Help the White Dragon Society allies capture genocide psychopaths of 99% world w/ nuclear war. One ton gold bounty.

Help the White Dragon Society allies capture the Illuminati NWO MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Bilderberg Committee of 300 Nazi Zionist Hillary Elizabeth Rothschild Vatican Soros Rockefeller Obama false flag terrorism Al-Qaeda ISIS funding homo-capensis specie reptilian hybrid Luciferian Satanist genocidal psychopathic pedophile child sacrifice cannibal spirit cooking ritual globalist elites who are trying to exterminate 99% of the world’s human homo-sapiens specie populace with nuclear wars, DARPA biological weapon pandemics, global economic crash famine, chem trails, GMO food poisoning, and secret human family gang stalking assassinations using directed energy weapons from neighboring buildings and cars. One ton gold bounty is offered by the White Dragon Society and one million dollar bounty is offered by the Gnostic Illuminati.


About Armageddon Apocalypse End Of World Blog

Twitter Site ツイッター・サイト אתר טוויטר: Residence 住まい מגורים: Illuminati's Fukushima Super Radiation Contamination Area イルミナティの福島放射能超汚染地域 איזור הקרינה בפוקושימה הסופר של האילומינטי זיהום Job 仕事 עבודה: Volunteer Worker & Missionary To Jewish Remnant ボランティア・ワーカー&ユダヤの末裔への宣教師 התנדבות עובדים ומיסיונרית כדי שריד יהודי
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