family and Russia Putin and Japanese white dragon society that is disclosing all the dirty secrets and super top secret agendas of the Orion reptilian aliens and their MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth committee of three hundred P2 freemason Nazi criminal organization.


*** MUFONを援護せよ!!!! 貴方と貴方の家族の命のため日々戦っているホモサピエンス人間種の味方愛国者をサポートせよ!!! ***


オリオン星座の爬虫類宇宙人どもと彼らのMJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会P2フリーメイソン・ナチス犯罪組織の全ての汚い秘密と超極秘計画を暴いているMUFON組織は、実は、プレアデス星団ヒューマノイド系宇宙人と彼らの海軍諜報部COMM 12ペンタゴン国防省同盟と中国赤龍家とロシア・プーチンと日本白竜会の隠れ蓑組織である。


*** 支持MUFON!支持人同型智人比賽愛國者同盟戰鬥每天都為你和你的家人的生活! ***

MUFON是一種變相的前面昴人形外星人和他們的海軍情報COMM12五角大樓聯盟和中國紅龍家族與俄羅斯普京和日本白龍會被披露所有的骯髒秘密和獵戶座爬蟲類外星人的超級絕密的議程和三百P2洪門納粹犯罪組織的MJ-12 MAJI CIA水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白委員會。


*** Поддержка MUFON !!! Поддержка человека Homo Sapiens-гонки патриотов, борющихся союзников каждый день в течение жизни для вас и ваших семей !!! ***

MUFON является скрытой фронт для гуманоидных иностранцев Плеяды и их военно-морская разведка COMM 12 Пентагон союз и китайский красный семьи дракон и России Владимир Путин и японский белый дракон общество, которое раскрытия все грязные секреты и супер секретные повестки дня Ориона рептилий иностранцев и их MJ-12 Маджи ЦРУ ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет комитет триста Р2 масоном нацистской преступной организации.





COMM 12 Gen. Joseph Dunford takes Pentagon & destroys MJ-12 CIA AQUARIUS Nazi Federal Reserve to stop New World Order & restore Constitution & restore U.S. patriot military faction, and stop NSA Nazi SS troops’ attack on white dragon family with tidal wave and Asian DNA epidemics.


津波とアジア人DNA疫病のNSAナチSS部隊による白龍会への攻撃を阻止し、アメリカ軍愛国者派閥を復帰し、憲法を戻し、新世界秩序NWOを止めるため COMM 12のジョーセッフ・ダンフォード大将統合幕僚長はペンタゴン国防省を取り戻しMJ-12 CIAアクアリウスナチ連邦準備金破壊する




*** Beginnings of the New World Order: Satan’s fraud claim of good aliens versus bad aliens ***


Groups like the Galactic Federation of Light and Ishtar Asherah Ashtar Command who are people claiming to have spiritual demonic channeling with good aliens promote their Sananda Jesus as their fake satanic messiah to save the earth. Satan claims that they are humanoid aliens here to deliver humans from the Illuminati and reptilian aliens and evil elites. They are all led by Satan and his fallen angels who are master deceivers.


*** 新世界秩序の始まり:悪魔サタンの良い宇宙人対悪い宇宙人の偽り ***







*** Начала Нового Мирового Порядка: Сатаны мошенничества претензии хороших иностранцев против плохих инопланетян ***

Такие группы, как Галактической Федерации Света и Иштар дубраву Аштар командования, которые люди утверждают, иметь духовную демонический ченнелинг с хорошими инопланетяне содействовать их Сананда Иисуса как своего мессию поддельные сатанинской, чтобы спасти землю. Сатана утверждает, что они человекообразные пришельцы здесь, чтобы доставить людей из иллюминатов и рептилий иностранцев и злых элит. Все они во главе с сатаной и его падшими ангелами, которые мастер обманщики.


*** התחלות של הסדר העולמי החדש: תביעת ההונאה של השטן של חייזרים טובים מול חייזרים רעים ***

קבוצות כמו הפדרציה הגלקטית של אור ואישתאר האשרה אשתר הפיקוד שאנשים טוענים שיש לי תקשור דמוני רוחני עם חייזרים טובים לקדם Sananda ישו כמשיח שלהם השטני המזויף שלהם כדי להציל את כדור הארץ. השטן טוען כי הם חייזרים דמויים-אדם כאן כדי לספק לבני אדם מהאילומינטי והחייזרים זוחלים והאליטות רעות. הם כולם בראשותו של שטן ומלאכים שנפלו שהם רמאים אדון.






*** Rothchild nazi western illuminati exterminating eastern illuminati dragon families and gnostic illuminati and pentagon COMM 12 alliance members with nuclear bombs ***


The MJ-12 AQUARIUS P2 bilderberg committee of 300 nazi western illuminati is exterminating eastern illuminati Chinese red dragon family triad members and Putin’s Russian gnostic illuminati and Pentagon COMM 12 and white hat faction Pleiades alien led alliance forces with nuclear suitcase bombs and nuclear parcel bombs all over China. The eastern illuminati alliance had destroyed western illuminati reptilian alien led Aryan nazi secret bases on the moon and Antarctic and Colorado and Washington with alien weapons. The bilderberg NSA nazis have now awoken an angry sleeping dragon Pentagon and Chinese government and Russian government.


*** ロスチャイルド・ナチス西洋イルミナティは、核爆弾で東洋イルミナティ龍家とノスティック・イルミナティとペンタゴンCOMM12同盟メンバーたちを抹殺しております ***


MJ-12 AQUARIUS P2ビルダーバーグ三百人委員会ナチ西洋イルミナティは、東洋イルミナティ中国赤龍家三合会メンバーたちとプーチンのロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティとペンタゴン国防省COMM 12と白帽子派閥プレアデス星宇宙人の同盟軍をスーツケース核爆弾と郵便核爆弾により中国中で抹殺しております。東洋イルミナティ同盟は、西洋イルミナティ爬虫類宇宙人のアーリア人ナチス月面・南極・コロラド・ワシントン秘密基地を宇宙人武器で爆破しました。ビルダーバーグNSAナチスは、ペンタゴンと中国政府とロシア政府の怒った眠った龍を起こしました。





*** Ротшильд нацистские западные иллюминаты истребляли восточные семей иллюминатов дракона и гностические иллюминатов и Пентагон COMM 12 членов альянса с ядерными бомбами ***

МЮ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Р2 Бильдербергский клуб комитет 300 нацистских западных иллюминатов является истребление восточных иллюминатов китайские красный дракон семейные тройки членов и российских гностические иллюминатов Путина и Пентагона COMM 12 и белая шляпа фракции Плеяд чужеродных привело альянса силы с ядерными бомбами чемодан и ядерных посылок бомб все над Китаем. Восточная иллюминаты альянс Nuked западные иллюминаты рептилий чужеродных привели арийских нацистских секретных баз на Луне и Антарктики и Колорадо и Вашингтоне. Нацисты Бильдербергский клуб АНБ уже проснулись сердитый спящего дракона Пентагона и китайское правительство и российское правительство.




*** Warning: Reptilian MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth Pope P2 freemason nazi satanist cabal getting ready to exterminate homo-sapiens human race ***


The Illuminati reptilian hybrid nazi satanist cabal is sending thousands of disguised illuminati terrorist refugees into Europe to prepare for world war three chaos and extermination of human homo-sapiens race. Red dragon family ambassador and 87 nation white hat alliance representatives are calling for united battle against reptilian hybrid Aryan race Bilderberg Satanist threat. Global financial crash imminent. Illuminati NATO forces bombing all key Syrian Christian churches and Christian population areas to prepare for Anti Christ government. Jesus Christ rapture soon. (See video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQD0xFDg448https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQD0xFDg448 .)


*** 警告:爬虫類MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリゼべス・ローマ法王P2フリーメイソン・ナチス悪魔崇拝者組織はホモサピエンス人間種の抹殺の準備に動いている ***


イルミナティ爬虫類混血人種ナチス悪魔崇拝者組織は、第三次大戦の混乱とホモサピエンス人間種の虐殺の準備のために何千人という変装したイルミナティ・テロリスト避難民をヨーロッパに送り込んでいます。赤龍家代表と87か国白帽子同盟代表たちは、爬虫類混血アーリア人種ビルダーバーグ悪魔崇拝者の脅威に対し、団結の交戦を呼び掛けている。世界金融危機間近に迫っている。反キリスト政府の準備のため、イルミナティNATO軍がシリアの主なキリスト教教会とクリスチャン人口地域を爆撃している。安保法案の焦点もずばりそれである。イエスキリストの再臨間近。(次のビデオをご覧ください https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQD0xFDg448 .)


***警告:爬蟲類的MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白·波普P2洪門納粹撒旦教的陰謀正準備消滅同質智人人類***

光明爬蟲類混合納粹撒旦教的陰謀正在發送成千上萬的偽裝光明恐怖難民湧入歐洲,為第三次世界大戰的混亂和人類同型智人種族屠殺做準備。紅龍系列形象大使,87國白帽聯盟代表呼籲對爬行動物的混合雅利安種族彼爾德伯格撒旦教的威脅團結戰鬥。全球金融危機迫在眉睫。光明北約部隊轟炸所有關鍵敘利亞的基督教堂和基督教居民區,以備反基督的政府。耶穌基督狂喜很快。 (見視頻在https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQD0xFDg448https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQD0xFDg448。)


*** Внимание: рептилий MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет Папа Р2 масоном нацистской сатанист клика готовится уничтожить гомо сапиенс-род человеческий ***

Иллюминаты рептилий гибрид нацистской сатанист клика посылает тысячи замаскированных иллюминатов террористических беженцев в Европе, чтобы подготовиться к Третьей мировой войне хаоса и уничтожения человеческой расы гомо-сапиенс. Красный дракон семья посол и 87 страна белая шляпа альянса представители призывают к единой борьбе против рептилий гибрид арийской расы Бильдербергский клуб сатанистом угрозы. Глобальный финансовый кризис неизбежен. Иллюминатов силы НАТО бомбят все ключевые сирийских христианских церквей и христианских населенных готовиться к борьбе правительства Христа. Иисус Христос восторг в ближайшее время. (См видео на https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQD0xFDg448https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQD0xFDg448.)




*** Hypocrisy and double-standard of the Western Illuminati ***


On the one hand, the Western Illuminati MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth Rothchild committee of three hundred nazi zionist illuminati is offering a trillion dollars to the eastern illuminati alliance if they would stop pestering them to stop killing millions and millions of people, while on the other hand, they still try to secretly give heart attacks to eastern illuminati alliance dragon family triad elders, assassinate gnostic illuminati leaders, murder COM-12 & CABAL members, secretly kill white hat faction members, continue to attack me, and genocide the Chinese and Japanese and Asians and blacks and Jews and Arabs and all human homo-sapiens race non-reptilian people. This is a hypocrisy and a double standard.


*** 西洋イルミナティの偽善とダブル・スタンダード ***


西洋イルミナティは、片方では、東洋イルミナティ同盟の竜家三合会長老たちにこっそり心臓発作を起こそうとし続け、ノスティック・イルミナティのリーダーたちを暗殺し続け、COM-12とCABALのメンバー達を殺害し続け、白帽子派閥のメンバー達をこっそり殺し、私を攻撃し続け、中国人と日本人とアジア人と黒人とユダヤ人とアラブ人と爬虫類人ではないホモサピアン人間種を皆虐殺抹殺し続けていますが、もう片方では、西洋イルミナティのMJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス・ロスチャイルド三百人委員会ナチス・シオニスト・イルミナティは、東洋イルミナティ同盟が彼達が何百万人という人間を殺している事に付いて彼達に文句を言い続けたりちょっかいを出さなければ、東洋イルミナティ同盟に一兆ドルを払うと言っております。これは、偽善であり、ダブル・スタンダードである。



在一方面,三百納粹猶太复國主義的光明西方先覺MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白·羅瑟柴爾德委員會將提供一萬億美元東部光明聯盟,如果他們將停止纏著他們停止殺害了千百萬人,而在另一方面,他們仍然試圖偷偷給心臟攻擊東部光明聯盟巨龍一族黑社會長老,暗殺諾斯替先覺領導,謀殺COM-12 CABAL成員,偷偷殺了白帽子派成員,繼續攻擊我,和種族滅絕的中國與日本和亞洲人和黑人和猶太人和阿拉伯人和所有人類同型智人比賽非爬行動物的人。這是一種虛偽和雙重標準。


*** Лицемерие и двойные стандарты западного иллюминатов ***

С одной стороны, комитет Западная Иллюминаты MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет Ротшильд триста нацистских сионистских иллюминатов предлагает триллиона долларов в восточной иллюминатов альянса, если они прекратят приставать их, чтобы остановить убийства миллионы и миллионы людей, а на с другой стороны, они по-прежнему пытаются тайно дать сердечные приступы в восточной иллюминаты союз семьи дракон триады старейшин, убить гностические лидеров Иллюминатов, убийство COM-12 & Кабал члены, тайно убить белые членов шляпа фракции, продолжают нападать на меня, и геноцид китайский и японский и азиаты и негры и евреи и арабы, и все человеческой расы Homo Sapiens-не-рептилии человек. Это лицемерие и двойной стандарт.


*** เจ้าเล่ห์และดับเบิลมาตรฐานของเวสเทิร์ Illuminati ***

ในมือข้างหนึ่งคณะกรรมการตะวันตก Illuminati MJ-12 Maji AQUARIUS ฮิลลารีลิซาเบ ธ Rothchild ของสามร้อย Illuminati นาซีนิสม์ที่จะนำเสนอล้านล้านดอลลาร์ให้กับพันธมิตร Illuminati ตะวันออกถ้าพวกเขาจะหยุดรบกวนพวกเขาที่จะหยุดการฆ่าและล้านล้านคนในขณะที่ มืออื่น ๆ ที่พวกเขายังคงพยายามที่จะแอบให้การโจมตีหัวใจมังกรพันธมิตร Illuminati ตะวันออกครอบครัวสามผู้สูงอายุลอบสังหารองค์ผู้นำ Illuminati ฆาตกรรม COM-12 และสมาชิก CABAL แอบฆ่าสมาชิกฝ่ายหมวกสีขาวยังคงโจมตีผมและการฆ่าล้างเผ่าพันธุ์ชาวจีน และญี่ปุ่นและเอเชียและคนผิวดำและชาวยิวและชาวอาหรับและการแข่งขันตุ๊ด sapiens มนุษย์คนที่ไม่ใช่สัตว์เลื้อยคลาน นี่คือความเจ้าเล่ห์และสองมาตรฐาน






— News: Stay out of the Illuminati toxic contamination zones —


Due to the nuclear weapons attack on Fukushima, and the chemical weapons / biological weapons chem trail attacks on the white dragon society and red dragon family by the MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth Nazi Zionist cabal, no humans should enter China or Japan, due to contamination.


—- ニュース: イルミナティの毒素汚染地域は避けて下さい —


MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス・ナチス・シオニスト犯罪組織による福島への核兵器攻撃と白竜会と赤竜家への化学兵器・生物兵器のケム・トレール攻撃の汚染のため、人間たちは中国や日本には入るべきではありません。この地域・国々は避けて下さい。



由於核武器襲擊福島,以及由MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白納粹猶太复國主義陰謀的白龍會和紅龍家族的化學武器/生物武器的化學線索攻擊,沒有任何人要進入中國或日本,由於到污染。


— Новости: Держитесь подальше от зон загрязнения токсичными иллюминатов —

Из-за нападения ядерного оружия на Фукусиме, и Chem химического оружия / биологического оружия след атак на белом общества дракона и красной семье дракона сионистским клика MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет нацистской, ни один человек не должен въехать в Китай или Японию, из-за загрязнения.






— News: PMC private military companies are fast money making businesses for bisiness leaders and mercenaries —


The PMC private military companies are millions of dollars of fast money making business for business leaders and mercenaries to earn lots of money to become millionaires, because they are fronts for assassination squads for both the MJ-12 / MAJI  / AQUARIUS / Rothchild / P2 freemason / royal families / Nazi / Zionist cabal and the gnostic illuminati / red dragon family / white dragon society triad / comm 12 / white hat faction / 87 nation leaders alliance to assassinate each other’s members.


— ニュース: PMC民間軍事会社はビジネス・リーダーたちと傭兵たちにとって素早いお金儲けのビジネスです —


PMC民間軍事会社たちは、両側、MJ-12 / MAJI / AQUARIUS/ ロスチャイルド/ P2フリーメイソン / 王室 / ナチス / シオニスト犯罪組織とノスティック・イルミナティ / 赤竜家 / 白竜会三合会 / comm 12 / 白帽子派閥 / 87カ国リーダーの同盟がお互いのメンバーたちの暗殺する暗殺グループの隠れ蓑として利用されているため、企業家や傭兵にとっては、大金を稼ぎ、億万長者になるための何億円という素早いお金儲けの手段なのです。



PMC的私營軍事公司的數百萬美元的快速賺錢的商業領袖和僱傭兵的業務以賺取大量的金錢,成為百萬富翁,因為他們是各條戰線的暗殺小隊同時為MJ-12/ MAJI/水瓶座/羅瑟柴爾德/ P2洪門/王室/納粹/猶太复國主義陰謀和諾斯替光明/紅龍系列/白龍會黑社會/通訊12/白帽派/87國領導人聯合刺殺對方的成員。


— Новости: PMC частные военные компании быстро деньги сделать бизнес для bisiness лидеров и наемников —

РМС частные военные компании миллионы долларов быстро заработать деньги бизнес для бизнес-лидеров и наемников, чтобы заработать много денег, чтобы стать миллионерами, потому что они служат прикрытием для убийства отрядов как для MJ-12 / Маджи / ВОДОЛЕЙ / Ротшильд / Р2 масоном / королевские семьи / нацистская / сионистского клика и гностические иллюминатов / красный дракон семья / белый дракон триада общество / комм 12 / белая шляпа фракции / 87 лидеров нации альянс, чтобы убить членов друг друга.


— Nuus: PMC private militêre maatskappye is vinnig geld te maak besighede vir bisiness leiers en huursoldate —

Die PMC private militêre maatskappye is miljoene dollars van die vinnige geld te maak sake vir sakeleiers en huursoldate om baie geld te verdien om miljoenêrs te word, want hulle is fronte vir moord squads vir beide die MJ-12 / Maji / AQUARIUS / Rothchildweg / V2 Vrymesselaar / koninklike families / Nazi / Sionistiese kabaal en die gnostiese Illuminati / rooi draak familie / wit draak samelewing drieklank / komm 12 / wit hoed faksie / 87 nasie leiers alliansie lede mekaar se vermoor.


— Noticias: las empresas militares privadas PMC son dinero haciendo negocios rápidos para líderes bisiness y mercenarios —

Las compañías militares privadas PMC son millones de dólares de dinero rápido haciendo negocio para los líderes empresariales y los mercenarios de ganar un montón de dinero para convertirse en millonarios, porque son frentes de escuadrones de la muerte, tanto para el MJ-12 / MAJI / AQUARIUS / Rothchild / P2 francmasón / familias reales / nazi / cábala sionista y el illuminati gnósticos / familia dragón rojo / blanco tríada sociedad dragón / comm 12 / sombrero blanco facción / 87 líderes nacionales alianza para asesinar a los miembros de cada uno.






—- News update: Million dollar bounty offered for assassinations of MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth committee of three hundred nazi zionist cabal members —-


The gnostic illuminati (Alexander Romanoff) and dragon families and pentagon comm 12 and white hat faction and 87 nation leaders’ alliance is offering a million dollar reward for the assassination of MJ-12 MAJI Hillary Elizabeth committee of three hundred nazi zionist cabal members and Nazi SS stormtroopers and aquarius assassination squad members. Alliance is moving to crush the Nazi forces.


— ニュース更新:MJ-12 MAJIアクエリアス・ヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会ナチ・シオニスト犯罪組織メンバー達を暗殺する方に一億円の賞金がオファーされています —


ノスティック・イルミナティ(アレクサンダー・ロマノッフ氏)とドラゴン・ファミリーたちと国防省コム12とホワイト・ハット派閥と87カ国リーダーの同盟は、一億円の賞金を、MJ-12 MAJIヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会ナチ・シオニスト犯罪組織のメンバー達とナチSS兵士とアクエリアス暗殺グループのメンバー達を暗殺する方たちにオファーしています。同盟はナチス勢力を倒すのに動いております。


—-新聞更新:可供MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里伊麗莎白委員會暗殺三百納粹猶太复國主義陰謀集團成員數百萬美元的賞金—-

諾斯替光明(亞歷山大·羅曼諾夫)和龍科,五邊形通訊12和白帽子派和87國領導人的聯盟將提供一百萬美元的獎勵MJ-12 MAJI希拉里伊麗莎白委員會三百納粹猶太复國主義陰謀集團成員和納粹暗殺SS突擊兵和水瓶座的暗殺小隊的成員。聯盟正在粉碎了納粹軍隊。


—- Новости дня: Миллион доллар за головами предлагается для убийств MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет комитета трехсот нацистских сионистских членов Кабал —-

Гностического Иллюминатов (Александр Романов) и Dragon семей и Пентагон Comm 12 и белой шляпе фракции и 87 лидеров нации альянс предлагает вознаграждение в миллион долларов за убийство MJ-12 Маджи Хиллари Элизабет комитета трехсот нацистских сионистских членов Кабал и нацистской SS штурмовиков и Водолей члены команды убийц. Альянс движется подавить немецко-фашистских войск.






— The Spartan Templar Nazi SS Merovingian Druid descendants’ NSA MI6 mind —


The dragon families believe that if they put financial pressure, the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth Committee of Three Hundred Nazi cabal will surrender. They do not know their enemy. I have fought the Nazis, so I know how they think and operate. These lunar base and Antarctic base SS Nazi army Templar Spartan descendants are vicious fighters and they only believe in two options: exterminate the enemy or die themselves.


— スパルタ人テンプル騎士団人ナチSS人メロビング王朝人ドルイド人子孫たちのNSA M6心理 —


竜家は、金融プレッシャーを与えれば、MJ-12 AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会ナチス犯罪組織は降参すると信じています。彼達は敵を知らないのです。私は、ナチと戦ったので彼達の考え方や行動の仕方を知っております。これら月面基地と南極基地のSSナチ軍隊テングル騎士団スパルタ人子孫たちは、凶暴な戦士たちで、彼達には二つの選択しかありません:敵を虐殺するか自分たちが死ぬかです。





— АНБ МИ-6 ум потомки тамплиеров спартанский нацистской СС Меровингов друида —

Семьи дракон считают, что если они финансового давления, МЮ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет комитет триста нацистской клики сдастся. Они не знают, своего врага. Я боролся с нацистами, так что я знаю, как они думают и действуют. Эти лунной базы и Антарктики базовые СС нацистской армии тамплиеров спартанские потомки порочные бойцы, и они верят только в двух вариантах: уничтожить врага или умереть сами.




— Who are the powerful Gnostic Illuminati faction? —


The Gnostic Illuminati are the non-aristocrat class of Illuminati members who are opposed to the aristocratic bloodline rule of the thirteen Illuminati reptilian hybrid bloodlines, which include all these royal families and presidents and prime ministers and celebrities and global bankers and emperors and dynastic families. This is why they caused the French revolution and Russian revolution and American revolution and Chinese communist revolution, etc., in order to topple the Illuminati bloodline families. They are an equally powerful faction of the Illuminati that is at war with these bloodline families and former imperial families through assassinations and financial wars and biological wars and weather wars, because they know that they will be exterminated by the aristocracy after the New World Order is established.


— 反対勢力ノスティック・イルミナティって誰たちなの? —


ノスティック・イルミナティ(Gnostic Illuminati)は、王室や大統領や総理大臣や芸能人やグローバル企業家や天皇陛下や王朝家族など、イルミナティ爬虫類混血人血統である十三のイルミナティ貴族血統の支配に反対している、貴族レベルではないイルミナティのメンバー達です。そのため、彼達は、イルミナティ血統家族を倒すために、フランス革命、ロシア革命、アメリカ独立戦争、中国共産党人民革命を起こしたのです。ノスティック・イルミナティは、新世界秩序(New World Order)が確立されると自分たちは抹殺・虐殺される事を知っているため、暗殺や金融戦争や生物兵器戦争や気象戦争を使って貴族と元王朝家たちと戦争している均等に権力あるイルミナティの派閥勢力である。





— Кто мощный Гностический Иллюминаты фракции? —

Гностический Иллюминаты не-аристократ класс членов Иллюминатов, которые против аристократического правления родословной из тринадцати иллюминатов рептилий гибридных родословных, которые включают все эти королевские семьи и президентов и премьер-министров и знаменитостей и глобальных банкиров и императоров и династические семьи. Именно поэтому они вызвали Французскую революцию и русскую революцию и Американской революции и китайской коммунистической революции, и т.д., для того, чтобы свергнуть родословной семьи иллюминатов. Они в равной степени мощным фракции иллюминатов, что находится в состоянии войны с этими Bloodline семей и бывших императорских семей через убийства и финансовых войн и биологических войн и погодных войн, потому что они знают, что они будут уничтожены аристократии после Нового Мирового Порядка является создана.






*** 竜家とノスティック・イルミナティ・ロマノッフたちとCOMM 12海軍本部の方々を攻撃している暗殺グループの嗅ぎ出し方 ***


白竜会とロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティと白帽子派閥とCOMM 12は、誰を暗殺するべきか直ぐ分かります。なぜならば、MAJI MJ-12 CIA AQUARIUSの偽情報提供者たちは、我々のブログを冷やかしたり、失礼なコメントを送ってきたりして、我々が彼らのナチス子孫の秘密を暴露するのを阻止しようとしているからです。彼達がするべき事は実に簡単です:誰が、我々をEMP電磁波武器や波長武器や他のエネルギー武器で周辺から撃っているのか特定し、彼達を一人一人消す事で、彼達の暗殺チームを破壊し、緑会の長老たちが、我々を宇宙衛星を利用しサイキック・チャクラ攻撃や黒魔術を使っている超人兵士を見付けて彼達を消せばよいだけの事です。そして、誰たちが我々の冷蔵庫の食べ物に毒物を入れているか確認し、彼達を尾行すれば、彼達は、長老たちやリーダーたちの攻撃を計画・司令を出している張本人たちに導いてくれるはずです。そして、どの工作員たちが我々のコンピューターをハッキングしているか、嗅ぎ出せば良いのです。竜家のほうたちが、もっと優れたサイバー戦争技術を持っているのです。


***方法,以識別那些暗殺小隊誰正在攻擊龍家的長輩和諾斯替光明Romanoffs和COMM 12海軍船廠人***

白龍協會和諾斯替光明和白帽子派和COMM 12知道他們要刺殺誰,因為MAJI MJ-12 CIA水瓶座disinformants確定自己被嘲笑我們的博客和訂單發送討厭的意見,披露更多的勸阻我們他們的納粹後代“的秘密。他們所要做的就是監控誰是誰的鄰近地區,並把它們逐一消除他們的暗殺小隊拍攝我們EMP武器,以及綠色社會長老只需要確定誰正在攻擊我們的心靈通過他們的衛星輪的攻擊,並採取了那些納粹uberman誰正在做他們。很簡單。並確定誰是毒害我們的食物,並按照他們及他們將帶領他們誰是策劃對長輩和領導者的襲擊肇事者。並確定誰是黑客和監督我們的計算機上的代理。龍家庭有更好的網絡戰能力。


*** Метод определения тех убийства отряды, которые нападают дракон семьи старейшин и гностические Иллюминатов Романовых и COMM 12 военно-морской верфи людей ***

Белый Дракон Общество и гностические иллюминатов и фракция белая шляпа и COMM 12 знают, кто они должны убить, потому что Маджи MJ-12 ЦРУ ВОДОЛЕЙ disinformants идентифицировать себя, высмеивая наши блоги и отправки неприятные комментарии в целях помешать нам раскрытия более секретов своих нацистских потомков. Все они должны сделать, это контролировать, кто те, кто стрельба нас ЭМИ оружия из соседних районов и взять их по одному, чтобы устранить их убийства отряды, и старейшины Зеленый Общество просто нужно определить, кто нападают на нас с психическим чакра атаки через их спутников, и взять те нацистской Uberman которые делают их. Простой. И определить, кто отравляют нашу еду и следовать за ними и они будут вести их на виновных, которые оркестровки атаки против своих старейшин и лидеров. И определить, агенты, которые взлома и мониторинга наши компьютеры. Семьи дракон имеют лучшие кибер навыки ведения войны.


*** Method to identify those assassination squads who are attacking the dragon family elders and Gnostic Illuminati Romanoffs and COMM 12 navy yard people ***





The White Dragon Society and the Gnostic Illuminati and the White Hat faction and COMM 12 know who they need to assassinate, because the MAJI MJ-12 CIA AQUARIUS disinformants identify themselves by ridiculing our blogs and sending obnoxious comments in order to discourage us from disclosing more of their Nazi descendants’ secrets. All they have to do is to monitor who are the ones who are shooting us with EMP weapons and frequency weapons and other energy weapons from neighboring areas and take them out one by one to eliminate their assassination squads, and the Green Society elders just need to identify who are attacking us with psychic chakra attacks via their satellites and black magic, and take out those Nazi uberman who are doing them. Simple. And identify who are poisoning our food and follow them & they will lead them to the perpetrators who are orchestrating attacks against their elders and leaders. And determine the agents who are hacking and monitoring our computers. The dragon families have better cyber warfare skills.








***由三百納粹猶太复國主義陰謀先覺MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白委員會秘密暗殺龍家族長老的方法***

三百納粹猶太复國主義陰謀的先覺MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白委員會正試圖暗中刺殺龍家的長輩和綠人通過引起過心理攻擊心臟攻擊利用外星科技衛星摧毀查克拉,以及使用其他外國人能武器和毒藥。這就是為什麼這麼多巨龍一族的長老和龍家大使龍家族成員越來越心臟發作等病症。他們這樣做是秘密,使他們沒有得到任何報復。


*** イルミナティMJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会ナチス・シオニスト犯罪組織が竜家長老たちを秘密に行っている暗殺方法 ***


イルミナティMJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会ナチス・シオニスト犯罪組織は、あらゆる宇宙人エネルギー武器や、毒物や、チャクラを破壊する宇宙人技術宇宙衛星経由でサイキック攻撃を使って心臓麻痺を起こし、竜家長老や緑男たちを秘密に暗殺しようとしています。このため、多くの竜家長老たちや、竜家大使たちや、竜家メンバーたちが、心臓麻痺や他の病になっております。反撃を避けるため、彼達は、秘密にやっているのです。


*** Illuminati MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth Committee of Three Hundred Nazi Zionist cabal secretly assassinate dragon family elders


The Illuminati MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth Committee of Three Hundred Nazi Zionist cabal are trying to secretly assassinate the dragon family elders and green men by causing heart attacks through psychic attacks using the alien technology satellites to destroy the chakras, as well as using other alien energy weapons and poisons. This is why so many dragon family elders and dragon family ambassadors and dragon family members are getting heart attacks and other illnesses. They do it secretly so that they do not get any retaliation.





***中國閱兵由光明MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白委員會抵制三百納粹猶太复國主義陰謀***

如果你看一下將要抵制中國的閱兵各國的地圖,它們都是由三百納粹猶太复國主義陰謀先覺MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里·伊麗莎白委員會控制。所有將要參加的國家是由龍家族控制。


*** 中国軍事パレードがイルミナティMJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会ナチス・シオニスト犯罪組織によってボイコットされました ***


中国の軍事パレードをボイコットした国々を地図で見ますと、全てイルミナティMJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会ナチス・シオニスト犯罪組織にコントロールされている国々です。参加する国々の全ては、竜家にコントロールされている国々です。


*** China military parade boycotted by Illuminati MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth Committee of Three Hundred Nazi Zionist cabal ***


If you look at the map of the nations that will be boycotting China’s military parade, they are all controlled by the Illuminati MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth committee of three hundred Nazi Zionist cabal. All the nations that will be attending are controlled by the dragon families.


*** Китай военный парад бойкотировали иллюминатов MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет комитетом триста нацистской сионистского заговора ***

Если вы посмотрите на карту народов, которые будут бойкотируют военный парад в Китае, все они контролируются комитетом Иллюминаты MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Елизавета триста нацистской сионистского заговора. Все страны, которые будут присутствовать контролируются семьями дракона.






之後,納粹後代“光明殺害群眾的日本人和亞洲人的日本潮波與神戶大地震和廣島原子彈爆炸恐怖襲擊事件和四川地震和印尼浪潮與SARS亞洲基因生物武器,白龍社會和綠龍的社會和紅色龍家和「朝堂院大覚」宣布對光明的戰爭(見的視頻。http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1300773964 )


*** 白竜会・緑竜会・赤竜家がイルミナティに宣戦布告 ***


ナチス子孫イルミナティが宮城沖地震と阪神大震災と広島原爆テロと四川地震とインドネシア津波とSARSアジア人遺伝子生物兵器で大量の日本人とアジア人を殺害したの後、白竜会と緑竜会と赤竜家と朝堂院大覚がイルミナティに宣戦布告。( http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1300773964 のビデオご覧下さい。)


*** White dragon society / green dragon society / red dragon family declares war on the Illuminati ***


After the Nazi descendants’ Illuminati killed masses of Japanese and Asians with the Japan tidal wave and Kobe earthquake and Hiroshima atomic bomb terrorist attack and Szechuan earthquake and Indonesia tidal wave and SARS Asian genes biological weapon, the white dragon society and green dragon society and red dragon family and Choudouindaikaku declared war on the Illuminati (See video at; http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1300773964 .)




*** Battle for survival between the Pentagon and white dragon society alliance versus the Nazi descendant Illuminati ***


The Pentagon and white dragon society alliance is locked in a battle for survival against the Nazi descendant Illuminati as assassinations attempts against Pentagon leaders and dragon family elders continue.





— Illuminati reptilian hybrids NSA know everything about you already —


If anyone has ever used a mobile phone or Illuminati Microsoft/Apple computer or video camera, then the NSA’s reptilian hybrid aliens already know everything about that person, including all passwords. Using their alien technology, the Illuminati NSA watches every toilet, shower room, locker room and secret meeting. Privacy is a joke.


— イルミナティ爬虫類混血人NSAは、既に貴方の事全て知っております —







— Illuminati Reptilien Hybriden NSA alles wissen bereits —

Wenn jemand jemals ein Mobiltelefon oder Illuminati Microsoft / Apple-Computer oder Videokamera verwendet wurde, dann der NSA reptilian hybrid Aliens schon alles über diese Person, inklusive aller Passwörter kennen. Mit ihrer Alien-Technologie, die Illuminati NSA Uhren jedes WC, Dusche, Umkleidekabine und Geheimtreffen. Datenschutz ist ein Witz.





— Illuminati Wife Discloses Nazi Controlled U.S. Military Army Air Force Navy Marine Corps —


Top military wife Kay Griggs discloses how the NATO military leaders belong to the mob and do all the assassinations for the mob, and how they are hardline Nazis who carry on the Tribe of Dan Edomite Illuminati Nazi Roman Spartan Egyptian military method, and how they control the narcotics industry, and how they kill all the innocent people, and give technology to China. (See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8ly0c0_Rnk )



— イルミナティの妻がナチに運営されている米軍陸軍空軍海軍海兵隊を暴露する —


軍のトップの妻であるケイ・グリッグス氏がどういう風にNATOの軍トップが暴力団に所属しており、マフィアの全ての暗殺を実行しており、ダン部族エドム人イルミナティのナチスやローマやスパルタやエジプトの軍の方法を引き継いでいるこてこてのナチス信者であり、彼達が麻薬産業を支配しており、多くの無実な人々を殺し、軍事技術を中国に渡している事などを暴露しています。( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8ly0c0_Rnk のビデオをご覧ください。)



最高军事妻子凯格里格斯披露了北约的军事领导人如何属于暴徒,做所有暗杀的暴徒,以及它们是如何谁进行丹以东光明纳粹罗马斯巴达的部落埃及军方方法强硬纳粹,以及它们如何控制毒品产业,以及他们如何杀死所有的无辜的人,对中国给予的技术。 (见视频:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8ly0c0_Rnk


— Иллюминаты Жена раскрывает под контролем нацистов Американские военные армии ВВС ВМФ морской пехоты —

Ведущие военные жена Кей Григгс раскрывает, как военные руководители НАТО относятся к моб и делать все убийства для мафии, и как они бескомпромиссные нацисты, которые несут на колена Данова Идумеянин Иллюминаты нацистской римского спартанского Египетские военные метода, и как они контролируют наркоиндустрия, и как они убивают все невинных людей, и дать технологии в Китай. (См видео: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8ly0c0_Rnk~~HEAD=dobj)





—Illuminati Freemason Satanists’ Sleep Deprivation Assassination Techniques—


The reason why the Illuminati Satanists try to deprive their victims’ of any sleep is for three reasons. Firstly, it is to try to kill them from lack of sleep. Secondly, it is to try to force them to go back to their hotel rooms, so that they can shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons at them from the next door rooms to try to kill them. Thirdly, it is to make their victim fall asleep in the completely deserted parks and beaches and forests, so that their Illuminati people can come by and always put poison into the health supplements that their victims keep in their bags to protect themselves from the Illuminati EMP electromagnetic microwave weapon’s oxidation effect.





If you say anything that do not agree with their values or beliefs, they assassinate you. If they think you do not fit into the dumb human population that can be mind controlled, and that you think on your own and are a creative thinker, then they assassinate you. If you are unlucky enough to just be the next house or family they decide to depopulate a member from, then they assassinate you. If you belong to a different race from whoever happens to be creating their biological weapons, then they genocide your race. If you are a homo-sapiens human race person and not an Illuminati reptilian hybrid race, then they assassinate you. If you belong to any other Illuminati reptilian hybrid faction that is different from their group such as the Gnostic Illuminati or Comm 12 or White Dragon Society or Green Dragon Society or Red Dragon Society or White Hat faction, then they assassinate you. If you are one of their Illuminati assassins, in order to make double sure that you do not speak about your assassinations, then they assassinate you. If one of your Illuminati subordinates or leaders do not like you for some reason, then they assassinate you. If you are just unlucky to be there in the way of the natural disaster or terrorist bombing or intentional plane crash, then they assassinate you. If a feminist happens to hear what you are saying and does not like it, then they assassinate you. If you have money or a wife or a daughter or status position that the Illuminati wants to steal from you, then they assassinate you. If any of their members just happens to see you on the streets and become jealous of how you happen to look, then they assassinate you. If they feel like killing someone today, then they assassinate you. If you happen to be there in a school or shopping mall or military installation or World Trade Center building or government building in which they plan to carry out their Illuminati reptilian satanic live sacrifice ritual by blowing it up or conducting mass shootings, then they assassinate you. If you happen to be in a rural village where they want to test their new military weapon that can wipe out the entire village and use some lame excuse to explain it away to the dumb public, then they assassinate you. If you live on this earth and are a victim of the diseases and crippling by the chem trails that they are pouring out onto the populace from their air force planes and commercial planes, then they assassinate you. If you are drinking or eating the toxins they are pouring into the tap waters and food sources or you are contracting germs that cause cancer that are created by the Illuminati Nazi laboratories, then they assassinate you. If you are victim of the financial recession that are designed to make you bankrupt and foreclose your house and become homeless and cannot feed your children, then they assassinate you. If you are unlucky to be a woman or man that they see on the streets and they do a digital recognition of your face to find out where you live and they come to UFO abduct you at night on their TR3-B alien technology military craft and rape you and dump your body in the ocean, then they assassinate you. If you are one of their Illuminati mind control program victims and they force you to commit suicide or conduct serial satanic ritual murders, then they assassinate you. If you a group of global bankers who oppose the Federal Reserve Bank, so they bunch you up onto the Titanic ship which they sink, then they assassinate you. If you are a religious Christian or a Jew of the twelve tribes who the Illuminati reptilian hybrid bloodline Edomite cursed Tribe of Dan Zionist descendants hate, then they assassinate you. If you are a Japanese Hebrew descendant of the ten lost tribes whom the Illuminati Japanese of Korean ancestry hates and they can cause Fukushima nuclear tidal waves to wipe your ethnic group out, then they assassinate you. If you live on the African continent where the Illuminati wants to take over your natural resources and test their Ebola and AIDS biological weapons on, then they assassinate you. If you are the last homo-sapiens human race person alive during Noah’s flood’s days when they replaced mankind with alien reptilian hybrid Aryan nephilim creatures, then they assassinate you. If you are one of the millions of children kidnapped every year for their paedophile rape or Illuminati child sacrifice satanic rituals, then they assassinate you. If you are an Illuminati reptilian hybrid who they use to destroy the human race and once they are finished using you, then they will assassinate you. This is why the Illuminati has been gang-stalking me with their hordes of people and trying to assassinate me with EMP electromagnetic heart attack weapons and poisons and bankruptcies and hundreds of other methods. The society we live in is lawless, wild, mind-controlled and despicably evil.





The Illuminati reptilian hybrids used to use conventional methods to depopulate and genocide the human homo-sapiens, as you can see them executing 22,000 Polish officers in Katyn, but they found out that it was not efficient enough and it left evidence of the genocide. Therefore, the Illuminati reptilian hybrids now just use their hordes of special NSA CIA MI6 assassin squads and feminist squads and Korean squads and Satanist squads to go around shooting humans and family members during the night while they sleep with EMP electromagnetic weapons or other energy weapons or psychic satellite weapons to shoot peoples’ chakras to cause heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, uterine cancers, renal failures, diabetes, sudden infant deaths, infertility, leukemia, and every other natural death conceivable, in order to systematically eliminate the human homo-sapiens population.


イルミナティ爬虫類混血人種たちは、カティンの森で22,000人のポーランド将校を抹殺したように、古い方法で人口を減らし、ホモサピアン人間種を抹殺しておりましたが、非効率的で証拠が残る事が分ったのです。そのため、イルミナティの爬虫類混血人種たちは、現在は、特別なNSA CIA MI6暗殺隊やフェミニスト隊や韓国人隊や悪魔崇拝者隊の隊群を使って、人間や家族メンバー達を夜寝ている間にEMP電磁波武器や他のエネルギー武器や衛星サイキック武器などを使って人々達のチャクラを撃ち、心臓発作やアルツハイマーや子宮癌や腎不全や糖尿病や乳幼児突然死や不妊症や白血病や他の考え出せれる自然死を使って、ホモサピアン人間種の人口をシステマチックに抹殺しているのです。


Illuminati gadzie hybrydy stosowane w użyciu konwencjonalnych metod wyludnić i ludobójstwo ludzkie homo- sapiens, jak widać im wykonywania 22.000 polskich oficerów w Katyniu, ale okazało się, że nie było wystarczająco skuteczne i opuściła dowodów na ludobójstwo. Dlatego Illuminati gadzie hybrydy teraz wystarczy użyć ich hordy specjalne oddziały NSA CIA, MI6 zabójców i feministycznych oddziały i koreańskich oddziały i szwadrony satanistycznymi obejść fotografowania ludzi i członków rodziny w nocy podczas snu z EMP broni elektromagnetycznych lub innych rodzajów broni energetycznych lub psychiczne broni satelitarnej, aby strzelać czakry ludów spowodować zawał serca, choroba Alzheimera, raka macicy, awarie nerek, cukrzycę, nagłych zgonów niemowląt, bezpłodność, białaczka, i każdy inny pomyślenia naturalnej śmierci, aby systematycznie wyeliminować ludzką populację homo-sapiens.


用慣了傳統方法的光明爬行動物雜交,以人口減少和種族滅絕人的同型智人,因為你可以看到他們在執行22000名波蘭軍官的卡廷,但他們發現,這是遠遠不夠高效,它留下的大屠殺的證據。因此,光明爬行動物的雜交種,現在只需要使用特殊的國家安全局CIA MI6暗殺隊和女權主義者隊和韓國隊和撒旦小隊他們成群結隊來繞去,在夜間拍攝人及家庭成員,而他們與EMP電磁武器或其他能武器或睡通靈反衛星武器射擊人民的查克拉造成心臟發作,阿爾茨海默氏症,子宮癌,腎功能不全,糖尿病,嬰兒突然死亡,不孕不育,白血病,和所有其他自然死亡可以想像,為了系統地消除人類同源智人的人口。


הכלאיים זוחלי האילומינטי נהגו להשתמש בשיטות מקובלות לרוקן ורצח עם ההומו-סאפיינס האנושי, כפי שאתה יכול לראות אותם מבצע 22,000 קצינים פולנים ביער קאטין, אך הם גילו שזה לא היה יעיל מספיק וזה השאיר ראיות של רצח עם. לכן, הכלאיים זוחלי האילומינטי עכשיו פשוט להשתמש המוניהם של חוליות מיוחדות NSA CIA MI6 רוצח וחוליות פמיניסטיות וחוליות קוריאני וחוליות השטן ללכת סביב ירי בני אדם ובני משפחה במהלך הלילה בזמן שהם ישנים עם נשק EMP אלקטרומגנטית או נשק אנרגיה אחר או נשק לווין נפשי לירות הצ’אקרות של אנשים כדי לגרום להתקפי לב, אלצהיימר, סרטן הרחם, כשלי כליות, סוכרת, מקרי מוות בעריסה, בעיות פוריות, סרטן דם, וכל אחרת מתקבל על הדעת מוות טבעי, במטרה לחסל את אוכלוסיית ההומו-סאפיינס אדם באופן שיטתי.





News from the Dragon Families & White Hat Faction: It seems Gnostic Illuminati Alexander Romanoff is offering a million dollar reward for assassination of MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth Committee of 300 Nazi Zionist cabal members and the destruction of their memories that are uploaded unto computers so that they cannot clone new bodies and so-called resurrect themselves.




記者從龍家庭和白帽陣營:看來諾斯替先覺者亞歷山大·羅曼諾夫將提供一百萬美元的獎勵MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座希拉里伊麗莎白委員會暗殺300納粹猶太复國主義陰謀集團成員和他們的記憶上載到對電腦的破壞使他們無法克隆新的機構和所謂的復活自己。


Новости от семей Dragon & White Hat фракции: Кажется Гностический Иллюминаты Александр Романов предлагает награду в миллион долларов за убийство MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Элизабет Комитета 300 нацистских сионистских членов Кабал и уничтожение их воспоминания, которые будут загружены к компьютерам таким образом, что они не могут клонировать новые органы и так называемый воскресить себя.


Noticias de las familias Dragón & White Hat Faction: Parece gnóstico Illuminati Alexander Romanoff está ofreciendo una recompensa de un millón de dólares para el asesinato del MJ-12 MAJI ACUARIO Hillary Comité Isabel de 300 nazis miembros cábala sionistas y la destrucción de sus recuerdos que se cargan a los ordenadores por lo que no pueden clonar nuevos cuerpos y los llamados resucitar sí mismos.


Notizie dai Famiglie Drago & White Hat Faction: Sembra gnostico Illuminati Alexander Romanoff offre una ricompensa milioni di dollari per l’assassinio di MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Comitato Elisabetta di 300 nazisti membri cabala sionista e la distruzione delle loro memorie che sono caricato fino alla computer in modo che essi non possono clonare nuovi organi e cosiddetto stessi resuscitare.




It is very funny. The MJ-12 Hillary Elizabeth Committee of 300 Nazis had hired demonstrators outside my house since yesterday & all morning,


so white dragon society triads & red dragon  families & gnostic illuminati brought in nationalists to counter demo & drown out their voices.


這是非常有趣的。300納粹MAJI MJ-12水瓶座希拉里伊麗莎白委員會昨天起所有與上午聘請了示威我的房子外製造噪音,所以白龍社會黑社會及紅龍家族與諾斯替光明與白帽子派別帶來超民族主義者反擊抗議他們與淹沒了他們的聲音。


とても滑稽なのは、MAJI MJ-12 AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベス三百人委員会ナチス大量日本人虐殺者たちが私の家の前で昨日から今朝に渡りデモ隊を雇って音を立てていたところ、白竜会三合会と赤竜家とノスティック・イルミナティと白帽子派閥の同盟は日本青年協議会日本協議会全日本愛国者団体会議など右翼団体を連れてきてカウンターデモを行い、彼達の声をかき消ししておりました。






—Defensive Strategies of the White Dragon Society Triad & Gnostic Illuminati & White Hat Faction & Army Navy Air Force COMM 12—


The White Dragon Society Triad and Russian Gnostic Illuminati and White Hat Faction and Army / Navy / Air Force Intelligence Pentagon COMM 12 has to avoid centralizing their command and needs to spread out while consolidating at the same time, because one MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth P2 Committee of Three Hundred Nazi Zionist criminal cabal suitcase bomb could destroy their entire command and control, if they target the Navy Yard or Pentagon or Fukushima or Kobe. The Gnostic Illuminati needs to have several backup liaisons to the White Dragon Society Triad and COMM 12 and White Hat Faction, because if the MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth P2 Committee of 300 Nazi Zionist gang assassinates Alexander Romanoff, they would lose their representation.


—白竜会三合会とロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティと白帽子派閥と陸軍海軍空軍COMM 12の防衛戦略—


白竜会三合会とノスティック・イルミナティと白帽子派閥と陸軍海軍空軍諜報局ペンタゴンCOMM 12は、司令部を中央化させると、もし、MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベスP2三百人委員会ナチス・シオニスト犯罪組織が、ワシントン海軍工廠やペンタゴン国防省や福島や神戸をスーツケース核爆弾で破壊すると、彼達の司令部は一瞬に全滅するので、統一しつつ、司令部を分散させる必要があります。もし、MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUSヒラリー・エリザベスP2三百人委員会ナチス・シオニスト・ギャングが、アレクサンダー・ロマノッフ氏を暗殺した場合、代表を一瞬で失ってしまうため、白竜会三合会とCOMM12と白帽子派閥へのバックアップ代表者を何人か設ける必要があります。



白龍協會三合會及俄羅斯諾斯替光明和白帽子派和陸軍/海軍/空軍情報五角大樓COMM12具有避免集中他們的指揮,需要傳播出去,同時鞏固在同一時間,因為一個MJ-12 MAJI CIA水瓶座三百納粹猶太复國主義犯罪陰謀手提箱炸彈希拉里伊麗莎白P2委員會可以摧毀他們的整個指揮和控制,如果他們針對海軍造船廠或五角或福島或科比的諾斯替先覺需要有多個備份聯絡到白龍會三合會及COMM12和白帽子派,因為如果MJ-12 MAJI CIA水瓶座希拉里伊麗莎白P2的300納粹猶太复國主義團伙委員會刺殺亞歷山大·羅曼諾夫,他們將失去其代表性。



— Оборонительные стратегии Белого Дракона общества Триады и гностические иллюминатов и Белого Hat фракции и армии ВВС ВМФ COMM 12 —

Фракция Белый Дракон общества Триада и России гностические иллюминатов и белая шляпа и армии / флота / ВВС разведки Пентагона COMM 12 имеет, чтобы избежать централизации команду и должен распространяться в то время как консолидация в то же время, из-за одного MJ-12 Маджи ЦРУ ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Комитет Элизабет Р2 триста нацистской сионистского уголовное клика чемодан бомбы может уничтожить всю свою команду и контроль, если они направлены ВМС завод или Пентагон или Фукусима или Кобе. Гностический иллюминатов необходимо иметь несколько резервных помощникам белого Дракона общества Триады и COMM 12 и белая шляпа Фракция, потому что, если Маджи ЦРУ ВОДОЛЕЙ Хиллари Комитет Р2 MJ-12 Елизавета 300 нацистской банды убивает сионистского Александр Романов, они теряют представление.





Bring down these evil Illuminati nephilim like Don Stewart and Jack Hibbs and Greg Laurie and their cabal. They need to be removed.





*** There are those who have switched sides from the MJ-12 / Elizabeth / Hillary / AQUARIUS / Nazi cabal to the COMM 12 / White Dragon Society Triad / Gnostic Illuminati / White Hat faction alliance, because they want to genuinely prevent the replacement of all homo-sapiens humankind with reptilian clones, and there are those who flipped sides to just save themselves and make others the villains. Beware of those who just want to save themselves. There are Illuminati members who are making it look like there are good Illuminati, because there are hundreds of thousands of people speaking out about the Illuminati’s assassination of millions of people who have spoken out, and they cannot hide that fact any longer from the hundreds of thousands of human homo-sapiens law enforcement personnel and military personnel. For example, the whole world’s eyes groups’ eyes are upon people like me and others who are speaking out. ***


*** MJ-12・エリザベス・ヒラリー・AQUARIUS・ナチス犯罪組織からCOMM 12・白竜会三合会・ノスティックイルミナティ・白帽子派閥同盟へ寝返った者で、純粋にホモサピアン人類を爬虫類クローンで入れ替えられるのを阻止したい者もいれば、中には、他の者たちを悪者にして、自分たちの身を救うために寝返った者たちもおります。自分たちを救うために寝返った者たちにはご用心下さい。イルミナティによる何百万人という抗議で公表した者たちの暗殺に関して、何十万人という人たちが公的に抗議し初めているため、何十万人というホモサピアン人間の警察関係者や軍関係者に事実を隠す事が出来なくなったため、イルミナティの中には良いイルミナティがいるように見せかけているイルミナティのメンバーたちもおります。例えば私や他に話出ている者たちに世界や団体たちの目線が注目しております ***



*White Dragon Society & Russian Gnostic Illuminati & COMM 12 & White Hat Faction’s Declaration of War Against MJ-12 Hillary Elizabeth Nazis*


For every one of the Gnostic Illuminati & White Dragon Society Triad & Japanese & Pentagon & White Hat members they genocide / assassinated, Alliance spokesman Benjamin Fulford has publicly declared that Elizabeth and Hillary are definitely going to get their lives spanked (News).


*** MJ-12ヒラリー・エリザベス・ナチスたちへ対して白竜会三合会とロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティとCOMM 12と白帽子派閥が宣戦布告 ***











***Agarthans & Galactic Federation versus the Reptilians***


Some of the Illuminati members believe that the Green Dragon Society fifth-dimension ascended Tibetan monks who run the White Dragon Society are in communication with the Agarthans who are the giant nephilim descendents of Atlantis who escaped the flood into the hallow earth underground cities. According to them, the Agarthans are ruled by the Council of Twelve Disciples and they are getting ready to appear and reunite the Agarthans with the human race on the surface of the earth to create their utopian one-world government and to ascend mankind to their fifth dimension evolution of peace and light. They claim that the Agarthans are spiritual beings and have great powers and technology, and the Nazis have escaped to their Antarctic bases to join them. They believe that the Agarthans will get rid of the evil Nazi cabal reptilians and the red dragon family Queen Elizabeth and their old world order, so that they can create a new world order. These Illuminati members believe that the Agarthans are in contact with the Galactic Federation aliens who will descend from outer space as the Agarthans ascend from underground cities, and they will all join with the humans to create a one-world Tsan Chan Empire or Fourth Reich. They believe that the Agarthans are part of the Confederation of Planets or alliance of aliens. They say that the inner circle of the dragons report to the Daemon Sultan or Great Dragon who dwells at the center of the universe beyond space and time. Through Buddhist meditation and martial arts and chakra manipulation, the monks of the Illuminati use magic to further their purpose. The adepts of the dragon societies have supernatural powers and yield military technologies that are eons more advanced than our own. Through eugenics they create super soldiers. The reason why the Nazis are attacking the White Dragon Society with Kobe earthquakes & Fukushima nuclear bombings & Hiroshima bombings & massive Shanghai typhoons & SARS & assassination attempts on Ben Fulford & Triad members is because the Rothchild British royalty Bush Abe MJ-12 Committee of Three Hundred Nazi Zionist cabal is at war with the White Dragon Society Triad.







News: It seems the gnostic illuminati is offering a million dollars for the assassination of MJ-12 and MAJI and AQUARIUS and committee of three hundred olympians nazi illuminati members, according to Alexander Romanoff, to any triad or yakuza or mafia or bounty hunter or private mercenary. There is a war going on between the gnostic illuminati and the MJ-12 committee of three hundred.






Noticias: Parece que los illuminati gnósticos está ofreciendo un millón de dólares por el asesinato del MJ-12 y MAJI y ACUARIO y el comité de trescientos miembros olímpicos illuminati nazis, según Alexander Romanoff, a cualquier triada o yakuza o mafia o cazarrecompensas o privada mercenario. Hay una guerra entre los illuminati gnósticos y el comité de MJ-12 de trescientos.


Новости: Кажется, гностические иллюминатов предлагает миллион долларов за убийство MJ-12 и Майи и ВОДОЛЕЙ и комитета трехсот олимпийцев нацистские иллюминатов членов, по словам Александра Романова, в любой триаде или якудза или мафия, или охотник за головами или частный наемник. Существует идет война между гностических иллюминатов и MJ-12 комитета трехсот.


News: Sembra che gli Illuminati gnostici sta offrendo un milione di dollari per l’assassinio di MJ-12 e MAJI e AQUARIUS e comitato di trecento olimpo degli Illuminati nazisti membri, secondo Alexander Romanoff, a qualsiasi triade o yakuza o mafioso o cacciatore di taglie o privato mercenario. C’è una guerra in corso tra gli illuminati gnostiche e il comitato MJ-12 di trecento.







*** Difference between the dragon societies and the yakuza ***
People may ask me what is the difference between the yakuza and the dragon families? My mother told me the dragon societies have a policy of not troubling ordinary citizens. Their leaders are often professors, company executives, investors, military leaders, etc. Many of the leaders are Japanese. On the other hand, the yakuza are 90% Korean ancestry (60% ancient Korean descent and 30% modern Korean descent.) The yakuza are very similar to the Khazarian Edomites Nazis like the Rothchild and Bush and Rockefeller and European royal families, who are a different ethnicity from the people they masquerade themselves as. This is why the yakuza are helping the Rothchild MJ-12 AQUARIUS Nazi Gestapo SS descedents to exterminate Japanese people with tidal waves and earthquakes and radiation and volcanoes and SARS. The yakuza kill, rape, steal, pillage, lie and genocide. This is why the yakuza do the dirty work for the MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUS Rothchild Nazi Illuminati Satanists. The yakuza were created by the Illuminati Freemason Rothchild Nazis to carry out their work in Japan. The dragon societies are similar to the naval & air force intelligence COMM12 white hat faction, and have served to protect the public whom they live among. They are two different organizations.




やくざと竜家の違いは何か、人々は聞くかもしれません。竜会たちは普通の市民には迷惑をかけないという方針を持っていると母は言っておりました。彼達のリーダーたちは、教授や会社役員や投資家や軍のリーダーなどです。多くのリーダーは、日本人です。それに対し、やくざは90%在日韓国系です(60%は古代韓国系で30%は現代韓国系です)。やくざは、ロスチャイルドやブッシュやロックフェラーやヨーロッパ貴族のハザール・エドム人ナチスに似ており、彼達が装うっている民族とは全く違う人種なのです。その理由で、やくざたちは、津波や地震や放射能や火山やSARS細菌などで日本人を抹殺するためMJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUSロスチャイルド・ナチ・イルミナティ悪魔崇拝者を手助けしているのです。やくざは、殺人、レイプ、盗み、略奪、騙し、そしてジェノサイド抹殺を行います。このため、やくざは、MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUSロスチャイルド・ナチス・イルミナティ悪魔崇拝者たちの汚い仕事をやっているのです。イルミナティ・フリーメイソン・ロスチャイルド・ナチたちは、自分たちの日本での活動を果たすためやくざを作ったのです。白竜会は、海軍・空軍諜報局COMM 12白帽子派閥と似ていて、彼達が住む中の大衆の人々を守る事に努めてきました。彼達は二つ違う組織なのです。



人們也許會問我什麼是黑幫和龍家族之間的區別嗎?我的媽媽告訴我,龍社團都沒有困擾普通民眾的政策。這些國家的領導人往往是教授,企業高管,投資者,軍方領導人等許多領導者是日本人。在另一方面,黑幫是90%的韓國血統(60%古朝鮮裔和30%韓國現代血統。)癟三是非常相似的Khazarian以東納粹像羅瑟柴爾德與布什和洛克菲勒和歐洲王室貴族,誰是從他們自己偽裝的人不同的種族。這就是為什麼黑幫正在幫助羅瑟柴爾德MJ-12水瓶座納粹蓋世太保黨衛軍descedents滅掉日本人民與海嘯和地震和輻射和火山和SARS的黑幫殺人,強姦,偷盜,搶劫,謊言和種族滅絕。這就是為什麼黑幫做骯髒的工作,為MJ-12 MAJI CIA水瓶座羅瑟柴爾德納粹光明撒旦教徒的黑幫是由光明洪門羅瑟柴爾德納粹創造開展工作在日本,龍的社會是相似的海軍和空軍情報COMM12白帽派系,並起到了保護他們生活中為之公眾開放。這是兩個不同的組織。







*** Alliance formed between Pentagon COM-12 and China to destroy Nazi Edomite CIA AQUARIUS Rothchild Bush Abe Gestapo SS secret bases ***


(Latest News) An alliance has been formed between the Pentagon COM-12 White Hat faction and the Chinese military and the white dragon society green dragon society triad to destroy Nazi Edomite CIA AQUARIUS Rothchild Bush Abe Gestapo SS secret bases in Antarctic and moon and NSA bases around the world. The Khazarian Zionist Edomite Gestapo SS Cabal is moving huge number of Nazi assassination troops from their base in Russia to their Colorado base to prepare for mass assassination of dragon family triad and Gnostic illuminati members and Pentagon leaders. In retaliation, as Alexander Romanov was attacked, Gnostic illuminati is sending assassination squads to Japan to assist white dragon society and white hat faction navy and air force intelligence COM-12 troops to battle Abe Nazi forces. The alliance is moving to arrest hundreds of Rockefeller Clinton Nazi paedophile child rape ring. Meanwhile, middle class families in Japan and U.S. and Greece are having trouble feeding children because of the extortion of tax money from these nation’s governments by the Nazi cabal alliance. Nazis tried to start World War 3 nuclear bomb war in Ukraine, but Russians and Americans stopped it.


*** ナチス・エドム人CIA AQUARIUSロスチャイルド・ブッシュ・安倍ゲシュタポSS秘密基地を破壊するためペンタゴンCOM-12と中国は同盟を組みました ***


(最新ニュース)世界中のNSA基地と月と南極のナチス・エドム人CIA AQUARIUSロスチャイルド・ブッシュ安倍ゲシュタポSS秘密基地を破壊するためペンタゴン国防省COM-12白帽子派閥と中国軍と白竜会緑竜会三合会は同盟を組みました。竜家三合会とノスティック・イルミナティ・メンバーたちとペンタゴンのリーダーたちの大量暗殺を準備するため、ハザール人シオニスト・エドム人ゲシュタポSS犯罪組織は、巨大なナチス暗殺部隊をロシアの基地からコロラドの基地に移動しました。反撃に、アレクサンダー・ロマノフ氏が攻撃されたため、ノスティック・イルミナティは、安倍ナチス勢力と戦うため、白竜会と白帽子派閥海軍・空軍諜報局COM-12の部隊たちを援護するため、日本へ暗殺部隊を送りました。何百人というロクフェラー・クリントン・ナチ幼児性的虐待組織を逮捕するよう同盟は動いております。その間、日本とアメリカとギリシャの中流階級家族は、ナチス犯罪組織が税金をこの国々の政府からお脅し取っているため、子供たちに食べ物を与えるのに苦しんでおります。ウクライナで第三次大戦核爆弾戦争をナチスたちは、始めようとしましたが、ロシア人たちとアメリカ人たちは、阻止しました。





*** Альянс, образованный между Пентагона COM-12 и Китая, чтобы уничтожить нацистский Идумеянин ЦРУ ВОДОЛЕЙ Ротшильд Буш Абэ гестапо СС секретных баз ***

(Последние новости) альянс был сформирован между фракции Пентагон COM-12 Белый Hat и китайских военных и белый дракон Зеленый дракон общества общества триады, чтобы уничтожить нацистский Идумеянин ЦРУ ВОДОЛЕЙ Ротшильд Буш Абэ гестапо СС секретных баз в Антарктике и Луны и АНБ баз по всему миру. Хазарский сионистский Идумеянин гестапо СС Кабал движется огромное количество нацистских убийств войск из своей базы в России на базу Колорадо подготовить для массового убийства дракона семьи триады и гностических иллюминатов членов и лидеров Пентагона. В отместку, а был атакован Александр Романов, гностические иллюминаты посылает убийства отрядов в Японию, чтобы помочь белым общество дракона и белой шляпе фракции флот и военно-воздушные силы разведки COM-12 войска в бой Абэ нацистских сил. Альянс движется арестовать сотни Рокфеллер Клинтон нацистской педофил детьми рапса кольца. Между тем, средний класс семей в Японии и США и Греции возникли проблемы кормления детей из-за вымогательства налоговой денег от правительств этих национальных нацистским клика альянса. Нацисты пытались начать мировой войны 3 атомной бомбы войну в Украине, но русские и американцы остановили его.







*** Your family members may no longer be humans or related to you and will end up killing you and all your family ***


One out of 15 or 20 of your family members may not be your family members who were abducted by TR3B Nazi anti-gravitational craft at night. They are implanted alien clones with downloaded memory, and are programmed to murder you and all your family when the “Nazi / Zionist / Bush / Rothchild / Abe / Japanese of Korean ancestry groups / Freemason / Committee of Three Hundred / Trilateral Commission / Council on Foreign Relations / United Nations / Bilderberg / MJ-12 / MAJI / AQUARIUS / faction” starts World War 3 nuclear war chaos and takes over the earth’s food and weapons and police. But their appearance, voice and memories are the same as your real human family members.


*** 貴方の家族メンバーは、既に人間ではなく、貴方と関係はなく、貴方と貴方の家族全員を殺す結果になる事になります ***





一出15或你的家庭成員20可能不是你的家庭成員誰被納粹TR3B反重力工藝在夜間被綁架。他們被植入記憶下載外星人克隆,並進行編程謀殺你和你的家人的時候,“納粹/猶太复國主義/布什/羅瑟柴爾德/阿部/韓國血統群體日文/洪門/三百/三邊委員會/理事會關於委員會對外關係/聯合國/彼爾德伯格/ MJ-12/ MAJI/水瓶座/派“開始第三次世界大戰爆發核戰爭的混亂,並接管了地球的糧食和武器和警察。但他們的外貌,聲音和記憶是一樣的你真正的人類大家庭的成員。


*** Члены вашей семьи больше не может быть людей или связанных с вами и будет в конечном итоге убить тебя и всю вашу семью ***

Один из 15 или 20 членов вашей семьи не могут быть членами вашей семьи, которые были похищены в TR3B нацистской анти-гравитационного корабля ночью. Они имплантировали чужеродных клонов с скаченного памяти и запрограммированы на убийство вас и всю вашу семью, когда “нацистская / сионистского / Буш / Ротшильд / Абэ / японский корейских родословной групп / масоном / Комитет трехсот / Трехсторонняя комиссия / Совет по Иностранные отношения / Организации Объединенных Наций / Бильдербергский клуб / MJ-12 / Маджи / ВОДОЛЕЙ / фракция “начинает мировой войны 3 ядерной войны хаоса и берет на себя пищи земной и оружия и полиции. Но их внешний вид, голос и воспоминания же, как ваши реальные членов человеческой семьи.


*** قد لا يكون أفراد أسرتك البشر أو علاقة لك، وسوف ينتهي الأمر بقتل لكم ولجميع أفراد عائلتك ***

واحد من كل 15 أو 20 من أفراد عائلتك قد لا يكون أفراد عائلتك الذين اختطفوا من قبل TR3B النازية الحرفية مكافحة الجاذبية ليلا. يتم زرعها أنها استنساخ الغريبة مع الذاكرة التي تم تنزيلها، ومبرمجة لقتل لكم ولجميع أفراد عائلتك عندما “النازية / الصهيونية / بوش / روتشيلد / آبي / اليابانية الجماعات أصل الكورية / الماسوني / لجنة من ثلاثمائة / اللجنة الثلاثية / مجلس العلاقات الخارجية / الأمم المتحدة / بيلدربيرغ / MJ-12 / ماجي / الدلو / فصيل “يبدأ الحرب العالمية 3 فوضى الحرب النووية، ويأخذ على الغذاء الأرض والأسلحة والشرطة. ولكن مظهرهم والصوت وذكريات هي نفس أعضاء الأسرة البشرية الخاص بك الحقيقي.






*** Usual meaningless assassination attempt against me ***


As usual, I saw a gangster guy riding on a bicycle on the opposite street looking back at me, and the usual scum of society looking CIA scoundrel type man outside my apartment talking on the mobile phone looking and smirking at me, so I knew they had done something to my computer speaker cable or poisoned something. When I drank the water, I suddenly got very sick. But, as the Bible tells us, we will not be harmed at all even if we drink poison or trample on the Snake’s head or shot every day with EMP electromagnetic weapons, and have power over all of the enemy’s power. Satan and the fallen angels must submit to us. Glory to Jesus Christ!


*** いつもの無意味な私への暗殺未遂 ***







*** Обычная попытка бессмысленно убийство против меня ***

Как обычно, я видел гангстера парень ехал на велосипеде на противоположной улице, глядя на меня, и обычный отбросы общества, глядя ЦРУ типа негодяй человека вне моей квартире разговаривает по мобильному телефону глядя и ухмыляясь на меня, так что я знал, что они сделал что-то на моем компьютере акустического кабеля или отравленного что-то. Когда я пил воду, я вдруг получил очень болен. Но, как Библия говорит нам, что мы не будем вред вообще, даже если мы пьем яд или топтать на голову змеи или выстрел каждый день с ЭМИ электромагнитного оружия, и имеют власть над всеми власть противника. Сатана и падшие ангелы должны представить нам. Слава Иисусу Христу!






** Reason why there are huge numbers of U.S. troops killing each other and there is an assassination war going on inside the U.S. government

The Pentagon COM-12 & White Hat faction U.S. soldiers who are trying to protect the U.S. citizens and the human homo-sapiens race from extermination are fighting the Nazi descendent NSA CIA MI6 MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS U.S. soldiers who are trying to genocide all of their fellow Americans and 99% of the earth’s population. This is why there are massive numbers of assassinations and murders and gunfights and bombings going on between the Pentagon COM-12 U.S. soldiers and the Rothchild Bush Nazi CIA AQUARIUS U.S. soldiers.






The white dragon society triad and COM-12 alliance are trying to stop the Rothchild Rockefeller Abe Nazi AQUARIUS MAJI MJ-12 NSA Gestapo SS alliance who are trying to erupt volcanoes all over Japan to kill the Japanese, and trying to stop the mass genocide of Asians (including Chinese and southeast Asians).


白竜会三合会とCOM-12同盟は、日本中の火山を噴火させ、日本人を抹殺しようとしているロスチャイルド・ロクフェラ・安倍、ナチスAQUARIUS MAJI MJ-12 NSA GESTAPO SS 同盟を阻止し、アジア系(中国人も東南アジア人も含め)の大量虐殺を止めようとしております。


白龍社會黑社會和COM-12聯盟正在試圖阻止洛克菲勒羅瑟柴爾德納粹安倍水瓶座MAJI MJ-12國家安全局蓋世太保黨衛軍聯盟誰試圖火山爆發全日本殺日本,並試圖阻止的大規模種族滅絕亞洲人(包括中國和東南亞人)。


The White Dragon Society and the naval / air force intelligence COM-12 and Pentagon White Hat faction confiscated 2 nuclear bombs from the Nazi Rothshild NSA Department of Homeland Security terrorists who were trying to use them to start world war 3 with, and used them to bomb 2 Department of Homeland Security terrorist Nazi bases instead.




白龍協會和海軍/空軍情報COM-12和五角大樓的白帽子沒收派國土安全的恐怖分子誰是試圖利用他們開始第三次世界大戰用的納粹Rothshild NSA部2核炸彈,並將它們用於國土安全恐怖的納粹基地,而不是炸彈2處。


Benjamin Fulford of the White Dragon Society and COM-12 and CIA NSA MI6 White Hat faction alliance says Rothchild Bush Zionist Nazis are making trillions of digital counterfeit money for themselves. This is how they finance their black ops Nazi terrorism.


ホワイト・ドラゴン・ソサイエティとコム12とCIA NSA MI6ホワイト・ハット派閥同盟のベンジャミンフルフォード氏によると、ロスチャイルド・ブッシュ・シオニスト・ナチたちは、自分の為に何兆円というデジタル偽通貨を発行しているそうです。こうやって、彼達は、自分たちのナチス極秘テロ活動を支援しているそうです。









— More terrorist attacks from the Committee of Three Hundred MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Nazi Zionists to come —


Since the Committee of Three Hundred MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Nazi Zionist fanatic terrorist group is planning more terror attacks like the Japan Tohoku tidal wave, Japan Airline crash, SARS Asian genes targeted epidemic, Pentagon missile attack, Mount Fuji eruption, Fukushima radiation contamination, and extortion of billions of dollars of Japanese government taxpayers’ money, Kobe earthquake, Hiroshima atomic bomb mass Illuminati satanic ritual sacrifice, assassination attempts against White Dragon Society Triad leaders and Russian Gnostic Illuminati leaders and Pentagon leaders and Navy Yard COM-12 leaders and White Hat faction leaders, it is getting the dragon family triad people like Benjamin Fulford and Russian Gnostic illuminati Alexander Romanov and Navy & Air Force intelligence COM-12 leaders and Pentagon leaders and White Hat faction leaders very, very angry.


— 三百人委員会MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSナチス・シオニストからのテロ攻撃はこれから増えてきます —


三百人委員会MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUSナチ・シオニスト過激派テロ組織は、日本東北の津波や、日本航空墜落や、SARSアジア人遺伝子狙った疫病や、ペンタゴンミサイル攻撃や、富士山噴火や、福島放射能汚染や、税金からの何兆円という日本政府からの脅し取りや、阪神大震災や、広島原爆イルミナティ大量虐殺悪魔崇拝儀式生贄や、白竜会三合会のリーダーたちやロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティのリーダーたちやペンタゴンのリーダーたちやワシントン海軍工廠COM-12のリーダーたちや白帽子派閥リーダーたちなどへの暗殺などなど、もっとテロ攻撃を企画していますので、竜家三合会のベンジャミン・フルフォード氏やロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティのアレクサンダー・ロマノフ氏や海軍と空軍諜報局COM-12のリーダーたちやペンタゴン国防省のリーダーたちや白帽子派閥のリーダーたちは、とても激怒し始めてきております。


—從委員會更多的恐怖襲擊三百MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座納粹猶太复國主義來—

自從三百MJ-12 MAJI水瓶座納粹狂熱的猶太复國主義恐怖組織的委員會正計劃像日本東北浪潮更多的恐怖襲擊,日本航空大跌,亞洲SARS基因靶向疫情,五角大樓導彈攻擊,富士山噴發,福島輻射污染,與數十億美元的日本政府納稅人的錢敲詐,神戶大地震,廣島原子彈質量光明撒旦儀式的犧牲,暗殺反對白龍會三合會領導人和俄羅斯的諾斯替先覺領導和五角大樓的領導人和海軍造船廠COM-12領導人和白色帽子派別領導人,這是越來越龍家族黑社會的人喜歡本傑明·富爾福德和俄羅斯的諾斯替先覺者亞歷山大·羅曼諾夫和海軍和空軍情報COM-12領導人和五角大樓的領導人和白帽子派別領導人非常,非常生氣。


— Другие террористические атаки от Комитета триста MJ-12 Маджи Водолей нацистских сионистов прийти —

Так Комитета триста MJ-12 Маджи ВОДОЛЕЙ нацистской сионистского фанатика террористической группы планирует больше терактов, как приливная волна Япония Тохоку, Япония Авиакомпания аварии, ТОРС Азии гены целевых эпидемия, Пентагон о ракетном нападении, извержение Фудзи, Фукусима радиационного загрязнения, и вымогательство миллиардов долларов денег японского правительства налогоплательщиков, землетрясения в Кобе, Хиросима атомную бомбу масса иллюминатов сатанинское ритуальное жертвоприношение, покушения против лидеров белого Дракона Общество Триады и российских лидеров гностические иллюминатов и руководителей Пентагона и военно-морской верфи COM 12-лидеров и белый Hat лидеры фракций, она становится драконом семейные тройки людей, как Бенджамин Фулфорд и Российской гностической иллюминатов Александр Романов и ВМФ и ВВС разведки COM 12-лидеров и руководителей Пентагона и белого Hat лидеров фракций очень, очень зол.





*White dragon society & Russian gnostic illuminati & USN/USAF intel COM-12 now has all of MAJI & AQUARIUS & MJ-12 employee private records*


Now it seems the white dragon society triad and Russian gnostic illuminati and navy / air force intelligence COM-12 have gotten ahold of all the private information including fingerprints and residential addresses and social security numbers of all employees who work for AQUARIUS and MAJI and MJ-12 and the Nazi Committee of Three Hundred from their government computer systems. (Latest News)






*白龍會與俄羅斯諾斯替光明和海軍/空軍情報COM-12目前擁有MAJI與水瓶 – MJ-12三百員工的私人記錄和委員會*




* Белый дракон общества и российские гностические иллюминатов и УСН / ВВС США Intel COM-12 в настоящее время имеет все Маджи и ВОДОЛЕЙ и MJ-12 работников частных записей *

Теперь, похоже, белый дракон тройки общество и российские гностические иллюминатов и военно-морской флот / ВВС разведки COM-12 могли попасть шутка всего конфиденциальной информации, включая отпечатки пальцев и адреса проживания и номера социального страхования всех сотрудников, которые работают на ВОДОЛЕЙ и Майи и MJ- 12 и нацистская Комитет трехсот из них государственных компьютерных систем. (Последние Новости)






*Army COM-12 officers may ask me why the MAJI AQUARIUS MJ-12 betray the human homo-sapiens race *


It is because the top of the Nazi Zionist MAJI AQUARIUS MJ-12 are no longer humans, but they are more like cyborgs programmed to genocide.






** MAJI & AQUARIUS & MJ-12 & C300 nazi cabal is manufacturing race & nationality & genetic family specific biological weapons & epidemics **


The MAJI and AQUARIUS and MJ-12 and C300 nazi criminal cabal is manufacturing race and ethnic group and nationality and genetic family specific biological weapons and epidemics and plagues in their Nazi underground bases to exterminate blacks, Asians, brown-eyed Caucasians, brunettes, small and weak people, elderly parents, little children with unmatured immune systems, Russians, Jews, Chinese, Africans, southern Europeans, Arabs, latinos, mixed bloods, genetically substandard unpleasing people, dragon family triads, Gnostic Illuminati members, Pentagon personnel, all rival faction members, the entire human homo-sapiens race, and eventually, their own reptilian hybrid servants after use. This is why their anti-gravity crafts and Nazi SS squads are kidnapping people from different genetic pools and races and nations and families. They are genetic experiments for total genocide extermination to realize their Nazi Fourth Reich New World Order from Operation Paperclip.


— MAJIとAQUARIUSとMJ-12とC300ナチス犯罪組織は、人種、国籍、家族遺伝子を狙った生物兵器と疫病を開発しています(最新ニュース)—




— MAJI和水瓶座和MJ-12和C300納粹犯罪陰謀是製造種族和國籍和家族遺傳特異性生物武器和傳染病和瘟疫(最新消息)—



— Маджи и ВОДОЛЕЙ и MJ-12 и С300 нацистский преступник клика является гонка производства и национальность и генетическое семья конкретные биологического оружия и эпидемии и болезни (Последние новости) —

Нацистский преступник клика Маджи и ВОДОЛЕЙ и MJ-12 и С300 гонка производство, этнической принадлежности и национальности и генетическая семья конкретных биологического оружия и эпидемии и болезни в их нацистских подземных баз, чтобы истребить черных, азиатов, коричневые глаза кавказцы, брюнетки, маленькая и слабые люди, пожилые родители, дети с unmatured иммунной системы, русские, евреи, китайцы, африканцы, европейцы южные, арабы, латиноамериканцы, смешанные Bloods, генетически некачественные неугодных людей, дракон семьи триады, члены гностические иллюминатов, персонал Пентагона, все соперником Члены фракции, вся человеческая раса гомо сапиенс-и в конечном итоге, их собственные гибридные рептилий слуги после использования. Именно поэтому их анти-гравитационные ремесла и нацистской СС отряды похищают людей из разных генетических бассейнов и рас и народов и их семей. Они генетические эксперименты для тотального геноцида истребления, чтобы реализовать свой нацистский Четвертый Рейх новый мировой порядок от операции Скрепка.


— MAJI y ACUARIO y MJ-12 y C300 cábala criminal nazi es la raza de fabricación y la nacionalidad y de la familia genética armas biológicas específicas y las epidemias y plagas (Últimas Noticias) —

La cábala criminal nazi MAJI y ACUARIO y MJ-12 y C300 es la raza de fabricación y el grupo étnico y la nacionalidad y de la familia genética específica armas biológicas y las epidemias y plagas en sus bases subterráneas nazis para exterminar a los negros, los asiáticos, caucásicos de ojos marrones, morenas, pequeña y los débiles, a los padres de edad avanzada, los niños pequeños con sistemas inmunológicos no vencidos, rusos, judíos, chinos, africanos, europeos del sur, árabes, latinos, mestizos, personas desagradables genéticamente deficientes, tríadas familiares dragón, miembros gnóstico Illuminati, personal del Pentágono, todos rival miembros de la facción, todo el género homo-sapiens humana, y, finalmente, sus propios servidores híbridos reptil después de su uso. Esta es la razón por sus artesanías anti-gravedad y los escuadrones de la SS nazi están secuestrando a personas de diferentes grupos genéticos y razas y naciones y familias. Son experimentos genéticos para exterminio total del genocidio nazi para realizar su Cuarto Reich Nuevo Orden Mundial de la Operación Paperclip.


— קנוניה פושע נאצית מאגיי וAQUARIUS וMJ-12 וC300 היא גזע ולאום ייצור ומשפחה גנטית נשק ביולוגי ספציפי ומגפות ומכות (החדשות אחרונות) —

הקנוניה הפושע הנאצית מאגיי וAQUARIUS וMJ-12 וC300 היא גזע ייצור וקבוצה אתנית ולאום ומשפחה גנטית ספציפי נשק ומגפות ומכות בבסיסי המחתרת הנאצי להשמיד שחורים ביולוגיים, אסייתים, לבנים חומים עיניים, ברונטיות, קטנה ואנשים חלשים, הורי קשישים, ילדים קטנים עם מערכת חיסונית unmatured, רוסים, יהודים, סיני, אפריקאים, אירופים דרום, ערבים, היספאנים, מעורב דם, אנשים בלתי נעימים מבחינה גנטית ירודים, שלישיות משפחת דרקון, חברים הגנוסטית האילומינטי, אנשי הפנטגון, כל היריבה חברי סיעה, גזע ההומו-סאפיינס האנושי כולו, וסופו של דבר, משרתיהם של זוחלים היברידיים לאחר שימוש. זו הסיבה מדוע המלאכות אנטי-כביד וחוליות הנאצית SS חוטפות אנשים מבריכות שונות גנטיות וגזעים ועמים ומשפחות. הם ניסויים גנטיים להשמדה כוללת רצח לממש הנאצי רייך רביעי הסדר העולמי החדש שלהם ממבצע מהדק.


— MAJI et AQUARIUS et MJ-12 et C300 cabale criminelle nazie est la race de fabrication et de la nationalité et de la famille génétique armes biologiques spécifiques et les épidémies et les fléaux (Dernières Nouvelles) —

La cabale criminelle nazie MAJI et AQUARIUS et MJ-12 et C300 est la race de fabrication et le groupe ethnique et la nationalité et de la famille génétique spécifique armes biologiques et les épidémies et les fléaux dans leurs bases souterraines nazis pour exterminer les Noirs, les Asiatiques, Caucasiens aux yeux bruns, brunes, petite et les gens faibles, parents âgés, petits enfants dont le système immunitaire non échus, les Russes, les Juifs, les Chinois, les Africains, les Européens du sud, les Arabes, les latinos, sangs mêlés, les gens désagréables génétiquement inférieurs aux normes, triades de la famille de dragon, les membres gnostique Illuminati, le personnel du Pentagone, tout rival membres de la faction, toute la race homo-sapiens humaine, et, éventuellement, de leurs propres serviteurs hybrides reptiliens après usage. Voilà pourquoi leur artisanat anti-gravité et les escadrons SS nazie sont kidnappent les gens de différentes piscines génétiques et races et les nations et les familles. Ils sont des expériences génétiques pour l’extermination totale de génocide pour réaliser leur quatrième Reich nazi Nouvel Ordre Mondial de l’Opération Paperclip.


— MAJI und AQUARIUS und MJ-12 und C300 NS-Verbrecher Kabalen Herstellungs Rasse und Nationalität und genetische Familien spezifischen biologischen Waffen und Epidemien und Seuchen (Latest News) —

Maji und AQUARIUS und MJ-12 und C300 Naziverbrecher Kabalen Herstellungs Rasse und der ethnischen Gruppe und Nationalität und genetische Familien spezifischen biologischen Waffen und Epidemien und Seuchen in ihrer Nazi Untergrundbasen, die Schwarzen auszurotten, Asiaten, braunen Augen Kaukasier, Brünette, klein und schwache Menschen, ältere Eltern, Kinder mit noch nicht fälligen Immunsystem, Russen, Juden, Chinesen, Afrikaner, Südeuropäer, Araber, latinos, Mischblüter, genetisch minderwertigen unangenehmen Menschen, Drachen Familie Triaden, gnostischen Illuminati Mitglieder, Pentagon Personal, alle rivalisierenden Fraktionsmitglieder, die gesamte menschliche Homo-sapiens-Rennen, und schließlich, ihre eigene reptilian hybrid Diener nach dem Gebrauch. Deshalb ist ihre Anti-Schwerkraft-Handwerk und SS-Trupps sind Entführung Menschen aus unterschiedlichen genetischen Pools und Rassen und Nationen und Familien. Sie sind genetische Experimente für insgesamt Völkermord Vernichtung ihrer Nazi Vierte Reich New World Order von Operation Paperclip zu realisieren.


— MAJI e AQUARIUS e MJ-12 e C300 nazista cabala criminale è corsa la produzione e la nazionalità e la famiglia genetica specifiche armi biologiche e le epidemie e pestilenze (Ultime News) —

Il nazista cabala criminale MAJI e AQUARIUS e MJ-12 e C300 è corsa la produzione e il gruppo etnico e la nazionalità e la famiglia genetica specifica armi biologiche ed epidemie e pestilenze in loro basi sotterranee nazisti per sterminare i neri, gli asiatici, occhi castani caucasici, brune, piccolo e le persone deboli, genitori anziani, bambini con un sistema immunitario non scadute, russi, ebrei, cinesi, africani, europei meridionali, arabi, latini, bloods misti, geneticamente declassati persone sgradevoli, triadi drago famiglia, membri gnostico Illuminati, il personale del Pentagono, tutto rivale membri della fazione, l’intera razza umana homo-sapiens, e alla fine, i loro servi ibrido rettile dopo l’uso. È per questo che i loro mestieri anti-gravità e squadre delle SS naziste sono rapiscono persone di diverse piscine genetiche e di razze e nazioni e le famiglie. Sono esperimenti genetici per lo sterminio totale genocidio a realizzare il loro nazista Quarto Reich Nuovo Ordine Mondiale da Operazione Paperclip.


— ماجي والدلو وMJ-12 و C300 عصابة إجرامية النازية هي تصنيع العرق والجنسية وعائلية وراثية الأسلحة البيولوجية والأوبئة محددة والأوبئة (آخر الأخبار) —

عصابة إجرامية النازية ماجي والدلو وMJ-12 و C300 هو تصنيع العرق والمجموعة العرقية والجنسية وعائلية وراثية محددة الأسلحة البيولوجية والأوبئة والآفات في قواعد تحت الأرض النازية لإبادة السود والآسيويين، بني العينين القوقازيين، السمراوات، صغيرة وضعاف النفوس، والآباء المسنين، الأطفال الصغار ذوي المناعة unmatured والروس واليهود والصينيين والأفارقة والأوروبيين الجنوبيين والعرب واللاتينيين، دماء مختلطة، والناس غير سار دون المستوى المطلوب وراثيا، والثلاثيات الأسرة التنين، وأعضاء معرفي المتنورين، وموظفي وزارة الدفاع الأمريكية، عن منافسه أعضاء فصيل، وسباق وطي العاقل البشري بأكمله، وفي نهاية المطاف، خدمهم الزواحف الخاص الهجين بعد الاستعمال. هذا هو السبب في الحرف اليدوية المضادة للخطورتها وفرق SS النازي وخطف أشخاص من تجمعات مختلفة وراثية والأجناس والأمم والأسر. فهي التجارب الجينية لمجموع إبادة الإبادة الجماعية لتحقيق بهم النازية الرابع الرايخ النظام العالمي الجديد من عملية مشبك الورق.






— Possible New Attack Targets by Nazi Zionist MAJI and CIA AQUARIUS —


The Nazi Zionist MAJI and CIA MJ-12 AQUARIUS who attacked Russia with Project Hammer and killed 39 out of 40 Pentagon intelligence staff with 9/11 are probably targeting to eliminate other Pentagon and White Dragon Society Triad and Russian Gnostic Illuminati facilities with suitcase nuclear bombs, seeing that they are trying to steal them.


— ナチス・シオニストMAJIとCIA AQUARIUSの新たな攻撃目標 —


プロジェクト・ハンマーを使ってロシアを攻撃し、9.11を使って国防省の諜報局員40人の内39人を殺したナチス・シオニストMAJIとCIA MJ-12 AQUARIUSは、スーツケース核兵器爆弾を盗もうとしている事から、多分、スーツケース核兵器爆弾を使って他のペンタゴンと白竜会三合会とロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティの施設を目標として破壊を工作しているみたいです。






— Возможные цели новые нападения гитлеровской сионистского Маджи и ЦРУ ВОДОЛЕЙ —

Нацистская сионистский Маджи и ЦРУ MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ, которые напали на Россию с Хаммером проекта и убил 39 из 40 Пентагона разведки штаба с 9/11, вероятно, таргетинг, чтобы устранить другие Пентагона и Белого Дракона Общество триады и российские средства гностические иллюминатов с чемоданом ядерных бомб , видя, что они пытаются украсть их.






— MAJI and CIA AQUARIUS nazi zionists nuked Russian Gnostic Illuminati forces in Ukraine —


The Nazi Zionist alliance MAJI and CIA MJ-12 AQUARIUS attacked the Russian Gnostic Illuminati with nuclear weapons in Ukraine causing a 6.8 earthquake. They have 4 more nuclear weapons ready to strike the Russians who are allied with the White Dragon Society Triad and Pentagon COM-12 White Hat faction. The Russian Asian Pentagon alliance may strike back at the Rothchild Nazi SS underground bases in Q552 or Dulce or Giza IBIS or Antarctic or lunar colony.


— MAJIとCIA AQUARIUSナチス・シオニストたちは、ウクライナのロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティ勢力を核兵器で攻撃しました —


ナチ・シオニズム同盟MAJIとCIA MJ-12 AQUARIUSは、ウクライナのロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティを核兵器で攻撃し、震度6.8の地震を起こしました。彼達は、白竜会三合会と国防省COM-12白帽子派閥と同盟を組んでいるロシア勢力を攻撃する4つの核兵器を用意しております。ロシア・アジア・ペンタゴン同盟は、Q552かドゥルセかギザIBISか南極か月コロニーに位置するロスチャイルド・ナチスSSシオニスト地下基地へ反撃するかも知れません。


— MAJI和中央情報局水瓶座納粹猶太复國主義核爆俄羅斯諾斯替光明勢力在烏克蘭—



— Маджи и ЦРУ Водолей нацистские сионисты сбросили атомную бомбу российские войска гностические иллюминатов в Украине —

Нацистская сионистский союз Маджи и ЦРУ MJ-12 ВОДОЛЕЙ напали на российский гностической иллюминатов с ядерным оружием в Украине вызывает 6,8 землетрясение. Они имеют более 4 ядерное оружие, готовые нанести удар русских, которые в союзе с белого дракона Общество Триады и Пентагон COM-12 Белый Hat фракции.Русский Азии Пентагон альянс может нанести ответный удар на Ротшильд нацистской СС подземных баз в Q552 или Дульсе или Гиза IBIS или колонии антарктического или лунного.





— All Out War Between MJ-12 and COM-12 Breaking Out (Latest News) —


After Nazi Financier MJ-12 hit Navy & Air Force Intelligence COM-12 headquarters in Pentagon with a missile, Pentagon COM-12 assassinated NSA CIA MI6 Nazi agent who stole a suitcase nuclear bomb. Nazi Fourth Reich Cabal AQUARIUS faction has assassins already assigned to kill each military officer and police officer and dragon family member and triad member and Benjamin Fulford and Gnostic Illuminati member and Illuminati White Hat faction member and 87 nation alliance leader, when they start World War 3 with nuclear bombs. After oppositions are exterminated, Nazis plan to resurface and take over the world. Pentagon’s COM-12 and NSA CIA MI6 White Hat faction and White Dragon Society Triad and Russian Gnostic Illuminati and 87 nation alliance are trying to stop this.


— MJ-12とCOM-12の全面戦争勃発(最新ニュース) —


ナチスのスポンサー支援団体MJ-12が、海軍と空軍諜報局COM-12のペンタゴンの本部をミサイルで爆破した後、ペンタゴンのCOM-12は、スーツケース核兵器爆弾を盗んだNSA CIA MI6ナチス工作員を暗殺しました。核兵器爆弾で第三次大戦を始めた瞬間、各軍将校と警察官と竜家メンバーと三合会メンバーとベンジャミン・フルフォード氏とノスティック・イルミナティ・メンバーとイルミナティ白帽子派閥と87カ国同盟リーダーを暗殺する暗殺者をナチス第四帝国犯罪組織AQUARIUS派閥は、既に割り当てている。ライバルを抹殺した後、ナチスたちは、表面化し世界を制覇する予定です。ペンタゴンのCOM-12とNSA CIA MI6白帽子派閥と白竜会・三合会とロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティと87カ国同盟は、これを阻止しようとしています。


— MJ之間-12和COM-12全面戰爭爆發(最新消息)—



— Все тотальная война между MJ-12 и COM-12 Нарушение Из (Последние новости) —

После нацистского Финансист MJ-12 попал ВМС и ВВС Intelligence COM-12 штаб-квартиру в Пентагоне с ракетой, Пентагон COM-12 убит АНБ ЦРУ МИ-6 нацистской агента, который украл чемодан ядерную бомбу. Нацистская Четвертый Рейх Кабал ВОДОЛЕЙ фракция убийцы уже назначены, чтобы убить каждого офицера и офицера полиции и член дракон семьи и триада члена и Бенджамин Фулфорд и член гностические Иллюминатов Иллюминаты и белая шляпа член фракции и 87 национального лидера альянса, когда они начинают мировая война 3 с ядерными бомбами. После противостояния истреблены, нацисты планируют возродиться и захватить мир. Пентагона COM-12 и МИ-6 АНБ ЦРУ белая шляпа фракции и Белый Дракон общества Триада и России гностические иллюминатов и 87 страна альянса пытаются остановить это.


— Alle Krieg zwischen MJ-12 und COM-12 Ausbrechen (Neuigkeiten) —

Nach Nazi Financier MJ-12 getroffen Navy & Air Force Intelligence-COM-12 Hauptsitz in Pentagon mit einer Rakete, Pentagon COM-12 ermordet NSA CIA MI6 Nazi-Agent, der einen Koffer Atombombe gestohlen. Nazi Vierte Reich Cabal AQUARIUS Fraktion hat Attentäter bereits vergeben, jeden Offizier und Polizeibeamten und Drachen Familienmitglied und Dreiklang-Mitgliedes und Benjamin Fulford und gnostischen Illuminati Illuminati-Mitgliedes und White Hat Fraktion Mitgliedes und 87 Nation Allianz Führer zu töten, wenn sie beginnen, World War 3 mit Atombomben. Nach Oppositionen ausgerottet werden, Nazis planen, wieder auftauchen und übernehmen die Welt. Pentagon-COM-12 und NSA CIA MI6 White Hat Fraktion und White Dragon Society Triad und Russisch gnostischen Illuminati und 87 Nation Allianz versuchen, dies zu stoppen.


— Todos guerra entre MJ-12 y COM-12 rompiendo (últimas noticias) —

Después Financier nazi MJ-12 golpeó Armada y Aire Inteligencia de la Fuerza sede COM-12 en el Pentágono con un misil, el Pentágono COM-12 asesinados agente de la NSA CIA MI6 nazi que robó una bomba nuclear maleta. Cuarto Reich nazi Cabal ACUARIO facción ha asesinos ya asignado para matar cada oficial militar y oficial de policía y miembro de la familia del dragón y miembro de la tríada y Benjamin Fulford y miembro gnóstico Illuminati y miembro de la facción Iluminati sombrero blanco y 87 líder de la alianza nación, cuando empiezan Guerra Mundial 3 con bombas nucleares. Después de oposiciones son exterminados, nazis planean resurgir y dominar el mundo. Del Pentágono COM-12 y la NSA CIA MI6 White Hat facción y White Dragon Sociedad Tríada y ruso gnóstico Illuminati y 87 alianza nación están tratando de detener esto.


— All Out War entre MJ-12 et COM-12 sortir (les dernières nouvelles) —

Après Financier nazie MJ-12 a frappé la marine et de la Force aérienne Intelligence COM-12 siège du Pentagone avec un missile, le Pentagone COM-12 assassinés agent de la NSA CIA MI6 nazie qui a volé une bombe nucléaire valise. Nazie Quatrième Reich Cabal AQUARIUS faction a assassins déjà attribué à tuer chaque dirigeant militaire et officier de police et membre de la famille de dragon et membre de la triade et Benjamin Fulford et membre gnostique Illuminati et Illuminati White Hat membre de la faction et 87 chef de l’alliance de la nation, quand ils commencent à World War 3 avec des bombes nucléaires. Après oppositions sont exterminés, nazis prévoient de refaire surface et de conquérir le monde. De Pentagone COM-12 et la faction NSA CIA MI6 White Hat et White Dragon société Triad et russe gnostique Illuminati et 87 nation alliance essaient d’arrêter cela.


— Tutti fuori guerra tra MJ-12 e COM-12 scoppiare (ultime notizie) —

Dopo Financier nazista MJ-12 ha colpito Marina e Air Force Intelligenza COM-12 in sede del Pentagono con un missile, Pentagon COM-12 assassinati agente della NSA CIA MI6 nazista che ha rubato una bomba nucleare valigia. Quarto Reich nazista Cabal AQUARIUS fazione ha assassini già assegnato per uccidere ogni ufficiale militare e funzionario di polizia e membro drago della famiglia e membro della triade e Benjamin Fulford e membro gnostico Illuminati e Illuminati White Hat membro fazione e 87 nazione leader di alleanza, quando iniziano a World War 3 con bombe nucleari. Dopo opposizioni sono sterminati, i nazisti progettano di riemergere e conquistare il mondo. Pentagono COM-12 e NSA CIA MI6 White Hat fazione e Drago Bianco Society triade e russo gnostico Illuminati e 87 nazione alleanza stanno cercando di fermare questo.


(חדשות אחרונות) — כל את המלחמה בין MJ-12 וCOM-12 פריצה —

לאחר כספים נאציים MJ-12 פגעו מטה חיל ים וחיל אוויר מודיעין COM-12 בפנטגון עם טילים, הפנטגון COM-12 נרצחו סוכן CIA NSA MI6 הנאצי שגנב פצצה גרעינית מזוודה. סיעה הנאצית רייך רביעי Cabal AQUARIUS רוצחים כבר הוקצו להרוג כל קצין צבאי וקצין המשטרה וחבר סיעת האילומינטי כובע הלבן בן משפחת דרקון וחבר השלישייה ובנימין Fulford וחבר הגנוסטית האילומינטי ומנהיג ברית 87 אומה, כאשר הם מתחילים מלחמת העולם 3 עם פצצות גרעיניות. לאחר התנגדויותיהם הושמדו, נאצים מתכננים פני השטח ולהשתלט על העולם. של הפנטגון COM-12 וסיעת NSA CIA MI6 כובע הלבן והלבן הדרקון חברת שלישייה והרוסי הגנוסטית האילומינטי ו -87 ברית אומה מנסים לעצור את זה.


— كل حرب بين MJ-12 و COM-12 تندلع (آخر الأخبار) —

بعد ضرب الممول النازي MJ-12 البحرية والجوية مخابرات القوات COM-12 مقر في وزارة الدفاع الأمريكية بصاروخ والبنتاغون COM-12 اغتيل كيل NSA CIA MI6 النازية الذين سرقوا قنبلة نووية حقيبة. وقد القتلة تعيين النازية الرابع الرايخ كابال الدلو فصيل بالفعل لقتل كل ضابط عسكري وضابط شرطة وأفراد العائلة التنين وعضو ثالوث وبنيامين فولفورد وعضو معرفي المتنورين والمتنورين القبعة البيضاء عضو فصيل و87 دولة زعيم التحالف، عندما تبدأ الحرب العالمية 3 مع قنابل نووية. بعد إبادة المعارضة، النازيين تخطط لتطفو على السطح والسيطرة على العالم. ويحاول البنتاغون COM-12 و NSA CIA MI6 القبعة البيضاء الفصائل والمجتمع التنين الأبيض ثالوث والروسي معرفي المتنورين و 87 تحالف الأمة لوقف هذا.





Pray to Jesus Christ that Christians will wake up & read Bible prophecies. Illuminati is exterminating & replacing humans with alien replica


What really gets these groups angry is when opposing groups assist those people who they are trying to assassinate.


If Satan has attacked your health, finances, family & everything, he wants war. Fight back with the Word of God. Don’t just sit quietly!





—Child Porn by Black Ops Personnel is Rampant Nowadays—


Top intelligence officials have said that most of the human abductions nowadays are done for fun by the commanders of the black ops TR3-B UFO military crafts, where if they see a handsome person, they use digital facial recognition technology to find out where they live, then they kidnap them and drug them, sex abuse them, erase their memory, and then put them back into their homes. These are humans’ children.


—国家秘密Black Opsによる児童ポルノが最近増加している—


諜報機関のトップによると最近のホモサピアン種人類の拉致は、Black OperationであるTR3-B UFO軍事航空機の司令官により面白半分のために行われているそうです。彼達は、ハンサムな人を見ると、デジタル顔認識技術を使い、その人がどこに住んでいるか突き止め、拉致をして、麻薬をかけ、性的虐待を行い、記憶を消し、家に戻すそうです。これは、人類ホモサピアン種の子供たちに対してです。




高級情報官員說,大部分人綁架時下的樂趣由黑色行動TR3-B UFO軍事工藝品,在那裡,如果他們看到一個英俊的人的指揮官做的,他們使用數碼臉部識別技術,找出他們居住的地方,那麼他們綁架他們,他們吸毒,性虐待他們,抹殺他們的記憶,然後把它們放回自己的家園。這些都是人類的孩子。


— Детская порнография в Black Ops персонала свирепствует настоящее время —


Высшие должностные лица разведки сказал, что большинство человеческих похищений в настоящее время делается для удовольствия от командиров черных оперативников TR3-Б НЛО военные ремесла, где, если они видят красивый человека, они используют цифровую технологию распознавания лиц, чтобы узнать, где они живут , то они похищают их и препарат них секс злоупотреблять их, стереть их память, а затем положить их обратно в свои дома. Это дети людей.


— Pornografía infantil por Negro Personal de Operaciones es rampante Hoy en día —


Funcionarios de inteligencia Top han dicho que la mayoría de los secuestros humanos hoy en día se hacen para la diversión por los comandantes de las operaciones encubiertas TR3-B ovnis artesanías militares, en la que si ven a una persona hermosa, utilizan la tecnología de reconocimiento facial digital para averiguar dónde viven , entonces ellos y les secuestran drogas, el sexo les abusan, borrar su memoria, y luego poner de nuevo en sus hogares. Estos son los niños de los humanos.









Michael Prince was informed on the day before the Fukushima Nuclear Bombing World Irradiation Contamination and Japan Earthquake Tidal Wave Massacre by an MI6 agent that there was going to be a terrorist attack tomorrow, and they wish they could stop it.







—The Battling Sides of the Illuminati (Latest News)—


The CIA MI6 AQUARIUS group and Nazi Majestic Twelve MJ-12 and Committee of Three Hundred are trying to hide this genocide of the human race and replacement of millions of human children with alien clones, while Benjamin Fulford of the White Dragon Society and Asian Dragon Families, and Alexander Romanov of the Russian Gnostic Illuminati, and James Casbolt of the COM-12 Naval Intelligence are trying to warn the human populace that their children are on the chopping block and are being replaced by these alien imposters who speak & look like their children, while their children end up as food for the aliens. One out of fifteen people in society are already not humans, according to reports. In these bases, you find lizard humans, gargoyle humans, millions of children in suspension, werewolf humans, octopus humans, humans with many limbs and heads, and dissected humans. It is a human genocide program at a massive level.




CIA MI6 AQUARIUSの派閥とナチス・マジェスティック・トゥウェルフMJ-12と三百人委員会は、この人類の抹殺と何百万人の子供を宇宙人クローンでの入れ替えを隠そうとしており、白竜会アジア・ドラゴン・ファミリのベンジャミン・フルフォード氏とロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティのアレクサンダー・ロマノフ氏とCOM-12海軍諜報機関のジェームズ・キャスボルト氏は、人類に自分たちの子供たちは、まな板に乗せられ、自分の子供たちとそっくりに見えるそして話す宇宙人の偽物たちで入れ替えられている事を忠告しているのです。報告書によると社会の十五人に一人は、既に人間ではないという現実です。こういう基地の中には、トカゲ人間や、ガーゴイル人間や、何百万人の子供たちが液体に保存され、狼男人間や、複数の手足と頭を持つ人間や、解剖された人間たちがいるらしいです。これは、巨大な規模での人類抹殺プログラムです。





— Сражая Стороны иллюминатов (Последние новости) —

Группа ЦРУ МИ-6 ВОДОЛЕЙ и нацистской Majestic Двенадцать MJ-12 и Комитет трехсот пытаются скрыть этот геноцид человечества и замене миллионов человеческих детей с чужеродными клонов, в то время как Бенджамин Фулфорд из семей Белый Дракон общества и Азии Dragon , и Александр Романов Российской гностической Иллюминатов, и Джеймс Casbolt из СОМ 12 военно-морской разведки пытаются предупредить человека население, что их дети находятся на плаху и заменяются этими чужеродных самозванцев, которые говорят и выглядят как своих детей , в то время как их дети в конечном итоге в качестве пищи для иностранцев. Один из пятнадцати человек в обществе уже не люди, согласно сообщениям. В этих базах, вы найдете людей, ящерицы горгульи людей, миллионы детей в суспензии, оборотень людей, осьминог людей, людей со многими конечностями и головами, и расчлененных людей. Это человек Программа геноцид в массовом уровне.


— Die Battling Seiten der Illuminati (Latest News) —

Die CIA MI6 AQUARIUS Gruppe und Nazi Majestic Twelve MJ-12 und Ausschuss der Three Hundred versuchen, diesen Völkermord der Menschheit und Austausch von Millionen von Menschen Kinder mit Alien Clones zu verstecken, während Benjamin Fulford der White Dragon Society und Asian Dragon Familien und Alexander Romanov der Russischen gnostischen Illuminati, und James Casbolt des COM-12 Naval Intelligence versuchen, die menschliche Bevölkerung, die ihre Kinder auf dem Hackklotz warnen und werden von diesen fremden Betrüger, die sprechen und sehen aus wie ihre Kinder ersetzt , während ihre Kinder am Ende als Nahrung für die Aliens. Einer von fünfzehn Menschen in der Gesellschaft sind bereits nicht den Menschen, nach den Berichten. In diesen Grundlagen, finden Sie Eidechse Menschen, Wasserspeier Menschen, Millionen von Kindern in der Schwebe, Werwolf Menschen, Kraken Menschen, Menschen mit vielen Gliedmaßen und Köpfe und präpariert Menschen. Es ist eine menschliche Genozid-Programm zu einem massiven Ebene.


— Los Lados Battling de los Illuminati (Últimas Noticias) —

El grupo de la CIA y el MI6 ACUARIO nazi Majestic Twelve MJ-12 y el Comité de Trescientos están tratando de ocultar este genocidio de la raza humana y la sustitución de millones de niños humanos con clones extraterrestres, mientras que Benjamin Fulford de las familias de la Sociedad del Dragón Blanco y asiático del dragón y Alexander Romanov de la Rusia gnóstico Illuminati, y James Casbolt de la Inteligencia Naval COM-12 están tratando de advertir a la población humana que sus hijos están en el tajo y están siendo reemplazados por estos impostores alienígenas que hablan y se parecen a sus hijos , mientras que sus hijos terminan como alimento para los extranjeros. Uno de cada quince personas en la sociedad ya no son seres humanos, según los informes. En estas bases, se encuentra el ser humano lagarto, los seres humanos gárgola, millones de niños en suspensión, el ser humano hombre lobo, el hombre pulpo, los seres humanos con muchas extremidades y cabezas, y los seres humanos disecados. Es un programa de genocidio humano a un nivel masivo.


— הצדדים הלוחמים של האילומינטי (החדשות אחרונות) —

קבוצת CIA MI6 AQUARIUS ונאצי Majestic עשר MJ-12 ווועדה של שלושה מאה מנסות להסתיר רצח העם הזה של הגזע והחלפתם של מיליון ילדי בני עם שיבוטים זרים האנושיים, ואילו בנימין Fulford של משפחות אגודת הדרקון הלבן ואסיה הדרקון , ואלכסנדר רומנוב של הרוסי הגנוסטית האילומינטי, וג’יימס Casbolt של מודיעין חיל הים COM-12 מנסים להזהיר את האוכלוסייה האנושית שהילדים שלהם על קרש החיתוך ומוחלפים על ידי מתחזים אלה זרים שמדברים ונראים כמו הילדים שלהם , בעוד ילדיהם בסופו של מזון לחייזרים. את אחת מחמישה עשרה אנשים בחברה הם כבר לא בני אדם, על פי דיווחים.בבסיסים אלה, אתה מוצא בני אדם לטאה, בני אדם מפלצת, מיליוני ילדים בהשעיה, בני אדם זאב, בני אדם תמנון, בני אדם עם איברים רבים וראשים, ובני אדם גזור. זוהי תכנית רצח אדם ברמה מסיבית.


— Les Sides Battling des Illuminati (Dernières Nouvelles) —

Le groupe CIA MI6 AQUARIUS et nazi Majestic Twelve MJ-12 et du Comité des Trois cent essaient de cacher ce génocide de la race humaine et le remplacement de millions d’enfants humains avec des clones extraterrestres, tandis que Benjamin Fulford des White Dragon Société et Asian Dragon Familles et Alexander Romanov de la Russie gnostique Illuminati, et James Casbolt de l’OCM-12 Naval Intelligence tentent d’avertir la population humaine que leurs enfants sont sur le billot et sont remplacés par ces imposteurs étrangers qui parlent et ressemblent à leurs enfants , tandis que leurs enfants finissent comme nourriture pour les étrangers. Une personne sur quinze personnes dans la société sont déjà pas les humains, selon les rapports. Dans ces bases, vous trouverez de l’homme lézard, l’homme de gargouille, des millions d’enfants en suspension, l’homme loup-garou, l’homme de poulpe, les humains avec de nombreux membres et des têtes, et les humains disséqués. Il est un programme de génocide humain à un niveau massif.


— وتقاتل الجانبين من المتنورين (آخر الأخبار) —

تحاول مجموعة CIA MI6 الدلو والنازية ماجستيك اثنا عشر MJ-12 و لجنة ثلاثمائة لإخفاء هذه الإبادة الجماعية للجنس البشري واستبدال الملايين من أطفال البشر مع الحيوانات المستنسخة الغريبة، في حين بنيامين فولفورد من الأسر جمعية التنين الأبيض وآسيا التنين ، والكسندر رومانوف لالروسي معرفي المتنورين، وجيمس Casbolt للمخابرات البحرية COM-12 تحاول لتحذير السكان من حقوق الإنسان أن الأطفال هم على تقطيع كتلة، وحلت محلها هذه الدجالين الذين يتكلمون الغريبة وتبدو وكأنها أطفالهم ، في حين أطفالهم ينتهي كغذاء للأجانب. واحد من أصل خمسة عشر شخصا في المجتمع بالفعل لا البشر، وفقا للتقارير. في هذه القواعد، تجد البشر سحلية، والبشر مرزاب، الملايين من الأطفال في التعليق، والبشر بالذئب، والبشر الأخطبوط، والبشر مع العديد من الأطراف ورؤساء، والبشر تشريح. وهو برنامج الإبادة الجماعية البشرية على مستوى واسع.






—Assassinations Within the Intelligence Agency Factions Increasing (Latest News)—


The CIA’s and MI6’s AQUARIUS group has all the money from their monopoly of the world’s criminal narcotics industry, so they have all the money to assassinate Naval Intelligence COM-12 people, Asian Dragon Society members who control the world’s money, Russian Gnostic Illuminati members, Western White Hat Faction members, scientists, government workers, people who have worked for them and know too much about their alien and narcotics and other businesses, and anyone and everyone. In their AQUARIUS secret underground bases, there are millions of human children the reptilian hybrids and alien greys are harvesting as livestock for organs, food and genetic experiments. They are relying on the Christians to get the information public.









— Убийства в пределах спецслужба фракций Увеличение (Последние новости) —

ЦРУ и ВОДОЛЕЙ группа МИ-6 имеет все деньги от их монополии производства наркотиков в мире уголовного, так что они имеют все деньги убить военно-морской разведки COM-12 человек, члены Азиатского дракона Общество которые контролируют в мире денег, членов русском гностические иллюминатов, западные Белые члены Hat Фракция, ученые, государственные служащие, люди, которые работали на них и знать слишком много о их чуждо и наркотиков и других предприятий, а всех и каждого. В своих тайных Водолей подземных баз, существуют миллионы человеческих детей рептилий гибриды и чужеродные оттенков серого уборочными скота для органов, пищевой и генетических экспериментов. Они полагаются на христиан, чтобы получить информацию общественности.


— Assassinats sein de l’Agence de renseignement Factions Augmentation (Dernières Nouvelles) —

Le groupe AQUARIUS de MI6 de la CIA et a tout l’argent de leur monopole de l’industrie des stupéfiants criminelle du monde, de sorte qu’ils ont tout l’argent pour assassiner Naval Intelligence COM-12 personnes, membres asiatiques Société du Dragon qui contrôlent l’argent du monde, les membres de Russie gnostique Illuminati, Western White membres de la faction de Chapeau, les scientifiques, les employés du gouvernement, les gens qui ont travaillé pour eux et savoir trop sur leur alien et les stupéfiants et d’autres entreprises, et tout le monde et tout le monde. Dans leurs bases secrètes souterraines Verseau, il ya des millions d’enfants humains hybrides reptiliens et gris exotiques sont récoltent que le bétail d’organes, de la nourriture et des expériences génétiques. Ils comptent sur les chrétiens pour obtenir l’information publique.


— Assassinations Innerhalb der Intelligence Agency Factions zunehmende (Latest News) —

Die CIA und MI6 AQUARIUS Gruppe hat das ganze Geld aus ihrem Monopol der weltweit kriminellen Drogenindustrie, so dass sie das ganze Geld zu Naval Intelligence COM-12 Personen, Asian Dragon Society Mitglieder, die zu den weltweit Geld, Russisch gnostischen Illuminati-Mitglieder steuern ermorden müssen, western White hat Fraktionsmitglieder, Wissenschaftler, Regierungsangestellte, Menschen, die für sie gearbeitet haben und wissen zu viel über ihr fremd und Narkotika und andere Unternehmen, und alle und jeden. In ihrer AQUARIUS geheimen unterirdischen Basen, es gibt Millionen von Menschenkinder die Reptilien Hybriden und fremden Grautöne werden als Tiere, die für Organe, Essen und genetische Experimente Ernte. Sie basieren auf den Christen angewiesen, um die Information der Öffentlichkeit zu erhalten.


— Omicidi Entro Intelligence Agency Fazioni Aumento (Ultime News) —

Il gruppo AQUARIUS del MI6 della CIA e ha tutti i soldi da loro monopolio dell’industria narcotici criminale del mondo, in modo da avere tutti i soldi per assassinare Naval Intelligence COM-12 persone, membri Asian Dragon Society che controllano il denaro del mondo, i membri russo gnostico Illuminati, occidentali membri cappello bianco Faction, scienziati, dipendenti pubblici, le persone che hanno lavorato per loro e sanno troppo di loro estraneo e stupefacenti e altre attività, e chiunque. Nei loro basi sotterranee segrete AQUARIUS, ci sono milioni di bambini umani ibridi rettiliani ei grigi alieni sono la raccolta come bestiame per gli organi, il cibo e gli esperimenti genetici. Essi si affidano ai cristiani per ottenere il pubblico informazioni.


(חדשות אחרונות) — חיסולים בתוך פלגי סוכנות ביון הגדלת —

יש של ה- CIA וקבוצת AQUARIUS של MI6 כל הכסף מהמונופול שלהם בתעשיית הסמים הפלילית בעולם, כך שיש להם את כל הכסף להתנקש בחיי מודיעין חיל הים COM-12 אנשים, חברי אגודת הדרקון אסיה השולטים כסף בעולם, חברים הרוסים הגנוסטית האילומינטי, חברי סיעה מערביים לבנים Hat, מדענים, עובדי ממשלה, אנשים שעבדו עבורם ויודעים יותר מדי על הזר שלהם וסמים ועסקים אחרים, וכל אחד וכולם.בבסיסים הסודיים תת-קרקעי AQUARIUS, יש מיליוני ילדי בני הכלאיים זוחלים ואפורים זרים הם קצירת כצאן לאיברים, מזון וניסויים גנטיים. הם מסתמכים על הנוצרים כדי לקבל מידע ציבורי.


— الاغتيالات داخل وكالة الاستخبارات الفصائل من زيادة (آخر الأخبار) —

وكالة المخابرات المركزية ومجموعة الدلو MI6 لديه كل هذه الاموال من احتكارها لصناعة المخدرات الجنائية في العالم، بحيث يصبح لديهم كل هذه الاموال لاغتيال البحرية الاستخبارات COM-12 شخصا، وأعضاء جمعية التنين الآسيوي الذين يسيطرون على المال في العالم، وأعضاء الروسي معرفي المتنورين، أعضاء الغربي قبعة بيضاء فصيل والعلماء والعاملين في الحكومة، والناس الذين عملوا لهم ومعرفة الكثير عن من أجنبي والمخدرات وغيرها من الشركات، وأحد، والجميع. في برج الدلو قواعد سرية تحت الأرض، وهناك الملايين من الأطفال البشري الهجينة الزواحف والرمادي الغريبة يحصدون كما المواشي للأجهزة والمواد الغذائية والتجارب الجينية. هم يعتمدون على المسيحيين للحصول على هذه المعلومات للجمهور.





According to top intelligence officials complete extermination of the alien-human hybrid race & human race is scheduled between 2010 to 2030




據高級情報官員的外星人 – 人雜交人種與人種滅絕完成計劃至2010年間,以2030年


По мнению топ спецслужб полного истребления инопланетных-человеческий гибрид гоночного & человеческой расы планируется в период с 2010 до 2030 года


De acuerdo con funcionarios de inteligencia superior completo exterminio de la raza híbrido extraterrestre-humano y raza humana está programada entre 2010-2030


Selon des responsables du renseignement top extermination complète de la race hybride extraterrestre-humaine et race humaine est prévue entre 2010-2030


לדברי גורמי מודיעין העליונים השמדת גזע מירוץ היברידי זר-אדם ואדם שלם מתוכננת בין 2010-2030


وفقا لكبار مسؤولي المخابرات ومن المقرر الإبادة الكاملة للسباق سباق الهجين أجنبي البشرية والبشري بين 2010-2030





—Many Intelligence Agency Factions Fighting Against Each Other—


There seems to be many intelligence agency factions fighting each other around the world. Some are trying to hide this human extermination program and alien agenda and Illuminati reptilian agenda, while there are opposing groups relying on the Christians to disclose these information to the public, since they cannot. There are factions within the NSA, CIA, MI6, SAS, Delta Force, Naval Intelligence, Dragon Families, Russian Gnostic Illuminati, Pentagon, FBI, MJ-12, Nazi Cabal and other groups assassinating each other. Once they finish using the alien hybrids to exterminate the human race then they will genocide the alien hybrids too and take over the earth. (See video “James Casbolt – MK-ULTRA Super Soldier Assassin” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwTnP1VaRqE .)




数多くの秘密諜報部が世界中で戦っているそうです。あるグループは、人類抹殺プログラムや地球外生命体の目的やイルミナティ爬虫類人種の目的を隠そうとしており、他のグループなどは、自分たちができないため、クリスチャンたちが、この情報などを公表する事に頼っているのです。NSA、 CIA、 MI6、 SAS、 デルタフォース、海軍諜報部、ドラゴン・ファミリー、ロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティ―、ペンタゴン、FBI、MJ-12、ナチス犯罪組織、又、他の数々のグループの中の派閥などが、お互いを暗殺しているのです。地球外生命体のハイブリッドを使って人類を抹殺した後彼達はエイリアン混血種そのものも抹殺し地球を乗っ取るつもりです。(ビデオ“James Casbolt – MK-ULTRA Super Soldier Assassin” を、 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwTnP1VaRqE のウエブサイトでご覧ください。)



似乎有很多情報機構派別相互爭鬥的世界各地。有些人試圖掩蓋這場人類滅絕計劃和外來議程和光明爬蟲類的議程,同時也有依靠基督徒透露這些信息給公眾對立群體,因為他們不能。有國家安全局,中央情報局,英國軍情六處,SAS,三角洲部隊,海軍情報,龍科,俄羅斯諾斯替先覺,五角大樓,聯邦調查局,MJ-12,卡瓦爾納粹和其他組內的派系暗殺對方。一旦他們完成使用外來混合動力車消滅了人類那麼他們將種族滅絕外星雜種也和接管地球。 (見視頻“詹姆斯Casbolt – MK-ULTRA超級戰士刺客”在https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwTnP1VaRqE)


— Многие аналитики агентства Фракции борются друг против друга —

Там, кажется, много фракций разведки агентство воюют друг с другом по всему миру. Некоторые пытаются скрыть эту человеческую программу уничтожения и инопланетян повестку дня и иллюминатов рептилий повестки дня, в то время как есть противоположные группы, опирающиеся на христиан раскрывать эту информацию для общественности, так как они не могут. Есть группировки внутри АНБ, ЦРУ, МИ-6, SAS, Delta Force, военно-морской разведки, семей дракон, Российской гностической иллюминатов, Пентагон, ФБР, MJ-12, нацистской заговорщиков и других групп убийства друг друга. После того, как они закончат с помощью инопланетных гибридов, чтобы уничтожить человеческую расу, то они будут геноцид инопланетные гибриды тоже, и принять по земле. (Смотрите видео “Джеймс Casbolt – MK-ULTRA супер солдат убийца” на https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwTnP1VaRqE)


— Muchas agencias de inteligencia facciones que luchan unos contra otros —

Parece que hay muchas facciones de la agencia de inteligencia que luchan entre sí en todo el mundo. Algunos están tratando de ocultar este programa de exterminio humano y la agenda alienígena e Illuminati agenda reptiliana, mientras que hay grupos opositores que dependen de los cristianos a revelar esta información al público, ya que no se puede. Hay facciones dentro de la NSA, la CIA, el MI6, SAS, Delta Force, la Inteligencia Naval, Dragón Familias, ruso gnóstico Illuminati, el Pentágono, el FBI, MJ-12, Cabal nazi y otros grupos asesinando entre sí. Una vez que terminen utilizando los híbridos alienígenas para exterminar a la raza humana a continuación lo harán el genocidio de los híbridos alienígenas también y hacerse cargo de la tierra. (Ver video “James Casbolt – MK-ULTRA Súper Soldado Assassin” en https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwTnP1VaRqE)


— Beaucoup Intelligence Agency Factions uns contre les autres —

Il semble y avoir de nombreuses factions de l’agence de renseignement de défense de l’autre à travers le monde. Certains essaient de cacher ce programme d’extermination humaine et l’agenda étranger et Illuminati programme reptilien, alors qu’il ya des groupes opposés se fondant sur les chrétiens de divulguer ces informations au public, car ils ne peuvent pas. Il ya des factions au sein de la NSA, la CIA, le MI6, SAS, Delta Force, Intelligence Navale, Dragon familles, russe gnostique Illuminati, du Pentagone, du FBI, MJ-12, Cabal nazie et autres groupes assassinant l’autre. Une fois qu’ils terminent en utilisant les hybrides extraterrestres pour exterminer la race humaine alors ils génocide hybrides exotiques trop et de prendre sur la terre. (Voir la vidéo “James Casbolt – MK-ULTRA Super Soldier Assassin” à https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwTnP1VaRqE)


— פלגי סוכנות ביון רבים לחימה אחד נגד השני —

נראה שיש פלגי סוכנות מודיעין רבים נלחמים זה בזה בכל העולם. חלקם מנסים להסתיר את תכנית השמדת אדם וסדר יום זר והאילומינטי סדר יום זוחלים, בעוד יש קבוצות המתנגדות להסתמך על הנוצרים לחשוף מידע אלה לציבור, שכן הם לא יכולים. יש פלגים בתוך NSA, CIA, MI6, SAS, כוח הדלתא, מודיעין חיל הים, משפחות הדרקון, הרוסי הגנוסטית האילומינטי, הפנטגון, ה- FBI, MJ-12, הנאצי Cabal וקבוצות אחרות התנקשות אחד את השני. ברגע שהם מסיימים את השימוש במכוניות היברידיות זרות להשמיד את המין האנושי ואז הם רצח עם גם הכלאיים זרים ולהשתלט על כדור הארץ. (ראה וידאו “ג’יימס Casbolt – MK-ULTRA סופר חייל רוצח” בhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwTnP1VaRqE)


— العديد من المخابرات وكالة الفصائل المتقاتلة ضد بعضها البعض —

يبدو أن هناك العديد من الفصائل وكالة الاستخبارات يقاتلون بعضهم بعضا في جميع أنحاء العالم. يحاول البعض إخفاء هذا البرنامج الإبادة البشرية وجدول الغريبة والمتنورين جدول الزواحف، في حين أن هناك جماعات معارضة الاعتماد على المسيحيين في الكشف عن هذه المعلومات للجمهور، لأنها لا تستطيع ذلك. هناك فصائل داخل NSA ووكالة المخابرات المركزية، MI6، SAS، قوة دلتا، الاستخبارات البحرية، الأسر التنين، الروسية معرفي المتنورين، وزارة الدفاع الأمريكية ومكتب التحقيقات الاتحادي، MJ-12، كابال النازية وغيرها من الجماعات اغتيال بعضها البعض. بمجرد الانتهاء من استخدام السيارات الهجينة الغريبة لإبادة الجنس البشري بعد ذلك سوف الإبادة الجماعية الهجينة الغريبة جدا والاستيلاء على الأرض. (انظر الفيديو “جيمس Casbolt – MK-ULTRA سوبر الجندي قاتل” في https://www.youtube.com/watch؟v=GwTnP1VaRqE)





—The Parasite Race That Feeds Off Of The Human Race—


Not only do these Illuminati evil doers and Satanist members have the gall to steal and parasite off of the humans, but they have the nerve to assassinate any of them who speaks up against the Illuminati or any humans who carry smart genes to realize what the Illuminati is doing, and carry out their mass extermination program of all humans to be replaced with their reptilian hybrid nephilim race using the trillions of dollars of black ops money that was stolen from the human homo-sapiens population through the tax money and war industries to kill more humans and narcotics industries to kill more humans and slave trafficking of human children and banking system parasite and other methods.










— Паразит Гонка Это питается человеческой расы —


Не только эти иллюминатов злодеев и члены сатаниста есть наглость, чтобы украсть и паразита прочь людей, но у них есть нерв, чтобы убить любого из них, кто говорит против Иллюминатов или каких-либо людей, которые несут смарт-гены, чтобы понять, что такое иллюминатов делает, и осуществлять их массовое истребление программу всех людей, чтобы заменить их рептилий гибрид Нефилим гонки с использованием триллионы долларов Black Ops деньги, которые были украдены из населения гомо сапиенс-человека через налог деньги и военной промышленности, чтобы убить больше людей и наркотиков отрасли, чтобы убить больше людей и работорговли человеческих детей и банковской системы паразита и другими методами.


— La Carrera parásito que se alimenta de la raza humana —


No sólo estos malos hacedores Illuminati y los miembros satanistas tienen el descaro de robar y parásito fuera de los seres humanos, pero tienen el descaro de asesinar a cualquiera de ellos que habla en contra de los Illuminati o cualquier humano que llevan genes inteligentes para darse cuenta de lo que los Illuminati está haciendo, y llevar a cabo su programa de exterminio en masa de todos los seres humanos para ser sustituido por su raza nephilim híbrido de reptil utilizando los billones de dólares de dinero negro ops que fue robado de la población homo-sapiens humano a través de las industrias de dinero de impuestos y de guerra para matar más humanos y narcóticos industrias para matar a más seres humanos y la trata de esclavos de los niños humanos y parásito sistema bancario y otros métodos.


— המירוץ טפיל שמזין כבוי של המין האנושי —


לא רק שעושי רוע אלה האילומינטי ויש חברי שטן החוצפה לגנוב וטפיל משל בני האדם, אבל יש להם את החוצפה להתנקש בחיי כל אחד מהם שמדבר נגד האילומינטי או כל בני אדם שנושאים את הגנים חכמים כדי להבין מה האילומינטי הוא עושה, ולבצע את תכנית ההשמדה ההמונית של כל בני האדם להיות מוחלף עם גזע יפיל ההיברידי זוחלים באמצעות טריליוני דולרים של כסף ops השחור שנגנבו מאוכלוסיית ההומו-סאפיינס אדם באמצעות תעשיות כסף מס והמלחמה להרוג יותר בני אדם ותעשיות סמים להרוג יותר בני אדם וסחר בעבדים של ילדים אנושיים וטפילה מערכת הבנקאית ושיטות אחרות.


—Statistics On Human Genocide Replacement Program By The Reptilian Aliens—


There is a mass replacement program of human homo-sapiens going on. 2,600 American people go missing every day, but no Illuminati media tells you that. Even the crime statistics show that over 800,000 Americans disappear every year, compared to 120,000 ten years ago. Many police officers and military generals and federal homeland security personnel are already not humans, but they are reptilian hybrids who have no remorse or feelings or hesitation to wipe out the human race.








還有人同質智人的質量更換計劃正在進行。 2600美國人民每天都去失踪,但沒有光明媒體告訴你。甚至犯罪的統計數據顯示,超過80萬美國人每年消失,相比12萬十年前。許多警察和軍事將領和聯邦國土安全人員已經不是人,但他們誰沒有悔恨或感情,或猶豫,消滅了人類雜交的爬行動物。


— Статистика по программе замены Геноцид человека со стороны иностранцев рептилий —


Существует масса программы замены человека хомо сапиенс-происходит. 2600 Американский народ пропадают каждый день, но не иллюминатов СМИ не говорит вам это. Даже статистика преступности показывают, что более 800000 американцев каждый год исчезают, по сравнению с 120,000 десять лет назад. Многие полицейские и военные генералы и федеральных органов внутренней безопасности уже не люди, но они рептилии гибриды, которые не имеют никакого раскаяния или чувства или колебания, чтобы уничтожить человеческую расу.


— Estadísticas sobre el programa de reemplazo de Genocidio humanos por parte del reptil Aliens —


Hay un programa de sustitución masiva de homo-sapiens humanos pasando. 2.600 estadounidenses van a faltar todos los días, pero no hay medios Illuminati que dice. Incluso las estadísticas de la delincuencia muestran que más de 800,000 estadounidenses desaparecen cada año, en comparación con hace 120.000 de diez años. Muchos oficiales de policía y los generales militares y personal federal de seguridad nacional ya no son seres humanos, pero son híbridos reptiles que no tienen ningún remordimiento o sentimientos o vacilación para acabar con la raza humana.


— סטטיסטיקה בתכנית החלפת רצח אדם על ידי החייזרים הזוחלים —


יש תכנית החלפה המונית של הומו-סאפיינס אדם הולכת על. 2,600 אנשים אמריקאים ללכת חסרים כל יום, אבל לא תקשורת האילומינטי אומרת לך את זה. גם סטטיסטיקת הפשע מראה כי מעל 800,000 אמריקאים נעלמים מדי שנה, בהשוואה ללפני 120,000 עשר שנים. קצינים רבים במשטרה וגנרלים צבאיים ואנשי ביטחון מולדת הפדרליים כבר לא בני אדם, אבל הם כלאיים זוחלים שאין להם חרטה או רגשות או היסוס לחסל את המין האנושי. — סטטיסטיקה בתכנית החלפת רצח אדם על ידי החייזרים הזוחלים —


—Secret Illuminati Human Mass Extermination Program Document Leaked Out To Public—


Some people think that they can live through the coming Illuminati human homo-sapiens extermination program. They are beyond dumb, but they are crazy. The Illuminati has agents looking into each human homo-sapiens’ homes. All the humans and their families will be eradicated. The reptilian hybrid clones have technologies to protect themselves from their advanced weapons and diseases. (Read article “NASA: The End Of Mankind ‘Document Leaked’ 2013” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN4XICOyRb8 .)




ある方たちは、もうすぐくるイルミナティの人類ホモサピアン抹殺プログラムを生き延びれると思っております。そういう方たちは、馬鹿を超えており、気違いです。イルミナティは、各人間たちの家を観察する工作員がおります。全ての人類と家族は、駆除されます。爬虫類混血クローンたちは、自分たちを進んだ技術の武器や疫病から守る高度な科学技術を持っております。(「NASA:人類の終わり:流出書類:2013年」https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN4XICOyRb8 )。




有些人认为他们可以活过即将到来的先觉人同型智人灭绝计划。他们是超越哑巴,但他们都疯了。光明有代理商寻找到每个人的同型智人的家。所有的人类和他们的家庭将被根除。爬行动物杂种无性系有技术保护自己免受他们的先进武器和疾病。 (阅读文章“美国航空航天局:人类”文档泄露“2013年底”的https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN4XICOyRb8。)


— Секрет иллюминатов человека массовое истребление Программный документ просочилась общественности —


Некоторые люди думают, что они могут прожить предстоящий иллюминатов человека программы уничтожения гомо сапиенс-. Они выходят за рамки тупой, но они сумасшедшие.Иллюминаты агентов глядя в домах каждого человека Homo Sapiens-“. Все люди и их семьи будут уничтожены. Рептильные клоны есть технологии, чтобы защитить себя от их современного оружия и болезней. (Читать статью “НАСА: The End Of Mankind” Документ Leaked “2013” в https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN4XICOyRb8.)


— Secreto Illuminati humano Misa Exterminio Documento Programa filtró Para Pública —


Algunas personas piensan que pueden vivir a través del programa de exterminio homo-sapiens procedentes Illuminati humano. Están más allá de tonto, pero que están locos. Los Illuminati tiene agentes que buscan a los hogares cada humanos homo-sapiens. Todos los seres humanos y sus familias serán erradicados. Los clones híbridos reptiles tienen tecnologías para protegerse de sus armas y enfermedades avanzadas. (Leer el artículo “NASA: El fin de la humanidad ‘documento filtrado” 2013 “en https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN4XICOyRb8.)


— סוד האילומינטי אדם המוני השמדת תכנית המסמך דלף לציבור —


יש אנשים שחושבים שהם יכולים לחיות במסגרת תכנית מגיעה האילומינטי אדם ההומו-סאפיינס ההשמדה. הם מעבר מטומטמים, אבל הם מטורפים. יש האילומינטי סוכנים מסתכלים לתוך הבתים של כל הומו-סאפיינס האנושי. כל בני האדם ובני משפחותיהם יהיו להימחק. יש לי השיבוטים היברידי זוחלי טכנולוגיות כדי להגן על עצמם מכלי הנשק המתקדמים שלהם ומחלות. (קרא את המאמר “נאס”א: הסוף של האנושות” מסמך מודלף “2013” בhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN4XICOyRb8.)


—Operation Human Extermination & Reptilian Hybrid Children Livestock Program—


If you’re a Christian, ask Jesus Christ to reveal the hidden truth in the Bible Prophecy, not church ministry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv_YKM5NzXo


—Biological Weapons Used by Reptilians to Exterminate Human Homo-Sapiens Race—


(Watch video “Cancer used as a weapon against Rhesus positive blood” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DL4ycs66ro8 from the book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”.)


—How Far the Human and Alien Replacement Program Has Progressed—


Lieutenant Colonel Greg Rinchich said that for example if you walk down the three blocks in Chicago, you would have walked pass at least twenty reptilian hybrid monsters disguised as humans. This is how infiltrated the human society is with these alien nephilim, and how far their human abduction replacement program has progressed.









— Как далеко Программа замены человека и чужеродных прогрессировала —

Подполковник Грег Rinchich сказал, что, например, если вы идете три квартала в Чикаго, вы бы шли сдать как минимум двадцать рептилий гибридных монстров, замаскированных под людей. Это, как проникли человеческое общество с этими чужой Нефилим, и как далеко их человеческого программа замены похищение прогрессировала.


— ¿Hasta dónde ha progresado el Programa de Reemplazo Humano y extranjero —

El teniente coronel Greg Rinchich dijo que por ejemplo, si usted camina por los tres bloques en Chicago, habría caminado pase por lo menos veinte monstruos híbridos reptiles disfrazados de seres humanos. Así es como se infiltró en la sociedad humana es con estos nephilim extranjero, y en qué medida su programa de sustitución de secuestro humano ha progresado.


— मानव और विदेशी प्रतिस्थापन कार्यक्रम में प्रगति की है कितनी दूर —

लेफ्टिनेंट कर्नल ग्रेग Rinchich आप शिकागो में तीन ब्लॉकों के नीचे चलते हैं, तो उदाहरण के लिए, यदि आप पास इंसानों के वेश में कम से कम बीस साँप संकर राक्षसों चला गया है जाएगा। यह मानव समाज इन विदेशी Nephilim के साथ है कैसे घुसपैठ की है, और कितनी दूर उनके मानव अपहरण प्रतिस्थापन कार्यक्रम में प्रगति की है।


— כמה רחוק תכנית החלפת אדם וחייזרים התקדמה —

סא”ל גרג Rinchich אמר כי לדוגמא, אם אתה הולך בשלושה בלוקים בשיקגו, היית נכנס לעבור לפחות עשרים מפלצות היברידיות זוחלים במסווה של בני אדם. כך חדר לחברה האנושית היא עם תפיל הזר אלה, וכמה רחוקים תכנית החלפת חטיפת האדם שלהם התקדמה.


—Millions of People Killed and Pornography Spied by the Illuminati—


These perverted Illuminati Satanist secret society member Nazi descendents of the National Security Agency use our taxpayers money to enjoy their lives every day, with the alien technologies that they bartered in exchange for abducting your families for lab experiment dissections, those technology that are tens of thousands of years more advanced than our own, to sit behind their computer monitors hooked up to satellites as if they are childish nerds playing a video game, to look into people’s thoughts all day, spy underneath women’s clothes to see them nude, spy into toilets and share their videos with each other, send zapping EMP electromagnetic weapons through the computers / mobile phones / televisions / electricity sockets / etc. to laugh as if they are playing a video game, and gang stalk people with microwaves, create insomnia, create depression, cause all kinds of disease using satellite electromagnetic weapons to assassinate millions of human homo-sapiens race people, and harass them for fun. This is why seconds after you write something about the Illuminati, they will start zapping you with EMP electromagnetic weapons. (Watch video “Psychotronic Warfare: NSA, GWEN Towers, Optikinesis” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5hO_LrMgJc .)




変態のイルミナティ悪魔崇拝者秘密結社会員のナチス子孫のNSA国家公安局の人たちは、我々の税金を使って毎日人生を楽しみ、貴方の家族を宇宙人実験験解剖と交換にもらった我々の技術より何万年も進んだエイリアン科学技術を使って、ビデオゲームを遊ぶ子供っぽいオタクのように、宇宙衛星に繋がったコンピューター・モニターなどの前に座り、一日中、人々の考えを見物したり、裸を見るため女性たちの服の中を覗き込んだり、お手洗いを盗撮したビデオをお互い交換したり、コンピューターや携帯電話やテレビや電気コンセント等などを通じて電磁波武器で人々を撃ったりして、ビデオゲームをまるで遊んでいるように、電子レンジ波で被害者たちを集団ストーキングしたり、睡眠妨害したり、うつ病を起こしたり、何百万人のホモサピアン種の人間たちを宇宙衛星の電磁波武器を使ってあらゆる病気を起こし殺害し、楽しむためにハラスメントを行っております。ですから、イルミナティの事を何か書いた数秒後に彼達はEMP電磁波武器で貴方を撃ち始めるのです。(「神経エレクトロニック戦争:国家公安局、GWENタワー、視力観察」「Psychotronic Warfare: NSA, GWEN Towers, Optikinesis」のユーチューブ・ビデオをご覧下さい: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5hO_LrMgJc 。)



美国国家安全局的这些变态的光明撒旦教的秘密社团成员纳粹后代使用我们纳税人的钱每天都享受自己的生活,与他们交流的以货易货的绑架家属的实验室实验解剖了数以万计的外来技术,这些技术年比我们自己更先进,坐迷上了卫星的电脑显示器后面,如果他们是幼稚的书呆子玩视频游戏,寻找到人的思想整天,女人的衣服底下间谍看到他们裸体,间谍进入厕所和与对方分享自己的视频,通过发送计算机轰击EMP电磁武器/手机/电视/电插座/等地笑,好像他们是在玩视频游戏,和帮派秆人,包括微波炉,创造失眠,抑郁创建,利用卫星电磁波武器暗杀百万人同型智人种族的人,并骚扰他们的乐趣引起各种疾病。这就是为什么在你写秒左右的东西的光明,他们将开始轰击你EMP电磁武器。 (观看视频“精神电子战争:国家安全局,格温塔,Optikinesis”在https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5hO_LrMgJc。)


— Миллионы погибших и порнографии шпионил иллюминатов —

Эти извращенные иллюминатов сатанистом членом тайного общества нацистские потомки Агентства национальной безопасности использовать наш деньги налогоплательщиков, чтобы наслаждаться жизнью каждый день, с чужеродными технологий, которые они обменивали в обмен на похищении вашим семьям для лаборатории эксперимента вскрытий, те технологии, которые десятки тысяч лет более продвинутых, чем наше собственное, чтобы сидеть за их компьютерных мониторов, подключенных к спутникам, как будто они являются детские ботаников играют в видеоигру, чтобы посмотреть в мыслях людей весь день, шпион под женской одежды, чтобы увидеть их ню, шпион в туалеты и обмениваться видео друг с другом, отправьте переключать EMP электромагнитного оружия через компьютеры / Мобильные телефоны розетки / Телевизоры / электричество / и т.д., чтобы смеяться, как будто они играют в видео игры, и банда преследовать людей с микроволновыми печами, создать бессонница, депрессия создать, вызвать всевозможные заболевания с использованием спутниковых электромагнитного оружия, чтобы убить миллионы человеческих гомо сапиенс-гонки людей, и преследовать их для удовольствия. Вот почему секунд после что-то о иллюминатов писать, они начнут переключать вас с ЭМИ электромагнитного оружия. (Смотреть видео “Psychotronic войны: АНБ, Гвен Башни, Optikinesis” на https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5hO_LrMgJc.)


— Millones de personas muertas y Pornografía espiado por los Illuminati —

Estos pervertidas descendientes Illuminati satanista miembro de la sociedad secreta nazi de la Agencia de Seguridad Nacional usan nuestro dinero de los contribuyentes para disfrutar de sus vidas todos los días, con las tecnologías exóticas que se trocaban a cambio de secuestrar a sus familias para disecciones experimento de laboratorio, las tecnologías que son decenas de miles de años más avanzados que el nuestro, para sentarse detrás de sus monitores de ordenador conectados a satélites como si son nerds infantiles jugando un juego de video, para buscar en los pensamientos de la gente durante todo el día, espía por debajo de la ropa de las mujeres para verlos desnudos, espía en aseos y compartir sus vídeos con los demás, envíe zapping armas electromagnéticas EMP a través de los ordenadores / móviles tomas móviles / televisores / electricidad / etc a reír como si estuvieran jugando un juego de video, y la pandilla tallo personas con microondas, cree el insomnio, la depresión crear, causar todo tipo de enfermedad utilizando armas electromagnéticas satélite para asesinar a millones de personas de raza homo-sapiens humanos y acosarlos por diversión. Esta es la razón por segundo después de escribir algo sobre los Illuminati, comenzarán usted zapping con armas electromagnéticas EMP. (Ver video “Psychotronic Guerra: NSA, GWEN Torres, Optikinesis” en https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5hO_LrMgJc.)


— प्रबुद्ध द्वारा जासूसी मारे गए लोगों और अश्लीलता के लाखों —

राष्ट्रीय सुरक्षा एजेंसी के इन विकृत प्रबुद्ध Satanist गुप्त समाज के सदस्य नाजी वंशज दसियों हजारों की हैं कि वे प्रयोगशाला प्रयोग dissections के लिए अपने परिवारों के अपहरण के बदले में अदला कि विदेशी प्रौद्योगिकियों, उन तकनीक के साथ, हर दिन उनके जीवन में आनंद के लिए हमारे करदाताओं के पैसे का उपयोग वे पूरे दिन लोगों के विचारों पर गौर करने के लिए एक वीडियो गेम खेलने बचकाना नर्ड कर रहे हैं, के रूप में यदि उपग्रहों को झुका उनके कंप्यूटर मॉनिटर के पीछे बैठने के लिए, हमारे अपने से अधिक उन्नत साल की, महिलाओं के कपड़े के नीचे जासूस शौचालय में उन्हें नग्न जासूस को देखने के लिए और एक-दूसरे के साथ अपने वीडियो साझा, कंप्यूटर के माध्यम से ईएमपी विद्युत चुम्बकीय हथियार zapping भेजने / मोबाइल फोन / टीवी / बिजली कुर्सियां ​​/ आदि अवसाद बनाने के लिए, वे एक वीडियो गेम खेल रहे हैं के रूप में यदि हँसते हैं, और गिरोह अनिद्रा बनाने के लिए, माइक्रोवेव के साथ लोगों को डंठल, मानव होमो सेपियन्स-जाति के लोगों के लाखों लोगों की हत्या, और मनोरंजन के लिए उन्हें परेशान करने के लिए उपग्रह विद्युत चुम्बकीय हथियारों का प्रयोग रोग के सभी प्रकार के कारण। यह आप के बाद सेकंड प्रबुद्ध के बारे में कुछ लिखने क्यों, वे ईएमपी विद्युत चुम्बकीय हथियारों के साथ आप zapping शुरू होगा है। (वीडियो देखें: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5hO_LrMgJc पर “Psychotronic वारफेयर एनएसए, वेन टावर्स, Optikinesis”।)


— מיליוני אנשים נהרג ופורנוגרפיה השגיחו על ידי האילומינטי —

צאצאים אלה סוטים חבר האגודה הסודית האילומינטי השטן הנאצי של הסוכנות לביטחון הלאומית להשתמש בכסף משלם המסים שלנו כדי ליהנות מחייהם בכל יום, עם הטכנולוגיות זרות שהם סחר חליפין בחטיפת משפחותיכם ולניתוחי מעבדה ניסוי, טכנולוגיה אלה שעשרות אלפים שנים יותר מתקדמות משלנו, לשבת מאחורי מסכי המחשב שלהם מחוברים ללווינים כאילו הם חנונים ילדותיים משחק וידאו, להסתכל לתוך המחשבות של אנשים בכל היום, מרגל מתחת לבגדי נשים כדי לראות אותם בעירום, מרגל לשירותים ו לשתף את קטעי הווידאו שלהם אחד עם השני, לשלוח zapping נשק אלקטרומגנטי EMP באמצעות המחשבים / טלפונים שקעים / טלוויזיות / חשמל נייד / וכו ‘לצחוק כאילו הם משחקים במשחק וידאו, והכנופיה גבעול אנשים עם מיקרוגל, ליצור נדודי שינה, דיכאון ליצור, לגרום לכל מיני מחלות באמצעות נשק אלקטרומגנטי לווין להתנקש בחיי מיליונים אנשי גזע ההומו-סאפיינס אנושיים, ולהטריד אותם בשביל כיף. זו הסיבה שניות אחרי שאתה כותב משהו על האילומינטי, הם יתחילו zapping עם נשק אלקטרומגנטי EMP. (צפה בסרטון וידאו “Psychotronic לוחמה: NSA, גוון מגדלים, Optikinesis” בhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5hO_LrMgJc.)


—Alien Reptilian Hybrids Eat Humans as Livestock & in Satanist Rituals—


Iluminati Satanist reptilian hybrid feminist witch race descendents have eaten children in their Moloch worship rituals, since ancient times. (Gruesome scenes of cannibalism at “World News Reporter” at http://news.everydaypak.com/category/human-meats/  and “Reptilians Eat Humans” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kos-Eqo7ajE


—Humans as Livestock Food for the Alien Race—


The fallen angels are secretly abducting human beings and replacing them with their alien reptilian hybrid clones for decades as a secret invasion of the human homo-sapiens race, just like in Noah’s flood’s ancient days. After the fallen angels reduce the world’s population to only 500 million reptilian hybrid witch race descendents (demons) through World War 3 and Nazi FEMA extermination camps and martial law, then they will use these reptilian hybrid descendents for their live sacrifice rituals, because the satanic live sacrifices create negative energy food for the fallen angels. Then, they will just continue to manufacture more cloned reptilian hybrids to replace them. To Satan and his fallen angels, this is their utopian society, where these reptilian hybrid children are food for them as sort of a livestock food race whom they can eat and drink their blood while killing them in their rituals.






—作为人类食品畜牧业的外星种族 –



— Люди как животноводство питания для инопланетной расы —

Падшие ангелы тайно похищать людей и заменить их своими чужеродных рептилий гибридных клонов в течение десятилетий в качестве секретного вторжения человечества гомо сапиенс-, как и в древние времена потопа Ноев. После падшие ангелы сокращение населения в мире только 500 миллионов рептилий гибрид ведьма гонки потомков (демонов) через мировой войны 3 и нацистской FEMA лагеря смерти и военного права, то они будут использовать эти рептилии гибридных потомков для своих живых жертва ритуалов, потому что сатанинская живые жертвы создания отрицательного пищу энергию для падших ангелов. Затем они будут просто продолжать производство более клонированных рептилий гибридов, чтобы заменить их. Для сатаны и его падших ангелов, это их утопического общества, где эти рептилии гибридные дети еда для них как своего рода сельскохозяйственные пищевой гонки, кого они могут есть и пить их кровь, убивая их в своих ритуалах.


— Los humanos como Ganadería Alimentos para la Raza extranjero —

Los ángeles caídos están secuestrando secretamente los seres humanos y su sustitución por sus clones híbridos reptiles alienígenas desde hace décadas como una invasión secreta de la raza homo-sapiens humana, al igual que en los días antiguos de la inundación de Noé. Después de los ángeles caídos reducir la población mundial a sólo 500 millones de descendientes de carreras bruja híbrido de reptil (demonios) a través de los campos de exterminio War 3 y nazi FEMA Mundial y la ley marcial, entonces van a utilizar estos descendientes híbridos reptil por sus rituales de sacrificio vivo, porque el satánico sacrificios vivos crean alimentos la energía negativa de los ángeles caídos. Entonces, ellos simplemente continuará fabricando híbridos reptil más clonados para reemplazarlos. Para Satanás y sus ángeles caídos, este es su sociedad utópica, donde estos niños híbridos reptiles son alimento para ellos como una especie de carrera de los alimentos del ganado a los que pueden comer y beber su sangre, mientras que matar en sus rituales.


— विदेशी दौड़ के लिए पशुधन खाद्य के रूप में मनुष्य —

गिर स्वर्गदूतों चुपके से मनुष्य के अपहरण और बस नूह बाढ़ के प्राचीन दिनों की तरह, मानव होमो सेपियन्स-दौड़ की एक गुप्त आक्रमण के रूप में दशकों के लिए अपने विदेशी साँप संकर क्लोन के साथ उन की जगह ले रहे हैं। गिर स्वर्गदूतों विश्व युद्ध के 3 और नाजी फेमा बरबादी शिविरों और मार्शल लॉ के माध्यम से केवल 500 मिलियन साँप संकर डायन जाति वंशज (राक्षसों) को दुनिया की आबादी को कम करने के बाद, तो वे उनके रहते बलिदान अनुष्ठानों के लिए इन साँप संकर वंशज उपयोग शैतानी क्योंकि करेंगे लाइव बलिदान गिर स्वर्गदूतों के लिए नकारात्मक ऊर्जा भोजन बनाते हैं। फिर, वे बस उन्हें बदलने के लिए अधिक क्लोन साँप संकर निर्माण करने के लिए जारी रहेगा। शैतान और उसके गिर एन्जिल्स के लिये, इन साँप संकर बच्चों को उनके अनुष्ठान में उन्हें मारने जबकि वे अपने खून खाने और पीने कर सकते हैं जिसे एक पशुधन खाद्य दौड़ की तरह के रूप में उनके लिए भोजन कर रहे हैं, जहां उनके यूटोपियन समाज है।


— בני אדם כבעלי חי מזון לגזע החייזרים —

המלאכים שנפלו בסתר הם חטיפת בני אדם והחלפתי בשיבוטים היברידיים הזוחלים הזרים במשך עשרות שנים כפלישה סודית של מין ההומו-סאפיינס האנושי, בדיוק כמו בימים הקדומים של המבול של נח. אחרי המלאכים שנפלו מאוכלוסיית העולם להפחית רק 500 מיליון צאצאי זוחלי מירוץ מכשפה היברידית (שדים) דרך מחנות השמדת מלחמת העולם 3 והנאצי FEMA ומשטר צבאי, אז הם ישתמשו צאצאים היברידיים זוחלים אלה לטקסי הקרבת החיות שלהם, כי השטני קורבנות חיים ליצור מזון אנרגיה שלילי למלאכים שנפלו. לאחר מכן, הם פשוט ימשיכו לייצר מכוניות היברידיות זוחלים משובטות יותר כדי להחליף אותם.לשטן והמלאכים שנפלו, זה הוא חברת האוטופיה שלהם, שבו ילדים היברידי זוחלים אלה הם מזון עבורם כסוג של גזע מזון בעלי חיים שהם יכולים לאכול ולשתות את דמם תוך הריגתם בטקסים שלהם.


—-Alien Grey Underground Human Meat Grinder Factories 宇宙人地下人肉生産工場—-


There are now over 4,000 underground joint human alien bases and human extermination concentration camps, where humans are processed as food or as lab rat experiments, and hybrid reptilian clones are manufactured to take over their places on the earth’s surface.







—Mass Replacement of the Human Race with Alien Hybrids Taking Place—


These reptilian hybrids are transported in huge masses in spaceships, and are released onto the earth. They look like ordinary humans, but they have the vicious reptilian consciousness and feminist values. They are spread into all strata of society, and many of them are police officers. So, during the martial law that they will enforce, these police officers are not humans, so they will not hesitate to slaughter huge masses of humans: men, women and children. They are only concerned about mass extermination of the human race and replacing humans with Satan’s serpentine hybrid people.


—Ancient Alien Technology Necromancy in Our Modern Society—


The National Security Agency (NSA) downloads human homo-sapiens peoples’ memories and emotions, and then destroy the body, and download the memories into a cloned body, in a practice of necromancy which is an abomination to God, called Magik Occultism. Tools of Magik and not Magic are things like wands and staffs and pendulums and pentagrams and other ancient alien tools of the feminists or witches. It is an alien technology of the fallen angels. A Masonic ritual above the 33rd degree involves an ancient ritual of the Brotherhood of the Snake Babylon Mystery religion where a human homo-sapiens person is thrown into a faraday cage where they are ripped apart by a large lion or tiger or snake, and their soul or bioplasmic energy is absorbed by the electromagnetic cage to be downloaded into a computer to be transferred to the clone body. The Nazis through the SSs Himmler perfected this technique that the Greek Spartans used to conduct. The Nazis found a way to bring back dead soldiers (necromancy) regardless of their wounds, and it is practiced in the NSA underground facilities in Brecon Beacon Wales and Dulce New Mexico called the Osiris procedure (Osiris is the Egyptian god of the Freemasons who was brought back to life). This is the way the Anti Christ will be brought back to life from his fatal head wounds (described in Bible prophecy). It is a cheap imitation attempt of Satan of Christ’s resurrection, using demon possession. This is not raising the dead as in the Bible, but it is just cloning. A lot these people who are gang stalking me with electromagnetic weapons and poisons and predator drone CIA aircrafts and Air Force jets and white vans are not people with human souls, but they are cloned feminist witch race nephilim creatures who are demon spirits in humanoid cloned bodies. They are the offspring of the fallen angels. They walk amongst us on the streets and work in our offices and attend our schools. These creatures are pure evil, and are replacing the human population. But if the humans are so incredibly dumb as to dismiss this Torah Truth as just conspiracy theorists, God will not protect them.


To prove to you how dumb and stupid these religious Christians are, they spend all day long going back and forth responding to these obnoxious, mocking, critical, hostile people who comment on their blogs to tell the readers that the blogger is on drugs and is speaking a lot of delirious fantasies about the Illuminati and Jesus and other Torah Truths and sometimes insulting the blogger with dirty foul words. These dumb, stupid religious Christians do not have the Holy Spirit, so they actually believe that they are communicating all day and responding to humans commenting on their blogs. They believe that if they reason with them, they will see the truth and accept Christ. They do not know that they are communicating with demonic spirits and fallen angels. Because these unclean spirits and evil entities speak in modern kids’ jargon and slang on their blogs, these dumb, stupid religious Christins think they are honorably responding to blog commenters and critics of their blogs. This is the spiritual condition of the modern day Jezebel worshipping feminist humanist religious Christians. In other words, because they will not accept the Torah Truth, they become dumb and they evangelize all day long to these fallen angels and demonic spirits, hoping that they will receive Christ. When I see these Western Christianity mystery Babylon religion religious Christians speaking with the devil all day long on their blogs trying to get the devil to receive Christ into his heart, you wonder what kind of idiots these religious Christians are. If they are wearing men’s trousers and huting for spouses in churches and jumping up during the Christian rock satanic worship concerts and tattoing their bodies and going to doctors and going to Illuminati Christian churches and considering themselves equal to male authority, then they deserve to be dumb enough to spend all day speaking to demons and fallen angels. They have no godly common sense. This is why they go to these places to give food and try to evangelize demon-possessed and ungodly people who just want their food and money. They do not go to the sinners whom God leads them to disciple them or to assist God’s apostles who are gang stalked by Illuminati assassins or go to Illuminati super radiation contaminated areas or teach the Torah Truth so that the feminists and Koreans try to assassinate them and burn their houses down and kill their families. This is how sick and dumb and stinking and perverted and lukewarm puke these religious Christians are, and it is because although they have a lot of love and faith and works, they do not love God and they do not love His Word and they do not love His Torah Truth. They would rather just start churches and sell their books / CDs and sell their patriotic Messianic beliefs of the Illuminati and behave as if women are equal to men and be fat Western food gluttons and teach Illuminati humanism in church and reproduce genetic descendents and live like total pagans and heathens. There is no difference between a pagan heathen and a religious Christian, because they live and think and act and smell the same, except that the religious Christian just goes to church and does evangelism and earn Christian academic degrees and use a lot of Christian jargons. This is how sick and perverted the churches have become, thanks to the Illuminati. And if I teach the Torah Truth, these Don Stewart and Jack Hibbs and Greg Laurie nephilim Pharisees come after me with a vengeance of hatred that is typical of their Illuminati Satanist organization.







*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。 ***


*** עדכון חדשות ביון ממירוץ ההומו-סאפיינס אדם התנגדות הישרדות (HRSR) במטה הברית הקואליציה הבינלאומית WDS (ICA) לחזית. ***




*** Обновление новостей Intelligence из штаб-квартиры Human Race Гомо-Sapiens выживания Сопротивление (HRSR) и WDS Международной коалиции альянса (МКА) фронт. ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。 ***


*** עדכון חדשות ביון ממירוץ ההומו-סאפיינס אדם התנגדות הישרדות (HRSR) במטה הברית הקואליציה הבינלאומית WDS (ICA) לחזית. ***




*** Обновление новостей Intelligence из штаб-квартиры Human Race Гомо-Sapiens выживания Сопротивление (HRSR) и WDS Международной коалиции альянса (МКА) фронт. ***










*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。 ***


*** עדכון חדשות ביון ממירוץ ההומו-סאפיינס אדם התנגדות הישרדות (HRSR) במטה הברית הקואליציה הבינלאומית WDS (ICA) לחזית. ***




*** Обновление новостей Intelligence из штаб-квартиры Human Race Гомо-Sapiens выживания Сопротивление (HRSR) и WDS Международной коалиции альянса (МКА) фронт. ***



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