Alert: Illuminati NWO is trying to start a civil war between Satan Lucifer’s homo-capensis specie 34 million Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist nephilim descendant feminist witch race family members and 90 million Draco reptilian alien incarnate avatar globalist elites versus the Almighty God YHWH Jesus’ human homo-sapiens specie nationalist patriot Constitutionalist free independent nation Republic Rebel Alliance by their plan to assassinate Donald Trump. Their Illuminati NWO global government George Soros funded CIA ISIS Antifa has announced that if their fake inquisitor Robert Mueller is fired, then they will go out into the streets with their illegal guns that were given to them by the Illuminati CIA Nazi shadow rogue government to kill all police officers and patriot citizens and Congress members

*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. December 25, 2017: Alex Jones came into the office for an emergency broadcast, because of the urgency of this information. If this information does not go out to the human homo-sapiens specie populace’s attention, there is a good chance that the homo-capensis snake bloodline Luciferian Satanist globalists might succeed in their plans to assassinate Donald Trump in the next few weeks, and takeover the mainstream media using the Emergency Alert System, and use Barack Obama’s kill switch which is still in effect. It will be called a civil emergency, but in reality, it will be martial law. As InfoWars broadcasted the clips of the global shadow rogue government’s James Clapper and John Brennan declaring that they were going to assassinate Donald Trump and not just impeach him, just like they did with the last non-rigged election President John F. Kennedy, in the Aspen Institute broadcast, they had plans to kill Donald in November. God YHWH Jesus is using Donald Trump to literally wipe out the Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist’s global CIA drug cartels and FBI global pedophile child trafficking rings and global CIA Al-Qaeda DHS Muslim terrorist organizations, so these homo-capensis specie Wicca Satanists are fuming angry at him. There are top level human homo-sapiens specie allies in the Army Delta Force and Navy SEALS and Eric Prince and CIA FBI breakaway Republic Rebel Alliance, who protected Donald during his presidential campaign from attempted assassinations. General Michael Flynn was asked to go into the Trump administration, because others were afraid to come into the public radar. Michael is a patriot willing to sacrifice his own life to fight the Illuminati NWO globalist shadow rogue government, just like Donald Trump sacrificed his comfortable billionaire life to take on the Satanist pedophile cannibals in Washington D.C. There are human homo-sapiens specie allies who do not like the homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid Luciferian Satanist nephilim descendant feminist witch race globalists, and they are protecting Alex Jones and Donald Trump. George Soros and the Illuminati Satanist Hollywood left-wing liberals and Illuminati Luciferian Satanist Islamicists and globalists are trying to take out Donald Trump and Netanyahu and Israel. These Zionist Kabbalah Luciferian Satanist Nazi Esau Edomite Tribe of Dan Canaanite nephilim reptilian royal bloodline descendants hate Israel and the Jews, and want to holocaust exterminate them and all Christians. They want to use the Muslims as their tools to do so, and in the process nuke and destroy the Muslims, too. According to their Albert Pike plan, they want to use Israel and Islam to destroy each other, and bring in a one-world religion to worship their serpent god Satan Lucifer. FBI allies have released documents of the Luciferian Satanist FBI leaders conspiring to get Donald Trump out, and the records of the money being transferred between them. There is a war going on inside the FBI between the Satanists and the Christians. Donald did not get killed in December, but there were plans to kill him by December. Alex also got phone calls threatening him. Russia Gate and all the lies of the globalists have been proven fake. Donald Trump has plans to release actual proof to expose these Illuminati Deep State globalist gangsters like Hillary, so they are completely desperate to get rid of Donald Trump. They actually believe that if they kill Trump, and enforce civil emergency, and put their CIA DNC ISIS Antifa out on the streets to cause massacre and mayhem, they can stop the human homo-sapiens specie allies from exposing them. They have been in power so long that they think they are invincible. They do not realize that God is exposing them, and not Donald Trump or the patriots or the Republic Rebel Alliance. The Draco Empire and reptilians have always been arrogant, just like their god Satan Lucifer. The head of the FBI and Google and other leaders are quitting, and the globalist Satanists are being removed from power. They realize they are losing, so they are getting more dangerous. The Bible says, “You will not allow a witch to live.” These Luciferian Satanist witches will kill the human specie, if they are not removed completely and thoroughly. Army intelligence says that the globalists were there in the Las Vegas mass shooting FBI terrorism running the show. George Soros’ media groups like Buzz Feed and Media Matters have been shown on record saying that they are going to infiltrate Fox Television using Illuminati female sex agents to blackmail executives and takeover the company, which is a typical Illuminati globalist Luciferian Satanist method to take over all of our human homo-sapiens specie organizations on the planet. These Satanists have no sexual godly ethics, so they commit adultery and LGBTPB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transvestite Pedophile Bestiality) orgy sex magic ritual immorality and blackmail prostitution and fornication without any conscience. They started the 1960s “Flower Children” Illuminati New Age satanic Western values and perversion of traditional godly human values, in order to start their satanization of the world. The snake bloodline globalists were going to indict Kushner and Flynn and Donald Trump Jr., but God stopped it, because all the garbage about all of Robert Mueller’s people being secret Democrat Party members and all their emails admitting that all their allegations are fake, are getting exposed. So now, Robert Mueller is saying that it has been extended a year. Only God can do these types of miracles against the Illuminati, because usually the Illuminati is spiritually and demonically protected and empowered by Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels. All the garbage about Google and Facebook and other Illuminati companies hiding Hillary Clinton’s pedophile cannibal Satanist ritual incriminating evidence and WikiLeaks information during the election period is now being exposed. All the globalists are now abandoning the Illuminati high witch gangster Hillary, because all the garbage about her is coming out, thanks to God. Normally, all these information about the Illuminati Satanist witches lining up to gang rape our human homo-sapiens specie girls do not come out into the public, because their Illuminati police and courts and mainstream media hides them, and assassinates everyone who tries to speak out. This has continued for thousands of years since Atlantis and Sumer and Babylon and Rome. Even the army intelligence is speaking out about the Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist globalists’ attempted coup and assassination of Donald Trump. They have tried to kill Donald and cause nuclear war and sink nations into the ocean many, many times, but the reason why they miraculously fail every single time is because the our Almighty God YHWH Jesus is sovereign and all-powerful. The Illuminati NWO George Soros’ Luciferian Satanist imperial clone army Antifa alien incarnate avatars have announced that if Robert Mueller gets fired, they will use that as an excuse to go out into the streets and shoot all the police officers, and burn the city down, and go to patriot citizens’ homes and Congress members to shoot them. They have been given illegal weapons by the Illuminati. They have death warrant permission from the Illuminati globalist elites and George Soros. The Satanist globalists know the crimes that they have committed as global gangsters (hundreds of assassinations, trillions of dollars of embezzlement, sales of national military top secrets, hundreds of thousands of pedophile cannibal sodomy rituals, election riggings, false flag wars, false flag CIA global terrorism, etc.), and they want to stop Trump before all that information comes out. The Illuminati’s fake news media is spreading brainwash false propaganda saying that Robert Mueller is being attacked unjustly by the human homo-sapiens, when Robert Mueller has been caught illegally tapping, manufacturing fake evidence, and has been colluding with rival nations. These Satanists are a joke. The Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist global gangster criminal FBI Acting Director McCabe is scheduled to get retirement pension from the human homo-sapiens specie tax payers’ money. He had already received close to a million dollars from the Illuminati Democrat Party Luciferian Satanists and Hillary Clinton to hide her crimes during her presidential election campaign. The Illuminati Luciferian Satanist FBI sub-branch organization is a global gangster mafia terrorist organization, killing people, causing global terrorism, running child trafficking and narcotics industries with the CIA, protecting the Bohemian Grove sodomite rapist pedophile murderer globalist elites, selling uranium to Russia, covering up treasonous traitors and CIA Muslim terrorists inside the nation, etc. This criminal organization FBI belongs behind prison bars. They are the Satanist scum bags of planet earth, and slaves of the “Black Nobility” and Illuminati royal bloodline families. The Attorney General Eric Holder who has committed hundreds of crimes and felonies is calling for a revolution if Donald Trump fires their fake inquisitor Robert Mueller. How do these Satanists get away with all these crimes you ask? It is because they are protected spiritually by Satan Lucifer. However, God YHWH Jesus is returning, so He is uncovering all their crimes. The Bible says that everything hidden will be exposed in the End Times. The humans are being given the truth about the Illuminati Satanists in front of their own eyes, to have one last chance to repent, and receive Jesus, before judgment comes upon this evil post 1960s “Flower Children” Illuminati occult value generation. How dare they use their little hilarious parlor trick witchcraft of Satan against God’s children and prophets and apostles? God is going to annihilate all of them, because the Groom Jesus is going to pulverize them for beating up His Bride the real Christians, just like Moses’ staff swallowed up their Illuminati snake bloodline ancestor Pharaoh’s black magician witches’ magical snakes. Do these fools and kings and queens and rulers of earth think they can assassinate Donald Trump? The God of heaven and earth knows all their plans and plots, and He will deal with them and their useless gods. End of transmission…


See video “Exclusive: The secrets of QAnon, the storm, and the Deep State counterstrike” at .


See video “Mueller in melt-down! – Alex Jones InfoWars” at . ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。 ***




*** Обновление новостей Intelligence из штаб-квартиры Human Race Гомо-Sapiens выживания Сопротивление (HRSR) и WDS Международной коалиции альянса (МКА) фронт. ***



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